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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news this hour german media reporting at least 10 people have been injured in the central market after a car veered into crowds at a carnival. in london a historic legal hearing begins to determine whether julia songs will be extradited to the united states where the wiki leaks founder is wanted on and espionage charges. and israel carries out air strikes on islamic jihad targets in gaza and damascus following an exchange of hostilities with the group's militants in the besieged by listing on place the flare up comes after the i.d.f. shot dead one of the islamist movements members near the gaza separation fence on sunday dragging away his body with a bulldozer. live
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from moscow thanks for joining us on our to international tonight i'm done hawkins welcome to the program that we are starting with breaking news coming out of germany the media reporting at least 10 people including children have been injured in the town. so after a car drove into a carnival procession police say they have arrested the driver we're joined live by peter all of the latest what do we know more about this incident now in the state of. we've had a lot more information confirmed by officials the chief of police of frankfurt has confirmed 30 people were injured in this incident 7 of those seriously the investigation has been taken over by the attorney general's office in frankfurt
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this is after a silver mercedes crashed into the crowd that was celebrating in monteith carnival in the central german town of smiles and. as i said 30 people have been injured there what we know about the driver is that he's a 29 year old man from the nearby vicinity of mass and he was arrested at the scene and is understood to have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol investigators describing him as heavily intoxicated what we know from eyewitnesses who were at the scene though they've described the car accelerating into the crowd also. police have to protect the suspect as he was being arrested from angry members of the crowd wanting to know what had happened investigators have described this incident as looking deliberate but not being an active political or extra
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a political or extremist act so 30 people have been injured 7 of those a confirmed to be in a serious situation some of those children after a car drove into a carnival goes. in the central german city of folx massive. piece of all of their lives from the island with the latest updates on that accident. now this monday marked the start of a historic extradition hearing in london which will decide whether the founder of wiki leaks julian assange is handed over to the united states whistleblower who's currently in belmarsh prison is wanted in the u.s. on espionage and hacking charges and could face a sentence of a. 175 years when i did joins us now from london with the theory just walk us through the proceedings what exactly was said. well it's been a really historical day as you mentioned here because it's is the 1st day of the
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hearing at the in britain that will decide eventually whether or not julius always will be extradited to the u.s. as requested now his father has been talking out he's talked about julian being tortured and says what will happen to journalist it will be the same as what's happening to julian if this extradition is successful. that told of julian with mr. mills a nicer dress and. all of the old survival that is going. to journal. published in public. if this extradition this political extradition julian assange. his successor. you know when i arrived this morning it was absolute chaos apparently this court has never experienced the number of people they've had to deal with today the
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genocide to queue for about an hour to 2 hours and you heard chanting for the whole time of the proceeding hours and hours of trancing from supporters outside which you could hear inside the courtroom now. it was really interesting what was said we had to see james lewis and to see adnan fitzgerald you see james lewis giving the u.s. point of view. and making lots of comparisons with which is no one what would happen if those charges against him in solitary happened in the u.k. and from the other side advances joe said that this is politically motivated to show. student assault. he won numerous awards for being the leader of free speech he had many articles published in high profile publications he'd been nominated for the nobel peace prize repeatedly but if we go back to what was said in terms of the british point of view speaking on behalf of the usa they talked
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a lot about the official secrets act the 911 and 989 official secrets act which isn't generally only used on spies it bans the disclosure of classified information to target foreign spies and traitors and it's also used against journalists now in the history of the u.k. i think it's only ever been used once and that was way back in 1988 and that actually failed and the background of it is that the u.k.'s official secrets legislation is primarily devised to punish foreign spies and traitors but it's also been used controversially against vicious civil servants leaking information for reasons of conscience and against janice investigating the state apparatus and government policy the 911 is official secret act was passed by has increased tension pre-war tension between britain and germany created in that section to a wide ranging catch all power making it illegal for anyone knowingly receiving and
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to further disclose without proper authority information classified as officially secret whatever the actual nature of the information they talked a whole lot about the details of this and there's also as we know they've been reports of the government plans to revive this legislation this is called huge controversy amongst journalists and the national union they've raised alarm saying that this would make it easier to prosecute journalists reporting on national security issues and sources who work for them and while i was in the press room in this interview journalist me there was some really impassioned journalists next to me saying you know this is this is all full this is never happened before in the sky. now the u.s. noise has said several times and particularly today that assault is putting people's lives at risk we can hear from the wiki leaks editor in chief kristinn hrafnsson i know he's been speaking to the media during the breaks of this process
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. but we heard this morning oh you're more of the same the same thing we've been hearing for 10 years we 1st heard it in july 2010 reporting lives at risk and now 10 years later there is no evidence of such and on the contrary to country and if one official was forced to admit you know demanding trialing 2013 that nobody had to go beyond because of these several asian 20 jan and 2011 and now. they are in or not able to procure general single evidence that hard still they call. so the 1st day over and you can see that this is a really highly controversial case some argue one of the most important cases against press freedom songs is seen as being a champion in the cause of transparency and freedom and we will of course be
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following this over the course of the week. no doubt we'll get back to you throughout the week because that case carries on. well it's certainly been a long and taxing legal saga for julian assange looks now at how the we can expand it has found himself closer than ever to extradition. hero or enemy number one you decide either way judy in the song has become a name and a face recognized all over the wild and not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty i want to do it illegally shoot the son of a. bitch song is engaged in terrorism he should be treated as an enemy combatant was her 6 own was wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service by defending surely i'm not sure we define a dome or sacred rights the 48 year old australian put
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a target on his back when he leaked 8 classified u.s. documents lang bad views of powell at the very highest levels with the u.s. justice department hot on his heels as some sort of saddam in london's ecuadorian embassy the 7 nong he is the full suddenly and unceremoniously being dragged out by british police. or fire a stab in the back and perhaps coincidence that aquittal is bank account had just been credited with a 4200000000 dollar learn from the i.m.f. where the u.s. has huge sway so from the 4 walls of the embassy to the 4 walls of a jail cell as someone who was taken to london's belmarsh prison and handed an exceptional sentence in britain by a violations seldom need to prison sentences they are generally subject only to
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find a son by contrast was sentenced in summary proceedings to 50 weeks in a maximum security prison clearly a disproportionate penalty that had only a single purpose holding his son should long enough for the us to prepare the espionage case against him he and his lawyer had just 15 minutes. path of the trial which itself also just lost it 15 minutes betrayed by ecuador feeling let down by the legal system a songe now claimed his fundamental human rights were under attack he was put in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day the u.n. and rights groups were in disbelief and some feared for more than just his freedom we have real concerns on the evidence currently available that mr assad could die in prison the medical situation is there or by urgent there is no time to lose against this backdrop is it surprising those suspicions swaddling around the
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extradition trial especially given the u.s. u.k. treaty clearly states no citizen can be extradited the political purposes which many tame at the says and while washington says this case is strictly about national security it seems queen elizabeth the 2nd didn't get the memo. i must tell you however that is a constitutional sovereign majesty acts on the advice of him ministers and remain strictly nonpolitical at all times this is therefore not a mess that you wish the queen would intervene if the u.k. kowtows to its allies request might be dealt not just a life sentence without parole but even the death penalty if washington to side step out on the charges in the future if it finds a willing jury which apparently won't be a problem. isaan who receive a trial by jury in alexandria virginia the natori espionage court where the u.s. tries all national security cases the choice of location is not by coincidence the
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cases are always tried in front of the same judge behind closed doors and on the strength of classified evidence nobody has ever been acquitted in a case like that that is a prearranged affair a show trial to make an example of julian assange the point is to intimidate other journalists global outcry human rights the law the right to a fat trial turns out there all week adversaries in the face of a government who will fight tooth and nail to keep a lid on its dirty secrets the un special rapporteur on torture who we just quoted that tells today's going underground that the ass arms case amounts to a battle for basic freedoms. during the sun is not a whistleblower he did not leak information it was illegal publish he was leaked to him so u.k. authorities here they basically deciding on whether a show trial should go ahead absolutely yes i think this is not what it's it's
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about whether this show trial should go ahead because there's not going to be nothing else than a show trial and us there's no chance is going to get a fair trial it's not just about 2 innocent this is really is a battle over press freedom over the rule of law of the future i would say even of democracy. and estonian woman so she's had to flee to russia to protect her daughter as she's claiming side after a husband was acquitted of sexually abusing their children is her story. it's a bit my older daughter started scratching her face i would ask her why do you scratching yourself you should hurt yourself and she would reply oh mom i feel guilty about what dad did to us then we went to psychologist after several sessions she told me the girls are telling the truth about what they want to it's a classic reaction on a fin surface and has taken her 2 daughters to russia to keep them away from the norwegian father she accuses him of molesting the girls something he strongly
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denies according to her it started back in 2012 in norway when the girls were aged one and 2 but the us was when our younger daughter was born he offered to be their older daughter i need something from the bathroom so iraq turn without knocking i opened the door they were not washing the way not even in the bath they were just standing there naked and i went on to describe the horrific details of that incident who is from a story nya obtained a story in passports for the girls and took them to her homeland but the husband hired a lawyer filed for custody and won the right to see the children for a week every 2 months and it was legally unable to prevent him from taking the children to norway there were by years after the 1st trips the children would come back and tell me would be naked with dad or where we slept naked with dad in the same bed sometimes the older one would wake up screaming for a long time i couldn't it to myself what was happening and me 2016 he once again brought the children back from a weeklong stay there i saw
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a very strange scene when we were saying good bye i asked my daughter whether they played like that when they are in norway and my youngest one said yes. after that on a went to the store and police and the criminal case was opened she says a gynecologist examined the girls and found evidence suggested will abuse the father was then arrested and charged on a visit to the psychologist who gave some advice on how to get the truth from her own daughter although the cause of soviet of all the psychologist said i needed to talk to her in the home environment and when she started talking it was a nightmare. she told me that her dad tickled there that it was painful but later at the trial they cues me of teaching my children what to tell the investigators and social workers despite the girl's testimony the court said there was insufficient evidence to convict you or steyn fencer us and so he was acquitted he then sued his wife and in 2018 managed to win custody of the children mr finster us and denies all the allegations against him my father was accused of doing something to
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a 1314 year old started using that as leverage but my father was like that and i have to be like that i'm a launched a legal appeal and turned to human rights groups for help but she was unable to overturn the ruling in january this year you austin finster austin was due to take the girls to norway. so ana decides to flee to russia taking the girls with their now being looked after while and it's asylum claim is being processed. as coronavirus cases spike outside china moscow has emphatically rejected accusations it's been waging an online this information campaign story and more after the break .
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the chrono virus now has proven this point because even though the supply lines are choked and deliveries of critical parts are not happening stocks are still stable or going higher because it's. cheap money right it's all cheap money that cheap money is is created out of nothing to create the simulation going.
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back with us these really defense forces say palestinian militants in the occupied gaza strip of multiple rockets into southern israel this comes off the defense minister said. the radically was solved a longstanding crisis. we're preparing a plan to fundamentally change the situation in the gaza strip i really understand the situation of the people in the south they deserve peace and security well it certainly seems as if a skeleton is on the cards we have heard from the israel defense forces home front come on that all roads all schools and the train line along the israel gaza border are closed until further notice now this follows a deadly night of telling a tree airstrikes conducted by the israeli army on several locations in northern gaza and on the syrian capital damascus now the israeli army says that these included sites belonging to the palestinian islamic jihad group and amongst them
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were weapons facilities and training sites it also says that 4 people were injured however we hearing from islamic jihad that 2 people have been killed and it has vowed to avenge those deaths zionist aggression against damascus and the murder of 2 of our members as a result of the bombing is something that must be stopped and will not go unnoticed well this is collation comes after the american president donald trump's so-called deal of the century which was supposed to see a long lasting peace between israelis and palestinians but has been slammed as the slap of the same tree by the palestinians one of this coming just a week before israel holds its 3rd parliamentary election in a year the country is in a political deadlock now at the same time the americans have to recognize israeli sovereignty of the golan heights and also put in place plans for israeli enix sation on the west bank all of this is being seen here by me as attempts by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to win political points. exchange of
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hostilities came after israeli forces shot and killed a palestinian from the islamic jihad group near the gaza perimeter fence on sunday the audience then sent all the bulldozer across the retrieve his body warning you may find the following images distressing. come on. young master i'm sure. you know. according to local media reports 2 other palestinians were wounded by israeli live fire as their attempt to recover the body the i.d.f. claimed the man along with another donor to terrorist had been planting an explosive device near the separation barrier a mass which governs the besieged gaza strip said he was. arrested in rights advocate is sam yunus told us the incident showed callous disregard for palestinian
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life. but what we have seen is very very degrading cruel and inhuman i think nothing can justify this godless of the kind of people or what they have done and those who all do it all but if you treat it such as should be brought to court the army on the one hand feel good in light put this is provide. put it to. just praise such incidents which amount to all crimes because if you feel that you are above the law all. those many would provide you. with their legal or political then soldiers will continue to do we expect the israeli army to investigate. you number of coronavirus patients located far from the deadly epicenter in china has suddenly spiked italy put emergency measures in place over the weekend with 150
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reported cases and 4 deaths it's europe's 1st major outbreak while iran has the highest number of deaths outside china with officials there reason number 12 earlier this monday and the authorities in italy cancelled a carnival in venice major sporting events were postponed as well as entire towns and communities were put on lockdown in asia cases. infected patients surged in south korea on monday with another 161 people confirmed will take the toll there to almost 800 the government's also temporarily shut down religious movements and the cult whose members make up a sizeable number of the known infections and meanwhile the united states is accusing russia of spreading alarm coronavirus linked to conspiracy theories by spreading disinformation about coronavirus russian malign actors are once again choosing to threaten public safety by distracting from the global health response the u.s. state department urges that thousands of fake social media accounts are pushing
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what it calls russian talking points some of the posts apparently claim for instance the virus is an american biological weapon and is being used to inflict political and economic damage on china the misinformation is said to be undermining the global response to the epidemic artie's thought of quarter has the details. foreign meddling support for donald trump and sowing discord the saga continues you'd think by now the u.s. state department would have burned through its reasons to blame russia for everything under the sun but with the coronavirus epidemic in full swing it looks like they're just getting started russia's intent is to sow discord and undermine u.s. institutions and alliances from within including through convincing coercive malign influence campaigns moscow says washington is just stirring up trouble and that could be the case but we're not even allowed to investigate the accusations officials are clinging to the details of the classified report kept secret by the state department's global engagement center and apparently accuses russia of using
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fake social media accounts to spread conspiracy theories about america's involvement in spreading the coronavirus but if we compare the secret reports charges against russia to what moscow was actually doing we see 2 very different pictures of. if it's conspiracy theories american officials are looking for they might find them closer to home they are the ones publicly casting doubt on the official information coming out of china while some of them were later retracted allegations that the virus came from a chinese bio weapons lab were quick to emerge stateside just a few miles away from the food market is china's only biosafety level 4 super
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laboratory research of human infectious diseases you have lived consistently about this virus if you give me a senior administration official told me that the united states does not have quote high confidence in the information coming out of china. this point the world health organization has called for all sides to think twice before making accusations and the chinese envoy to the us has warned of the damage inaccurate information can cause the 29000 and covert outbreak and response has been accompanied by a massive info demick an overabundance of information some accurate and some not that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance when they need it so very harmful it's very dangerous to stir up suspicion rumors and spread them among the people forwarded this to a crowd panicked friend. racial discrimination as you know phobia there might be
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a lot of confusion and mudslinging but at least u.s. officials are trying to look on the bright side of this worldwide epidemic the fact is the does give businesses there yet another thing to consider when they go through their review of their supply chain so i think it will help to accelerate the return of jobs to north america this is a wake up call for an issue that has been latent for many years but is critical to u.s. economic and national security we cannot necessarily depend another country's even close elyse to supply us with needed items from face masks to vaccines and while washington continues to accuse russia of undermining the country's institutions they seem to be doing a good job of that already russia serves a very important purpose. and american politics these days rather than add a lot of the its own problems and trying to figure out how the you know how they
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arose and how to fix them americans find it much easier to blame someone else and that target is usually russia the u.s. just the u.s. intelligence agencies feel that they they can only benefit if they attack russian accused russia of various malign activities but i believe i don't believe russia has any any desire any interest in spreading this information about the coronavirus because. if you spread this information that causes that that allows the the disease to spread all the more rapidly and russia is vulnerable as well so why would russia want to burn down its own house up next crossed over looks at allegations of russian involvement in the latest u.s. election account might if you're watching us in the u.k. the documentary channel explores sectarian violence in an island in a quiet growing.
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the russian state television propaganda machine propaganda outlet propaganda tools we are in an information war. is the can change the world tomorrow. we send out you tube videos the 1st russia today missile launches network online. russian brushes russia russia and russia say. well i want to show you the t.v. that they would choose russia to do and i really have a joint that if you see you then on
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r g. 4 are so proud and. are just getting through a number. why have you not shut down r t on you tube it's a propaganda machine mr walker.


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