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is that it will move to an illegal bit wrong direction so it will be a stated goal and then me and the idea is to make states investment more more effective by the it would be better to c.s. private and. now that's. just me. one can. decide. out of the piece. that the head you think on the. side of the
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head of what was not used to be jumped. out above the net. windows but it's mostly about the slope and today. puzzles themas i will go.
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in february 2011. riots broke out in benghazi and north africa as libya that would lead to fist civil war head of state malema gadhafi was overthrown and killed. today libya has effectively been divided into 3 parts the western section is controlled from tripoli by the government of national accord and administration endorsed by the international community through the united nations. the central area with its capital and is controlled by isis. eastern libya was ruled from
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some broken bengazi by the libyan national army under field-marshal. often can happen is that when we can have them can we want to just follow up on them that most of them are kind of one of the more thought of me i see. what. the. want them. but. let's not. sure how.
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that's the kind of gather up that they'll do for c.n.n. and this is what the full. of the would just. come on the net i mean how we can. be kind of. the my. father. well.
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enough income slush. but. i love them and. i'm not a model i do and a few more than i do any of. the. ones that ought to be 18 then. i'm one of them and presenting on the top left at home. any. kind of my work in the shop by any vision i want to be just and have a company if you don't know what. i
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should be. enough. let me she at. you i need you. but the economists of the i c l a t. what i mean and i had this idea that he.
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will if you know despite some of. the long commute for sure in general. the let's see what they're doing to the local the i. believe that if anything we need. a lot of that so initially again we have to go with the a. little. push. through the rain with them drop them in gelatin say so new coworkers are having the right.
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one of the few also can be in luck because in the thought of the question i. will
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one screw top. and. any of 3 how many of the and walked. in. it's. really. real issues. the one how to become of the dash the new direction of our set up on. sold out even
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in this mortal. did you know now if you. had the medina minimizing looking at the wasn't. heavy in my mouth to shut. so i thought up one food. that letty. had the. enough to handle enough to kenna. him at.
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the mess that off he. was the washing machine itself what we know what. i mean and what on the men and the house at the daily. show who had. been with them up of a bullet had you dude but that away when one of them. must walk or you should really really are there were.
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2 you stood. in cheek. middle for the little sauce over. iraq. or you walk in the retreat. and. i mean when i listen to you. know if you and the day. when i was i would with any.
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money you've been. making. and i mean nothing no nothing is look i'll be fine. oh yeah. sure isn't going to come out here oh yeah tell me. this one about economic period that's my killer with. rights and we got you but they hate alice i. mean how telephone in midair was. going to have the right to exist and whether you literally have to die or know it well i did but that will be in the tower had the little you got funded in the in the thumb of the medina. which i am with you know at the bottom of the above was the median among. the never ending issue none of the v.b. amended or any shouldn't cut out on the. any. any n.d. any of us i didn't mean them a. he had it in time and be ne and he was not of id there was to cut up.
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when you get in the. real how did he lead you for the last about. a 1000000 say he had he was going to win and what the results would be one of the few bad gods. 120. up front of. the if he meant that he washed. them clear i can see it in the.
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from a busted news source why it's no good keep the slime due course new the focus on domestic abuse the peace of mind what. you see in the film was not printed most would move to the. other we must. not look at all the same when you don't let us. know what. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. thyssen nation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led. directly to what is truly was his fate. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. made in the shallowness.
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before the war libya had the 7th largest oil reserves among opec members half of foreign oil revenues went to the population medical care and education were free but this was before. oil production has fallen by a factor of 6 and a 3rd of the population now lives below the poverty line. player since $3500.00 a. lot of. something in this. whole field though
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if you don't know what the form of sort of the service or what you just in a court order for the history so how do you know if you want to. get to. that place. or not know how often i know neck that. is let me work on that for me they bought a lot of the needy had the mad but nobody and nothing would not be an adult but i cannot help the injured then walk the walk up the it and home you can have the adored. her. this is this mustn't. i say and it suits.
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the man with the bits. and the other one commissioning group leader in the know do some bullshit out of this is. true but i can live with only him dash. dash really thought a minute and if you thought he. was going to. be in the. first.
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issue we will do what he has against you or. dish leaves out of the month or leave dad so i can assume. your seat again evolution of until he must not be infusing them with the death of all time we come. in they can come to lead us to something that even a lot of without any. meaning in. the end you had to. put in this new god for love out here. at the new moon which made me feel like i'm. going to meet him in he then. and there have been removed can you. hear me shall i. if you mean i should then get most of. my mother was of the garden where we need to look in the future love will come to look in there was
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a well i mean they're all the thought. somehow the thought it was there was certainly real enough to get them and those men get that it's ok. but. there was one of them no look. in the show not over there and that's going to you're not.
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the one measuring need to measure the. same looks had. only to washington and the horse in the head and how they could be easily severed. before. then into. me was a little oh yeah. well i was it was the last time and. didn't. she you know.
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why they must. feel me and i'm woman the of the of. now my feet how. beautiful but no more you don't you know in the left mean.
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to me. men would do. anything that could be a. come a come up of the. moment if you mean have you come in within the few. minutes and if he will. come up loving to hold up the. arm but. my body. feet. sob and i did what i did love i mean as i can either can be any any out a lot of us and i was. one of the 1000 a kind of money in my house could mean how to for that i need a little love i mean can or couple say no and then when man is a no no or kind of your calls wolf enough will cost a large well you can recall him and the need for. all.
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but one. give him. some of. the money. let's take a. cue from.
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shade. police were made up of the a p. something else that i ski and as i was out. in my home a shade. trees i feel of them conduct and ones and. i want to them for the love can come on. me i'm convinced i'm all lost on the way i looked even convinced more wildly he was stone. can. only see. the still more. and use a little more new model i'm going to while also a lot. of
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the. trade and investment to become magic spells to conject economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the in fast chapter of a trade agreement as. something very different but what when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys secrets the environment. that means local communities that are being poisoned object if they do anything that the
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company feels is interrupting their profits they can do. the nationals are taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop work away from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt resists minimum wage democratic choice trump. joint says we try to fund. the.
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marking 75 years since the red army is liberation of a nazi death camp which world leaders and dignitaries visit jerusalem for a holocaust commemoration poland was not in attendance following a dispute but we spoke to a holocaust survivor who told us it's vital not to politicize the past.


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