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tv   News  RT  January 5, 2020 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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just to go. through 6 this needs is nothing but the harmony you can create on vibrating strings but it's chemistry chemistry is the melody the melodies you can play on strings what is the universe the universe is is a symphony of strings. iraqi lawmakers pass a resolution calling for the removal of foreign troops from the country including the u.s. led. coalition. the vote follows america's assassination of iran's
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most powerful general in an. international airport on friday hundreds of lining the streets of the body of general. has returned. to in the stories that shape the week wiki leaks founder julian assange he's slowly dying in a u.k. prison saying he's being plied with sedatives and subjected to 23 hours a day of solitary confinement he made the allegations to a friend in a christmas. rang me because he spent christmas with me and my family in 2010 but you know what. he sounded awful he said to me but i'm slowly dying.
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with the biggest stories of the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments come to the weekly on r.t. international i mean you know neal. our breaking news stories this hour we are getting reports 1st of all that several rockets hit an area near the u.s. embassy in baghdad heavily fortified green zone which houses government buildings and foreign missions we're trying to get a grasp on just walked out is not before thought the iraqi parliament passed a resolution calling on the government to expel all u.s. foreign forces the vote follows the united states assassination of iran's most powerful general in an earlier raid on baghdad international airport on friday when the new resolution urges the iraqi government to end the presence of foreign troops in the country withdraw the request for support from the coalition and to limit the use of arms to national security forces. all not spoke to me earlier.
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iran has just had a major victory over the united states on the geopolitical field this is it this is the bottom line of this whole thing so right now the rest of the whole resolution looks as such a iraq will be filing a complaint with the united nations to they will be withdrawing a request for help from 2 with which they had sent to the international coalition this is referring to the anti eisel coalition what's the ramifications here for iraq and indeed the middle east is all well again this is a victory for iran and another interesting development that we have seen today is that the iraqi prime minister has filled the beings as to why general salim army was on was in baghdad in the 1st place apparently according according to the iraqi prime minister he was on a mission and he will he had an appointment with him have a listen will it. i was about to meet to money at 830 on friday morning on the day
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of his death he was carrying a message to me from the iranian side in reply to a saudi message that we sent to the arena earlier to reach important grievance regarding the deescalation of tensions in iraq and in the region what about the reaction from washington has there been one to the vote well so far no but we have heard donald trump calling on the american boys and girls to come back home he's been very adamant on the fact that he wants that apparently he wants u.s. troops back home was a name we want to bring our troops back home and i got elected on that if you go back and look at our speeches i would say we want to bring our troops back home from these endless wars and i will say look i said i want to get out of these endless wars i campaigned on that i want to get out so with this vote seems like a perfect opportunity for donald trump to bring back some 5000 of american boys and girls back to their homeland from some 12 bases where they stationed right now in
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iraq this is tongue in cheek of course but still. this shows the potential fallout the united states could see from this whole vote but again we shouldn't forget that this vote was not just about the united states but mostly about iraqi the iraqi people because as the m.p.'s were debating this resolution that eventually passed today some people they took to the streets to have their voices heard they were sensually saying that they are sick and tired of ending up between a rock and a hard place of the conflict taking place between america and iran inside iraq is unacceptable we will not be the fuel for your wars your problems must be solved away from iraq. we are opposed to recent events we reject them and there is fear in iraqi society because of this conflict. the conflict between america and iran should be solved outside iraq so essentially the message from the rockies is clear as 2 countries to foreign countries are juking it out between each other for
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instance like right now the united states and iran it's the iraqi people the iraqi people who should have nothing to do with the with the fight of 2 other nations they receive a lot of the punches and a lot of the blows land on their heads and they are sick and tired of this whole thing. of course you don are speaking to me earlier forecasts and so on monday's body has been repatriated to iran where he will be buried on choose days there's been a huge outpouring of grief in the country with hundreds of thousands of mourners paying tribute to the slain commander is also throwing the streets of the iraqi capital on saturday for a funeral procession iran has responded with fury to friday's deadly u.s. airstrike vowing to have been stolen monies death. donald trump in a tweet threaten to target dozens of locations in iran including some quote important to really in culture now if those were actual cultural heritage sites
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legal experts say it would amount to a war crime. where they serve as a warning that if you run strikes many americans or american assets we have targeted 52 iranian sides some is a very high level and important to iran and the iranian culture and those targets and iran itself will be hit very fast and very hard the you say wants no more threats. responded to that warning again labeling donald trump a terrorist in a suit or senior correspondent morocco's the of takes a closer look now at the killings consequences. you can imagine how trump agreed to it then he was playing golf and up comes an agent smith holding a folder he says was the president you remember when we killed baghdad yes the eyes the sky yes the media did love it how how would you like to do it again.
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oh yeah. rocky television has just confirmed that cosine sula monny former general in iran's revolutionary guard unit commander of the could force has been killed in a rocket attack apparently initiated by the united states. to settle for the u.s. at our allies on alert after the tragic attack iran's top military commander here and. down in the community. salim 80 has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years one gets the impression that the agent that came up to trump didn't exactly brief the president and potential consequences of killing the 2nd most powerful man in iran general. command of iran's quds force
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we took action last night to stop. a war we did not. take action to start a war that you probably shouldn't have killed him general sunni money was considered an icon in iran in iraq a man who helped prevent isis takeover of iraq and syria who inspired and mobilized tens of thousands of people multiple countries to fight the blight that is isis while qaida. the americans are not aware what a great mistake they've committed they will face the consequences of this criminal act not only today but also in coming years there is no doubt that the u.s. is now more hated among iranians in iraqis hundreds of thousands have joined the funeral processions and protests condemning his murder rage is in the air iran has promised revenge american civilians are being evacuated from the entire
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region u.s. embassies and bases in this slew of countries are in lockdown troops have been put in combat readiness and now now middle eastern the red lert they claim that they only want peace that was the time to take this action so that we could disrupt the spot deter further aggression from qassam salami in the iranian regime as well as to attempt to deescalate the situation trump asked no one europe woke up to a world that was ahead of a lot more dangerous than when they went to sleep germany claimed tensions that only god up stating the obvious the british called for everyone to come down from doesn't last for permission frankly the europeans haven't been as helpful as i wish that they could be the brits the french the germans all need to understand that what we did what the americans did saved lives in europe as well at best he's right
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chances are he's wrong and at worst what america did is going to kill a heck of a lot more. people than would have died otherwise which they may have thought of the us to anyone but they didn't trump told no one not even his own federal government not the house of representatives and not the senate this action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war exactly the kind of endless war the president promised he would not drag us into or rather he did tell someone apparently what trump kept from his own nation from his own people he told the israelis our assessment is that the united states informed israel about this operation in iraq apparently a few days ago the murder of a mani was an act of war by any measure by any book on law and social media world war 3 was the top trend people are genuinely afraid the us football team has
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council plans to train and counter ahead of the world cup out of security concerns and judging by means being spread appropriate or otherwise no one in particular is enthusiastic to go to war all black humor aside any escalation would be disastrous for all of us human lives 1st and economy 2nd a 5th of the world's oil passes by iran every day in the event of war that would stop we don't yet know how much of a blunder sulaimani is murder was what we do know is that the world now is a more dangerous place millions will hate america for this and that hate will last for generations just remarkable isn't it how many people more and more keep having to die so trump and the pentagon can feel safe. right because the of
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what the report will amid the rapid escalation to iran sees it won't abide by any of the enrichment level set by the 2015 nuclear deal but is still ready to reverse them if washington lifts sanctions the u.s. remember pulled out all of the agreement 1st when president trump took power now we've spoken to several middle east experts on the crisis gripping the region. probably a good run is no pushing europe towards the edge in terms of having either to rescue the deal the nuclear deal and part tweezer sort of america or probably ditch the deal altogether but it won't be any iranian call it would be probably a european court we've heard news earlier as well that iran would be ready to deescalate if the sanctions were lifted so there are messages that are being sent either way telling still despite all the hoo ha and despite all the threats and
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counter threats and whatever we're still hearing voices coming out from tehran saying the guys were happy to deescalate and call it off should you do if the sanctions and that would put international community so to speak or least the europeans in a very uncertain situation that they have to act now and not give her any more i hope that iran will not take a hard decision that they will lose the europeans because we all know that the reappearance at something different from the americans so it's a balanced it's supposed to be a balanced political process that iran should do. not the iranian to say things that it's supposed to be known everything in iran but at least outside the box and seeing is that iran also just like the united states both of them are on the edge both of them have capabilities and both of them can hurt each other but what are the consequences it seems now that hate the united states and the whole of the middle east is kelly people really you me you well the american.
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man the 2nd strongest man in the air so i think middle east actually is facing a huge day limit now. quarter of an hour into the program and no it isn't just the us on the run of the bring turkish troops are set to intervene in libya's long running civil war the ramifications we take a look at after the break. join me everything on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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some of the stories that made the week just go on wiki leaks founder julian assange
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claims he's slowly dying in the british jail he's incarcerated in and alleges he's trying then kept in solitary confinement 23 hours a day he made the disturbing claims in a phone call to his friend von smith on christmas eve spoke to us. all 4 and it was very upsetting to hear him the idea of him being sedated has come from several people who visited him who clearly being told and the british government have been asked about it and they refuse to address that matter and what they say is they're not mistreating him but clearly he's being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day he sounded awful and he said to me that i'm slowly dying here please remember he served that time all the bail charge and he served his time too and he's now on remand it's highly unusual to put a remand prisoner in belmarsh when they're not a threat of physical violence threat to society i think we need some answers from
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from the british government why are they treating him like this why can't we have some independent assessment 100 international got to those and asked to arrange a visit at least to send some representatives to check on him but that hasn't been allowed nils meltzer the un rocketeer on torture has been very clear about asylum just mistreatment and describes it in the most of all human terms and yet it is claims very recently in november that the british government of completely ignored his request to see julian probably his health properly assess. julian assange was arrested in april and since then medics annual observers have warned that his physical and mental health are in decline a hearing in february will decide on his extradition to the united states he's accused in the us of publishing classified military documents could face a 175 year jail sentence. but there has been
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a response from london the british home office refutes songes claims of torture and has called them on funded for. turkish soldiers are on their way to libya according to an announcement by president carter won the turkish parliament voted on thursday to buck the un recognized government in tripoli giving a green light to troop deployment libya's rival administration based in the east of the country voted against the deal with on. it was decided to cut ties between the turkish regime and the states of libya and also in today's session a unanimous vote was passed in the general command authorizing beyond forces to disable all airports ports and ports under the militias control due to the danger they pose to the country's national security by bringing the colonists to our country just somebody libya has been in
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a state of war since protests in 2011 on the ice thing of the country's leader moammar gadhafi in recent months the u.n. government has been losing ground to me and rival administration in general how leaf a huffed are who leads the libyan national army now the government of national accord formally requested military aid from my last month but general tars forces currently control most of libya's terry training leading crucial oil and gas resources. well joining us live now on the program hoping this is a chance to find her of viewpoint africa good to see you will deploying turkish troops to libya actually help lessen violence in the country or if that's not. what it. well i'm afraid libya has been a bit of a mess since gadhafi went or left the scene and of course we have all these different leaders that have common past again the most recent of leaders. of the
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raj and he is already supported by the u.n. and it would appear that ankara in terms of turkey are prepared to support him as his rival that is pressed mr have to is poised surrounding tripoli can take it up a moment's notice so we must also remember that this is a country which has got several different actors so many people are saying that is very much like syria number 2 because we have including the russians of the states . holders who are already supporting mr howe and that's what creates a problem for the turkish who are supporting the oversight. a multi-faceted question but libya has been rocked by chaos for years it seems everybody wants a piece of the pie there are can all the conflicting interests be reconned sidled well i'm afraid when you are talking about oil when you're talking about natural
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gas the sort of volumes that the largest we've seen on the african continent you can understand why there's so many axes and players at play even donald trump himself has an interest here be that there are no i'm not american soldiers physically there but i understand from the sources i've been in contact with that they already supporting the turkish efforts to be in libya just to make sure that russians on all the support 2 factions on the other side do not take claims without any shape or form yeah the russian state is that we should just make clarify the russian state is not there and anyway do you think this the point of turkish troops will prompt other countries to become more involved in the conflict though i'm thinking of other nearby. egypt and indeed have target other backers how are they going to react. well it already has a huge stake it's the neighboring country they want stability next to them they
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want to have that say and influence the next government in that country that stable and of course they're already backing mr have to who already controls large swathes of the country what's in there on the other hand you have. who's already supported by the united nations and now by turkey it's going to be very difficult because there are too many actors playing and supporting competing factions which for we know we're not showing exactly who's going to succeed in the why the actual let's get to ensue that's the thing that's the tough question how does this play out. well if i have a crystal ball i would say i would say mr have to we're going to chose a large swathes of the country or protect a period of time has the swing of the pendulum but on the other hand when you have a government which has been supported by the united nations
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a government that's supported by the united states think roger has a faction or an opportunity of winning but it's going to be very difficult i can't see physically how which is why he's been propped up and supported by the turks who are who have already expressed to send their military might to support him but again we're not sure exactly how it's going or how it would different boots on the ground yet one aspect of this is starting to gain more interest to what extent is encrypted helps using this to gain greater gas drilling rights in the eastern mediterranean do you think it's seeking to perhaps challenge that was more a time by injuries that was agreed upon by greece egypt and cyprus in those countries they were very vocal in saying you know what yes we've got an eye and i tried doing it. yes those were deals that were signed up and the most recent of deals and signed off with turkey sort of goes against those existing deals with and
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that was just last november as well wasn't it absolutely most recently you lost understand that in fact what many would say that his decision to form that new relationship with turkey goes against parliaments which have been at odds with his decision so there's already contradictions in parliament that contradictions in the country and the political power that may be already jostling for either supporting or supporting mr have to again it doesn't surprise me because you're looking at the largest source of oil and gas reserves on the african continent physically they're on top ready to beat so is is finders keepers the winners would more than likely have to share the spoils among those that supported them so you can see why many are taking chances to turks or to kill taking john they're not sure if they're
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going to be successful or not but they're playing on not game say just in case things work out in their favor just in case somehow against all the odds be that he only controls tripoli very much so. he succeeds then at least they would have a shot at the sort of deals that you're talking about right now always good to get your take a lot of developments a lot of occasions from this one a chance and find our viewpoint africa life in art international. good. just before we go this hour i want to give you a recap of our breaking news story and it has been really an action packed sunday 3 people are reportedly injured that's what we're hearing no after rockets hit an area near the u.s. embassy in baghdad heavily fortified green zone of houses government buildings foreign missions pretty much it was and daryn so how those rockets through will be a big question for the authorities there the latest strikes follow heightened
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tension in the middle east after the u.s. killing of a really in general custom stolen money comes just one hour ago president trump tweeted the other for run strikes the u.s. the responses could be quote in a disproportionate manner. well it's a wrap up of the week that was the 1st of the new year for this hour i'll be back with plenty more stories not dates and thirty's to close now though for more great r t p m. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development that only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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leaks last only got to. believe. when you. present that it would look in the distance was more than a book called the but. it's
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going strong it's the it's about seeing i mean yeah there's. just too little. you know world of big partisan. lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical. it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. i've interviewed limits of being world and rape is a very very traumatizing thing to have happen but i've never seen trauma like i've
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seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma. i cannot remember how many times a young female marine that had been raped or sexually assaulted told me that she looked at these guys as your brother or the suspect as your brother it's a kin to what happens in a family with incest because you know in the military when we're functioning at our best i code piece of unit with brothers and sisters of the band of brothers and sisters i mean we are family when that ball and of trust is violated. the wound penetrates to the very most inner part of one's soul one psyche.


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