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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 18, 2020 10:30am-11:01am EST

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soldiers during the troubles we talked to the doobies ian paisley jr and shin feigns fronting a lot about putting irish before english told us more coming up in today's going underground but 1st you gave labor leader jeremy corben defended his election manifesto against boris johnson the prime minister's questions on wednesday almost seeming unaware it has been rejected by the british people but while his party in fights over its pro israel leadership candidates the subject of democracy itself was raised by this scottish m.p. the prime minister said in the letter to the 1st minister of scotland. right of the people of scotland to have a choice over their own future mr speaker this was not a surprise the prime minister is a democracy prime minister boris johnson denied that allegation before later being asked arguably about defacto democracy in syria a country johnson voted to bomb my constituent resigned i came to the u.k.'s
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toughest refugees fleeing persecution and human rights abuses committed by turkish backed places in syria have how many remain in the area and she is in a daily fear for their life that there are multiple reports of human rights abuses against civilians in syria including every port said test forces used fice white phosphorus against children johnson said he has raised human rights with his nato partner we raised our concerns about the operation in northern syria with the turkish government be present earlier on several times and. we so clearly deplore any abuse of human rights but turkey is of course very much on britain's side in the country boned by his former etonian friend david cameron and tamara transfer anger merkel hosts a conference following on from vladimir putin's in moscow to seek peace in what was once africa's richest because it's a country joining me now via skype from germany the country that will host tomorrow's critical libya talks is the former spokesperson. for mamma gadhafi dr
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everett him thanks so much of a coming back on the show's a putin negotiated some get a cease fire not sure whether it's holding between turkey supported by britain and the former cia as a general after what do you expect from talks in berlin tomorrow it's extremely easy to get lost in the details of the libyan crisis and this is really a f.c. part of the game the imperialist west has been playing for decades and decades and the reason europe interview since case into libya and then what it does it's many agents this chaos for years and years to come sometimes by military means sometimes by political means conferences negotiations economic sanctions you end the crees european union unfoldment all of this is to keep the country and the control so they can rock its national wealth and control its political system and
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prevent more importantly its population from rising up and making sure that the country is sovereign and independent from foreign influence the berlin conference is just another step in this that action ok the new good guys and bad guys is the corporate media are love so much is it your understand the ceasefire at least is holding in libya there are reports of some turkish backed g.n.a.t. that the un mandated soldiers dying and have you been invited to the berlin government has safeguard every been invited to the berlin government from the outside they claim that they are inviting everyone the reason that they imposed a ceasefire specially a from teka side is because they understood that the libyan army was about to capture chipper now those who. leading the libyan army with their previous
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c.i.a.'s as you say but the green the resistance of libya has been using the libyan army as a fake to move forward and got antique and level of sovereignty and independence for their country they can with this cease fire to save the islamist militias and the so-called government of national accord that they imposed upon the libyan people people in 2014 so it is the entire international community that is against the libyan people arguably and actually i mean general after being a former cia asset are you saying that this coverage has been hastily can read because the government of national accord was about to lose all power and is mandated by all the security council members during china including russia let alone britain of the united states this is something that the west does all the
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time they change their role it's they are assigned roles between different parties in any conflict germany was you know one of the better countries a few iraq in 2011 wasn't involved heavily in the poem but it meant of libya even objected to the very act of war and proposed a peaceful road for negotiation and that's the reason the very reason germany has been chosen because the other european powers have been in jeet morally bankrupt libya completely and utterly that no initiative can come from france italy or britain let alone the states of course taking as well because of its cultural and religious and historical links to libya was chosen and appointed by its european allies to manage the case jointly with gen. any for the next few
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years they always change the asians they change the parties that play the parts but the core of the matter is the same keep libya politically weak and the control of the west keep probing the national wealth make sure that the libyan population does not rise up to gain libya back and make it independent and strong and of course as you know what she claimed they need to talk about democracy elections negotiations cease fires and they do it very well with newspapers media with expands intellectuals and we are waiting for this man not to before the game but that was ok but ok if after is backed by paris have a dubby cairo riyadh france obviously also backing the g.n.a.t. trump criticizing a turkish agreement over oil between. government or national accord government
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saying it was unhelpful or not to or that means trump is going to come to the rescue what is the green resistance there has been as you just mentioned the media intellectuals and the rest of it it is not mentioned in the context of libya inside libya olympians are aware of korean persistence we are everywhere we aren't there many we are the majority even our what if any inside the country admit to that and actually they have been for years not saying it publicly they know any sure political such of any transparent truly genuine democratic system will lead to libya being green again i agree it's not does not mean that we are going to open at all government for ourselves it means we are going to liberate it from the foreign agenda and because it is an international pitch up against the green resistance we decided many of us to join. in the vacant which is the libyan army the libyan
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army is composed maybe more than 80 percent of officers and soldiers of the green let the west know that and they don't want libya that true you know with the doing of the green distance to go back to being independent so friends and therefore go back to the owner can't the faced as and there's of liberation of uniting of uniting the arab world opposing computer ism men taining the national wealth development independent economic development from the capitalist system that doesn't sound like anytime soon general after i said he has no problem with safe gadhafi running for president do we know where the saved up is even alive let alone the fact is not being invited to tomorrow's a berlin conference and do you fear that given trump's recent drone assassinations of iranian general silly money that they could take safe good effie out of his
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alive now there is no doubt we are a straight for safes safety safe it is them is is a libyan citizen and he is a leader and he is loved by and maisha to potion of the libyan population he has a genuine political program and project for the country but no one from outside if you can of course wants to listen to him because they know his faults is very dangerous to the agenda of the west a look see if it's there and his followers have been saying quite years now that they don't talk to take revenge against anyone they don't want to conflict they want an independent peaceful and democratic libya and not just talk we have a fairy particular definite written down program for all of this week or for every single year. harts political current to come together in
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a debian city nothing better live and does this a vision of the african union because we are african and without any foreign that isn't they should no one is accepting this because they know where this would be a genuine libyan decision would lead to something that the west does not want that's what they call to berlin they know that she barely has a very bad reputation and ask a man of the berlin $880.00 for their conference in which they divided a freak up between european powers divided african migrants and african wealth now you come to berlin 2020 it's the state game being played for centuries and i'm not buying it ok well just finally and briefly does it matter if general haftar signs an agreement then but lin or is the question itself meaningless and do you think
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he's about to take tripoli regardless we are challenging because our lights have to is a very particular one has to came under the cia an american army protection in 2011 we will not forget that he claims now that he is seeking libya's independence and create them and that's why we are working under he's you know official command in the libyan army but if he cites anything kimberlin if you cause against libyans and libyans sovereignty and libya's independence and freedom make no mistake we will work no more but have to and thousands and thousands of soldiers and officers will go out of their way to oppose such an agreement and the whole equation of the libyan political situation would be changed radically this abrams thank you thank you option after the break as shin fein lobbies in washington how much will. it
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really cost london to reinstate local governments in northern ireland we speak to the parties responsible for reconvening want. to have going underground. one with. him but i'm before. him but. now i'm not.
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welcome back well after 3 years the trainers i did just switch the lights back on and stormont having reached a power sharing agreement but how fragile is it with sums of money differing in the billions and then h.s. nurses on strike the path to looks anything but certain joining me now is in vain and before me the front see my lawyer friends thanks for coming back on so your shin frame finance minister there instrument corner muffy saying johnson's money falls well short of his promises what do you make of all that is strong promises from both the secular state on boris johnson on the 2 goblins on their commitments to financially support they new exactly but up and running in particular to deal
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with the north to strike on the party so it is very important that the 2 governments lead up to the problems of their own making and the money that they were through and how much money we're talking about well not of money is not said he defined because the executive is only up and running they're still trying to find exactly what is required to do it what would be the what we're saying this one is a. the government did give an agreement that they would meet the party issues around the nurses' pay but also what we want to move into is the 3 year sakal of budgetary lane instead of what we will call on of a one year cycle that needs to be an ongoing commitment just because you can then turn the lights off instrument and for another 3 years once you've got the commitment for the budget for 3 years no what we want is the we want this to walk we want the executive to have the resources to make it work unless they're for george or there we found in the past though the british government when the conservative quinta government and the irish government both they basically said
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with us it settled that's a sort of this is not a sacrament the days are gone for the d.v.d. when it could ask a 1000000000 pounds for parliamentary support to keep a british prime minister in power although he was going to reinvest the junior in a 2nd he was talking about billions before the election of course the parliamentary arithmetic is different but one economist doctor has been bernie claims it will take 5000000000 pounds to get strawman running probably up to 3 years of no government. with a sturdy measures of the control to govern the past who do it withdrawing money from the assembly and that actually brought part of the don't fall apart because people are active found a find with a back to make and walk people's expectations are very high of what this family can deliver don't have a number the not a number of this point in time probably they should have a number of the negotiating with boards around the fact was that the british government hold all the figures they hold all the apartments at this point in time what we're doing is the transition over and what we're saying is that the needs of
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the proper resources are that the government were promising that that needs to be fulfilled do you think your party's over the general election because of the austerity i mean the health service you mentioned because a strike in the past 24 hours coordinated action 41 percent of inpatient waiting times exceed $52.00 weeks in england in wales not one region exceeded one percent i mean the health service in just seems unbelievable and when it comes to austerity more than 200 people dead over a period of 18 months homeless deaths you. well i think the situation is that the health service was actually been undermined completely the resources won't be put end to make it happen and make a book so what we need is the pay party to act to be really established and to ensure that nurses like to have the but also not in numbers the staffing numbers need to be increased to make the hospital to be able to walk and what we're find in the past was that that morning would have been really withdrawn from the assembly
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and was being withdrawn from the nurses' pay a committee of the members was on the will you shut down stormont again was not a bit off shortened ernst on what i think it with the deal yet but if the resource is not there then base what we're saying is storming cantilever. ok is that because you've got the irish torch in schools element in. place as regards the coming back to stormont despite the fact that prosecution of u.k. soldiers during the troubles seems very much up in the air because other people talk in westminster about that no happening well i think what we have to separate the 2 issues a language issue is operator and what we have now though is a language and strained into the norden and act not sets aside the old established legislation which basically discriminated against in which a speaker of the language in general on the issue of justice for those who actually have committed wrongdoing we actually need to ensure that british soldier or anyone
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else do not escaped the right track to stand up and to be charged if they are guilty of offenses that record joined the troubles your colleague john vinu can is in washington talking to members of congress about irish issues his father of course was murdered in suspicious circumstances given what is interview on our you tube channel do you think he'll get american support for the prosecution of british soldiers we know the boris johnson listens to the americans who were born in america well i think we do need to get the support of the irish government in the american government and the european union to ensure that the good friday agreement and all the aspects of the good friday agreement are implemented the speaker has already said that listen to trade and that's one of the things the jones talking about is that if there is any infringement on the good friday agreement then that the americans won't be saying no to any trade deals with the british government ok but do you think all enforced is done more for the irish unification than the ira
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well i think bracks is hoarded. it has actually done not what we have now is the opportunity for the irish people to come together within the european union of the whole island. try to try and build the irish unity within that and i think there's a growing support for that right across the board people who never were thinking about irish independent are no thinking about it those who actually feel that they're being infringed by the loss of the commitments of the european union you think nigel farage for that well i said to his face part with or not ok well that we've got an interview on monday with a guy called willie call in new used to work for you is a self-confessed m i 5 spy he makes some extraordinary allegations in his new book would you make me say one in 4 of the ira were one point u.k. intelligence and to that there were members of m i 5 who sort of united i would you make of well i think you always take the role of really had within and he said that
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he was such a spy and i think when you look at out there and what his role was it was fake use that he was present in on fact reports that he was presented back to the british government if you do not particularly and i think what we're reading now who is one is he selling the book but secondly it is to continue least about beck news after a long period of time whenever when he was long out of vienna on a right of the republicans there were secret diary entry that you do training on the side certainly not on the i think you know if you go back to those sort of bad old days whenever that was the main question the active and i think it is important that we do recognize for an entirely new situation we need to move on france i mean like thank you thank you. well the piece says they will restore faith in politics at stormont but for how much joining me now is g.p.s. be even with i'm joined in paisley thanks so much in for coming back on the show so
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your reaction to the restoration of ulster power sharing given finance minister a column of us this of france of lloyd just now says that johnson's money falls way short of what was promised to move the well of the. very important up north those get a fair deal and to have the evolution working properly it's got to be properly funded and northern ireland because of ira terrorism for 40 years has suffered more than on the other part of the united kingdom so it needs to rebuild it needs what not only a peace dividend but a finance flowing from the peace process that is costly it's worth it it will make north on feel very much part and parcel of the united kingdom and it will settle things and a good and positive way and look at the positive things that are more for our nurses for teachers for police officers public sector workers very very critical nor them but 70 percent of the workforce there let's make sure that they get a good deal of those. who would it is strike action in the health service in the
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news the figures because it was drugs and hadn't become prime minister because the . coordination involvement with the resume as you said to me on this issue you were going to give the figure it was a 1000000000 pounds. you must have a bull book which we negotiated during the last 3 years of conference and supply was to do 5 key projects and we identified them and put a cost to them that money has been paid and delivered on northern and has benefited from not these are new projects. and sure enough for example our health workers our nurses or doctors have paid with the rest and i can then there are figures for all of these things the figures have been bandied around in there the civil service and what they are there being home daryn to the exact mines said the response was in northern ireland on monday of this past week i think he forgot to bring this checkbook next time he would forget ok well the range is up to 5000000000 to go to the roof a lot of glasnost and as one barney's figures i think are if you look at absolutely everything that could possibly be done that would be certainly would be
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a wonderful it would. be but i don't think valve is where the real figure will ultimately be most important that we set a people's expectations properly ok well the bedrock of do you people will see. opposition to the unification of the reunification of the island of violent have you know basically created this consensus now in which a united ireland is inevitable there is a border down the irish sea that has been proposed by boris johnson and agreed with the european union what will 1st of all the border that you speak about as of course a.p. treated arrangement in terms of making sure the up trade flows or fight disruption post but accept all regulations in all it will be those of the southern regulatory arrangements we would like to make sure those met or get out of the managed as much as possible and the next year of trade negotiations will be crucial to easing it's basically a shorter amount of time and savor and see my lawyer in france i think. in 5 years
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and we draw agreement will be 2 years and therefore we will sort it all out this. not only is older than me but he looks from sort of be older than me and he knows that there's never been a united ireland that has lifetime there will never be one in my lifetime none of your engine because if you're in secretly wanting a united ireland to take advantage of european union trade no because on the sly voting in the general election vision for. the north koreans but collapsed north and they were at 60 percent i think today they're 6 percent and north on them so they collapse dramatically no i think people want to see stable politics stop this man on the moon pursuit of only elastic things let's focus on what people really need stability politically good jobs a sense but colony going forward i'm delighted that we have the best employment figures that we've ever had in our lifetime look at the best and what investment figures will forever out of my lifetime let's try those things out to be. ok with
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the lawyer said about boris johnson's comments on wednesday in parliament about vexatious claims on legacy issues it was ludicrous for him to suggest the c.p.s. is unfairly pursuing. prosecutions of u.k. soldiers unfair ones what does it feel like for you with the prospect of you maybe having to show you a possible it's the border as you cross to visit westminster amidst fair prosecutions of u.k. soldiers for what happened during the troubles but i think of a few i mean if you travel at the moment on domestic flight in the united kingdom you will more than likely have to show photo right down to that you can choose if you need a passport for international travel what i would like to say is to make sure that we don't have over of under strict of procedures in place that may not. like a plea it's part northern ireland to work on with demonstrators through our history has to feed a plea it's within the united kingdom to be
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a success the days in the $195060.00 s. and seventy's when it became a place apart things went dark spiral where we the debate over britain will move their business is to get the european union the benefits of trade who knows again on monday we're going to be doing facetiously you'll always be for season 2 and jim will welcome people from england surely with the hindu a man named willie call it yes on monday a self-confessed m i 5 spy do you think that is comments like one in 4 in the ira were u.k. intelligence and the fact that there was a senior voices in m i 5 who actually secretly sort of united ireland seem to believe it i don't think it's comment very specifically but a former or current m i 5 all part of paperwork but i will read his book about leaving answered by british but i will make some some general comments which i think are important i think that using human intelligence sources to counter
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terrorism is a very very specialised talk that m i 5 and the british security services not only developed in northern ireland but lead across the world and something which they share with a friendly nations is the hard to come to undo a counterinsurgency program so people who will turn. and cited the organization was very widely used in northern ireland very deliberately to undermine that ray will be supporting the. unit mandated by the good friday if i'm for justice equal justice so if there is sufficient evidence to prove the song was done something wrong that they're held responsible i'm accountable join a court of law but for example former police officers are not held to a different kind to order on a higher standard than ordinary citizens we've got to be make sure that also sins are held the fact of the model for me is that i think the police officers are going to be given a former police officer are going to be given a very broad daylight and a legacy inquiry because this paperwork completeness that shows where and when
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police officers where there's no paperwork completeness for these illegal organisations the terror groups that operate which is you just said we're interested by the secret service but there was no proper paper trail within those organizations there's nothing for an expert to scan them to look up on the say how do we know i get to the bottom of this particular crime therefore i think people should be held to come through the ordinary process of law and order that makes good justice thank you thank you that's a show monday when they. do investigate collusion killing in the we further investigate british security services in the fight for reunification with a self-confessed away 5 spies and. don't forget to subscribe. america's build a prison called. the prison it's. the prison and the cost of building that prison
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is 0 because it's all based on everyone in the world is still willing to accept dollars trade in dollars clear through the new york fed and worship the us dollar wherever you go you'll find countries who are the local currency and dollar for dollar is good. no matter what religion you say you are around the world the fact is you pray to the u.s. dollar every day. of my games in my. name because it was. when we were in the same. scene that. you know.
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that to me. seems the french president's rush of a parish. is furious protest this resign and try to confront. the rejects accusations washington routinely lied about america's longest war the top u.s. official overseeing afghanistan's reconstruction. and 7 years since the end of the siege of leningrad one of the most appalling humanitarian disasters.


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