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tv   News  RT  January 8, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EST

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when you use this now a ukrainian passenger plane has crashed near to wrong complaining interior ministry says 176 people on board were killed. i. mean all in neighboring iraq 2 american military bases are hit by dozens of structures around response for the killing of its top general who was assassinated in the u.s. drone strike last week however tehran says it's not looking for a war with washington. all is well that's how donald trump responds to the attack saying he will make a statement later previously the u.s. president threatened to destroy multiple irradiance sites including is iran
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retaliated in any way. watching or to international nichiren and neil harvey here in the studio for you thanks for joining us we'll start with breaking news coming out of iran where ukrainian international airlines passenger jet has crashed just minutes after taking off from the capital tehran ukraine says 167 passengers and 9 crew were killed the moment of the crash was captured on video. boeing be ukranian boeing 737 took off from the capital tehran here. at 6 12 am local time and it was bound for the ukrainian capital kiev and
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just a few minutes around 10 minutes after taking off it crashed and reports so that we received images and footage showing the plane crashing while in fire and the crash site is reportedly around 30 kilometers west of the one in a district called shot we are grieving relatives have been gathering at kiev international at ports where flight $7052.00 was heading people are mourning the dead and waiting for any further information about the disaster here's what the father of one of the crew members had to say. he seems to have support really deep my oldest son is the steward my daughter called me from the u.s. she told me that the ukrainian aircraft crashed just wary go through i said to to run and then i saw the video of the plane crash this is. not a correspondent jim acosta has more information on the crash. now iranian media had been reporting for a long time that that there were technical problems that brought the plane down and
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we also heard from an airport representative that a fire occurred on board the plane in the engine mid flight a lot of ukrainians to to sions were quick to give their responses ukraine's embassy in iran for example said that they have enough information to tell that this crash was not the result of a terrorist attack we've also heard from the country's national security and defense council which said that they will be organizing an operational headquarters to gather more information and get to the bottom of what caused these this crash in the 1st place as for ukrainian international airlines they said that they will not be having any more flights to tehran until further notice and even president vladimir selenski said that there is going to be an inspection of the countries of the country's entire civil fleet this plane is the boeing 737800 the model itself is relatively older than the more recent models but the plane that crashed itself
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was only built back in 2016 so the plane itself was quite quite new only about 4 years old but this model has actually had its share of crashes over the past couple years in 2016 for example over 60 people were killed in the crash where the plane was coming from dubai on route to russia and in 2010 another similar crash in india that killed over 150 people again same model and this isn't even the the newer boeing $737.00 max model which was also grounded about a year ago for its own series of crashes now it's still tough to say it's not it's not clear whether or not this crash was the result of some sort of design flaw in the boeing 737800 but airline officials have said that this crash mostly likely did not happen as a result of some sort of mistake made by the pilots they were very experienced and knew what they were. doing as for boeing the company said that it's still gathering information in regards to this crash but other than that we haven't heard much.
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reports of a plane crash come just hours after iran 5 dozens of ballistic missiles at 2 u.s. military bases in iraq the iranian military is calling the move revenge for the death of its top general custom seller monny who was killed in a u.s. drone strike last week. not a good academic. was . the missile strikes happened at exactly the same time of night as the 1st nation of mali 5 days earlier to have around supremes national security council tweeted this image of the iranian flag that's an apparent reference to trump's tweets of the u.s. flag just after the drone strike that killed for their army middle east correspondent . well we've recently just heard from the iranian revolutionary guards and i
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must stress that it's i'm confirmed but they've issued a statement in which they say that 80 soldiers have been killed and some 200 have been injured at the one american base that was hit in the early hours of this morning but we are receiving conflict in reports we've heard from the pentagon that none of its soldiers were killed and as for the other foreign countries that are also taking place in the coalition against islamic state we've heard from norway denmark australia and the united kingdom all of whom had soldiers at this base said that was hit in the early hours of this morning with these countries saying that they soldiers off safe we are hearing also from the iraqi military that there are no casualties so at this stage of the mains to be seen exactly how many if any soldiers were injured this morning the iranians say that they fired off some 22 bullets to missiles the target was 2 bases 2 iraqi bases where these foreign troops are currently employed the one base in the north of the country did not receive any
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damage the missiles landed in a nearby field but it was this other base just outside of baghdad that has seen some extensive damage the operation has been dubbed mata soliman and we are hearing that the iranian president hassan rouhani will give an address later today we have however heard from the country's foreign minister javad zarif who has justified the iranian strike saying that they are proportionate they are in line with the u.n. charter a clause that allows of course for self-determination and that iran does not want to escalate and see a confrontation with the. united states but that it will defend itself if it has to . run 2 concluded proportionate measures in self-defense under article $51.00 a few and charter targets in base from which called lee armed attack against our citizens and senior officials were launched we do not seek escalation or war but will defend ourselves against any aggression now we're starting to hear reaction from the international community india and pakistan have both exercised or called
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for extreme caution urging they citizens there to avoid nonessential travel to read while the philippines has now started a mandatory or compulsory evacuation of its citizens and the united kingdom has condemned iran urging un not to repeat what the cause of reckless and dangerous attacks but again the iranian revolutionary guard defending its the earlier issued a statement in which it said that it would retaliate even further if the united states or any of its allies in the middle east respond to a strikes early this morning we warned the great satan the arrogant american regime that any further malice or mobilization will result in a more painful response. hours of the u.s. government which have given their bases to the terrorist army of that country are warned that any territory used for hostile acts against iran will be targeted the ongoing a concern of course is that the situation could escalate and we could see
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a potential showdown between some of the major powers here in the region we haven't yet had any official reaction from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu we are expecting him to release a statement in the coming hours if not earlier at the same time these way the army is on a state of high alert countries more than and southern borders and this is out of concern that iran might respond or telling it for that by activating its proxies either hamas in gaza or hizbollah in levanon so an extremely extremely tense situation here in the region countries around the world have expressed concern the recent attack could lead to a far more turbulent situation it's well those says it stands firmly behind the u.s. . current situation or to risk their 1st. and also has implications for the work of the. polish. relations rocket attack yet another example of excavation and increased
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confrontation it is a no one interest to turn up despite all the violence even further we condemn this attack on a rocky military base is hosting coalition including british forces we are to run not repeat these reckless and dangerous attacks and instead to pursue deescalation germany rejects this aggression in the sharpest possible terms. of friend in israel . in spring a political commentator. welcome you have it here nichiren alongside me countries around the world condemning the attack would you say they were equally condemning when it came to the killing of the iranian general. of course they were not and it's raised to the thing that we're already aware about and we're used to from
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western. pires or former empires or western mainstream media along with their governments that they don't really see casualties and tragedies within our nation or our region but they see when we retaliate or when this region retaliates now if you want to talk about what happened with the martyrdom of the attorney general are some sort of a money and i will have them on this is the deputy head of the popular mobilization forces in iraq it was more than. a normal targeting by western military power it was more of targeting of a diplomatic. convoy that was traveling towards iraq to deliver a message which was under international law illegal under iraqi law it was illegal and and every other level of legality in the international arena within the u.n. charter as well was illegal it was an act of terrorism this is how it's the find by law and we didn't hear anything coming from the western media or the western
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governments but when the retaliation against an actual military base which is found now illegal just after the bill that was drafted within the parliament in iraq that name these foreign military presence as illegal and unwelcomed on iraqi soil we hear condemned nation coming from the western world this is typical one to one western mainstream media and western governments reaction towards anything that happens in west asia. nikky here in the studio with neil off the death all of them on iran hard thout severe do you expect i mean do you think this retaliate should it was what you expected what a lot of people expected. i would definitely say on the person level yes i did expect such retaliation on a military base because this is what everyone was talking about whether it was coming from the iranian government or from their. the answers of resistance in some . or in the south everyone was saying that whatever there is comes from the iranian
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government it's going to be separate from what we're going to be seeing from the axis of resistance and this is what we actually were seeing in the past couple of days when we were learning about. listening to reports coming from baghdad telling us about green zone attacks by hezbollah or by the popular mobilization forces we also heard. tori threats that came from hezbollah. in bed with on sunday as well saying that our reply and our retaliation are going to be definitely . divided split linked with whatever the iranian government or the iranian revolutionary guards are going to retaliate for this assassination yes again on a personal level i did disappear that it's going to be against a military base and don't forget we have $140.00 military bases all across the middle east which are actually surrounding it and they could have picked anywhere but they picked in specific because this is where the assassination take place and
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this has a very sentimental. meaning for the axis of resistance and for the iranians for that matter because i know an airbase was very effective in sometimes being actual air cover for isis in syria and in certain parts of iraq so it's very sentimental for them to know that this air base was actually targeted. for the assassination of their commander. the this is. revenge with the defense called both are they just if either. definitely 1st of all they can justify that on the level of the military apparatus that it was a revenge for their commander that was killed not on the battlefield not in the front line as they were he was killed in a civilian airport that's where the revenge as for the self-defense of course it's self defense because again which you actually tell me what kind of a country that would accept to be surrounded by this amount of military bases and
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air and received threats throughout 40 plus years since 1979 it has been thread after the other economic sanctions military. attacks whether in the persian gulf or elsewhere they have been actually sitting aside and not retaliating for too long for them not to retaliate for this very massive attack it's an attack that has not been done by the united states for the past 20 years it's one of its kind against the islamic republic of iran so for different reasons they are retaliate in self defense rather in a sense of attack because who actually initiated all the attacks who has put the islamic revolutionary guard on the list of terrorist organization who has stated that himself was the highest ranking commander in the iranian forces as a terrorist person when everyone even his enemies even c.n.n. itself you can go back to a 2016 report on c.n.n.
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that names awesome some of the money as the main full of ice is the main person who led fighters from all across the world who came and united under the banner of the axis of the resistance to fight against isis and one so even his foes know who we is and yet he was targeted and killed it was it is equally targeting the chief of staff in the united states of america this is how high ranking call. and so my money was my was my political commentator thank you for joining us here on r.t. international. well the u.s. federal aviation agency has banned the u.s. flights over the persian gulf over security concerns previously trying to threaten to strike 52 iranian sites if it retaliated in any way but so far washington's response has been somewhat muted with donald trump tweeting so far so good. all is well missiles launched from iran a 2 military bases located in iraq assessment of casualties and damage is taking place now so far so good we have the most powerful and well equipped military
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anywhere in the world by far i will be making a statement to morrow morning well we have a tweet from donald trump it begins with the phrase all is well followed by a statement that there is an assessment going on of the casualties and the damage done to u.s. bases as a result of the attack by the iranian missiles furthermore we do have the white house saying that trump has been briefed on the situation and it we have this point it's expected that down trump will speak to the media regarding the events tomorrow this is what we heard from the white house we are aware of the reports of attacks on u.s. facilities in the rock the president has been briefed and is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national security team now the response from members of the u.s. congress has been quite different depending on which party they are in closely monitoring the situation phone bombing star getting u.s.
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troops in iraq we must ensure the safety of our service members including and needless provocations from the administration and demanding that iran sees its violence american world cannot afford war. iran is now openly calling for americans to turn on each other the time will come to debate u.s. policy tonight's american and allied troops have come into direct attack by nation state and americans must come together to support and protect them and respond appropriately may god protect and watch over our troops stationed in iraq my thoughts are with them and with their loft once i condemn iran's attacks which targets u.s. coalition and iraqi military personnel in the strongest terms i am monitoring the situation in iraq closely and praying for our men and women in uniform the iranian regime has made a great miscalculation by launching his attacks and long term supporters the decision to kill qassam solomonic is being celebrated as a heroic act and act against terrorism however among many democrats though they
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have not much good to say about qassam solid money they seem to however argue that this was an unnecessary ask elation that put american lives at risk so many democratic voices seem to be speaking up and saying that donald trump could possibly be asking lading to a war with iran and didn't consult the u.s. congress on that matter so there seems to be some pretty solid divisions about how to assess the recent events between the usa and iran at this time people are waiting to hear what trump will say when he does speak to the media as the new day comes in the united states. when the iranian parliament unanimously passed the bill classifying the u.s. armed forces a terror organization tensions in the middle east have soared in just the past week .
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looks good to. me while these pictures are from the state funeral of the slain major general he
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was buried in his hometown there's been an outpouring of grief across a wrong with the monies killing viewed as the death of a national hair right this funeral attracted smallest crowds of mourners at least $56.00 people were killed after being crushed in the crowds during tuesday's funeral procession for 2 decades in the money served as the commander of iran's quds force which is the external wing of the islamic revolutionary guard he played a crucial role in iran's military decision making process and helped expand iran's role in the middle east. honest and attention to turkey now where putin and his turkish counterpart to reject tie byrd want to hold talks on russia turkey relations and the escalation of the situation in the middle east. i comes as the latest on to say launch the tux to a natural gas pipeline later today the project will supply the turkish on the e.u. markets with russian gas let's go live to our correspondent in trying to his in the
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turkish city of istanbul now area as from another major russian natural gas projects can you tell us more about it. guys good afternoon well just how well things are going with the turkish stream pipeline project that's the one in the waters of the black sea i guess it is fair to say that the this is some real sound compensation after the storm the path of the pipelines northern brother let's put it this way the north string to i can tell you that following the american round of sanctions the latest ones that the imposed project have to be caused but the americans i can tell you they were keen to derail the turkish train pipeline project as well but the commitment on a personal level from the governments of both leaders of russia and turkey vladimir putin and tyburn to launch showed that if the major international players can team
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up against the u.s. pressure that can lead to success stories and i can tell you that the project the construction of it started what was it a bit more than 2 and a half years ago it's now almost fully complete at least the black sea side of it and it consists of 2 lines one is going to serve turkey the other one european countries the likes of bulgaria northern message it is expected to be extended further all could be to italy could be to austria hungary and so on and so forth but what's really impressive here is the capacity because the 2 lines can actually deliver more than 13000000000 cubic meters of now. coal gas directly from russia to turkey with then one ear and i was told that physically the presidents are going to come up 12 volt which is here and there stamboul and perhaps what they're going
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to turn it they're going to open it and this will. make a good start for it but of course with the difficulties in the region at this point we can mention the crisis in libya we can mention everything that's going on with the rack in iran the presidents do have a lot to discuss as well but we'll come back to that a bit later because i can tell you that right now we can talk to mr yusuf idiom who is a political analyst at t r t world good afternoon sir to discuss everything what's going on here welcome to our team let's begin though with what's going on with the pipeline itself. we understand that this is clearly a major success for russia this is what russia has been looking for for a long time a herd of ways to deliver gas to europe but what's in it for. solid procurement of
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natural gas is part of the energy security of a country and energy security is an important part of the national security portfolio and what this project gives turkey is a solid proof pyramid for the foreseeable future as you stated 31500000000 cubic meters of that natural gas will be flowing from. russia through to make it through the black sea coast 930 kilometers to be exact making landfall in crete to turkey of the 3 sri chinmoy is them bowl and then on its way to gold garia then hungry serbia and slovakia most likely and out of this share turkey will have 15750000000 cubic meters of natural gas heating 15000000 turkish homes so very import. for turkey to secure its natural gas supply and that's with this project grant cert well i can tell you that when it comes to more string to that i mentioned the message from russian officials for
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a long time was that the american sanctions won't be able to do a little while as i said for now there's a pause and the russian government is finding ways to complete the project. is there a threat with this one and if there isn't how was russia and turkey able to bypass this kind of pressure from washington and their bid to complete this project have this isn't the 1st time turkey's been threatened with sanctions by the united states as we know with the russian air defense system that turkey purchased america threatened the turks with katz's sanctions but turkey went ahead with the deal and now it's going to be operational in april according to the chairman of the turkish the bents industries show so the turks have showed that they're willing to stick to their guns when it comes to matters of national security and as i stated before yes 400 a matter of national security for air defense the turks remember matter of national security when it comes to energy so it looks like the turks will go ahead with this
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despite any type of cats sanction threats coming out of the united states and they've been able to do so because president on this have a very good relationship with the u.s. president donald trump and has been able for the u.s. congress at bay there is a huge anti turkish faction in congress that wants to rein sanctions down on turkey whether it was on an array of topics and what trump is doing is being able to hold up those sanctions because the turkey relationship is very valuable to the united states as well. well when it comes to personal relations between lot of our entire verdon they've been quite good as well to say the least. in the last 3 years and every time we meet every time they meet sorry we heard them talk about syria. all the time there's been a lot of progress but it seems that this time around there's so many other issues to be discussed what with the turkish troops going to libya with everything that's happening around iran and iraq do you think they have many things to say to each
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other about these issues they have a lot to talk about these issues of president putin just came from damascus so most likely syria will be high on the agenda between our don and putin and it could right now is a major bone of contention between both countries president putin wants to eliminate the terrorist element it is prez now the ones trying to stop the assad regime offensive against it so a lot to talk about between these 2 leaders between amongst these 2 leaders regarding it live and again in libya both sides there are going to be going on opposing sides but they're trying to compartmentalize differences work on shared interests which is a ceasefire and a political solution process in libya as well so we're going to have to wait and see what comes out of this bilateral meeting but previous meetings had shown that these 2 gentlemen have an uncanny ability to strike a deal when people least expect it yourself thanks so much for talking to us. all
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of you guys i've just been talking to somebody who is political analysts add to your team worlds and very soon we are expecting the launching of turkish strain that is going to happen very soon i believe in about one and a half hours and i'll update you and tell you everything about it how's the ceremony begins and as it goes for me appreciate that thank you for trying in istanbul. you know thanks to of course thanks to you guys at posting without international about the breaking news story and often.
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just. please. please. i feel. like. i. first saw. you.


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