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it was. nothing like. it was. for employees from russia sputnik news agency in turkey have been released they were detained earlier in the day and taken in for questioning. greek police clashed with migrants at the turkish border after ankara gives the green light to asylum seekers hoping to reach the apparent bid to put pressure on nato into backing its offensive in series italy and it's been a long wait for doing this on john his supporters with the 1st phase of his u.s. extradition case now complaint during the hearing so that we can expand it was kept in a glass cage and denied the opportunity to interact with his lawyers we heard from one of them. couldn't take part in the court process this is inconceivable how can a person be in court without being able to interact or communicate with his lawyers
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who are representing his interests but also to come in the weekly residents of towns northeastern france accuse their belgian neighbors of illegally dumping garbage across the border. hello welcome the latest developments and look back what's been happening over the last 7 days to you watching weekly here an r.t. international now for employees of russia's sputnik news agency in turkey have been released after questioning the editor in chief along with 3 others were detained in ankara and istanbul on saturday sputnik says that turkish police also searched office although no reason was given as to why earlier. more details with my colleague neil harvey. because he has been grabbing headlines in recent days you've seen this picture of migrants flooding across its border but this is another story
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from there that's been slightly overlooked so in 3 journalists who work for russia's sputnik news agency in ankara have been released now off to several hours in police custody and that's because off to questioning no reason was found to hold them for i originally they actually went to the peace of their own free will because they wanted to file a complaint about an alleged attack that they'd been victims to in that own homes on saturday and after that nothing was heard from them until now of course which understandably sparked a concern from moscow. on the turkish authorities to intervene provide safety to the russian media and ensure that all circumstances are clarified it's also said that the editor in chief of the istanbul bureau was also detained by police and what some are calling a flagrant violation of media freedom it's now being confirmed that he too has been released and that happened is also thought to have the offices of the bureau even
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some reports saying that they made copies of hard drives from the computers the. interest of the attacks in the homes of the euro zone's sinister what details do we know about those well it's alleged that they were not spontaneous attacks but rather a coordinated affair and that they were instigated by turkish nationalists there are some reports saying that these nationalists gathered outside the private homes of these 3 journalists some of them even allegedly broke into them and they were chanting nationalist slogans and they also according to some stories versions they allegedly accuse these employees of betraying that country because they walk for the russian news outlet there are some stories reporting that they said phrases like turkey for the russian spies they were being thrown around. and but why would that be such a still at sea towards these 3 while unfortunate some in turkey are blaming russia
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for the deaths of dozens of tucker soldiers and in a syrian asteroid recently that's despite the fact that i'm come out very clearly said that we know that the russian air force was in no way involved it's also worth mentioning let's quickly listen in to another motive that was suggested i condemn last night's threats and attempt to deterrent against 3 to keep the sputnik journalists harms and encourage concerned that they were reportedly detained today . as you through g.'s to ensure the safety of foreign correspondents now the article in question is one in which 19th disputed referendum in the now province of a tie is discussed with some suggestion that potentially it was rigged by the turks but i do want to say that that has not been confirmed or stop as a motive for these attacks but it is briefly was just saying that this is unfortunate not the 1st time that sputnik has faced problems in turkey back in 2016 for example the news website was temporarily blocked by the country's telecom
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regulator as this latest turn of events would of course be keeping an eye on it and see how it all plays out. ok let's get those independent who joins us good evening. a lot of speculation as to why these employees may have been detained what's your take on this story. well i think at this typical had a smile by the turkish government and their nationalist friends you know demonstrations and then it's not demonstrators those that are arrested by the journalists very strange especially after that article about the province the turkish province which is very close to syria at the bottom of the country and by that is a large arabic minority in this province it's close to it leapt to the syrian province of lip where 33 truckies soldiers were killed by syrian forces
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a few days ago so it shows the nervousness of the turkish government and the way the autocrats in is dealing with it i mean it's incredible that he at the same time calls on nato to support him in his difficulties let's say with syria while he has not informed nato of what he was doing and on the other hand blackmailing europe by sending migrants to the greek borders greek and getting borders to let them go through while each has promised against billions of euro by the european union to close a splitter so it's unacceptable all this and it shows the nervousness in in ankara because turkey is very isolated for the moment especially on the syrian issues and i suppose some ministers of defense at nato. there turkish counterpart when there was a meeting last week what were the turkish soldiers doing in the city in province of
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it leap deep into the province 33 were killed what were they doing there you know still what do. this is sort of talking more specifically about journalism now in turkey what does it say about the freedom certain journalists have then to report on what they think is going on because we've heard from the journalists union of turkey slamming these detentions today i just wonder what your thoughts were on land. well the freedom of the press in turkey is not reality in a more sense to cool. a few years back the regime has really. imprisoned journalists is. going to made it very difficult for the press to work in turkey also now for foreign correspondents that gets worse with the time so it's really an issue because turkey was right of
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free country in that sense and with a thriving press on all sides and now it's not the case anymore thousands of journalists being imprisoned and so it's frightening worry to see that ok look. we've been at a time this week with a independent journalist thanks for coming on. thank you. now is not the only issue turkey's involved ins we were talking there there are fears of a new migration crisis with almost $50000.00 people crossing into europe in a day and that is after turkey opened its borders to the ye large numbers of migrants and refugees were seen throwing rocks at the border patrol's before they cut through a barbed wire fence at the turkish greek border anchor effectively tore up an agreement with brussels under which it took charge of millions of asylum seekers in return for financial aid on the other side greek police greeted the newcomers with
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take its. place but it. was. while still follows a flare up in tensions in series last remaining terrorist stronghold italy probably turkey threatened to launch a full scale military operation there are dozens of its troops were killed in a syrian air strike that was targeting. this and encourage voiced concerns about a fresh influx of refugees fleeing instability from that region the hostilities have all but ruined the escalation agreement with russia. takes up the story. it's maybe syria's last remaining terrorist stronghold but seems to be killing the last remaining hope for peace or even a dialogue there. turkey
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which once committed to working with russia to clear terrorists from the area is making a u. turn yesterday i asked what is your goal if you want to set up a base you can set up a base draw your troops back from where we are leave us face to face with the regime the comments came after 33 turkish soldiers were reportedly killed in a syrian airstrike on the lip according to the russian military the troops died while operating alongside terrorists and turkey failed to inform us that they were there. the syrian army has every right to due to regular violations of the cease fire from inside the loop zone to neutralize terrorists so we cannot restrict the syrian army from fulfilling requirements written in the un resolution and a cry for help and car a cold and emergency meeting with nato but i mean speculation that alliance could
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be dragged into war nothing was offered more than words of support i don't think nato forces will enter syria in support of those who've gone the problem for turkey is the nato alliance principle is an attack on. all but the turks might be risking trying to so able to attack by one nato states brings in all the others to support it and i think there's a lot of reluctance to see new to come into our economy. russia so there's quite a lot of powerful voices in nature to support the turks desire to see the syrian army's offensive stopped but i'm not sure they want to go beyond words and caption but we're just friends so it seems ever gone deployed another tactic trying to force europe's hand. what we did is we opened up because you promised us assistance but you did nothing and do not close those doors because the e.u. must keep its word just hours later crowds of migrants rushed to the frontier buy
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food by bus by train even risking their lives at sea. and not all of them off from syria i'm from afghanistan are going to greece for a better life just as government did right by opening the borders i have been in turkey since i was 3 i'm originally from afghanistan i want to go to greece because i want to move to europe living conditions are better than ours but there wasn't exactly the warmest of welcomes on all for on the other side of the border agree even used tear gas in a bid to make the new comers abandoned their dreams of a better life is the numbers most were strengthening forces on landed at sea additional police and army officials are being transferred the government is determined to do whatever is necessary to save god. so new wave of the refugee
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crisis in europe relations with russia again plunge into new lows nato losing its patients well maybe even more turbulence than ever before in just a matter of weeks after the guns managed to undo the progress of the last 2 years taken the world in a direction that's the exact opposite of the peace the turkish president still promises to restore it's a serious escalation. the turks who chose to intervene militarily directly because they were doing so by proxy by cleaning organizing i mean. terrorist groups fighting the government. wants no quarter of the political reasons because the russians and the syrians didn't want to leave the region goodbye to. the residents and. get them it was not sanctioned by any un resolution and it was granted that. invasion order and occupation by your.
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'd city and get it ready for we are getting reports too that turkey has shot down 2 syrian air force planes neatly province the aircraft were said to have been carrying out a counter-terror mission when they were brought down by turkish jets the pilots they reportedly ejected to safety now still to come for you on the weekly times in northeastern france accuse that belgium a visible easily dumping rubbish across the border we'll have a look at the details just awful. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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the point is should we actually be charging for it because this is when we charge for things is because it's a benefit to the person who is buying it and that's the audiology took over education about 30 or 40 years ago but the perspective of education was originally that education is a benefit for society in general i wouldn't want to live in a society without doctors or engineers to happen without economists. seeing it or being a private benefit ignoring the public means that we're ignoring that the skill basis we need for a sophisticated society and putting the burden of that school biases on the individuals and what we've turned it into is just now the churn institution of higher education become a 4 version of a real estate scam that is not the basis for a functional society. welcome
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back to the 1st phase of shooting a science is us extradition case wrapped up this week the decision on whether he will be handed over or not will be reached in may further hearings. the prosecution argued that a sanch knowingly put hundreds of lives at risk when he published tribes of classified u.s. military files without redacting names and of the sensitive information to washington claims that following those leaks in 2010 sources disappeared in iraq afghanistan and also iran the wiki leaks found resource accused of encouraging the whistleblower and army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to hire the pentagon's computer network was on his defense team have sought however to counter those allegations but tracing their case with previously. undisclosed information they claim that the publisher actually warned then secretary of state hillary clinton about the leaks so as to ensure the safety of the individuals whose names appeared
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in the documents they've also stressed to that assad his activities are protected by the principles of press freedom and his lawyers have strongly rejected the assertion that he encouraged manning to hack the pentagon furthermore they say extradition would undermine their client's health or during the hearing the science was held in a glass cage he was also prevented from talking to his lawyers we heard from one of them. well uncle said. a songe was in a grave condition before court but during the extradition proceedings that got even worse he was being held in a seethrough room without any access to his lawyers so while he was being delivered to this room he was handcuffed 11 times he underwent a full body search twice and went through 5 different rooms before he finally entered the court moreover a songe couldn't take part in the court process he was deprived of any kind of interaction with his lawyers but he tried to reach out to be by passing a piece of paper through
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a gap in the glass box he was being held in and he was told off by the guard because of that i mean this is inconceivable how can a person be in court without being able to interact or communicate with his lawyers who are representing his interests rather waging the songes supporters have been protesting outside the court claiming the case is a test of fundamental press freedoms and calling on london and washington not to shoot the messenger sept supporters also been a key feature of the hearing. pentagon the new admitted. in cho's remaining straw the body had been for the release or so why aren't we discussing the harm that was released there was revealed by the releases of which is in 29 and 2011 why aren't we here talking in court about the war crimes yes that's the nature of innocent civilians by the military the slaughtering of reuters journalists. that is what we should be talking about in
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a courtroom in this country and in america you know you say what why is everybody here today they're here because they don't believe mainstream america will respect a politician broadcaster and former british and paid george galloway about concerns surrounding the freedom of the press. do then our sons is a friend of mine and that's not the julian assange sitting in the courtroom this man is mentally and physically shrunken and how could it be otherwise after a whole decade of this cruel and unusual punishment who will volunteer to be the next julian our son who will receive the evidence which checks out as being true of high crimes and misdemeanors by the u.s. government or any government for that matter including our own. then report it to the public there will be there would have to be either foolhardy or extremely brave
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because if they did so they run a very high risk of ending up in our bulletproof box in which ground for ceasing extradition and the rest of your life in prison in the united states trust me that won't have a chilling effect on free journalism in the world it will have a killing effect. the residents in northeastern france are crying foul over fly tipping. belgium of illegally dumping trash across the border and picks up the story. this may look like part of a landfill site but it's not all of this waste has been dumped here illegally we're just a few miles from the border with belgium and luxembourg and the french town of all core mu 9 is one of many struggling to cope with what you can see mountains and mountains of garbage that have appeared since october in nearby red
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it's a similar story trash both household and commercial has been dumped under the cover of darkness city at 1st we thought it was a regular waste but it turns out people are illegally dumping their washing machines. there for all and everything away should to give someone a similar yes but here we see it is far more serious we estimate around 200 tons of waste it's enormous as far as the pollution we don't know what's inside it could be tons of who knows what type of products chemicals. we don't know we see cleaning products last ix what more could be hidden but it didn't take long before locals track down where the waste was coming from what if we did the arms looking who had a trench piles and piles on it you don't have signs of being from the same place
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you know serious and i don't know it was from one term. and that if there is a new voice on 2 of these it and. i'm very curious isn't one of the then so there is no right when the company was contacted it denied any knowledge of illegal waste dumping but the local resident jessica told me that since that statement the fly tipping has continued it's been described as dumping on an industrial scale and you can see why back in redone the local. association is also concerned. in the water source or close to this pollution so there can be a problem because our pond this is the 21st century there are designated places to put like this on it's an acceptable and people are doing this regularly the mayor's office says the cost of cleaning this up is beyond its means no need of yourself on
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a financial level for us this is impossible to solve we have a small community of 100000 people sources it would cost the equivalent of the whole annual budget to get rid of this policy a criminal investigation into this problem with cross border dumping has we know you print and customs agents have stepped up their patrols now in 2017 they reported 7 metric tons of waste like this was illegally trafficked into france in 2018 that shot up to 130000000 metric tons now although there are no figures yet available for 29000 it is clear that this issue is escalating the communities here are fed up of being a dumping ground of the people's waste they want more regulation and are calling on the to step in to solve a problem that some believe europe's open borders are helping to facilitate
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charlotte didn't ski for r.t. in mosul. 4 years after they lost the white house to donald trump the democrats are still haunted by the specter of russian collusion and now they're pointing the finger at one of their own bernie sanders on course looks at whether he and the russians have been rumbled. good news comrades our agent bernie sanders is doing better than we expected in the primaries are planned to have 2 agents fight over the presidency operation hammer and sickle is a go but we have one problem some in the democratic party establishment are becoming savvy to our strategy vladimir putin thinks donald trump should be president of the united states and that's why russia is helping bernie sanders get elected so he'll lose to trump it doesn't help that just last week western media published information about our top secret operation exposing the connection
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between agents trump and sanders with our center in moscow as you learned tonight and today yesterday the day before is going to have we're going to war help coming from learn to be prudent world. war help the wanted to do want somebody who didn't think could be from at least agent trump was able to follow orders i admit nothing deny everything and make counter accusations it was highly exaggerated. and frankly i think it's disgraceful and i think it was a leak from the intelligence committee our house version and i think that they leaked it i think probably shipley good agent sanders on the other hand really dropped the ball he panicked and that is the ugliest thing they're doing is they are trying to cause chaos the trying to cause a truth in america it's an ugly business and all of us have got to say sorry you're not going to do this in the selection and again is present in the united states.
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you will not interfere in our elections the order was to deny sanders deny but he broke under pressure blowing the cover of our moscow back to bernie bros i design these people they are not part of our movement all of us remember 2016 and what we meant what we remember is efforts by russians and others to try to interfere in our election and divide us up. i'm not saying that's happening but it would not shock me the center has good reason to believe agent sanders has been compromised we're losing control over his actions and he's praising our strategic allies too openly you know when fidel castro came into office you know what he did he had a massive literacy program it's not a bad think it's only a matter of time before they discover the interview agent sanders gave to profit i mean r t what effect do you think you can have on your voters it was so close here in iowa well i just hope that people take a hard look at the real issues impacting their lives to make matters worse we may
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have a mole in our midst how else could the footage have been leaked remember when the comrades recruited sanders at the new year's party of 1980 bernie spent his honeymoon in there in soviet russia i mean i think you're going to go back and forth about who's more in the tank with russia it's a really hard one between barney and drop we have made too many tactical blunders as it is and western pundits are already undergoing a campaign to discredit our agent obviously we know the russians are continuing to try to choose our next president like they chose our last president the russians don't want me to be the nominee who spent a lot of money on bots on facebook and they've been taken down say biden is a bad guy the no one biden rodent rule in politics pick your opponent and putin and trump are picking their opponent the happiest person right now it's about one in 15 moscow time this thing is going very well for blatter we have to promise you. probably stay up watching us right now how you doing we'll have our rivals already
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know too much comrade commissar i think it's time to extract our agents. now you can watch the week here in our back again and. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises oh politics to the people come on you know we've all pots to. be ready for a long. time up. pretty good. now you want to 1st. know.
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i can link up my. point iraqis now they live better should we have had a much better 17 years but we could have had a much more prosperous iraq a stable iraq yes as their. mistakes happen absolutely could americans have made things better time by far they could have done they should have made it better but that does not take away from the fact that they have stood up to around the dictator who was bloodthirsty and participated in the muslim and killing of hundreds of thousands of iraqis are millions and more muslims around and then the
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invasion of kuwait and so on. amanda margaret found it impossible to touch the man she witnessed shooting her husband the point blank range was robin jackson. jackson was a portadown loyalist who became one of the conflicts most prolific killers. he was also an r.u.c. agent nicknamed the jackal. 5 days before pat campbell's murder a man and whose home police had found 64 kilograms of explosives 2 grenades and over 5000 rounds of a sort of ammunition had named jackson as his accomplice. however police failed to arrest jackson meanwhile he is of liberty to murder part campbell.


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