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tv   News  RT  January 3, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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breaking news on our team international 6 people are reportedly killed in a nother u.s. air strike in northern baghdad targeting a convoy carrying iranian backed shia militia group for the militia claims the convoy was only medical in nature it comes after the u.s. killed high profile iranian general money on friday. just stop. a war. we did not take action to start a war. president trump is strongly defending friday's attack as necessary to prevent a new conflict even as protests erupt. in the middle east and iran val's retaliation calling it an act of terrorism. police in the french capital
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shoot and kill a knife wielding man after he stabs one person and wounds 2 others. in the turkish parliament's decision to deploy troops to libya comes in for strong criticism israel. fear it will lead to further escalation in the region. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team international on sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us now we start with breaking news from baghdad where a convoy belonging to iran backed militia has come under attack reports suggest 6 people have been killed and 3 others injured the popular mobilization forces have denied previous reports claiming the convoy carried its groups senior leaders
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saying that it was medical in nature this comes just 24 hours after an american strike killed a top iranian general in the city cost. so the money the most popular mobilization forces is a state umbrella organization composed of around $40.00 mostly shia muslim militias is known for playing a major role in the campaign to liberate the country from eisel several commanders of the p.m.s. were killed with iran's general so money in the attack yesterday we spoke to anti-war activist brian becker who feels sure washington is behind the latest attack as well the united states is on a rampage donald trump in the pentagon are showing to the people of iraq and the people of iran to the governments of iraq and iran who's going to be the boss of iraq the united states has decided to use brute force to eliminate its what it perceives to be its adversaries in this showdown no matter how popular you might be
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or no matter what you claim the sovereignty might be we have ultimate power we have the $700.00 pound gorilla and we sit wherever we want to sit i think there is a plan and i think the united states is sounded to sort of stop what they consider to be the winning streak of iran iran in the resistance forces in the region have succeeded the pentagon in trump must want a wider war in the middle east and they believe the u.s. can win that wider war this will be a catastrophe for the people of the region and ultimately for the united states well as we mentioned earlier the u.s. conducted an airstrike on friday that killed 9 other people including influential iraqi and lebanese shia militia leaders a top iranian commander some of money died in that attack they are believed to have been leaving the airport in 2 vehicles when the strikes took place president trump has defended the assassination saying it was necessary to stop
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a war in the middle east tehran has blasted that notion promising a strong response. solemn 80 has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago we took action last night to stop a war we did not take action to start a war the world is a safer place without these monsters there's a lot of them and this was an obvious terrorist move a move that entirely shouted cowardice in every respect we will not fall for the propaganda and blackmailed by the americans in whatever manner and when ever we deem appropriate other we will give the proper response cost them sell them on the lead of the powerful quds force an elite branch of the iranian revolutionary guard corps charged with spearheading foreign operations the unit has been heavily
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involved in the conflicts in iraq and syria and was instrumental in the territorial defeat of eisel and he's come up and has more on the drone strike and the kind of reaction it has triggered. we've got the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o making his rounds on american media and trying to make the case that somehow this effort by the united states in this recent killing is an effort to deescalate the situation with iran and the u.s. remains committed to deescalation that was the time to take this action so that we could disrupt the spot deter further aggression from crossing salami in the iranian regime as well as to attempt to deescalate the situation al qassam solomonic is often described as the 2nd most powerful person in the islamic republic of iran furthermore he was very very key in the defeat of the i still terrorists throughout the region however as we hear from the u.s. department of defense this was
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a defensive measure at the direction of the president the u.s. military has taken decisive defensive action to protect u.s. personnel abroad to by killing costume soleimani this strike was aimed at deterring future iranian attack plans the united states will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are around the world now it certainly has been a dramatic week for the united states in the middle east and the pentagon seems to believe that qassam solid money was himself responsible for what has taken place in the last few days let's review. draw some indications that they may be planning additional attacks but that happens
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and by the way we get word of attacks some type of indication will take preemptive action as well to protect american forces. to protect american lives. now iran's national security council held its meeting and said that at the emergency meeting that was convened they made quote the necessary decisions and that there is going to be some retaliation at the right time in place for what they say was the u.s. is biggest strategic mistake in the west asia region now the iranian side is basically completely unified in saying there will be a retaliatory move from the islamic republic for this killing now how the islamic republic will respond is not yet clear now it is important to note that the u.s. state department and u.s. media seem to be echoing very loudly that qassam solomonic is somehow responsible
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for the death of thousands of americans and that he is somehow a very bad guy they echo these allegations though there have been strong criticisms of of donald trump from the democratic side the risk of a much longer military engagement in the middle east is acute. and immediately this action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war exactly the kind of endless war the president promised he would not drag us into now as he is known for donald trump has not been shy on social media defending his decision to take out qassam solomonic however it's important to note that in his responses donald trump has actually said that so many should have been killed many years ago now what is interesting many critics are now wondering if the timing of the killing of solomonic is in fact suspicious people wonder if trump did this for political
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reasons as an attempt to frame himself in a good light as kind of a war hero for the upcoming 2020 reelection campaign. earlier by colleague you know neil was joined by former u.s. congressman ron paul he explained how the u.s. airstrike reflects problems in american politics. both parties indorse you know interventionism when trouble at times he'll say the right thing i'm coming over i'm serious i'm bringing troops home who yelled and screamed the most not about the constitution but it was polo she and her gang were saying oh no he should do that he should do that. at that time you know removing troops is what we want as a libertarian. nobody should be paying switching parties on at least at this time of year because it's all politicized you have to separate the 2 groups of people who think the united states has an eye has an empire to fan and that they are morally justified to do it versus those of us who believe that we should be
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noninterventionist and follow the constitution and follow international law and the extra 3 fellows into u.s. troops are actually being deployed to the region growing tension was not on the table from the start do you think what what this washington's strategy for the recent for the region as it's. well i think it's been very clear this is one thing that deserves credit for he's been consistent in his campaign and everything is going on he always wants to escalate you know the antagonism toward iran other place it's up and down and back and forth and i sort of i'm always hopeful that he really doesn't want to another war and i think pompei when he gets up there and says all these really challenging aggressive things then he says we don't want war war why are we doing those things the people who are pushing it in an aggressive manner in our country they probably don't really want war but they want peace on
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their terms. iran where solid money was widely revered of the assassination has triggered an outpouring of grief and anger 3 days of mourning have been announced and thousands of iranians have turned out in cities across the country to honor the general. u.s. secretary of state might bump aoe discussed events with russia's foreign minister in the phone conversations are gay lavrov accused his counterpart of violating international law and urged washington to abandon the use of force to achieve political goals with more on the reaction from across the globe here's. the world has been responding with the number one concern being the issue that this will escalate tensions here in the middle east now we have heard from a brand that while we're telling 8 iran's national security council quoting this america's biggest security mistake its biggest strategic mistake which is again being echoed by its has said that the american actions will be stabilized in this serious is that the americans are feeling tensions we've heard from going to. the
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iran back to group based in lebanon. and he has urged the world's resistance to get together and exact revenge at the same time one mosque which also sees becton from gaza has expressed its condolences not the rock where the killing actually took place condemned what are called and aggression that it said would lead to a devastating war the assassination of an iraqi military commander is an aggression on iraq as a state government and people it's a flagrant violation of iraq's sovereignty and dangerous escalation that triggers a destructive war in iraq the region and the world it violates the conditions authorizing the presence of u.s. troops on iraqi soil syria condemns the act of association. colored colored activists nation don't forget that they were killed in a civilian airport coming on board for civilian aircraft.
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in a friendly country. now this way the prime minister benjamin netanyahu earlier cut short a trip to greece to return home an emergency meeting was held here in tel aviv between the military and intelligence chiefs to assess the situation all israeli institutions around the world have gone on high alert while on the northern and southern borders here in israel the army too has become more vigilant this is what netanyahu in praising the attack had to say president roh deserves the credit for acting swiftly forcefully decisively. with the united states in its just struggle with bruce security. the american action was a reaction to a series of military provocations for which iran is responsible we also see with great concern to around 60 of it is in the region we stand before dangerous escalation now the european response has been somewhat moderate although there has
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been concern expressed that this will lead to a deescalation it doesn't seem of this anyone is brave enough to come out and strongly and openly criticize the american president donald trump nato says it is monitoring the situation particularly keeping an eye on its training forces in iraq also monitoring the situation is the egyptian government and they have called for a normalization to prevent a new escalation at the same time we're hearing from the united kingdom it says while it recognizes the phrase that sort of money pose it is urging for a deescalation earlier there was a phone conversation between the russian president vladimir putin and his french counterpart emmanuel mccrone and both leaders agreed that the american strike would lead to a deterioration and we're hearing from from. urging iran not to take steps that would lead to there to tary action we've also heard from the un secretary general he has urged maximum restraint saying that the last thing the world can afford is
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another war in the gulf the political analyst we heard from believes the iran hawks in washington fail to grasp the ramifications of their actions. iraq was not warned congress was not consulted. this was trump and his new york people more than likely missed a question on mr netanyahu who run mr trump essentially you know alongside compay are now the sort of officially you know no longer formally as part of the administration mr bolton because if you examine what's going on online you see these people posting messages of joy now even if they don't like us and so they want to seem to not understand the ramifications of what they have done this move has united the iranian people it is really united the iraqi people the syrians the yemeni leben on the palestinian movement it's united everyone against america i must sound of death to america is getting louder and louder and louder and there's
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nothing america can do about it this is by its own hand by its activity. french police say one person has been killed and 2 others wounded in a knife attack in a suburb several kilometers south of paris officers shot and killed the assailant who reportedly attacked passers by at random artie's friends question a trial defense he reports. shock and horror in paris is yet another knife attack has taken place in the city this one to the south of paris in an area called venusian if we understand one person has been killed as a result of that attack and 2 others have been injured they currently receiving treatment fill those injuries no details on exactly how badly wounded they are now i would say that the man who carried out this attack was wearing a traditional arabic costume and screamed out the words. as he tried to stop those
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individuals some details coming through about the individual who is dead as a result of that attack french media saying that he was a local money was 50 s. he was actually in the area. and the name tim is being found nic nic people saying that he actually was trying to protect his wife that attack and now we know that following that attack the man fled the seems chased down by the police shot up 3 times and has been neutralized i.e. he is dead now no camera. here we suggest that this was the time the police are investigating to see if he had any accomplices and to make sure that the area is clear nothing else will happen tonight now the minister for the secretary of state for the interior ministry nora knew this visited the scene. that neutralize ation over the attack and this is what he had to say look. i would like
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to commend the swift reaction of the police who intervened quickly to neutralize the assailant and put his murderous rampage it was a very brave act. as news of that attack spread supermarkets batten down the hatches closing down they do is to ensure that the customers remain safe inside some of those customers waiting for several hours to be careful who. the police movement many will see is being a good step to try and protect customers. noise from pages in the past have expanded going into other areas. libyan forces claim to shot down a turkish aircraft as the head of the libyan national army declares jihad on several countries have meanwhile condemned the turkish parliament's decision to send troops to libya israel greece and cyprus have voiced their concern over a possible escalation of the conflict in the region they have called plans reckless
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. the turkey's decision to deploy troops in libya presents a dangerous threat to regional stability the repercussions of such reckless moves will be dire for the stability and peace of the entire region and a phone call with the turkish leader u.s. president donald trump also raised concerns that foreign interference could further complicate the situation in libya though the 2 did agree to maintain their diplomatic cooperation so let's break it all down multiple forces have been vying for power in libya since the ousting of longtime leader moammar gadhafi in 2011 a u.n.'s backed government of national accord controls the capital of tripoli along with some coastal areas in the west of the country its rival represented by the self-styled libyan national army under general. holds large swathes swathes in eastern and central libya a 3rd it region is controlled by local tribes and militia as you can see it down there martin green the u.n.
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backed government formally requested military aid from turkey last month in the face of an onslaught by hostile forces meanwhile libya's neighbors have voiced major reserve ations over on close troop deployment plans with egypt calling on the international community to respond we have been hearing analysis from turkey and beyond on his move and its possible repercussions. we see a very soft announcement by the arab league we can see that they're unified only by name we're seeing turkey become more and more now the major player in not only libya in the north africa and the east and the middle east turkey is showing that it's not going to shy away and present add one is willing to use his military muscle to get the results he wants at the diplomatic table as well turkey made a very important. move. greeks. egyptians. of course are very disappointed by did decision but turkey's
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strategic move will. bring some. advantages strategic advantages for turkey we will see the method the manner of how turkey is dealing with this problem and challenges in the coming days if turkey sends more troops then general haftar will also look at more support from the governments he's already there are already backing including and especially egypt the united arab emirates they will send their own proxies or troops or more weapons so in that sense the situation could definitely escalate in a military sense. veganism is a philosophical belief and now protected by law in the u.k. after an unemployment tribunal ruling the landmark case comes after a vegan man claimed he was sacked for his animal welfare beliefs jordi. has
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says that he was fired after accusing his former employer the league against cruel sports of investing in animal testing with its pension fund something it denies before challenging his dismissal he took legal action to try and prove that ethical veganism is a philosophical belief which the british court has now ruled in favor of that means similar to a religion it is protected from discrimination under the u.k. c. quality act the man at the center of the case says it is a big step forward for all the. it will help the promotion of egotism as a lifestyle because vegans who might be afraid about talking about their belief they might be feeling that they're not welcome they will feel empowered now just to break this down for you an ethical vegan is it defined by not just excluding animal products from meals but also by choosing a particularly lifestyle they avoid all things that lead to animal suffering a lawyer for mr. former employer says that he was fired for gross misconduct
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and in principle the company was not against ethical veganism becoming an official belief. in view of its own in the world for value the league did not contest the issue of whether you can assume so should be a protected belief with the league minturn and that's it's relevant to the core reason for the dismissal we discussed how far legal protections should extend with a representative from britain's a vegan society and political commentator under walker. i would like to say my pen should be a damaged and undermined by somebody who insists that you call it impacts in war normal to compensate we should not be at the lowest common denominator if something is ridiculous we should be allowed to call it ridiculous if we want to criticize something we should be able to criticize it as an instrumental instance and aren't and you have the choice to invest in ethical action and he's not saying everybody he's just saying he's. fair and i don't rise and are ancient i think the concern is
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the very real health dangers of if he can die to kill you when you are a child i suitable for ages and i stated in clinic in bags children and breastfeeding women for their people as well doesn't want to do it because under this is the future to saddam was a comment of horror help something not all of us can do to help combat climate change and to be kinder into the animals that we should spend what they see but this is the very socratic problem is that because obviously there is no financial motive and this is what's been going except on the support for the climate change are in my view effectively taken religions they have their it i'm jealous of people who want to demonize you for being evil if i go and get a job and they for example require me to wear leather shoes that i have a choice to wear not what if i go into work and say that is my plate but i shouldn't look search i'm praying every day but by the way i'm extremely chain jounces a state lobster in shanghai and every day i have
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a moral and philosophical belief that my lifestyle will be back such as i eat and that this boils down to is that i have a certain amount of respect your for your life sounds you have no respect for my silly state lobster and champagne lifestyle and your you were shopping malls protected in law and you wish to observe you don't wish to examine iraq which i think is really the problem here is about trying to do your best to avoid the nice 3 days and you can compare to some ridiculous thing that this is an egg. i'm going to eat the hell out and for many people. i genuinely do not see why just because you refuse to eat the sense you being you should have the right. to your own eyes you are still killing a charity just as you're killing a rabbit and that's all it was to invite you say that if you have no right to kill i don't think i know then why would you also write something i don't know if. i want to answer oh it's. everybody knows that i'm not essential there was.
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anyone just. like we're not right to take away their lives on a reason. a senior police chief in the u.k. says that years of austerity are a major factor in driving child exploitation back to levels not seen in more than 100 years devon and cornwall chief constable sean sawyer says drug gangs are the driving force behind of the rise in abuse. for these children they almost but it's victorian times and it being criminally exploited these kids are looking for family and security for understandable reasons of austerity stay youth services have been vacated this gap for youth provision between the school and family is the void of the exploit is a failing. authorities say there have been almost 10001000 suspected child victims in the past 2 years 2001000 sols staggering 74 percent increase in comparison with the year before that equates to 726 more victims the chief constable also
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highlighted how government cuts were partly responsible for the situation cheryl phoenix from antidiscrimination group the black child agenda says it is almost impossible for children to escape the vicious circle of exploitation. these children a lot of people fail to see them as the victims of what's going on and then they become criminalized and once you become criminalized at such a young age it's almost impossible to get yourself back on track a lot of these young people that we find as part of these drug gangs as they're called have been permanently excluded have been rejected from society so i think we need to go back a few steps and even jill deal with our young people from a primary age level because as they get into secondary school which i can guarantee when they go back next week my phone will be ringing in constantly with children being kicked out of school for have a natural hair not having the right tie on or maybe their shoes so if we start stop doing this you know sledgehammer approach to what we are talking about as children
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then they wouldn't find themselves in these gangs in the 1st place but no one's actually listening or doing anything about the exclusion matter and the high rates and the issues that we have with young people in the care system as well who if there was another study done you'd actually find that majority of these children have come through the care system are actually being exploited also in the sexual airiness in areas as well as just being on gangs and you know getting involved in county lines which a lot of them don't actually know what they're doing so is a much bigger picture it's not as simple as what's been said true is a big newsnight will be back with more of the top of the hour this is art international stay with us.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy from day shouldn't let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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i've interviewed women civilian world and rape is a very very traumatizing thing to have happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma. i cannot remember how many times a young female marine that had been raped or social soldier who told me that she looked at these guys as your brother or the suspect as your brother it's a kin to what happens in a family with incest. because you know in the military when or functioning at our best cohesive unit with brothers and sisters of the band of brothers and sisters i mean we are family when that beyond of trust is violated. the wound penetrates to the very most inner part of one's soul one psyche.


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