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tv   News  RT  March 7, 2020 10:00am-10:31am EST

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a new. model for you performing for the supreme true will mean or goes. to gas is fired on the border between turkey and greece as tensions continue to mount it is the eyes of migrants continue to try to get to europe. also this hour the world health organization warns it is too early to hope for an end to the coronavirus by the summer and spanish students condemned to give parents the final say on whether the children should take sex education classes we debate the issue. proven throughout the world that early good quality age appropriate relationship that indication does actually work to say that the state must come in and muscle it into an area which would show parents be doing extremely well for thousands of years it is just simply it's not good.
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welcome to 6 pm here in moscow you watching international foreign ministers have 40 back down since following talks on the escalating refugee crisis at its border but despite both turkey and greece firing tear gas migrants are continuing their attempts to cross groups of asylum seekers are using the gas as a smokescreen so you against the police are trying to stop the greek offices are also far in water cannon and anybody who approaches the border fence tens of thousands of refugees have been gathering along the greek border since ankara decided last week to rip up a 2016 migration deal on friday tensions were also high across the board which. was good. bill.
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well e.u. chiefs have said they won't be pressurised foreign ministers were meeting on friday to discuss the situation here on the border between greece and turkey amid fresh tensions as you can see some of the army vehicles leading the border area now and this is both sides have been accusing the other of using tear gas we've had images from the greek side that they say shows turkish c.s. gas being deployed into no man's land and into their territory and what they described as being a series of coordinated attacks they've also provided us with images which show c.s. gas canisters that they say they were able to lay to retrieve which have markings
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on them now they have also been reports that the. military and the police force aiding the migrants to try and cross into greek territory in fact some are even accusing them of trying to julan means using violence to demand access to not just greece but the e.u. but those are of course unconfirmed reports now the e.u. foreign affairs minister has been defiant about the situation and has said that the buddha's will remain closed if you want to avoid. critical situation. if people have to. they don't have to tell the people. people have already pass. when turkey has said it borders will remain open they have been open now for a round a week and we know that camps. all forming on the other side on the turkish side as
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migrants come close to the border in the hope of getting into the e.u. . right. now amid these skirmishes between the 2 sides we know that turkey is now reinforcing its security forces on the border. $40000.00 special forces officers are being deployed to the merrick river on the border fully equipped to event people being pushed back now i just want to give you a sense of how many people have tried to get through temps or have been of people trying to get through in the last week we're talking 203040000 attempts in the 12 hours between thursday evening and friday morning they were just under 3000 attempts actually down from the night before when there was some 7000 attempts for people to get through the border now turkey has said this is syrians who are
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waiting to try and cross into the e.u. 3 says that's not true in fact they've given the statistics that show all of the around 250 people that have been arrested in the last week the majority were from afghanistan some 64 percent they said in regard to syrians who have been arrested it so far only been 4 percent but the feeling here in greece is one of defiance we know that they're also trying to extend the fence the physical fence between turkey and greece extending it from around 12 and a half kilometers up to 40 kilometers and in fact we've seen new barbed wire fencing passing us it stands defiant and has the e.u. to back it the message to migrants is you shall not pass. ski r.t. casting yes on the greek turkish border we discussed the growing crisis there with a political analyst from greece and daughter with the turkish ambassador. the greek government there's no other option here so there's borders and ships to do something so you have the guns now we're 4 or 5000. migrants already.
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zone between greece and turkey if greece accept them we're going to be. 500000 more the person who people who are being applied i don't see what the government could do but we mustn't forget during the previous refugee crisis. the political system you're actually collapsed over this might be part of this were destroyed we have been taking care of the asylum seekers for the last 10 years and we have spent more than 40 billions. worrying about them is that concept which can be described as a daily dollar short the europeans should not have caused their ears to our warnings for the last 7 years we told them numerous times and we're still telling them the solution is to bring democracy to syria the solution is that for the user
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to use to go to europe or for them to stay in turkey and now fortunately the park there was ignoring us and now i think they are starting to take us seriously. i tell has collapsed in the southeast of china with more than 40 people reportedly still trapped under the rubble. says working at the site say they have managed to rescue 28 people a moment though there is no information about any potential casualties according to that i can leave the hospital is being used as a quarantine side for suspected coronavirus patients he's still not clear at this stage what led to the collapse. meanwhile the number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 100000 that is the world health organization has warned it is still premature to predict when the outbreak will start to decline. we do not know years what the activity or the behavior of this wireless will be in different climatic conditions and it's a false hope to say yes it will just disappear in the summertime like influenza
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virus we hope it does i would i would be a godsend but we can't make that assumption over the past 24 hours for more cases have been confirmed in russia bringing the total number in the country to 14 or 4 of the newly identified individuals had recently visited italy. they have traced all of those who had contact with them and putting them under medical supervision many more around russia who have visited virus hotspots have been put into quarantine the russian has this report now i want the countries handling the situation. the man who was russia's 1st patient came off a flight from milan we now know that the virus is in russia and an epidemic may have started the effects of which are difficult to predict at the communal 13 here is a very interesting virus if the cells into thinking that it contains something beneficial
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and the cells accept it from of them if you feel unwell ice difficult to breathe should you go to a hospital you know you need to go all 3 or one or 3 medics will come and assess the situation if they find out that the patient has a serious risperidone infection and has been in risk areas then the basement will be taken into quarantine. i went to competition in italy where there was no app demick at the time a few days after i arrived back home to russia i started to feel well now we're in a new municipal hospital in moscow while urgent is started from us initial infection and we are from to spread to all province here at the moment of the specific moment when i understood that the situation was serious it took one or 2 days on the 22nd of december i was out with friends the next day i wanted to go to the city center of my. until the limit through had been closed but those each year or 2 at entering the metro but it was shot everything was closed would have to be in the $144.00 people were evacuated to 2 men from one on their arrival they rule
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examined by specialists. how is it that so many people who spend so much time at the center of an epidemic have not been infected 144 people were evacuated and not one of them was infected why. all the probability of infection from this new coronavirus was high but restrictive measures have been taken firstly limited movement around the city secondly wearing masks can frequently washing hands much of the main recommendations for avoiding infection 1st of all good care of the nose and throat this means rinsing and don't be lazy rinse until you feel your airways are clear. thousands of spanish students have rallied in madrid against sex education plans by the rightwing vox party demonstrators chanted feminist slogans slogans and also carried banners denouncing the so-called parent will veto well under his proposal parents would have to give permission for children to join
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school workshops perceived as ideological and that would include classes on sex education gender and other issues like climate change so far there were only the region of mercia has introduced the plans is being condemned by the national government although local authorities are refusing to repeal the move. we will not do it because it says the government does not believe in the world we believe in namely the freedom of fathers and mothers. homophobic family does not have the right to make their children harmful because well parental authority cannot be confused with property in the u.k. to g.b.t. education has sparked a furious backlash from september classes covering the issue will become compulsory there and that has triggered protests among parents particularly from religious communities we put the issue about. i think is absolutely right that parents do have a right to teach their own children according to their beliefs but the education
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system has a responsibility to give children a comprehensive education and to give them information to safeguard their health and welfare to say that the state must come in and muscle in into an area which parents be doing extremely well for thousands of years is just simply it's not good for the primary responsibility in fact rest for the parents and parents do have the right to opt out of of sex education a majority of parents think it is the responsibility of the schools to do that they're happy and content for that and if you look around the world in every country where there. was and low cost sex and leisure bridge occasion the levels of teenage pregnancies and abortions are much much higher michel as long as these classes of thoughtfully and the not indoctrinating children what what's the problem here are the programs which encourage more knowledge and more explicit knowledge were completely and utterly counterproductive
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whereas those which encourage abstinence people waiting so that they you know they gauge and sexual activity when they're ready and mature those were the ones those were the programs which were seen to be the best for teenagers uganda a long time ago abandoned sex education and went for abstinence only to discourage young people having sex the end result was increased teenage pregnancies and rocketing levels of hiv pairing one. happens in this country uganda is comparing apples and pears completely inappropriate comparison i would suggest ever since we have seen the introduction of sex education in this country as something which is compulsory since 1983 unfortunately there has been an unmitigated disaster which has happened in this country we have seen s.t.d. teenagers and young people go up to see abortion go up we've seen all social indicators of things that happen to young people have risen in relation to sexual matters it is proven throughout the world that early good quality age appropriate
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relationships that indication does actually work what the educated the people who know what they're talking about and they've studied this going back for decades that really the. waiting and respecting yourself these are these are the programs which work best under the most healthy which lead to the best and most prosperous society and what ultimately what's in the best interest of every child. has been as michael bloomberg and tom quit the us presidential race critics have suggested that their focus on spending money rather than discussing their policies played a part got it done of explains. russians are at it again and of plotting to purchase another 4 years of presidency for trump or at least this is the reality tom styer is living in donald everyone knows that in 2060 russia bought the election for you we're not going to let the happen again i'm all in to defeat you
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in 2020 if you don't know who tom styer is or what so great about him don't worry many americans don't know either he is a failed run for the democratic nomination and outrages spend on his own campaign style as a bid to topple donald trump is backed by his fellow loser mike bloomberg who spent even more trying to buy his way into the hearts of voters the sum is so offensively large in fact it even had emerson b.c. confused somebody tweeted recently that actually with the money he spent on every american in dollars i think radical way of putting it it's true it's just irving well it's a lot less disturbing if you get the math right quick arithmetic lesson guys 500000000 divided by 327000000 is roughly 1.51.5 well dollars not 1000000 this
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aside though style and bloomberg combined spent more than the $750000000.00 on their campaigns before super tuesday that's more than all other democratic candidates combined and as much as the entire hillary clinton campaign officially cost back in 2016 including primaries and the had to had with the trump yet all these guys zillions failed to secure even one delegate for stare while bloomberg got 61 and in case anyone from them ascend. the sea is watching it's math's time again and that's more than $8000000.00 the delegates you clearly can't buy the election to be some rich guy but if you're completely out of touch with the american people if you are so arrogant to spend this amount of money it's it's not going to get you very far the democratic party which is party
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of billionaires and corporatists and and large banks and what have you joe biden being that a credit card or banking candidate they like don't like their their followers their voters to notice because they try to present themselves as the party of the people obviously they're not but so they would probably like to keep that under wraps and while joe biden is excited to have these wallets now the poor and money into his campaign it's difficult to say why according to the mother reports russia spent an unbelievable 100000 dollars on online ads remember in tom stylez weld that was enough to buy trump presidency his hundreds of millions of dollars didn't even get him a single delegate not even a nomination so either that's some one hell of a money management skill or maybe just maybe someone's policies just aren't
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worth a penny some invisible mysterious russians who spent a $100000.00 on facebook ads of $26.00 team which somehow got the president elected well now we've got mike bloomberg who spent half a $1000000000.00 on ads that look at everybody going to spend that money and he could have paid donald trump to leave office not i think the president would he could have bought american samoa. you're watching i think it had to be the saudis and that's a popular character from this remake of woodland over maintain concerns we'll have at the details just awful. in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. max kaiser and stacy herbert dig into the burning questions of this election cycle one topic every week. tax student debt trade wars corporate money universal basic. and more catch up with what's front running this
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sunday exclusively on r.t. . is the great american boxer mahmud ali once said he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life risk averse is one thing that is not from being a key member of the mit blackjack team to investing in promising migrant into printers but what is a risk and how do you know if it's worth taking. oh
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yeah now with the craze of rebooting traditional cartoons continuing disney is back in the spotlight forgiving moulin and the friendly make saskia taylor takes a look in her weekly diary. did. diary you know me i'm generally a patient understanding person but really there are only so many injustices one can suffer when the live action remake of everyone's childhood favorite sleeping beauty dropped i thought yeah i'll give her a chance imagine my shock when a war is awoken from her sleep not by prince philip no not you but by molestus and herself no harm come to you as. a parent it was problematic because i didn't consent and maybe the prince wasn't how one true love a knife in the back of my childhood and then the time classic cinderella came and
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while it makes me so anxious just thinking about it but naively i still thought that disney could possibly destroy it well it turns out i was wrong just how many injustices in 100 minutes fosli the mice don't get to speak only they do is hang around waiting for the fairy godmother to turn up and turn them into coachmen i know what such might suspect i mean you're basically a little slaves. then prince charming got a very on regal dressing down and got renamed kit heaven forbid we have any magic romance of gallantry left in the world also you'd think that with 65 years to come up with a new name they'd have done it a bit better as a side note not sure why prince charming gets a make over but it's still ok for cinderella to be stitched into a course. in the blue dress it was particularly tight when i was trying to dance i
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didn't have the capacity to breathe to support the physicality and so i had to keep taking breaks and loosen in the corset then a latin materialized flying carpet and a genie in a cave yes please i was still clinging to the hope that the cinderella saga is just a teething problem no now princess jasmine had always been a favorite of mine and such a bad ass the princess turning down this handsome prince is left right and center but no that wasn't enough for disney they just have to make a sultan you want to be sold him but. he's been preparing for this my whole life now i watched all that and i stayed silent but normal because now they've come for the jewel in the disney crown they've come from milan and her disney match.
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i mean no one could possibly take issue with the shining the serious army captain could day i think particularly in the time of the me too movement having a commanding officer that is also the sexual love interest was very uncomfortable and we didn't think it was appropriate and the shang who saw me not as an equal who respected her as a warrior who's not just one of these princes swarming around in his fancy costume but can actually fish with his bare hands. sorry who built a friendship founded on respect with before ok realised he'd quite like your telling me of that his being ditched i know your out but kit gets to stay but no that wasn't enough for those brutes it disney you know the iconic scene where milan chops off the locks. poof gone bubba i know i mean i really i just don't know how much more i can take. or what he told you
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you're also counseled. spoiler alert don't worry though there's still the little mermaid out in rapunzel i'm sure disney's got some great plans to ruin those for children all around the world. it's a live in our regional council in the u.k. it's been accused of spreading transphobia over international women's day celebrations with no home that story is shoddy at which dashti. international women's day is coming up it's a day to mark the struggle for the right to vote and the fight for equal rights but this year the run up to march the 8th has been inadvertently embroiled in a trance rao certain council liverpool has been pressurised into removing flags being flown outside its town hall is simply red woman noun adult female and while that might be the definition in the oxford english dictionary it's been deemed transphobia the flag you flying at the moment is
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a hostile trans phobic dog whistle recognizes a symbol and brand of one of britain's most outspoken and visible trans antagonists and the leader of a trans phobic hate group moments later the facts were removed but the council saying it didn't realize the controversial messaging they were being asked to display we have been made aware of the potential issue regarding the messaging on the flag and southport town halls and have taken them down we have a proud history of supporting l g b t q plus riots across the borough we continue to support all members of all communities and want to look like international women's day had been cancelled later they decided to reinstate the celebration replacing the old flag with a different one we went to find out if people really find the statement on the flag offensive why would it be offensive if you like. just because you have a flag that represents women and doesn't insult anyone else it just empowers
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women i think it's a woman decision. definition of. i know it probably needs to. take a lot of political things to talk about a woman i don't think there should be a label and i don't think there should be a definition of genders all religions or anything but the problem i have is with the word transform the word phobic means that one has to fear something i don't think that's the case and i don't think the word is being brandished around as if it's. you know 2. possible sets of other agendas well what a time to be a guy it seems like you can see on the bridge anything without offending people or at least having opinions poles apart this is a very subjective a very relative issue it's an opinion based where you call it flag offensive on a tweet because it use the dictionary definition of the problem when you give in
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because of anonymous or angry tweets when you give in you give that platform power nobody should be giving power to any voice that is meant to silence for wrongful reasons and so we don't want to give those voices any more justification just because they don't like something because then it's going to cause everybody who wants to shut down a company shut down a cause or shut down any kind of truth or opinion that they don't agree with it's going to give them more power to continue lambaste in these defamatory slanderous remarks on twitter and social media which has been very very harmful to people we have now been entrenched in this culture of fear where everybody wants us to be afraid where we cannot say anything and what that does when there is such a pervasive culture of fear we're going to be labeled transpo record zina phobic or racist or homophobic or whatever it is. it is sort of the thing that's how things are looking in r.t. we're back with more than 30. banks
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guys are financial survival they say money to develop. a plan to take it easy this is a central plank support dying at the moment on a problem right now so you stop the. world is driven by.
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the day. we. ask. the imaginary towns are we going underground is after an afghan taliban peace deal collapses donald trump attempts to end the u.s.a.'s longest military war using strikes coming up in the show one of the negotiators in concert of the vice president of afghanistan's national assembly goofy on ridding the country of foreign forces after a conflict that has killed countless afghans and wounded or killed thousands of nato soldiers since $911.00 and trump's deal bound to end in failure we talked to one of pakistani pm imran khan's. pakistan's minister for economic affairs how my
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desire about prospects for peace stability and the end of american imperialism all the ball going up and today is going on. 1st 8 years ago today the taliban killed 6 british soldiers bringing the total u.k. war dead in afghanistan since 911 to about 400 then tory prime minister david cameron who don't eem months before launched another war against libya all but destroying africa's richest per capita country said this about the worst single loss of life since 2006 well this is a desperately sad day for our country and desperately sad of course for the families concerned it is a reminder of the huge price that we're paying for the work we're doing in afghanistan but what work in afghanistan no one has been counting the hundreds of thousands of afghans who have been killed maimed or displaced since britain in the usa ceased links to al qaeda linked groups in the wake of $911.00 and began bombing one of the.


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