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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 31, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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he. knew. little. rings in the new year and a new decade bright lights and cheering crowds in the streets of russia's capital welcome 2020. review of the key events that shaped 21929000 continues we shed some light on the impeachment saga. also the united states announces it will send $750.00 more troops to the middle east in response to an attack on the u.s. embassy in baghdad the events follow american airstrikes in iraq and syria that killed 25 people at the weekend.
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but. well those are the headlines we're back here at the top of the hour with another round up and stay with us for cross talk next here on the national. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle on this edition of crossfire questions sent to us by you the viewers we received quite a few questions here we do our best to answer some of them. across talking fan mail i'm joined by my guest robert bridge he's an r.t. website writer we also have dimitri bobbitt she is a political analyst and editor at interest me internet media project and in london
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we crossed marcus papadopoulos he is the editor of politics 1st magazine or a gentleman cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate we got a lot of questions sent to us we're not going to. able to answer them all but i'll get the worst one out of the way and go to marcus 1st of this year ok we have a question from adrian holeman question pretty obvious will donald trump be eventually removed from office go ahead when as we go into the new year the impeachment saga continues go ahead marcus. personally i find it very difficult to believe it's about donald trump will be removed from office i think that republicans are very unlikely so for his impeachment it's more likely if anything donald trump could resign or number less i think that's a little trying to go into the twenty's when see as presidents i think he finds the november 20th once the presidential election and i believe. a little elites within
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the american. green denilson him will fail you know you get to ok i think that's a given here and it's going to be in peril as he interesting question more up your alley here is mccrone the french president realigning with your regime interesting question well i don't think so i think we shouldn't be reading too much into he is statement about the brain death of need toll so don't take the french president seriously don't they don't raise seriously because it was obvious that decided to bully the liberal game you know everyone is allowed to insult trump so he decided to insult him too and he went a little too much. too far in his criticism because it was our anglo merkel poll americans actually issued mediately pull him back by he is sleeves of his color yeah and they're. basically their message share from
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america and from the e.u. was there. you know at that this man blood on the deck the institution we need the institution so that we can basically wage a few more wars band if we analyze micro statements a lot of them are basically pretty aggressive against russia i mean his suggestion to have a new european army united european army he 1st sad about the russian danger and then the. there you mentioned china but i don't you think that's what you think this is more of a kind of and napoleonic urge on his part here i don't sound very vibrant but let's remember you were in history recent history there were 2 tyrants when you were a proud a unified single army and porto and the heat were borstar a step by me at that russia and they didn't like the anglo-saxon by the. save this means that it's going to another question here i want to ask robert here we have.
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does russia see itself turning communism by deepening its relations with china i ask you that question no very good reason is because there is this perception peddled by the mainstream media that nothing ever really changes in russia and of course things have i mean you and i have lived here for a very long time and we have our our russian friends as a sharper to help us and we are. right but just because russia has a growing relationship with china doesn't mean its ideological good i think that's kind of like the same as saying that the united states is turning communist because we're doing business with its. well look at the presidential candidates ok. they are reinforcing that idea i mean actually get up and say in front of the congress we will never become a socialist country because there is that tendency from the progressive far left we're heading in that direction slowly but that's
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a different story i would like to just throw in there i don't think people in the united states when they talk about socialism have any idea what they're talking about this is this a label that has been thrown around man you know it took you know it's been but it's been thrown around in american politics as something taboo when we get down to it some of the things that proposals and people would agree with that but that's socialism so you know what you do is you give it a marketing they call a halo but so i really hate that conversation about communists i mean let's quickly move on to another question because i really appreciate the viewer sending in them in linda ward asking i think this is a very interesting question this is for marcus in london has the e.u. deserted christianity and traditional family values and if so why go ahead marcus. not officially but of course the u.s. in britain america and indeed most of the worlds has now adopts it's a cap so this idea of ideology and corporate capitalism and in my own cats it isn't
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her so what's the soul as a nation cats makes people dogs it serious and it makes people put serious on over spiritualists on so it's not that the us doing anything different so what is better off or it isn't or indeed australia that is the nature of corporates caps it is and i think it's very sad i think it's very dangerous i think that fabric of society in the west coming in has been it was of corporate capitalism and it is therefore refreshing to see that more and more people are looking to sell its ideology it's you know it's stay with windows quite willing to wards question here robert because i think it is really important in and i'll give my own humble opinion here which of course it's my program so i'm going to do it but there is a considered attack on family values and the family itself and i think this is
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something that's tearing the fabric of society apart in the west and i was i know the west the best and this is the foundation of western civilization in the modern times and there's a concerted attack on it and i don't see anything good coming from it because you know why because no one's happy everyone ends up being miserable as a result robert yeah i think it has a lot to do with mo number one materialism and number 2 this influx of maybe some people would disagree with me but the influx of illegal migrants into europe that i think has had an incredible effect on the families the family structure i mean they're picking people out of their apartments so that illegal migrants can can live there they're they're cutting back on strip ins for families so that they can give more people more money to. illegal these illegal migrants so i know that you know you had these christmas festivities that are happening in town and town squares and these have been going on for hundreds of years without any problem and now you have you know they have to set up anti-terrorist bunkers around these
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little christmas bazaars where people you know once celebrated for generations without any question. i think trans national companies multinationals are involved here because they need a new man just you know not just talk about a new man. but don't they want to displace the current exactly demographic to replace it where you have more why and quote unquote voters yes i'll get all the name of democracy i deal walk off for a multinational is a human transform someone without a family who you can send to africa to day to china to moral he or she feels absolutely the same way in all if they want to have children it's a. bad idea you know you're going to have children we can freeze yours sell some then give you a child without because when you all 40 so it's easier for us than to have it things happening unpredictably but this is again human nature and.
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you know this idea that every human should course totally change itself you know. this is the reason why there is so much talk about transgender so i have nothing against homosexuals people have been very just they were born that way but this is their idea of multi-nationals change yourself to yourself every day this way you will leave for 300 or 400 years transhumanism these are all dangerous ideas because in there and not getting humans where you get in some kind of new species and. say i'm going to go back to markets another question from one of our viewers go commit . sit on him he asked is so do you really really changing or is it. early 1st show would then a lot of programs on saudi arabia. primarily because of the anti western campaign against iran and the genocidal war being waged against yemen what about saudi
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arabia go ahead marcus. saudi arabia is an autocratic states and its official create wahhabism is not just weak it's not just deprived it is obscene best for based on those 2 realities it is impossible for saudi arabia supports it's no different to saying for example christianity per se capitalism or say communism i say uh not evil but evil deeds have been done in the name of capitalism christianity and communism. is that all you need to do is read about the principles the tenets of it was obvious and you would see that this is an evil ideology and we have an evil ideology in place in our country entrenched in palace but it is simply a market threat marcus you never hear that in the mainstream media saudi arabia is
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a valued ally in the middle east like israel they put them there on par ok i mean but what does that say about the consciousness of public the political elites in the west. they don't know that politicians in britain and america and journalists and brits and in america whether they are liberal or conservative have no moral compunction with a lawyer themselves with any governments with any organization with any group cruel to find its crew of that country that group last organization so holds american and british geo strategic objectives and saudi arabia yes these are very important friends not a lot so america and britain but it's the most potent country in the roads ok if i can interject here before we go to the break but it's russia's fault and china's fault that assad is still in love and palin to me and damascus you know jack just one thought. without western support and without the need she took from the
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west was in yemen and in syria would not have begun it was not saudi arabia that started them it was the west that kind of pushed solavei and other states into doing this ok we're going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our program on cross talk fanmail state with r.t. . there. were. wow ok on it 2020 should be a whopper. there are good there is embedded in the bad terrorists and those in yemen who the united
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states deems to be a threat the good terrorists of those award in syria the cia and the u.s. military were. engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing the right way military juntas funding an army that's why there's no. because there's always a small. really good. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle reminder we're discussing some questions we received from our viewers. ok the next question from one of our viewers the donovan mccormick in this is right up your alley demons something you talk about almost every single program and
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actually marcus papadopoulos talks about it a lot here so a little lengthy but i'm going to go through it what do you think the future of nato looks like with its apparent mission pivot and all of its agreements between the united states and other members pretty special of the turks do you believe the turks will make good on their threat to remove u.s. military airbase home of u.s. warheads and let another nato army take the base. well the problem with liberal ideology is that it makes people quarrel you know it's just amazing how they accuse the russians all of solian discord in the united states between blacks and wives between you know all of us and i know that all do whatever they say if their liberal media did not do it itself the miles a day more all the time so the same story with nato we see a real inability to resolve conflicts because we see an inability of compromise and fortunately there was
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a totally inability of for compromise also in the turkish case just a few years ago in 2012 nato was saying we need to protect turkey from sea. aggression i'm quoting the new york times. which was absurd because syria was suffering from a civil war itself. from the outside yeah but also turkish fighter jet was downed by syrian defense because that fighter jet breached the syrian airspace and it was viewed as a causes big leaguer know the people in france in london were talking about the need to protect you know this year i just couldn't believe my ears say couldn't believe my eyes turkey is a tank in syria it's the terrorist of all elyse so suddenly the narrative turned completely the different director of course in this situation you have corporates and of course you have conflicts between turkey and european allies to
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weaken the united states and are unless they change their ideology there will be collapse of nato if you have as you have nato in its in its. reasons to exist which is to exist that's its mission it is to exist but you have a turkey it's really turning to a kind of a neo autumn in islam here but more let me let me go to markets in london ones that are just that can be compatible here because we just recently had the nato summit and of course western media just you know smooth all the edges and all the crevices everything's a big happy family and it's going to protect the west from all these evil outside forces which of course don't really exist and then you have this turkish behavior heir to one doing every i mean basically spitting in everybody's eye but no everything's all nice and fine with the north atlantic treaty organisation i mean
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media again is shameful in its coverage of this go ahead marcus. peter there's a lot of naive that say a mux condensates in the west and also in russia regard in turkey no turkish later do anything to weaken turkey's strategic relationship with the west with america with britain and with nato it would be a national suicide for turkey to do anything that could cause it so late the west's all bits turkey is in cyprus illegally because of the blank check at the sea some america turkey is in syria illegally because the black check you see from america turkey goes in syria iraq illegally because of the blank check in the same now we have and now we have and now we have a libya coming up it's what's what we're up against says in public pizza is very different to what he says in crimea in public he has to come across as this strong
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leader he's telling the turkish people no one will tell me what to do in private circles he same friends very different to the americans if another candidate wants to make good on his pledge that turkey is independent and would do as it pleases then leave nato tell the americans to pack up their military bases and tell the americans to loot so we join then you can or warrants but of course he's not going to do that the turkish state is unbelievably circumvent the other way your solution with where you're saying our case is that the the the western alliance needs turkey more than turkey needs the western alliance is that what you're saying that's the kind of leverage they have. it's turkey survivals insert he's power that it exerts today in eastern mediterranean and in the middle east that is based on its relationship with the west but also the west against massively through its influence in that circuit for its strategic relationship which certainly is aimed
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to spy on russia from the black sea it's a cement its hold over the middle east and in the eastern mediterranean so turkey is firmly entrenched in the west so well it's only a guess and there's one there are so entrenched they can be extremely mysterious and that's exactly what we're seeing from and on let's go on the ask i have another question here jonathan as the u.s. china deal would suggest a compromise is possible but there is a cost is that it's a question is there a cost the chinese sovereignty robert because what you see now is that you know what we've seen i think 2019 in many ways was a year of sanctions sanctioning friends and foes here we had in the middle of the 2019 a tentative trade deal and the chinese were backed away from it because it was in printing upon their sovereignty did we say you see this new phase one that they're
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all talking about being able to take the heat out of this trade so-called trade war and this trump benefit from this go ahead. there's so much to benefit from the good relations with with china and with china remaining solver and i don't see i don't see china ever agreeing to give up any sort of any sort of its own sovereignty in order to have a deal with the united states have to keep in mind too that the chinese economy just unbelievably powerful they're like. they have 400000000 people in the middle class ok 2nd 2nd amount wealthy people super rich people all the dark sort of billionaires i'm sorry billionaires in the world so this is a part of the world that trump there is no way they could sacrifice their. you know their needs more. bad for the boys ation then donate that's why is that it is a command. simply because. they are not straight jacketed
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by this new battle ideology and because chinese a powerful nation you know with a huge potential i think in the long dollops that but the point is that the pressure from trump was still shameless even. because well look the pressure on china did not start with trump you know when a bomber suggested transpacific partnership t p p without russia and china which was intentional it was intentional and it was of course they've changed but the cheney's knowing that they are so able to compete almost bending back what's known to insult the united states not to step on their interest so it was definitely not china who started the trade void it was the west it was just a reflect upon that because i think that's going to be one of the very big story of course we have in speech and we have the u.s. presidential election coming up but so much else is happening in the world and in so little media time is given to it but it china will continue to be demonized if
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the u.s. doesn't perceive it as a victory i mean this is the problem that i see is that the u.s. has a very high. ard time compromising and they never believe that as a compromise with a power that is perceived as weaker but china is a different case it's very very different and depending on who you want to ask it's either they have parity came economic strength and g.d.p. or it's more or less the same and china will continue to accelerate but maybe at a slower pace but this story is not going to go away and i just have to wonder given the the track record of quite a good compromise or difficult diplomacy here the u.s. is going to be running into a very big brick wall because as robert pointed out i don't see them compromising their sovereignty go ahead marcus. china no never compromise it's often said through its tailings for america for its dealings with russia inducer it's the things with any country in the world but the chinese leadership are
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a cheat me aware that its economic progress in the last 40 years and since then check in which is mean nothing short of a miracle has been based overwhelmingly on its trade and investment relationship with america so the chinese leadership really needs to start suit diversifying its economy in terms of who it's trading with and the well it needs to it needs to move away from its overwhelming dependence on america and there in lies china's economic achilles' heel and the americans know that the americans of course if there was a major disruption in the economic relationship between washington and beijing of course washington of course america would suffer immensely but peeta china would suffer far more because of it because its relationship is centered overwhelmingly
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on its trade and investment relationship with america so that is where the problem lies to china not chinese sovereignty but it's economic progress and it's economic progress in well future of us yeah but i would i would mark is i think a big issue with that when we have this belton road initiative which is incumbency in the majority of the countries of the world right now i think that the it is stressing the chinese american relationship is over done because i think the chinese see so many more opportunities and people that want to come to the table they do want the investment of china and infrastructure i mean if you the greatest juxtaposition of course of the u.s. sends troops all over the world the chinese said build bridges and port factories that is that that is a competitive advantage and of in the long term and the chinese know it and i think the americans are are very slow to wake up wake up to the markets i'll give you the last 30 seconds of seconds on the program go ahead. well i just going into 20
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twentieth's there will be a continuation of old russian progress in the local chinese progress in the wild and i do hope that countries such as keep up and scientists later and syria. independent sovereign countries and anyone in the well it's us who sincerely east commits it's a global peace and global stability should rejoice for countries such as russia and china because nobody shot and no china in the world that america truly needs the globe will last and that will mean more wars i don't more abject pain and suffering katie markus ends this program on a very pessimistic militant a very realistic one here many thanks to my guests here in moscow and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t.c. you next time remember profit for us.
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