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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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now they want to diversify away from oil and gas and i think we're going to see a move like that the next 6 to 9 months. the head of nato calls for a deescalation of tensions in the middle east and say yes the us did you know a lot surely one of assassinated a powerful general stops short of condemning the killing right. billions are currently shelling the streets throughout iran for the funeral procession of the country slain general solomonic. coming up on the program turkish armed forces head to libya to bolster the embattled government in tripoli a move rejected by libya's powerful driveway administration the u.n. is meeting behind closed doors to discuss the deployment.
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every year and tuning in from around the world are welcome to the international my names you know me good to have your company our top story the head of nato sais the alliance was not informed of the u.s. plans to assassinate iran's most powerful general money. it was a unilateral act by america but stopped short of rightly criticizing washington for the killing. of the system to. do global coalition nor nato but all allies are concerned about destabilizing a t.v. in the region. for 2 different terrorist groups stoltenberg didn't have too much time to talk to the press on monday afternoon in brussels what he did say though was that the. nato military training mission that was operating in iraq will
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be suspended with immediate effect then well deescalation more than once was the words uttered by the nato secretary general he said that this was the message that had come out of the meeting probably at the passages of those allies that make up nato saying every single one of them had been putting forward well basically the same words and that word is deescalation. i think the important thing now is to really try to deescalate and to avoid further increase increased tensions in the region and i've seen before i started sought to speculate on how we will react. not help to deescalate it will actually do the opposite while this latest from the nato secretary general comes as the prime minister of iraq. heidi discuss doubts over the claims by the u.s. that salomone was in baghdad in order to plan attacks against u.s.
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diplomats the iraqi prime minister says that solomon he was there as part of a diplomatic reports more and at least an attempt to to create a diplomatic reports more talks in which the iraqi prime minister was intending to be out as well as all of this news comes out the words coming from european capitals and also capitals of other nato member states is one that echoes that word again we heard from the secretary general of the escalation and calming things down we are looking to deescalate and stabilize the situation while the u.s. will take operational judgment call but they've got the right of self-defense if you look at what general sort of man he was doing he wasn't is not victim in this scenario he was a regional menace they were saying that we had a conversation with trump about developments in the region and we were shocked when we got the news at that point i especially had suggested to him that tensions with
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iran should not be heightened. and we can't forget the american action is a reaction to a whole series of military provocations through which iran bears responsibility we are in a dangerous escalation point now we have to contribute to deescalation with prudence and restraint while our nations are calling for a calming down of events and it deescalation the what we're hearing coming out of the state department. it is this they did the right thing in targeting solomonic with mike pompei you know the secretary of state saying the region is safer because he's no longer there american people should know the president trumps decision to remove qassam somali from the battlefield saved american lives there's no doubt about that we made the right decision to take out this terrorist american people should know the present trouble never shy away from protecting and defending america what we've done over these past weeks presenter made the decision this was the time to stop this reign of terror from the sky who was the globe it certainly
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wasn't the longest of press conferences from u.n. stoltenberg the nato secretary general in brussels didn't seem too comfortable taking too many questions from journalists on the subject want to get out there was soon as possible deescalation the watchword throughout his press conference but he was also very keen to stress that the targeting of solomonic was a u.s. decision not a nato decision. peter all for a while right now in iran millions of mourners are turning out for the funeral of carson salomone the country's most powerful general was assassinated in a us or a raid i'd side baghdad airport in iraq on friday there's been a huge outpouring of grief across the middle east of the old and in iran its leader earlier wept as he said prayers over the slain commanders coffin in terror some mourners carried red flags associated with just a blood shed on revenge one of the 1st repercussions for the united states came from
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a rocky m.p.'s who voted on sunday to expel foreign forces from their country for conducting the killing on their soil so the money is daughter islam the us president at the funeral. mr trump you gamble on your devilish step creates in the division between the nations around the rock was a strategic error wrought in historic connection between the 2 nations of iran and iraq and treated everlasting hate against you have in both countries. have you ever seen such a sea of humanity in your life donald trump do you still want to listen to the clowns advising you on our region do you still imagine you can break the will of this great nation and its people and of malign us presence in west asia has begun in the u.s. strike also killed. 100 s. he was the deputy commander of iraq's popular mobilization forces and one of the most important military figures in the country back in 2017 we spoke to in an
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exclusive interview his words carry greater poignancy in light of recent events of course. this is curious here for ages countries is a unified system it is in our interests that iran remains safe that iraq remains safe the new administration is trying to start a war in the region and this is madness our whole region will go against it by using every means we have we're in charge of our lives we resist it saddam who was supported by the americans we fought against the u.s. invasion in iraq and we will oppose any kind of american aggression in the region. was mentioned at the weekend iraqi m. pays voted to expel foreign forces from their country for a conducting that killing on their soil they rocky lawmakers resolution voted it's not only calls upon u.s. troops to leave the country it also asked the government to pull back from military assistance for the u.s. led coalition plus an urge for a formal complaint to be raised at the u.n.
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against washington for violating iraqi sovereignty which has already been filed while the trump is now warning iraq to brace itself for heavy sanctions if it kicks the trips. we have a very extraordinary really expensive ear piece that's there it costs billions of dollars to build long before my time we're not living unless they pay us back for it they do ask us to leave if we don't do it in a very friendly basis will charge them sanctions like they've never seen before ever although iranian leaders are vying to avenge solmonese death our senior correspondent has been looking at how it might be a better move to play the long game. on the face of it trump and iran they always wanted the same thing iran no secret always wanted the us to get the hell away from it out of iraq out of the middle east and trump well he won the election
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promising to end america's wars we want to bring our troops back home and i got elected on that if you go back and look at our speeches i would say we want to bring our troops back home from these endless wars what a man wouldn't say to get elected in reality he escalated conflict if the conflict where there was a scratch trumps policies would tear it open into a wound on the trump of america went from a fool with iran having a nuclear deal to assassinating iran's 2nd most powerful official i don't think trump expected this not neatly and morning a man that the u.s. claimed was a terrorist and i highly doubt he expected to have all his embassies go in lockdown with crowds demanding death at the gates.
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i was due to meet a general solution at 8 30 am on the morning he was killed as he left baghdad international airport mr abdul marty said the general saloon monny was carrying iran some response to a message iraq has conveyed on behalf of saudi arabia aimed at easing tensions between the 2 countries in the region so the money was apparently on a peace mission carrying proposals on how to reduce tensions in the region this is from the mouth of the u.s. backed iraqi prime minister versus him we have the state department it's sure and says that he was actually evil and take our word for it he was. organizing imminent attacks on u.s. bases take our word for it is there any surprise that iraqis voted to remove american soldiers from their country that iraqis don't want foreign troops murdering who they will when they will the parliament has decided to ask the us to
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leave once a prime minister signs off iraq will withdraw its request for assistance which they followed with the us led coalition when isis was ascendant if the us refuses to pull out if it keeps its troops it will no longer be a friend it will be an occupier essentially in death sulaimani achieved exactly what he wanted for iraqis to expel america and if parliament doesn't do it we will take greater action the white house is in panic trying to justify what it did the vice president telling fairy tales trying to tie sulaimani to 911 of all things trump threatening to bomb a rainy and cultural targets which would be a textbook example of a war crime that again i doubt he cares much in iran millions burn the american flag in america they're burning the book on international law and
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order if the americans think about putting iraq under sanctions definitely iraq will look into other sources into either selling its oil financing its projects and finding more suitable partners than partner who comes to iraq iraq he citizen use iraqi airspace iraqi ground to kill iraqi officials and that is definitely not the way that we are looking in to our allies. to more world news this hour turkish soldiers are on their way to libya according to president dirda while on thursday the turkish parliament vote. the un recognized government in tripoli giving the green light to the deployment in the un security council. meeting on the issue just last hour nothing so far revealed about their conversation with libya's rival administration based in the east of the country
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voted against stop deal with korea. it was decided to cut ties between the turkish regime and the states of libya and also in today's session a unanimous vote was passed in the general command authorizing be armed forces to disable all airports ports ports under the militias control due to the danger they pose to the country's national security by bringing the colonists to our country. well this comes as the forces of general huff tarr who controls most of the country say they have taken the coastal city of sirte around 450 kilometers east from tripoli the u.n. by cover meant is in charge of the capital along with small pockets of the war torn country it requested military aid from to counter the general's forces last month the country has been in a state of war since protests in 2011 and the ousting of the country's leader
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moammar gadhafi. viewpoint africa finder believes that even with turkey's support it will be difficult for the un back overman to us that's rival. i'm afraid libya has been a bit of a mess since gadhafi went many people are saying that is very much like syria number 2 is the have to who controls large swathes of the country or protect a period of time has the swing of the pendulum but on the other hand when you have a government which has been supported by the united nations a government that supported by the state i think. has a faction or before she feels of winning but it's going to be very difficult concept physically how which is why he's been propped talk and supported by the turks who are who is already expressed to send their military might to support him there are too many actors playing and supporting a competing factions which for we know we're not sure exactly who's going to
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succeed in the why the actual let's get to n.c. . the race is all to evacuate stricken residents in australia as the most ferocious wildfires in decades ravaged swathes of the southeast at least 25 people who are not known to die it's in many thousands of bonded in their homes and be relocated there's been a brief respite from the record breaking heat wave but emergency services are braced for a house or this condition is to return in a few days. well
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i agree astri ins are directing their fury at prime minister scott morrison over his handling of the crisis on for suggesting there's no direct link between the fires on climate change this by many seeing it as a root cause of the unprecedented destruction. that's become hard of the process and so the longer the rival lepping between starts this is driven by climate chimes scientists the brain very clear that the 10 or 20 years now that climate change is leading to more frequent and more severe push and droughts and hate wides we're already seeing catastrophic impacts you could imagine how much worse it will be if we allow the planet to continue to warm if we allow the continent of australia to continue to dry out this is just a taste of what's to come if we don't act there's no argument about the links between in my view in the government's view and any government in this country about the links between broader issues of global climate change and and weather events around the world but i'm sure people equally with signal age that the direct
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connection to any single father event it's not a credible suggestion to mike that link we are casting an over $29.00 scene after the break including the people power that filled the streets of nations worldwide. you know world big partisan movies and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be rich. it's you going to be for us this is what the 43 of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. city for a. while come back the new year in scotland is a much celebrated events with the capital drawing thousands of histories for hogmanay but the residents who live there full time say they're increasingly being
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shut saw itself their own city to make way for the tourists their numbers have grown rapidly in recent years but it's proving to be a double edged sword fred and the city council say it's the new year celebration influx causes an increase in noise pollution and overcrowding on the streets residents who live in this. even have to wear id responds to enter and exit their own streets they also have to get permits for any visitors they might have to their own homes during the festivities but in recent years a real event organizers live worked with edinburgh city council to try and make the most of the rising number of visitors the city's german theme christmas people should say when it was revealed that it had been received planning permission for the past 2 years but went ahead anyway here's what people in edinburgh have been telling. saying it's become about that issue because specially it's. the same people so you start to walk bars or service go to get through college students it's
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just going to become more difficult service i think we have plenty and i think they need to see that the people want to listen. to me he and not have to be pushed out. of. the store if you look at this if you get into a city that means people not look at this i mean that is going to be like any of them or the city. taking stock of 290-0000 we reflect on more of the offense that marked the year just gone. thank you. $29000.00 saw governments in many countries left to no dollars to buy just widespread public dissatisfaction against them and reached from the yellow vests and powers to the political turmoil in latin america crowds turned odd regularly on the large numbers in spain it was the simmering independence rock over the wealthy
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cuss aloni a region which that violent demonstrations protester said roadblocks and clashed with police for weeks after 9 separatist leaders were sentenced to jail for sedition they had pushed ahead with an independence referendum in 2014 despite a bomb from the trade dana koch them reported from the council on capital barcelona during the height of autumn's arrest. the streets of barcelona are again on fire we're standing right now between the very cases that were built by professors as you can see the violence is own the growing on the streets of the catalog and capital. and the. protesters have built as these barry kates using garbage share an appliance that were standing by the cafeterias as well as some of the furniture that they could find so they built those very case now they set them on fire and
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right now they're shouting slogans and happening. and as you can see tensions our own the increasing here at this is happening right in the center of barcelona and these trees so far so long there are again on fire if we remember what happened just on friday a police forces responded with a rubber bullets and tear gas thank. god. i. i. i 1st want to is protesting since monday and this saturday just showed that people are not tired this is our islands to show that they're ready to take it to the streets. you know
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what will 2020 bring for the region only time will tell we are cracking on with more great programs and moments here in our to international then be sure to join me for all your latest global news updates in just over 30 by for. survival let's take you back to the start at least. repatriations look at the rest of 70 years. bill of the separate skies report.
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time after time called parisian to repeat the same mantra sustainability. it's accelerating the transition to sustainable prize board sustainability stay in her manner a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely harmless. lovely getting. it into something companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is a canal this doesn't want anyone and i'm in love. with the moon and you missed me doing the nieman i'm stunned seemed then we understood superman and.
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true descriptions summed up the tasing even for the owners so how to choose just had food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out food may not be associate people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these
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problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked. very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a 1000000000 dollars on it and there's no reason to do that research. is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world
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corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. building . evolution. phase only will cause if the yellow. to do so who surely. isn't i keep it with me let's see that again with this look at thinking little. fellow. will gain any honest. person to work.
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tomorrow. but we will go. into a solution with this and that's a. total surprise you really like to do is watch the show border if the jews and the media side of the whole bunch old south. is a slow sport but still that's good as a future. yet there seems. to fall short of the uses for the be inspired by the and. as in the above and in the when you die yes so. in the news i mean guys are going to bawl like you knew him well you know yes it's. fair to assume you prosper by the job and sure but it was more of those genes newbie speech mixed see me just when we see them we
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p.g.a. of 9 years old it was we'll be checking most of my show jumping on the video your idea of video not of my life choice you know even we had one of the whole deal was when he killed the soviet. union and their media. called my shorts out the uk and i was trying to start something i know but i. said you know blew it she didn't there but show exactly what you mean no the lucy w.b. said ulick coming year. 11 stated leisure a name as going to school leave you born evil for on c b e v's the h. o. still has the 'd option of drilling you below the jets him in there at the were nearby froehlich yeah it's going to swollen
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a couple what are those that are able to do. what a queer does human your teeth.


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