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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2020 1:00am-1:31am EST

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iraq e.m.p. spoke to boots out american troops in a furious response to washington's assassination of iran's top general on their soil. threatens a rock with sanctions never seen before. at the defense department it's emerged that the pentagon has been cheated for years by contractors using shell companies. and libya faces further fragmentation of troops to support the u.n. recognize the government in tripoli few relating to the rival administration based in the east.
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and i welcome so at the international live from moscow i'm daniel. thanks for joining us on the program a donald trump is warning iraq to brace itself a heavy sanctions if it expels american troops from the country iraqi m.p.'s voted to kick out foreign forces in response to washington's as a nation of iran's most powerful general in an air strike at baghdad international airport on friday we have a very extraordinarily expensive piece that's there it cost billions of dollars to build long before my time we're not living unless they pay us back for it if they do ask us to leave if we don't do it in a very friendly basis will charge them sanctions like they've never seen before avar. iraqi lawmakers passed their resolution on sunday evening calling on u.s. troops to leave the country and also asked the government to pull back from military assistance for the u.s. led coalition and it pushes for
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a formal complaint against washington to be raised that the u.n. for violating iraqi sovereignty now there's another day of mourning ahead in iran as people fill the streets of the capital for the funeral procession you can see the live pictures behind me on the monitor that i was off for of course the general who seems sort of on his body was returned to the country hundreds of thousands of mourners are paying tribute to the slain c'mon the recross the middle east and beyond as well iranian leaders are vowing to avenge sort of mani's death but as the if explains a much better playing a long game. on the face of it trump and iran they always wanted the same thing iran new secret always wanted the u.s. to get the hell away from it out of iraq out of the middle east and trump well he won the election promising to end america's wars we want to bring our troops back home and i got elected on that if you go back and look at our speeches i would say
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we want to bring our troops back home from these endless wars and i will say look i said i want to get out of these endless wars i campaigned on that i want to get out i haven't left the white house except to go to iraq for a version of time where i had a great experience or actually met some great people some great generals who have great ideas. having it was syria it's working out very well and the hell out of isis and we're bringing our folks back home what a man wouldn't say to get elected in reality he escalated conflict after conflict whether was a scratch trumps policies would tear it open into a wound on the trump of america went from a full with iran having a nuclear deal to assassinating iran's 2nd most powerful official i don't think trump expected this not medians morning a man that the u.s.
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claimed was a terrorist and i highly doubt he expected to have all his embassies go in lockdown with crowds demanding death at the gates. i was due to meet a general solution at 8 30 am on the morning he was killed as he left baghdad international airport mr abdul marty said the general saloon monny was carrying iran some response to a message iraq had conveyed on behalf of saudi arabia aimed at easing tensions between the 2 countries in the region so the money was apparently on a peace mission carrying proposals on how to reduce tensions in the region this is from the mouth of the u.s. backed iraqi prime minister versus him we have the state department it's sure and
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says that he was actually evil and take our word for it he was organizing imminent attacks on u.s. bases take our word for it is there any surprise that iraqis voted to remove american soldiers from their country the iraqis don't want foreign troops murdering who they will when they will. they want to restart the civil war again i'm. bashir we don't want this to happen we're not a battlefield between the usa and iran so whoever wants to hear the usa should do that outside of this country. oh these troops must leave because they have turned iraq into a battlefield the parliament has decided to ask the us to leave once a prime minister signs off iraq will withdraw its request for assistance which they followed with the us led coalition when isis was ascendant if the us refuses to pull out if it keeps its troops it will no longer be a friend it will be an occupier essentially in death sulaimani achieved exactly
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what he wanted for iraqis to expel america and if parliament doesn't do it we will take greater archon the white house is in panic trying to justify what it did why is president telling fairy tales trying to tie soleimani to $911.00 of all things trump threatening to bomb iranian cultural targets which would be a textbook example of a war crime that again i doubt he cares much in iran millions burned the american flag in america they're burning the book on international law and order the entire dynamics in iraq has changed from an atmosphere where iran was the culprit in iran was voted out sort of by the street to get out of iraq everybody was funny because asians attacking the rain embassies and consulates and
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so on and so forth to an entirely different position where and especially of those who are affiliated with iran having sort of an upper hand legally to pursue their own targets let's remember that the american since invading iraq illegally in 2003 they have spent trillions of dollars lost thousands of. and lives and of course in the process they have killed hundreds of thousands of iraqis all to have influence in a very geostrategic part of the world now when the iraqi parliament asks them to leave of course they will eventually lead i don't think they will have a choice it's going to happen sooner or later this is going to be a very significant defeat for the americans i would say you would be the beginning of the strategic decline of u.s. power and influence in the region. or another development iran says it will no longer abide by the enrichment limits set out by the waning 2050 nuclear deal but
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says it is ready to reverse that if washington lift sanctions the u.s. pulled out of the agreement when president trump took power and use of germany france and the u.k. have issued a joint statement calling on iran to avoid measures contravening the nuclear deal middle east expert doesn't think iran is pursuing nuclear weapons but is trying to establish a deterrent it looks like that iran has the capability to mint in the most important thing the spirit the spirit of resistance against the americans aggression or any american attack now despite it's something different from the capabilities and also the most important things that i hope that iran will not take a hard decision that they will lose the europeans because we all know that the reappearance of something different from the americans or what's going to happen after that this is the most important issue that should every part of this conflict should understand well and should the studied well. in the united states has
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emerged that the pentagon's been cheated for years by contractors using shell companies it's been revealed in a report to congressional committees by the government accountability office. the department of defense faces several types of financial and nonfinancial fraud and national security risks posed by contractors with opaque ownership of the document reveals that firms frequently use subcontractors from different countries like turkey and russia usually that's against the rules of course that means military equipment being manufactured in foreign countries jobs that should only go to domestic firms shell companies have also been used to inflate prices and being given contracts that had already been earmarked for other bidders and the us defense department accounts for roughly 2 thirds of all federal contracts that's what's been affected the most last year it awarded to nearly 40000 contracts with more than half
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a 1000000 new deals amounting to $350000000000.00 many of those companies provided services for u.s. military forces former pentagon security analyst michael maloof believes that private contractors need to be held accountable for their behavior. defense department contracts with major defense firms it's what these in turn what these defense firms like lucky and what have you then sub contract and then the subcontractors may sub sub contracts and that's where this problem arises at that lower level i think they were aware of it i think it is what they needed was a study like this to galvanize attention to it and thereby initiate action up until now they've just taken the word of the car the contractors the major contractors that the products are sound and what have you but those those defense contractors
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those major was like the lockheed so what have you really have an obligation to do their own quality assurance controls and they're not doing it that also they're also going to be helped to have to be held accountable. turkish soldiers are no way to libya that's according to the announcement by turkey's president that it won the turkish parliament voted on thursday to back the u.n. recognized government in tripoli given a green light to the troop deployment a closed meeting of the u.n. security council has already been set for monday to discuss the situation in libya is rival administration based in the east of the country voted against the deal with ankara even that you'll them it was decided to cut ties between the turkish regime and the states of libya and also in today's session a unanimous vote was passed in the general command authorizing beyond forces to disable all airports ports and learn ports under the militias control due to the danger they pose to the country's national security by bringing the colonists to
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our country. libya's been in a state of war since protests in 2011 and the ousting of the country's leader moammar gadhafi in recent months general belief after the libyan national army have been gaining ground against the un backed government of national accord to request the military aid from ankara last month general have to his forces currently control most of libya's territory including crucial oil and gas resources johnson a founder of viewpoint africa believes that even with turkey's support would be hard for the un backed government to deal with the general after us forces. i'm afraid libya has been a bit of a mess since gadhafi went many people are saying that is very much like syria number 2 mr have to who controls large swathes of the country or protect a period of time has the swing of the pendulum but on the other hand when you have a government which has been supported by the united nations
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a government that's supported by the united states i'm think. has a faction or an opportunity of winning but it's going to be very difficult i can't see physically how which is why he's been propped up and supported by the turks who are who have already expressed to send their military might to support him there are too many actors playing and supporting competing factions which for we know we're not sure exactly who's going to succeed in the why the actual let's get to into. overcasting and i back over 2019 after the break including how the world was put on the verge of a new arms race after the u.s. pulled out of a landmark arms treaty in just a few moments. it
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in the depths. aura made in the shallowness. was international on taking stock of 2019 next as we reflect on all of the events that marked the year just gone. all 29 teams saw a fair bit of political maneuvering and we're dealing over weaponry as the iran nuclear deal unravels nations boosted their defenses defense budget to get tooled up and a new arms race waited in the wings of course the u.s. withdrew from the line of treaty limiting ballistic missiles back in 2018 russia than took the squad as a symmetrical response the following year because of an off takes
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a closer look at how that developed. an arms race cold war a nuclear crisis it seemed all these things both sparked and faded out of historical relevance in the past millennium but 2019 saw all of them make a comeback the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal the u.s. unilaterally demolished a pillar of international stability crushing its i.n.f. treaty with russia. fears of the past century resurrected immediately the u.s.
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is pulling out of a decades long nuclear treaty with russia sparking fears of a new arms race we thought was confined to the cold war now there's concern a pullout could lead to a new arms race it's clear that the threat of a new arms race is real we go into a nuclear arms race like we saw in the 1960 s. only more expensive and more dangerous it seemed the 2 countries were again trying to outpace each other on the military speed track with a nuclear winter right past the finishing line washington no longer bound by the i.m.f. shackled started the mess out tests right away 2 weeks after the pullout and then again in december this in turn kicked russia's military into action too as it accused the us of premeditating their withdrawal national beacon for u.s. pounds had to be only east and straightforward with us they should not have used
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trumped up accusations and allegations to unilaterally withdraw from. it's like they did in 2002 they violate everything and find excuses to put the blame on someone russia does not pose a threat to anyone or any actions we take or retaliatory that is to say in english since we never seek confrontation we do not want it specially with a global power like the us the civil it's been known from october of last year through the us national security advisor john bolton visited us he said that donald trump's a statement about washington's withdrawal from the treaty is not an invitation to dialogue it was a final decision maybe even earlier the u.s. not preparing a missile test banned by the i never treated and whatever the timing of the pullout washington has indeed been making its point about the i.m.f. for a long time pretty well being violated and being ignored by. other countries for years russia has violated the terms of the intermediate range nuclear forces
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freely without remorse adding fuel to the flames was the fact that just a year before that russia unveiled new weapons an explicit demonstration that if it wants to retaliate it well. both sides have been accusing each other of violating the i never deal but more school has also insisted that it has been unprecedentedly transparent in attempts to demonstrate compliance paraded the very message washington claims violated the i.m.f. russia invited international experts to come and be judge and jury what the rocket could and couldn't do the americans didn't come despite an almost personal invitation. for many years we've proposed decide. but our initiatives have not
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found the support of our partners in fact they are always front critics for dismantling the global security system in which russia says it's still tryst with the iron of deal flatlined it suggests that arms control can be achieved through expanding another deal start and response washington talks at length about its gargantuan plans to include china and other nuclear powers in a new deal just some new deal even the u.s. seems to have little idea about where through that the you will start expires february the 5th 2021 we have until then to resolve the situation our proposals is still on the tables will be heard i understand that now it's up to washington to decide i hope that we're able to get everybody in a very big and beautiful room and you were literally that would be much better all
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the while as nuclear parity hangs in the balance purely on the good faith of a few individuals 2019 also saw governments in many countries left in no doubt about just how widespread public dissatisfaction had reached from the yellow vests in paris to the political turmoil in latin america crowds turned out regularly and in large numbers and in spain it was the simmering independents rob over the wealthy catalonia region that led to violent demonstrations now prone opponents protesters set roadblocks and clashed with police for weeks off the 9 dependents leaders were sent to jail for sedition they pushed ahead with an independence referendum back in 2014 despite a ban from madrid and you know caution of reported from the rest of the catalan capital barcelona during the autumn.
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the streets of barcelona are again on fire we're standing right now between the very cases that were built by protesters yes you can see the violence is only growing on the streets of the castle lonny and capital. protesters have built as these barry kates using garbage share and appliances that were standing by the cafeterias as well as some of the furniture that they could a science so they build those very case now they set them on fire and right now they're shouting slogans and happening. and as you can see tensions our own me increasing here at this is happening right in the center of barcelona and these trees so far so on there are again on fire if we remember what happened just on friday a police forces responded with a rubber bullets and tear gas. thanks.
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thanks. thanks thanks. for isilon a is protesting sense monday and this saturday to show that people are not tired this violence to show that they're ready to take it to the streets. coming up next the documentary channel explores the bolshoi ballet school in brazil and the u.k. viewers and tune into going on the road coming up next it all to international about can often tell.
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