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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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claims of russian meddling in washington democratic senators are calling on president trying to slap still more sanctions on russia alleging moscow is interfering in the upcoming 20 twentieth's. and historic legal hearing the begins in london to determine whether julian a song will be extradited to the us where the wiki leaks founder is wanted on hacking and espionage charges his supporters claim the case against him is extremely weak. but we're going to more of the same the same thing we've been hearing for 10 years 2020. 4 a lot of people look for a single evidence. and in this study and woman requests asylum in russia after her
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ex-husband is acquitted of sexually abusing their daughter. his name is collin bray and he has your global news update next hour but 1st it is cross international while in the u.k. and ireland it's time for renegade stay with us. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle russia . has just been released starring donald trump but also now bernie sanders indeed russia gate has achieved cult like status also turkey on the ropes in syria .
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across talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow dimitri bob he's a political analyst and editor it interests me internet media project and in london we cross to marcus papadopoulos he's the editor of politics 1st magazine all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to london 1st marcus we have all of this going on in the united states with the presidential election and mike bloomberg and bernie sanders and russia gate but meanwhile in syria a lot is happening it's very very dangerous it could internationalize the war again so what my question is to you and it centers on what in the world is turkey trying to pull off there it is breaking its all of its agreements and it's making the situation worse when the when the war is finally coming to an end marcus in london . let me set the scene by say that turkey and russia are traditional
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foes and if anyone is in doubt of this i would refer them to how turkey aided easily missed separatist militants not just in chechnya but also in pakistan and in the shanty earth during the $99.00 seas or so despite the handshakes and smiles between earth again and fluids in turkey and russia are involved in a proxy war with each other today in syria similar to how soviet and american leaders would meet each other when their countries were involved in crosseyed wars with each other in vietnam and afghanistan now turning to elites turkey overstretched itself when it is both itself illegally in syria and it turning points in turkey in syria was when this hurt shot down a russian fighter aircraft at the end of 2015 because ever since then the
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russia has significant leverage over turkey when it comes to syria let's not forget that it was earth again who flew to set pieces but at the beginning of 2016 so made sweet crude. and sucrose fusillade apologized to putin for the shooting down of that russian aircraft why kate did earth again do that 1st because of the serious here russian sanctions yet that includes in place on the turkish economy but there was another raise that if you have a look in the immediate period after that search shot down that russian aircraft up until earth again flew to said he spoke to apologize the codes in their office spying in the amounts of turkish soldiers and police officers who were dying in common. that's with the p.k. and the p.k. k. and russia are traditional friends so i believe it's
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a cross. to draw their own conclusions on that you know this supports the say that says that a turkey in syria is at the mercy of russia we saw in greece and dates how they look. to shore. banks and so. with one word of condemnation on ankara finally plates i would submit this to turkey has been left on its own in syria by american society russia on its own similar to how the americans left the british and the french in egypt space the soviet union during the suit serious canal crisis ringback you know the you know there's been some noise being made pompei was backing the turkey's claims in on goals all that but they haven't really done anything yet and i doubt donald donald trump will pursue that as he so close to the his reelection bid here but marcus papadopoulos
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is is really right ever since russia was invited in to end the conflict in syria and this is essentially a conflict against terrorism there and terrorists and countries around the world that support terrorist turkey is one of them there's a lot at stake here is this again one of the ones bluffing games because if it is maybe it works at home it hasn't worked with the russians at all and i would even say the russian side is shown enormous restraint in patients go ahead oh well i would say that this is just one more order against mistakes it was a mistake in the 1st place to go against syria he had a good relationship with with president abbas up until 2011 they went in together and let me remind you that this was one of the reasons why the walled kind of. to stay in power longer than any previous turkish prime minister he
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sportive see in the 2000 was good relations with all the neighbors you know even with armenia unfortunately he detour from the border later on and syria was the main disaster i think but i would add. marcus has just said so the sequence of events in september 2015 russian air force starts operate in in syria let me remind you that before that for 11 months the so-called coalition had been born being the so-called islamic state isis and i just continue to expend some how well they did what they did is they bombed the infrastructure of syria to create a failed state in the literal exactly that they didn't fight isis it was a very strange bomb being which somehow was a company and by strengthening all of the islamic state after russia moved in in september 2015 these states started to shrink and now it's almost nonexistent thank
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god but so in the end of 2050 in the darwinian over the russian plane saladino relations in some 2016 the failed coup attempt against aragon which is very mysterious i will not make any claims. after that. is very distrustful of the united states and a lot more. even though but what we know really started before that that's what makes this let me go back to marc is that this is what makes it really so such a murky situation here because everyone has got himself again in a situation he's boxed himself in because he doesn't want to lose face here and the russians. lost in this last december negotiated a a dignified withdrawal to actually clean up the remnants of this of these terrorist cells in and he has broken his word again how do we get out of this quagmire without a major conflict marcus. well let me just add to the previous comments by saying
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it wasn't in the interests of france to invade russia relates in trouble it was in the interests of napoleon if we take the current situation in syria it wasn't in the interests of turkey to invoke itself in syria but it was the interests of earth to get to vote so indeed in syria but where do we go from here well it's very very clear that the syrian army is advancing rapidly in italy and backed by the russian military and also about spite the you're a new military it is almost over against dreams of extending turkish influence into the middle east by keeping hold of parts of syria especially because the americans have told him in no uncertain terms that they are not going to come to his rescue so the turkish army is not go into engages in
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a military confrontation with russian military because it would be it would be military suicide for it to do so so i think that serves publicly our say that they will resist the so-called aggression of the syrian government and the syrian army but in cryovac they will be saying very different words to the russians and now it needs a dignified literally it's ok for a moment said marcus lee but as we've already been there we've already been in that situation in the medina we've already been in that situation i mean what now is because like i said the new russia certainly doesn't want to get into into a major conflict with turkey since relations between the 2 countries have been proven immensely over the last 3 or 4 years in russia will not get into the conflict for a very simple reason out of a guy what in a much better position to attack and basically occupy syria in 2012 or the western
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wall. it was against syria mr sarkozy convened the so called friends of syria you know summit in which all the western countries took part you know dozens of countries so if he didn't attack than or rather he tried and they failed he knows he's going to fail now because it is just a small part all the syrian territory of the government controls 90 percent of syria he is in the works but with a situation right now his real dilemma is this 2 things number one as the syrian army moves to regain control of all of it it's already including the illegal occupation of the the americans there you're going to have these terrorist cells they only have one place to go north to turkey so he cultivated them protected them armed them money. but now when the game is over we're they go they're not going to surrender to assad and his forces they're going to have one escape route where they came from. there is also i'm sorry and the civilians and ability don't
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forget about you know the libyan people already very unfortunate after their help run the western countries and establish democracy is that they need in this country they're going to be you know their next misfortune is going to be their various comment to them you know basically are gone said that he's going to support some of them to libya i think that will be a solution for him because these people are dangerous. but. made a mistake on every step of the way but he's made a mistake was he was not resolute and often he is a position to the united states he took that decision why as $400.00 missiles from russia will stay with it but you know and then we have south stream turks dream we have that very important always wants to. pull and eat it you know he always wants to paly russia against the united states and the. last against russia and he always
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fails because the more than the west the stability tarion it doesn't unfaithfulness he was unfaithful to them with hundreds then north going to forgive it you know they want to go after him i feel down that's that's why the west is to tell you terry and no it doesn't so russia understands it very well so if you look at the. speeches or about the situation in in egypt and in syria if you look at the statements from that foreign minister ok the defense ministry is pretty you know like different then leadership people they say that that there is a get a deal of support from turkey they're telling the truth why is their foreign ministry less you know more soft spoken we know that the west is not going to support him and he is going to block for someone time and then that's what he's good at here marcus papadopoulos thank you for joining in this part of the program we're going to go to a short break now and after that short break we'll continue our discussion and some real news staying. in
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a picture. of . the world is driven by shaped by. the bears saying. we are here to ask. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of. 3 parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalists attacks
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particularly population of tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes and what was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing them they were active participants in the burning of the streets in belfast at that craig more than a 100 innocent civilians were unloaded as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and of the currency which the collusion was involved in some of those cases they killers would later be named. and i think it went to the very very top i think it the focus for all the water where all the taste you thought was going on and gave the go ahead.
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seemed wrong. to me but yet to say proud this day to come to advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she stood up for common ground. welcome back across the uk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing some real news. and now we're joined by alexander we curious in london he is a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com alex
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welcome to the program here well we have the sequel of the russian gauge lives on i thought it was in traction but no it has new life and it's the same figure is in the swamp in the intel community that tells us it's alive and kicking and that in the sequel as you've well notice bernie sanders is playing a very important if not leading role so in one way donald trump and bernie sanders have to share the stage in equal terms i have to say that i am a aghast by this i thought we've been through it enough times but it seems to be the only thing that keeps the political establishment in the media to gather on their war against donald trump when it's what 250 odd days out for a general election presidential election go ahead alex well it absolutely i mean it it went what did they say you know history repeats itself the 1st time is tragedy the 2nd time is false now it's repeating itself as far as followed by further false
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because this is completely full circle we now have both donald trump the leader of the right in the united states. the leader of the left in the you know in states and russia supposedly is helping and manipulating them both i mean it's it's so crazy that you know one wonders have people in the. united states taken completely leave of their senses i mean it is it is on that level of total absurdity and consider we have the new york times promoting the myth the russian help for trump we have the washington post promoting the myth of russian help from bernie sanders it's the 2 newspapers and raechel the 2 big traditional newspapers that have been drawn out to to pull this sort of game now you know the
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other thing i have to say is you know never never give up apparently on a failed strategy it didn't work with donald trump so what do you do you try again and you actually expand it and i'm hearing that bernie sanders is doing very well in nevada yeah so it's obvious you're ok with that we'll carry on but that's exactly where i want to go i just want it also stressed eamon to our viewers again based on anonymous sources of course ok but this is all happening for a reason and i'll give you my scenario here you had the conviction and sentencing of roger stone for for the pushers of people that support him back this conspiracy theory this ridiculous hoax they needed that conviction and sentencing to to make to legitimize at least one of their one of them now and then we have the
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this week coming up we have the extradition trial of joint assigned being tied to. tied to russia and now we have this and against bernie sanders and the reason why they're doing it is pretty standard because he's winning he's winning yes you got more than 50 percent in nevada that is in a standing outcome this is all connected together that's why the resurrecting it well. or lived. thing that is war destructive than their teeth or the mainstream media in the united states that is they are law they poured so much on job i have done that now with joe biden is losing despite his huge financial support and the media support why they love him so much they kept him that he had nothing to do with police mark and finally tens of millions of americans want to know the name of that ukrainian company very well and i think it basically destroyed destroyed joe
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biden's complaint you know what. i meant back to what you just said well i think that. you know these complain about he is involvement with russia is so absurd or only he can destroy his chances you know when he said my message to russia stay out of american election well my message strikingly is don't be a fool you know dong the same theory as their story your chance to be nominated in 2016 you know alex you know one of the things i find very interesting in looking at the coverage of this. geisha is from these anonymous sources it seems to me they're like living in a time capsule you know bernie sanders visited moscow on his honeymoon actually i think it was he came during the soviet knew there was a sister city thing i think it was moscow on a city in for in vermont i mean there was
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a reason for him to be here he happened to be having his honeymoon here at the same time but they're trying to stretch this out is that russia is it russia is still a communist country that they're making this really weird connections and that's something that is you know update 30 years ago but for the media it's still the same narrative in it and put in their minds because nothing is ever changed in the country i've lived in for 30 years it must be the same and the same bernie. same commie is now getting support from from the from the primary i mean i mean it it shows a lot of a really lot of depth any lack of depth of knowledge go ahead well has absolutely no knowledge i mean this is one of the things that came across from me very clearly throughout russia gate and right at the very center of the us intelligence community world there is a basic failure of knowledge about russia now cannot you say russia is in some ways
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the victim in all of this because it is being constantly blames by the us political establishment the militant center as i think somebody called it of the united states for whatever goes against you star bridgeman so if the left does well that's russia's fault if the right does well that's russia's fall and russia is constantly used in this way in american parties and struggles and the result is that russia gets sanctioned russia gets criticized its political leaders get demonized and the whole process prospect of improved relations between the united states and russia 2 extremely important countries russia the world's other great nuclear superpower that that prospect gets indefinitely postponed and russian people ordinary russian people are constantly caught in the crossfire and we saw that with maria
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boo tina and we seen this again in italy where the russian athletes were frist just before they were due to involve themselves in an important race no question at all in my opinion all these things are connected in again these anonymous sources coming out of the intel community they all turn to drain the swamp he's being overwhelmed. by the swamp to this day i mean this is again a continuation of the same strategy they had before the election after election in which is being badly badly being reinvented well i mean if only russia had been just a victim of all of these are it completely agree with that xander the basically it's it's absurd i mean let me just call to a republican senator. chris stewart do you think trump against their
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creations that he is a russian agent i challenge a new on to give me a real world argument where abortion would rather have why it wouldn't would rather have president trump and not burn you send us mr stewart said in an interview citing you know anti-tank weapons for ukraine and the expanded russian diplomats including arms control agreement and an arms control so these is making the world less and less safe you know if you want to be the president of the united states you have to show it to russia the 2nd next nuclear superpower so it just destroys security on our plane and the american political life is just is destroying security and not only american political life i completely agree with alexander that it's not just american nationalists or hawks it's the militant center you know you just mentioned. you know the european press you know kind of feels obliged to pay at least a leap service to support and julian are such d.s.p.
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get the liberal german magazine what is the headline. trial trumps and merica is against the weekly leaks founder julian assange and i'm just wrong the american. was a tromp who made a sound stay in their court or an embassy in london wasn't trump who imprisoned bradley manning and based. tortured him no it was their dora ball libral you know mr obama it was in the times when hillary clinton was the secretary of state but these people were the so-called liberals in europe and of the united states they want us have blacks put sports in our sport in our memory they want to destroy all of the things all the positive things connected to russia and they want us stressed all the negative things and they forget you know these grown men and french and british liberals they forget that russia was the only country there to give
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political asylum to edward snowden none of them had the courage to press them liberals about me she let me go back to oh xander you know one of the things i find really kind of comical never been able to understand is why would the kremlin have a preference either way i mean because it's just going to be more hostility it doesn't make any difference a i find it is really comical that you know they're there scheming about supporting the side against maybe you support both of them against each other i mean this is an assumption that is there every given any kind of serious part go ahead alexander or the other right because it was interesting to have a preference it understands perfectly well that is actually disastrous for russia to interfere in american politics and that's why one important reason by the way why have always been extremely skeptical about the whole russia get conspiracy theory which point which after multiple investigations has proved to be
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well you know lou the evidence for it has been spread bare and usually congested so why what the russians trying and manipulate the american electoral process when the only result has been that relations between the united states get worse and just get worse so why would they do it i'm sure they're not doing. and all this is purely a product of american politics and politics which unfortunately have now resulted in a situation where if the establishment candidate loses. it bloomberg it's always the fault of the russians it's never the american people exercising their own time well the problem is that the political elites in the united states hoard democracy and they have contempt for the voter rights all the
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time we have many thanks and i guess here must go and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time remember. what i hope to change to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to be. the 2 going to be pros this is what before 3 in the morning be good. i'm interested always in the water in the. city. the point is should we actually be charging for it because this is when we charge for things is because it's been
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a benefit to the person who is buying it and that's the audiology that took over education about 30 or 40 years ago but the perspective of education was originally that education is a benefit for society in general i wouldn't want to live in a saudi without doctors or engineers all saw just what happened without economists . saying it of being a profit benefit ignoring the public means that we're ignoring that the skill bias we need for sophisticated. it's a saudi and putting the burden of that skilled bias is on the individuals and what we turned it into is just now the china institution of higher education become a form a version of a real estate scam that is not the vices for a functional saudi. in dublin the campaign group justice for the forgotten had for years been demanding a public inquiry into the dublin i'm on. it still took 7 years for the irish government.


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