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tv   News  RT  February 23, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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the. protesters in central ukraine a convoy carrying $72.00 people evacuated from china's coronavirus stricken problems to a special. shop condemnation for president. for his call for notorious artists to be sent home to russia or offer you the electoral ambitions of a key. by publishing. real cost of dumping devices the electronic waste sent mostly from western nations that. speak of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi warns europe that risks undermining its
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security by working with the telecoms. just trying to pose a bigger spying threat to the continent states itself people in new york. probably us probably us anybody having. access to. thanks for joining us tonight as an aussie international welcome to the program. the president of ukraine reacted with anger to the far from friendly welcome received on thursday by retiring evacuees from china riots broke out over fears the passengers might spread the potentially deadly coronavirus even tested positive for just to set up roadblocks class with police buses carrying the patients to hospital . said his nation and falling back into the middle ages the clashes left. officers
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and one civilian injured. was i did. was actually. you know we always say that ukraine is europe to be honest at some moments we look like medieval europe unfortunately let's not forget that we are all human beings all over flight from the chinese city of what hardware tens of thousands of people have been infected landed in the city of kharkov on thursday before that roadblocks were set up in other regions of the country following rumors of more quarantine facilities being set up on a quarter as the story. say some new people moved into the neighborhood they came from the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus pandemic perhaps you'd be worried or angry but it be hard to match the anger brewing in ukraine to just that situation was.
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for the past several days ukraine has seen violent clashes across the country scores of policemen have been injured by locals throwing bricks riot police have been called in to disperse angry mobs and it's all because the ukrainian authorities tried to do a good deed for the international community they accepted with open arms a number of their countrymen and foreigners trying to flee by plane assuring the public the passengers were 100 percent coronavirus clean an important detail when ukraine itself has yet to see a case of the disease a quarantine zone was even set up at a health center in poltava just to be sure but the protesters did all they could to stop that plane from landing and when that failed they started blocking roads until riot police removed them by force.
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the bus has made it to their destination in the end but they're on welcome reception wasn't exactly what kiev expected. this is one of the greatest disappointments and i'm disappointed because in the morning we saw the this is a disgrace for the whole world to see i'm truly ashamed ukraine's protesters don't seem to be up for a game of russian roulette with the coronavirus. a russian shall call. he was granted asylum in france is now under investigation their lawmakers are demanding pawlenty skee be sent back to russia after he found himself at the center of political scandal but lewinsky was arrested for posting explicit videos and messages that brought down president micron's preferred pick to be the mayor of paris charlotte lewinsky's got the details. pub lenski is
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a political refugee here in france but it seems even he is too hot to handle with these latest allegations even members of my own party and are calling for him to be sent back to russia if you get this guy out he's a political refugee he behaves like the 1st thing to do would be to put him on a plane streets of russia and he will see with mr putin if you can do this kind of crap this comes after the latest scandal involving pav lengthy this follows the dissemination of videos and photos on the internet last week of benjamin a key ally of the president back on his former spokesperson now linsky and his partner were taken by the police and they were questioned in regards to those videos questioned in 2 invasion of privacy and broadcasting videos of a sexual nature without the permission of the person who is in those videos the
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interior minister here in france has said he should face the full weight of the law if it did you feel casting certain videos without the consent of the author or subject to criminal sanctions in our country resulting in a substantial fine and 2 years imprisonment and these offenses must obviously be prosecuted it is a matter of respect for democratic rules and this is not the 1st time that pawlenty ski has been headline news here in france he was recently accused of brandishing a weapon a knife or to a new year's eve party and of injuring 2 of the party goers at that event further back he was also found guilty of setting light to the doors of the bank of france in the basti area in fact he is currently serving a suspended sentence for that criminal act in france and that comes after a series of stunts that he pulled in russia of
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a similar. criminal nature. russia it's sometimes difficult to be and. yes especially for one makes a political declaration out of his art that's the case of so that probably in fact we already know and he's just been arrested for setting the door of the former k.g.b. building on fire. so it's not clear whether pov linsky will be sent back to russia chucked out of france or whether he will face the music here on those possible
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criminal charges what we do know is that his political asylum here has become an embarrassment to the french authorities. major health fears are being raised of what's become one of the worst biggest dumping grounds for electronic waste the african country have gotten everything from all bubble phones to computers the same for incineration they're releasing highly toxic chemicals known to cause deadly diseases including cancer. don't you fall would. do anything. noble from deep with
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such as you said today to be so i've got a few margin for the car seat it will simply last for 30 more what in my head i had the. day he did end up in deep they've. been running from the european union. for a review. 300 of them. for like 20 quid if. it can be trying generation now transfer. to my child and might
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pass it. i read it 3 did before you know my pledge of improvements under things and in the cards and making our crowd the cream of the city you know in africa. i recalled back to both the guardian president's office environment ministry for comment annoyed the respondents so far to our request. tens of thousands of men taking a stand against racism in germany throughout the week that followed wednesday's terror attack and how now in which 9 people were killed in the town where the tragedy happened to hamburg in the north over 600 kilometers away people could be seen carrying banners against racism and extremism the attack on us was described by police as racially motivated.
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and in the wake of the shootings the establishment in berlin was quick to point the finger at and t. moderate rivals saudi alternative for germany party in particular accused of having extremist tendencies the f.t. rejected the claims and says the shooter was mentally ill that didn't stop the ruling christian democratic union though from calling to cut all ties with their rivals. 1000000 theater i insured if you look at their taxes profile it seems like
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he had racist xenophobic as well as far right motives and this trends mean my belief that for the c.d.u. you should always be clear not only for the c.d.u. but for all parties in germany that they can be no corporation with a party which tolerates far right extremists and let's call a spade a spade not since in monitoring so we are resolved to have no cooperation with the f.d.a. in any shape or form it's important to keep the spirals we have a level in the public debate that is more of a child and a rational political debate and when i hear yesterday night about it shooting i instinctively knew that our opponents would blame us for being responsible for it it is completely ridiculous and i can only ask everyone to read that money fester of this crazy terrorist and then compare it to what we're doing and then it's all views that it's nonsense it's just fake news and of course we fight against it
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fic news. now after sweeping to victory in the 1st 3 contests in the us democratic primary senator bernie sanders is now the clear favorite to take the party's presidential nomination following the self described socialists latest win in the nevada caucus some in the media are becoming increasingly concerned there are some receives even facing calls to fire one of his host of the he said this i was reading last dive right into your history guide to reading last night about the 4 friends in the summer of $940.00 and the general reno cause of churchill and says it's over and shares it how can it be you've got the greatest army in europe are going to be over he said it's over so i had a pretty suppressed feeling. it is absolutely unacceptable the matthews is making comparisons between bernie sanders whose family was murdered by nazis to nazis i mean b c's meltdown over sanders when shows the networks real by
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a preference for rich elites over the working class would you would you still surely stance was able to win in advance the very big bring chris matthews explained just like did not seem friends with just over half of the precincts called in nevada bernie sanders has a higher percentage of the vote than his top 3 rivals combined former vice president joe biden is in a distant 2nd place followed by peter and senator elizabeth warren the next contest will be the south carolina primary at the end of this month before 14 states take to the polls on so-called super tuesday on the 3rd of march. bernie sanders hasn't commented on the everson we see controversy but has warned both republicans and democrats that he's unstoppable and joining us now is political analyst charles alltel for more on this thanks for joining us good to have you on today do you think there are any grounds to believe the extra an establishment so-called establishment is opposed to bernie sanders taking the nomination.
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well you know i mean i think the democratic establishment understands that a democratic socialist is never going to be president ited states in the next i'd say 50 years and certainly not somebody who's just had a heart attack who honeymoon in the soviet union who has as mike bloomberg correctly noted is doing very well for a socialist with a $1000000.00 net worth 3 homes. and is a big gun rights advocate so i mean i think he's in a unique position actually to alienate the democratic moderates and inflame trump supporters to come out in force even more so in 2020 than they did in 2016. what do you make of these theories that russia has been supporting saw us come by and i just want to take a listen to this former adviser to bill clinton giving his take on the nevada caucus let's take a quick listen what he had to say at the a person right now it's about one in 15 moscow time this thing is going very well
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for blair and the approach i promise you he probably stay end up watching us right now you don't like that this has been something that's been making the headlines has that what do you i mean do you think to what extent is invoking the russian threat on that the moscow backing here useful political toll to beat saunas over the head with. well with great respect i think that when you when we look at that hard figures hard economic figures about which economy in the world is is the greatest potential threat and which frankly country in the world is the greatest potential threat the united states it is certainly not russia it is china and i don't wish what's going on in china and the chinese people it's a dreadful thing to watch what's going on in hong kong and now this coronavirus but honestly the the the mainstream elites in this country and across the west have been sucking up to china since 1989 many of them derive substantial sums of
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money through their think tanks and universities in other ways and i think these these mainstream elites are terrified that the american people in the wider world will cut not to this so they've come up with a straw argument that it's you very busy people of russia who you know are hard at work on your own economy but somehow seem very interested in bellingen primaries in general elections i mean it's just it's a fairy tale based on the evidence that's all there for us to see and i really do think what we're going to start to see the united states is more and more hostility not towards russia but frankly towards china. and in terms of the democratic candidates i mean the party has been hit by by division by scandal do you think any of them will be able to seriously at shadows don't trump whoever gets the final emanation. well i think bernie was right when he talked about bloomberg and his poor $62000000000.00 and bernie said that in the general election trampled chew up
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and spit him out i think he's absolutely right there is one candidate who could maintain the fiction of being a viable candidate from may through november and that's michelle obama. on the democratic side she would be a tougher candidate for donald trump to attack in the way he might attack bernie sanders but not certainly none of the announced candidates i mean. no way dispute but people to judge is not qualified to be had a president of the boy scouts of america now bankrupt let alone a senator or president eyes states elizabeth warren is an appalling fake need i go on i mean there are stomach rats are the weakest field i've seen in my lifetime. never a dull day in american politics i guess we have to see what happens on super tuesday as well to see what comes next political analyst charles alltel thanks for joining us here good to have your. the u.s. house speaker has been turning the screw on brussels warning europe to ditch wall
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way technologies democrat nancy pelosi insists the chinese telecoms giant is a major security threat and should be barred from developing lives you know works in the e.u. which could be used for spying but you fail to mention what makes america's own far reaching bubble surveillance network a better alternative scalable and explains. now that the impeachment debacle is all wrapped up guess who's going to europe in order to promote one of the trumpet ministrations key policies it's the speech ripper herself nancy pelosi the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives is urging european countries to drop plans to use while away as their 5 g. carrier for the benefit of a few corporations you cannot sell the privacy of the people of your country down the river as i said before it's like having the state police write the chinese state police right in your pocket you see nancy pelosi just cares about your privacy odd that she's one of what edward snowden called the gang of 8 key figures
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that are overseeing surveillance in the united states is far and snowden he did there on the in the in disagreement with you he did violate the law in terms. of for leasing those documents we don't know i understand. odd timing as well it's just been revealed that the cia was the secret owner of a swiss company that was offering people encrypt people's privacy was compromised because the cia had a backdoor what the u.s. government speculates that china might be doing they have been caught doing themselves while the e.u. might be more apt to listen to a top democrat then to the donald it seems they still aren't buying nancy's song and dance her euro 2 were is a flop. while
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he will be able to continue in france and will not be excluded from flying we will censor such numbers restrictions it takes us to see so we decided to ask people what they think of this supposed danger of china spying on them are they more afraid of china spying on them or the american progress or us and i'm not so much worried about. china i'm worried about anybody having access to our data. be more. ready to spy on you know in the chinese it could come from anywhere in the world u.s. . you can you would i guess just the u.s. given say the alignment of interests that program for the u.s. probably you know well the u.s. is far as i'm concerned. can go to hell i don't know trump along with them it's a common pattern of human behavior sigmund freud called it projection nothing drives us crazy or thinking that someone else might be doing that naughty thing
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that we know we are doing ourselves. r.t. new york. runs witnessed a 67th weekend of angry yellow vest protests with crowds turning out in several cities nationwide to voice their grievances against the might call of ministration illegal demonstrations the send the result of involvement clashes with police. i. wired officers fired tear gas at demonstrators who blocked roads and were throwing rocks smoke bombs and other objects at them close to a 1000 people were involved in a protest against them but 2018 regular best movement has been holding weekly demonstrations over fall in living standards is a look at some of the footage from on saturday.
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at the same time a model march 1 was in the past was in paris attending the opening of the international agricultural show where he was meeting with industry representatives event notes are going to turn when a group of yellow vest activists turned up and began heckling the president accusing him of being a dictator. god was . eric drew a one of the social movements most prominent figures was among those protest this you try to approach walk on before he was forcibly removed by security and subsequently taken into police custody. i wanted to express my dissatisfaction to
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emanuel macron we've been trying to talk to him for months but it's difficult he only talks to people who are happy with him not the other way round and here we are people who are unhappy with his 5 year term and we are not even able to approach him or president micronor later promised to meet with representatives of the yellow vests after many months are refusing to do so r.t. france spoke to one of the group's coordinators about the incident. well this is yet another manifestation of the authoritarian isn't of this government i mean eric dreher like any normal citizen had bought a ticket and gone to the international agricultural show it's fine that their mood and went around the crown i would even say this was a rather mild reaction given what we have been facing for the last 15 months we've been persecuted in a way that no other previous social movement has been the yellow vests are the 1st to become an object of such persecution obviously bothers people and they want to
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show that is not right and then our address was detained and taking out of the whole list was part of the democratic debate in our country but with mccrone it's all come to an end. with tensions running high in syria's war torn limb province the leaders of turkey russia france and germany will discuss ways to resolve the crisis next month and also when it comes amid an ongoing exchange of offensives between syrian government forces and turkish backed militants. thank. you which supports so-called moderate armed groups recently flooded the region with troops and equipment it was in response to the syrian offensive in the last terrorist stronghold in the region ankara considers the province strategically important for its security there are reported fears that syria's forces could advance further towards turkish held safe zones the russian
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and turkish president spoke on the phone on friday in an attempt to uphold previously agreed deescalation deals in while the un warned all parties to reach a cease fire before its collation turns more bloody. on the flashpoint to the syria conflict is also seeing lawmakers in the u.s. push for a diplomatic response against russia and syria with an estimated $900000.00 people displaced by the violence at the same time though american military officials acknowledge the complexity of the situation in admitting the province there has become a haven for extremist factions. and seems to be a magnet for terrorist groups especially because it is an ungoverned space in many ways the raw variety of groups there all of them are a nuisance a menace in a threat to hundreds of thousands of civilians who are just trying to make it through the winter because one of takes a closer look at just how this latest chapter of the conflict in libya is drawing in competing international powers along the way. pushes coming to shove in syria turkey and the us russia israel and multiple militant factions all skirmishing in
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the country and previous motives for warring are fading into oblivion. it's time for assad to get out of the way. we have won against isis we've beaten them and we beat them badly all that is a thing of the past now as new goals vividly take shape the latest fighting in
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idlib is a mere accessory to the geo political connotation is global and regional superpowers sparring with each other for dominance ideological and moral borders are blurred with turkey a nato country teaming up with terrorists to push syrians out of their own province. the operation is imminent in particular we will not leave it to the regime which is not yet understood our country's determination on this issue and those who are encouraging it with committed to making it live a safe place for both turkey and the people of the region at all costs militants shamelessly boasting turkey provided a.p.c.'s coming on mosques covered by turkish artillery fire russia's air force joins the party together with syrians repairing the onslaught as. moscow officially asks ankara to hold its fire and so
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it does to prevent militants from moving deeper into syria into route 24 aircraft of the russian air force at the request of the syrian command have carried out strikes against the dancing on terror groups this allow the syrian troops to successful repair all attacks but turkey is not alone in this fight while jihadi groups are doing the bloody betting on the ground washington cheers from over the atlantic that a very good job or sation with president her was the fact is that he's fighting on it led he doesn't want people to be killed by the thousands and hundreds of thousands the united states will continue to coordinate with turkey on diplomatic approach is to restore a cease fire to the ed liddy escalation zone in a cheap a pullback of assad regime forces to the $2800.00 so she ceasefire lines the u.s. has its own stake in the syria war and it hasn't signed on very particular and well
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predictable prizes from geo political dominance to well oiled we did leave soldiers because we're keeping the oil we may have to fight for the oil that's ok i like the oil and there's yet another act in this conflict israeli jets routinely hit targets on syrian soil it's clear what israel wants to to weaken iran's influence yet another power playing its hand and this massive and messy political gamble next for running looks of the buy and fracking proposals for the us energy policy coming from some of the democratic candidates but back in 30 minutes with the latest headlines. join me every.


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