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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 10, 2020 9:30am-10:01am EST

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post a state of the union address post iowa and it only continues to snowball. the dumpster fire for me is that we're in part 2 of what started in 2016 we had basically a hostile takeover of the republican party with some never trumpeters that are still in very important influential positions on particular and foreign policy will talk about and now part 2 to 2020 you have the establishment there with the democratic stablished and their donors and the media at war with the voter and among themselves this is what's happening the center is completely collapsing all over the place and we have this invented creature the american mccrone mayor pete go ahead with this is exactly the point i mean the democrats have not understood or accepted the reasons why they don't for 2016 election well they are trying to do easy nothing repeat what they tried to do in the 2016 election in the
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2016 election they made all sorts of claims about donald trump which of won't be inflated and exaggerated and they didn't address the concerns of the voters and the 2016 election they tried to stall their most popular candidate who was bernie saunders gaining the democratic party's nomination even though every opinion poll showed that he was the one possible potential democrat who could beat don't drop what they're doing this to one is exactly the same thing and they're trying to stir up the unease saunders and they discover this. mr buttigieg who they think can somehow connect with the voters even though he has no clue what you know alex alex alex he connects with the establishment that's not with the vote . glenn you know when looking at the iowa caucuses here i mean i'll give you my
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humble opinion this was left in broad daylight and get used to it ok if the voters were vote the wrong way there's going to be a high tech solution why it went wrong i think this is the beginning of something not a one off go ahead yeah i agree with what heloc sanders said this obviously. gave me a bit of a deja vu because this is exactly the same thing even involving the same people and i think it's a good reason behind it i don't think they really assess what went wrong in in 2016 because again this is a political center falling apart and you know we often focus on the democrats but the same problem is that the republican keep in mind none of the republicans initially want to try to win of course now they're falling in line but this is the political center folding which is why you have trump on the right to have people like sanders on the left and there's very little. you know the political leaders in the center can do to hold their ground so yes i like that comparison i do see
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people do. a bit of a lock on some on the one all the main candidates failed some of the launch in the last minute they're hoping it will giving all the media and political support hoping that he will take it but i think they need this dismount of intervention have done now and this huge dishonest story in iowa it's it's going to show the voters yet again that you know you can't really trust the d.n.c. you can't trust these people to run the caucus let alone run the country and then this is why i think also it's going to have this is going to end up with 4 more years for trump because what have they really done out there they're trying yet again to. do was a nice word for it's growing. out of the nomination again and once this is all over you're going to have a lot of his angry voters who will then be asked to vote for you know well either the example here is the image is that. it is turning into. a pattern empirically it
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is a pattern what happened in 2016 to bernie what's happening right now so i mean why vote why participate in the sharod if it's going to be rigged the outcome is already known and c.n.n. and n.b.c. already out the party line for the left there is another reason to walt that is the burn burn of sanders is not defending himself you know he did not defend himself in 2016 it became apparent from this. correspondence that they published that he never stood a chance of getting into munitions and instead of getting angry he would have cleaned and d. and c. bernie sanders turned against russia you know russia the world putin modeled environ of his recent speeches during the campaign bernie sanders called putin and dangerous anti-democratic or story teddy and who engaged in military adventurism in ukraine and the crimea well for bernie sanders information not a single person was killed in cranio when they are unified and so with russia in
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2014 but the united states did not get in any adventurism in libya in yemen when actually tens of thousands of people die you know you know it's really interesting you mention the now it's a let me go back to you in london it seems to me that forced regime change the the well oiled machine that has been applied particularly in this century we could even throw in the destruction of former yugoslavia they've just brought it home this brought it to iowa where they're taking it to new hampshire i mean the let me invoke the majority example the last election you have the. the organization of american city there were election irregularities but they didn't give any evidence of it and then let me repeat comes out and says i won and then the media said well he won no empirical evidence needed it just because they itself come from a. process to discredit the other side when it's fact. go ahead
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this is exactly true and if you look at also all that's been happening with russia gate you find that many of the same people who were involved in putting together the russia gate conspiracy fantasies which returns to trying to use to leverage donald trump out of the presidency are the same people in the intelligence services and elsewhere who are behind the various regime change was or were involved of them eet is inevitable if you didn't have a country that goes around the world overthrowing governments considers it has the right to to serve his inevitable that sooner or later that tool kit is going to be brought back home and he's going to be used against dissident politicians there the problem is that not only is that dangerous to your own political constitutional system which it is but it also means that ideas are
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disappearing from the center exact there is now a complete absence of our careers as politics has become extremely manipulative there. and i just want to add to that i couldn't agree more because there is the keep in mind that during these discussions debates there's very little substance not actually discussing a policy even with trump. they're not actually putting forward the political alternative because despite it's this polarization there's actually a lot of similarities it's not that much difference between them and you see this in how they behave i mean what is politics nancy pelosi ripping up the speech of donald trump it's the people that is proclaiming that all this is a milestone i'm gay and i'm running for president how wonderful it was only. a little bit toward like oh i'm a woman and vote for me is like this is the actual if you let me just let me give you an example of that ok medicare for all ok that's we hear that
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a lot well i don't really know what that means can someone explain to me what a policy like that would mean how much it would cost over what time period what would be involved i mean i'm not could it be i don't want to be the product of the political atmosphere that they want to gently want to make me fall on one side or the other i want to know what do you mean by that no one ever explains what you mean by that and republicans say you're for open borders well what does that mean ok i mean i'm just reinforcing glenn's point right here right now it is that instead of throwing out all of these labels and ideas or empty ideas. we live in a idea vacuum right now it's all if you like or dislike donald trump that is an impoverished politics well i mean i would love to pronounce my opinion on all been borders or economic fortress america and. now i really do it is really. tragic about that but what i can say is you should not cross your mind you with
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someone who can continuously lie and could probably what happened with russia gate you know. trump was finally admitted and he made that very passionate speech to his supporters right. after its sane russia russia russia turned out to be a something well i cannot even tell you down there something connected to balls. anyway he said that and there are no facts that the democrats can present you know to to counter this ok now i'm kind of jumping ahead here to trust your money we'll see but see in this isn't exactly what i want to talk about the 2nd half of the program is that this is about this part bipartisanship that i mentioned in my introduction you know to to go into diem or russia gate is a glue that keeps the overall establishment and donors in in in place ok ok and i think we need to talk about that finish up because we're going to break well the problem is that basically not only russia gate collapse but also ukraine
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gate everyone could listen to this conversation that. it was not a betrayal transport issue and ukraine was not pro russian it was very anti russian he gave left aid to ukraine something that obama did and to do so he is indeed vindicate on all sides but it doesn't mean that trump is a good person he is very bad just the people who went against him were still what you call liars and that's the problem you have people i have been in twins they were shown the door which was very interesting the way it was betrayed in the media as that saturday night massacre what happened to the days where you serve at the pleasure of the president of the united states we saw wallace veneman and his family were placed at american military unit to protect them compare that to jordan our sons compare our lives know that you know all of these people there are real whistleblowers we know what treatment they hold that we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion and some real news stay with our.
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what politicians do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure more some want to be rich. but you'd like to be prosperous like them before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the wilds of our. question. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by the curse of those great.
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. eat. eat. eat eat. eat. sleep. eat. eat. lawyer.
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start a financial survival job today without money laundering 1st to visit this campus in the 3 different. oh goodness. good student well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in their tough talk received a soft ball and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got home at a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile for a match you know what money laundering is highly illegal. watch guys record. the holder doctrine eric holder former attorney general under obama this is the idea that banks are systemically important they can't be prosecuted because this would be a danger to the society as a whole what's remarkable is that this idea has bled over into other industries so
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now boeing has a major scandal on its hands and it's claiming that a systemic lay important in the law doesn't apply to other agricultural companies are saying now we're systemically important we're above the law that is leading to bionic kleptocracy this becoming a i think it's a stock or c. is the right word it's ruled by the least qualified are now in charge of running the economy and the results are obviously catastrophic. welcome across the uk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing some real news. ok ounces go back to your i want to talk about what the the the the scourge of bipartisanship in the imperial city the swamp you know the state of the union address if you are
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a conservative republican that was one of the greatest successes ever given ok i get it if you're on the other side of the aisle it was it was a disgusting display of ego ism in half truths there's some point there too but. what caught my eye during the whole thing not the ripping up with them pelosi is ripping up of the speech no not at all that was just pure theatrical that was prepared in advance what i found really disturbing is then. why don't know the man anointed by the united states and its allies to be the president of venezuela. he was there and he stood up and you know what nancy stood up the democrats stood up the republicans stood up bipartisanship in foreign policy they we were given a display every single day 247 of the hatred of these 2 camps but they have our lot in common and it's called foreign policy interventionist foreign policy a hawkish foreign policy go ahead alex that is entirely untrue i mean that in fact
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if you if you drill down into it many of the much of the political crisis around don't trump has happened in the united states well speakers initially there was concern that he was not actually part of this foreign policy bipartisan consensus that you were talking about is the same by the way in other countries it's the same embrace that we saw that with germany cool or even though they're all these relentless attacks on anybody who deviates in the salon to sway from this to this idea that the united states not only has a brilliant but has some kind of a duty to intervene around the world to expand its influence and to extent what he calls or defines as democracy which changes from one place to another as its interests require and this is the overriding problem that you have
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in the united states now because we discussed in the 1st part of the program how this foreign policy has become so important there there. it's tools are being imported back at the same time as it monopolizes all interest there is no really no development to. speak of and you have you have these these you and ukraine. was in was an extension of that foreign policy exactly you know it as alex said here it is so when for didn't it is so very important that you can't discuss it it's that's that it's that important you know but i would argue though that the dearth there are some differences in terms of the foreign policy but that can often seem the same but like they. did before trump i think both the left and the right who are committed to very much share
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a liberal hedge of money which suggests you know reorganize the world or reinvent a world in america's image which then culminated in all this regime change wars and nation building and this proved to be very expensive and it drained a lot in failure feeling of course so it's failing and it's draining all this resources from the core so trump is he's not going for a liberal had the money is going more for him liberal hedge of money but it's still it's slightly slightly different but if you're on the receiving of the hedge your money does it make any difference nobody is seeking more of a return on investment that means so. so it's not trying to pull away from hedge money but rather you see you know that being said you see the transaction transactional hedge about this so you see some common costs for example with. because they're both kind of all the same camp if you can you know topple a government to one with you know the most oil rich country in the world relatively easily without spending so much money and it's the same you know the liberal illiberal had you might fall in the same place same us with ukraine if you can sell them some weapons and also you know confront russia you know again you have both
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sides with the same interests but there are there are some minor in minor differences here but i think that's a good point but you know you have to throw in the trump factor because you. on the face of it your logic it does sound ok but then we throw in the trump phenomenon and if he's for something you must be against it and that's when everything starts getting all screwed up again it doesn't have any coherence to it but none the less if it's a liberal hedge of money or an ill liberal jamali which you're an academic you split hairs ok it still had to mony ok and in its it there's no room downside to promoting either vision ok except her hurts the taxpayer there's no infrastructure rebuilt in it to. goodwill about america in the world well i would give just 2 examples 2 recent examples of similarities between republicans and democrats on their border here namely on russia because it's the closest thing to
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me so with syria you know russia suggested providing humanitarian aid to the areas of syria which are controlled by the government which is 90 percent of syria you know the country devastated by the war what was the response in the united nations no will only provide aid to the areas not under the syrian government's control and how did mike pump war that rushing china who have chosen to make a political statement by a pause in this resolution you have blood on your hands and of quote from my poor will not much introspection on the part of the democrats you know during this campaign we've heard all so things about russia i challenge you know our viewers to look for the most stupid one so far for me that the gold goes to amy global shark who just said about i think she for what's his name she said someone who has short . over ukraine well when did north should dump leans over ukraine ukraine was
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born being done yes and the passenger plane which was in the same area from which they were born bindon the answer was shot down by a missile we still don't know exactly where it came from that is the troops but they just threw. accusations you know the democrats the republicans whatever you say about it actually are going to come together with the point i was making at the end of the 1st part of the program is that this rush to get going here. in a month saying russia gate specifically the russia gate stands for this whole mindset of empire interventionism is what keeps the entire elite together ok at least they can have consensus on that if it's a liberal or illiberal had your money in it you trump is done for draw the trump a nominee is actually made the left much more hawkish which is which is a change because you have people you have people on the map you can institute. the douglas macgregor is what you're saying exactly what we're saying here is that
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there's a interventionism isn't in america's interest is in no one's interest here but do you see also the example of syria when when these 2 camps have some differences for example for for this time which meant they would like to continue to push in a lot of money in order to continue this occupation of syria even though they know it's not going to work out then while trump saying no and on this is a country and resources. let's just take the oil instead and that's kind of that's a good that's against the american sanctions but anyway no one thought that out yeah it's not well thought out but that's where you find that the cameras come together ok well at least it's not leaving syria completely holding on to the oil so nobody can escape can't leave he's not allowed to leave alex let me go back to you here i mean there's one thing that you didn't mention in your long list there is that the in the city to have enemies you have to have enemies and you have to
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you have to create threats to legitimize the defense spending again bipartisan the trump got all he wanted plus more from a democratically controlled congress. don't tell me there isn't bipartisanship there everybody gets their little slice of the pie i ok that is good business particularly if you're a shareholder of these companies go ahead i think that's entirely true because of course they do the pentagon is actually getting more money at the moment that it knows how to spend it is being forced to boy more air 35 air fighters for it don't work they wanted to work that he wants it is it is of course true and is right across the entire political spectrum and the point is that it now the political establishment defines itself
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through this foreign policy. as more or gives it legitimacy it seems to me that the fundamental difference now which we don't trump and some people you know on of the sort of so-called liberal end of the spectrum is that he intervenes without a mask he does it quite straightforwardly he says this is all about you know the united states making money getting its hands on all squeezing its allies whereas of course the other people who want to intervene around the world have been really object to those things you don't see people complaining about donald trump's approach to these things but they like to talk more about democracy they learn to make it seem rather more civilized than of course it in fact is they don't want the mask to be taken off quite so blatantly but ultimately this entire political system in the united states is now only about foreign policy you know we
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were talking about russia see the controversy in russia over the state of the union address in the united states which is so much about foreign policy compare that with a row. nice state of the union address in russia was resultantly primarily about domestic abuse 90 percent 90 percent of it doesn't mean russia doesn't have an active foreign policy we didn't you may agree with all no but he's not a central concern over its government and its political system when the united states is the opus it includes the now room holds and grounds this foreign policy and it was for him a policy and a foreign policy that you can't question or else you're thrown under the bus just as tulsi gabbert you've got 40 seconds go thank you well talking about what you said that the democrats on the left in general are now hawkish well stephen cohen
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kind of very bold clement about this in his stock to don't buy a chair which i really recommend all of your c.d.'s to add to it to listen to he said he just called to a woman speaking at these hearings on impeachment and one from stanford university st we need to how people premiums fight russians in ukraine so that we don't have to fight them here and that goes repeated by saying it was my congressman this is how we said about their weapons of mass destruction in iraq ok the same wording there but. steal steal our i'm glad about what happened in 2016 because if he were a clinton had been in power and if she had the support of these democrats in congress the war in iraq would happen march who got all the time we have here many thanks to my guest here in moscow and in london thanks to our viewers for watching us here at the scene examine remember roles.
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in a world of big part of the lot and. it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. is you'll media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. thyssen nation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallowness. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to suffer x. food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids
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that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflict i would say revolves around money and most. plus one on each of those he knows each other this could be the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex gets a. little care and. the us.
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there are 3. successor announces that she won't run for the chancellorship amid a growing scandal over her party's pact with the rightwing alternative for germany . the death toll from the coronavirus epidemic climbing from of 900 worldwide we'll look at how russia is taking precautions to stop the spread. images the shed with palestinian family the 14 year old boys left in a coma after being shot with a rubber bullet by israeli defense forces. his story is one of many tragedy. every time a child becomes a victim people are terrified.


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