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tv   News  RT  February 20, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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russia is called in to help the syrian army repel an offensive in italy of the province launched by militants with the support of turkish troops. germany mourns the 9 victims of wednesday night's shooting near frankfurt chancellor merkel condemns the poison of racism and the suspect is believed to have had motives. ukrainians protest against the arrival of the compatriots who have been evacuated from vehicle rotavirus epicenter in china and are now under quarantine.
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gets a lot of direct from our studios in moscow this is our national i'm john thomas with us. syrian militants have backed by turkish forces have launched an offensive against the syrian army in the province but they were pushed back by russian airstrikes has more on the developments. basically what happened terrorist factions launched an offensive on the syrian forces who were holding one of the villages a village in that northeastern province a very large scale offensive supported by artillery strikes by the turkish army so that offensive or that was of such scale that the troops the syrian troops on the ground could not withstand it on their own so the ask the russian air force to help out so it did but again that offensive that terrorist offensive was
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supported by turkish artillery so moscow had to intervene and reach out directly to ankara and ask them to stop the support to prevent militants from moving deeper into syria into the 24 aircraft of the russian air force at the request of the syrian command have carried out air strikes against the dancing armed groups this allowed the syrian troops to successful the ripple all attacks the turkish ministry of defense has confirmed that 2 of its soldiers have been killed as a result of the airstrikes and 5 more wounded now it is not clear yet who fired those deadly rounds or what were the those russian air force or the syrian air force but still the situation is very very explosive given that now 3 independent 3 sovereign states have been engaged in a skirmish effectively in a deadly skirmish in one of those states being a nato ally as well it's been a rapid escalation hasn't it just over the last day or so how did it reach this
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point well essentially turkey has been very vocal about the situation in libya and the turkish president earlier one has been telling syrians to get out of italy to move out of that province behind the troops line that had been pre-agreed back. he's been the one has been giving deadlines to the syrian army by the end of february then we never going on the. demand and saying that there is no deadline they should move immediately or the attack or the turkish attack would be imminent . i don't doubt that the operation is imminent in particular we will not leave it to the regime which is not yet understood our country's determination on this issue and those who are encouraging it refuted to making it live a safe place for both turkey and the people of the region at all costs. well it seems the push has come to shove now in the syrian province and interestingly
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turkey has been encouraged from abroad it has been encouraged by its main nato ally the united states they have been sort of cheering ankara and saying that they are all along standing by their nato ally also literally hours before the advance whether or not it is a coincidence we don't know but an official nato twitter account an international twitter account posted a promo video saying that we are nato and that's in turkish language now russia has been all along saying that turkey has failed to deliver on its key promise ankara being. one of the guarantors of the peace process in libya has been tasked with delivering a clear distinction between radical hardline jihadists and those groups who are ready to engage in dialogue and sit behind a table and talk to the syrian government and russia has been saying that ankara has failed to deliver on this key promise and key tasks so we'll certainly have
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a look whether this this mess in today's maisonette live will see all sides back at the negotiating table meanwhile expo common for the u.s. military has said terrorists in italy province pose a growing threat although anti-war activist brian becker says those are the same terrorists who turkey is now supporting. lou private seems to be a magnet for terrorist groups all of them are nuisance minnes and a threat to the civilians turkey as a guarantor along with russia and iran for the syrian peace process said very firmly it committed itself to help bring the clashes and the in the armed struggle in it live to an end it's done just the opposite it has escalated purkis military pursuing its own national interests or perceived national interest is using proxy forces or extremist jihadi forces in the northern part of syria to carry out its
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own military designs and to create what they hope to be a permanent military presence for turkey in that border region and in lip in particular the syrian government will not allow that to happen and unless turkey pulls back i could see the possibility in fact the probability of an escalating clash between the 2. cities in germany have held vigils for the 9 victims of wednesday night's shooting in the west of the country the suspected attacker is believed to have had racist motives 5 the victims were turkish nationals are just bitter oliver has the details. 2 vigils have been taking place here in the german capital in response to the killings in the western city of now at the brandenburg gate that iconic symbol here in the center of berlin we saw people forming a human chain in solidarity with the people of haiti now also at another location in the city people saying that they've come out on to the streets against racism
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and t. semitism and right wing terrorism there's also been a vigil taking place in the city of her now where this incident took place frank falta steinmeier the german president who is in attendance there there have been other politicians out and about it various events that have been taking place on thursday evening 9 people were killed 2 separate locations 2 she shipyards in the western city of head now not far from the major city of frankfurt a 42 year old man who is believed to be the main suspect was later found dead at his home alongside his 72 year old mother eyewitnesses who were there when the shootings took place that she should bars have described the scenes and what they saw and heard don't have such if you had to lie heard gunshots then i ran out and looked in the direction of the she should i couldn't see anything i mean that the doors were open and people were running out of the other restaurants i heard from
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my neighbor that someone was shooting at the restaurant around back and told my guests to stay away from the window which i was with my 2 little kids. before the shooting began we were actually 100 meters from the place when i went up stairs i heard 5 to 7 gunshots. you know i came home at half past 9 parked my car and went upstairs we watched some t.v. then my wife said there was a helicopter hovering overhead and i thought what's the matter we waited a little and then looked out the roof window and saw a large group of police offices. the 5 of them with about 20 vehicles surrounded the house it was a strange thing to see showed of the attorney general is investigating links to right wing extremism in this case that's after a 24 page manifesto was found in the possession of the main suspect in that manifesto he talks about hatred of foreigners and non white people he talks about
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the extermination of certain nations in north africa or in the middle east and in central asia it's riddled with racist tropes as well as being full of a far right ideology searches things like eugenics there's also a video that emerged that was published just a few days ago from this man this 42 year old german man who is the main suspect in the shooting in the shootings in this video which gives no clue that he may have been preparing to take it to carry out this attack he speaks in english it's understood it's being directed towards a u.s. audience and it's full of conspiracy theories really. what we have seen though is a number of politicians coming out in condemnation of this attack also the german chancellor angela merkel saying that there would be a full investigation and no stone would be left unturned. if it's too early to give
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a conclusive assessment everything is being done to find out what was behind this murder but a lot already suggests far right rhesus not absolve the attacker he apparently acted out of hatred towards people of different descent religion. racism is a poison hatred is a poison and this cloisonne exists in our society and has led to many crimes. so the feeling here in germany really one of sadness of mourning but certainly of anger that this was able to happen in the 1st place. in the wake of the shooting the chairwoman of the ruling c.d.u. party was quick to point out the finger at rivals from the alternative for germany party accusing them of having extremist tendencies. imminent here to ensure it's true and if you look at their texas profile it seems like he had racist xenophobia as well as far right motives and this transcends mean my believe therefore the
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c.d.u. should always be clear not only for the c.d.u. but for all parties in germany that they can be no corporation with a party which tolerates far right extremists and let's call a spade a spade not since i'm on its ranks so we are resolved to have no cooperation with the f.d.a. in any shape or form it's important to keep the spine. tentative for germany it's more or less the parliamentary wing of a right wing movement even if the right wing terrorists if they want to or not they are the ones who give the key. to terrorists and every collaboration by other parties with the what. but give this party more credibility in the eyes of the followers so we have a level in the public debate that is more of a child than a rational political debate and when i hear it yesterday night about it shooting i instinctively knew that our opponents would blame us for being responsible for it
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it is completely ridiculous and i can only ask everyone to read that money festa of this crazy terrorist and then compare it to what we're doing and then it's all views that it's nonsense but no one reads it money 1st $2.00 and so opponent think if they only repeat and repeat and repeat that we are somehow linked to that or that that this terrorist had links to us than enough people would believe in ok maybe it happens but it's just fake news and of. we fight against fake news. in a move marking deepening it defense ties between greece and the u.s. in the 2 countries have held a training drill involving the american air force and this comes after athens recently bought military equipment from washington from another and from another nato ally france as well the u.s. chris relationship is stronger than it has ever been our defense ties and our
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defense cooperation is an essential component of the united states really believes in the idea that greece is a puppet of stability it is a lynchpin of our large strategy for the larger region the us signed a new defense agreement with greece last year it was an expansion of the deal 1st struck in 1990 that allows the american military to use great facilities including for training refueling and emergency response but back in october the agreement and a visit by the u.s. secretary of state sparked massive protests in athens. the
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protests were organized by the greek committee for international d├ętente and peace it called for people to mobilize and go against the government's decision to work with the u.s. as it argued it was dangerous to follow imperialists political analyst petros our guru you think said the closer ties will only see greece doing exactly what washington wants. so far there has not been time simple benefits for greece from the u.s. point of view. the resurgence of the us interests for example are one recent development. greece. is very reluctant to move i'm getting engaged and there are conflicts with. the good of the greek government he said to. me sounds with technical stuff from saudi arabia the instruction of us and we can and there are differences as well that's just one small example of what the
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ratio of the venerable benefits and dangers these are going to they're getting us relations. hysteria is spreading in 3 ukrainian regions where protests have been held over the country's nationals being brought back from the coronavirus epicenter in china the flight carrying 73 people vaccinated from will han eventually landed in the ukrainian city of how tough now demonstrators have clashed with police in the town where the passengers are meant to be quarantined. right. was no no no no no no no no no no. oh. god. oh god i think it. was. so far ukraine has yet to see one case of the corona virus but many people clearly are
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quite scared of even taking that chance in the region of laval's groups of protesters worse were seen blocking the streets to a major hospital where the passengers were supposed to be quarantined after arriving in the country riot police were quickly sent to the scene they could be seen dragging people from the streets and even some of them were hospital workers themselves now for the past couple days other skirmishers between protesters and the police have become widespread across the country but the ukrainian authorities are saying are trying to reassure people that none of these passengers were affected or infected by the coronavirus about half of them were ukrainian or ukrainian and the rest come from a number of different countries but all of them have been screened twice before being allowed to board the plane now the government's been trying to find a quarantine area for a while now and amidst all the chaos of these new protests president selenski says
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that these reactions are not really something to be proud of these reactions to something that was supposed to be a gesture of goodwill to help people in need is a shame the not all of us can be proud of the humane reaction the efforts to shut off highways to blow coast bills not to let ukrainians back to ukraine we're not demonstrating the best of our character here especially given the majority of the passengers are under 30 to most of us they are almost children now the passengers are bound for a health center in the poltava region of ukraine but with such a negative. action to something intended to be a gesture of goodwill we'll have to see how similar attempts in the future to fight the coronavirus fair if there are any at all. an elderly man who is believed to be leading the call to prayer at a mosque in central london was stabbed in the neck on thursday afternoon is the only reports now from the british capital. what we know so far is the gentleman the mizen is that school this mosque in central london this is one of the 1st mosques
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to be established in the u.k. he was reading the call to prayer for the afternoon prayers around 3 or 330 in the afternoon when he was stabbed in the neck by another person who has since been arrested the 29 year old now just the gentleman the victim in question is said to be in his seventy's and he's in hospital now where he's expected to survive that attack despite it being starting to attack in the neck now we've spoken to some people who have been inside the mosque earlier this evening and in the off to noon and they say that according to officials here at the mosque the gentleman who's been arrested the man who's been arrested was seen here before he had been a visitor here but had perhaps been seen as somebody of an outsider were suspicious in some way so it's unclear whether this is someone who was an attendee of the mosque or someone who was possibly staking out in preparation for an attack like
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this in any case the police have released a statement they say they're not treating it as terrorists and at this time but of course tensions and fears will be high in the u.k. and specially amongst the muslim community. the u.k. home secretary has unveiled a new point based visa system the scheme is intended to reduce the number of low skilled migrant workers entering the country this is the 1st time in decades that government has been able to take control running its own immigration system ofter we've left the european union and free movement and low skilled migration to our country which means that we will get migration numbers down and that essential to this policy of a points based system the new system requires immigrants to prove their knowledge of the english language as well as a professional qualifications and skills. an existing job offer meeting a minimum salary would be required as well ph d.
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qualified specialists would receive extra points making it easier for them to gain entry but the new rules would have proven quite a challenge for those who have already made a career in the u.k. i don't know if i'd actually be in this country under these rules would you with your parents they wouldn't qualify with this is a very different system to what is going on in the past and don't forget this is a point based system you make on the labor market. nonu k. citizens have until now made up a substantial part of the country's workforce with close to a 1000000 immigrants working in the low skilled sector in 2018 liberal democrat politician jonathan fryer believes it will not take long for the new system to reveal its faults really a very dangerous game with the home secretary is playing basically just to satisfy the promise is that the conservative party made joining the general election and to deliver briggs it as it was proposed many businesses have
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warmed but it's just a memory of this stick to assume that you can change the nature of the workforce in the way that the home secretary and presumably the prime minister won't this doesn't solve the problem which i think is going to arrive very soon which is this country needs a lot of people in water for the moment lower paid jobs basically what this new policy is saying is that the sorts of work they're doing often from not very high pay is not being valued and that maybe they're not being valued as members of our society. in norwegian concrete firm has lost its legal bid for damages from the government over a botched attempt to recruit its employees working in russia as spies artie's my financial report it trades like an unlikely story of a government with quite literally a concrete plan for spying now we join intelligence they used one of the country's
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successful companies to snoop on russia but when caught red handed the company has been left empty handed with its hugely lucrative contract ripped in pieces. early on but don't blame the now we just saw a taste for that and filed a case against them but lost now is preparing to appeal we're earning it twill affect the country's business and its relations with russia is will for sure have
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great impact on other norwegian companies plan and activities in russia norway has a very hostile attitude towards its business in russia it is unclear whether the alleged attempt spied in the region intelligence services were successful or not but the company had been the only one to get the hard to win contracts with russia that surprised many people from. tough guys when i was minister of foreign affairs we were in contact with me then there was actually no one who succeeded in russia except for one they did not come from the russian neighboring region nor did they have any of the natural conditions for success in the moment but they got it it seems that the battle is not yet over not until the courts final decision is set in concrete by the dozen for me i will be back stop they are with headlines this is a contraction.
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stacy. i'm the. father thank you for. destroying 6 that's true. slavery. bob dylan once said money doesn't talk its chremes former republican new york city mayor michael bloomberg is proving this just the sheer force of lobbyist spending has made him a serious contender to capture the democratic nomination are we experiencing peak trump arrangement syndrome.
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was one of. the. cities. that. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of. 3 parts of northern ireland that was coordinated. population. were forced to flee their homes. these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the streets in belfast. 100 innocent
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civilian. as the you can see in years and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and the degree to which the pollution was involved in some of those places the killers would lead to be named. i think it went. very very tall i think if. there was where. you. give the go ahead. become a battleground in the us in vermont people of demanding the shut down of a local plant from mike is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous. power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limits this case just sort of puts
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a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is for power lie with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in very real ways a struggle. greetings and salyut taisha wow this week is shaping up to be a blast from russia gates past my heart watchers you see in the span of a few short days the names of roger stone julian assad's john brennan donald trump and of course russia acted of once again back on the tips of pundit tongues across all of cable news land retro russia gay we kicked off across the pond in london
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england at the westminster magistrates' court ottawa. day when one of us songes legal team declared to the court that according to witness testimony u.s. president donald trump offered to pardon wiki leaks founder julian assange if he said that russia had nothing to do with wiki leaks publication of democratic party e-mails in 2016 at least that's how the story was reported trump offers assad's pardon to vindicate russia that's that's what you saw that's what the headlines were except that wasn't mags really quite the whole story at least not according to the previously mentioned witness yes former u.s. congressman dana rohrabacher who told yahoo news on thursday that quote i spoke to julian assad and told him if he would provide evidence about who gave wiki leaks the e-mails i would petition the president to give him a pardon now that doesn't that certainly doesn't sound like donald trump offering
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asylum's a pardon that sounds more like rohrabacher saying give me the goods and i'll try to get you a pardon that's the difference big difference there anyway we all know him put sideswipe runs at the end of the day we all know that the it takes at least 50 grand to get a pardon from donald trump these days you get to make to get big the payoff c. but that wasn't the only goes from russia gates' past to make headlines this week roger stone yes he was sentenced to 3 years or 40 months in prison this week for charges not involving any kind of russian collusion but you know who is being investigated for possible collusion this week yes our old buddy from n.b.c. news a zone john brennan yes the u.s. justice department is looking into the former cia director's role and into how exactly the intelligence community came up with the assessment that the russian government interfered in 2016 and if that assessment was an honest one. stone trump run in the elections russians my goodness and his day job all over again as
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we start watching the hawks if you want to what's going on the city you streets you want to see. clear so you would see see the rises joyce state and see a droll slice crazed suggests least systemic deception is the late show but it sure does sound with some good joke as. well we're going to watching the arcs. and i'm. goodness gracious the loser it is russia gave over again i'm getting flashbacks up your like it's 20162017 it's going to trip me oh well absolutely i mean it was a big book the media blinked years ago and i think that a lot of these organizations are still trying to rail on it even though right now i think the american public in general is very weary of all things related to russia gate after after the initial.


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