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tv   News  RT  March 24, 2020 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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if. you haven't come up and go home this is not a film on t.v. this is a national emergency getting tough times italian mayors lay down the law on local floating distancing rules despite more than 6000 coronavirus deaths that we continue to keep you updated on how europe's adapting to deal with a pandemic. in other headlines from moscow this choose to the 24th of march the russian government announces tougher preventative measures the curb in the spread of covert 19 including steps to track those who had contact with people who tested positive. how to stay at home while you have no home to go to the plight of migrants and other people living on the streets leading medical charity tells r
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t about the scale of the problem in france. we have. our 500 people in the streets in a very bad standing patient condition of course we have the risk to have. the shoes regarding. nigeria. this is art international from moscow welcome to the program has just turned 2 pm here now this choose day we got a slightly new show jordan place for you for the time being i'm kevin and with my colleagues will be here each and every day at this time to update you on the latest in a full 30 minute world news round. there are currently over 3 191000 coronavirus cases worldwide with over 16000 deaths and over 100000 people have been recovered
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meantime in germany the latest figures there the number of people tested positive has reached 30000 we can report with 130 people dead. italy remains the worst hit country more than $6000.00 have died there and there are almost $64000.00 known infections despite being 10 days into a total lockdown not everyone there's a brain the rules putting themselves and others there for risk it's infuriating local leaders who are taking a smack of government to a new level. if they go home this is not a film on t.v. this is a national emergency. go home you can play ping pong go back to play stations you're not allowed to be here go play video games at home. all of.
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this is like a war bulletin because we are in a real war and now i turn to you you need to stay home don't you understand that people are dying 400 people are dying a day. we're fed a mother this morning i found one of our citizens who was lovingly walking around with his dog i said to him hey this is not a film and you are not will smith in i am legend so go home so the message is clear but while people listen let's go live to our europe correspondent peter all of the year despite the seriousness of the crisis in italy pay seems some people there is still not getting the message. well yes of course those videos they do make for a little bit of entertaining watching those maids taking that hardline but the message that they're putting out is really a very serious message the number of dead initially at the moment stands at 6077 people and as we've heard some people are not adhering to those
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instructions to stay at home the thing that really should give those people that are starting to get perhaps cabin fever cabin fever beg pardon for being locked inside is that it does seem that the isolation is working now the latest statistics coming out of italy show that for the 2nd consecutive day the number of people testing positive has not increased so what we're taking from that and what the experts are taking from that is that these isolation methods that have been put in place that they're helping stopping the spread of this virus as we know it's incredibly infectious the crew of the covert 19 strain of this this corona virus and the fact if you can keep yourself away and keep your loved ones away from everybody else stay 2 meters away from people on the streets if you do happen to have to be out on the streets it does seem that that's the way to do it put huge numbers of people i mean it's shocking really when we're talking about over 6000
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people dead in italy over 65000 cases being recorded there already and pe was the situation elsewhere brought to europe. well here in germany we aren't in that full lockdown phase that we've seen in places like italy and in spain and in the state of bavaria though germany is split into this that the federal republic different states have different rules when it comes to policing bavaria has been placed into a full lockdown here in berlin not so much but all non-essential nonessential stores are closed you can go out to supermarkets people are out walking dogs things like that but we're looking at $30000.00 plus cases in germany booked what's interesting about the german cases is we've got $130.00 deaths so far which is incredibly low thankfully when you look around at other countries in europe other
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countries around the world that have that many calm firmed infections interestingly enough the demographic here in germany when it comes to who's been in of infected 57 percent of those are men around the age of 45 so it's not really the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions that we've seen being infected with this in other parts of europe now i'm going to medical did come out on to the t.v. screen doesn't do that very regularly she did that earlier on this week and basically said that we're all in this together we all have to pull together on this but there was an underlying message to what she had to say which was we're going to make these isolation methods voluntary right now but if you don't listen to them then they may have to be enforced now in spain we are seeing those in forced end in the spanish situation really it's heartbreaking when you look at it we're looking at currently 2696 people have died
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that's where all in it's shocking how quickly so many people have been able to contract this virus particularly around the. madrid area and and have succumbed to it we are understanding i was talking to a friend of mine who actually lives in the south of spain earlier on he was saying that the police are well very very serious about the fines that they're handing out they are if you do not have a legitimate reason to be out on the street you're looking at a 500 euro fine he was saying one of his neighbors had been out shopping and he tried to go shopping in a different part of another town and had been caught out because he didn't have a permit for us 500 euro fine they're not messing about there and that's because so many people have succumbed to this virus in spain in fact we understand. an ice rink is actually currently being employed as a as a temporary morgue in spain as it stands at the moment and then in the united
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kingdom of course on monday evening we heard from boris johnson the british prime minister saying that he was placing the u.k. in lockdown they have around 65000 cases in the u.k. 335 deaths so far the big question in the u.k. is just how how people are going to adhere to this these are the toughest measures that have been put in what boris johnson said he said these are the toughest measures that have been put in in peace time i think they're really the toughest measures that have been put in in any time the certainly tougher than any isolation met measures that were put in place anyway during the major global conflicts that we took back to the 2nd world war certainly more severe than that and then it comes down to how this will be pleased because the policing in the u.k. is very different to policing in mainland europe they call it policing by consent as opposed to the more let's face it authoritarian policing we see in europe where
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the people will listen and if people won't listen in it here to the the isolation measures of the being put in place well then we may well have to see. not just the police involved in the united kingdom. but perhaps the military as well but that's we're not there yet we have to see and hope that people are going to read here to these isolation measures if you look at pictures from the from the london underground this morning though on tuesday morning train to fall trains are packed it doesn't look like it's got the message the message has got through just yet all those planes points out in supermarkets on a ticket booth and you see people getting on the trains that you see this time time again that you know because they've cut down a lot the 2 services in london as well that's made it more packed anyway but all of a for now thank you very much much pre-show to let's go to the more people are there yeah yeah exactly pick up much later you get some more headlines for us let's go now to milan and very close of course the hot spot in italy burger claudio is deputy mayor in the north east of milan you live an artsy international way
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there thanks for your time today how you cope and how tough is it where you are now is the only really just southwest of that big trouble spot in lombardy how you cope and. where the problem is that now all along but the hot spot saw of course that we had some eerie you know that this more affected but at the moment all are redrawn is affected is the main. effect. but the and the this is. because a dividing groups. the device spreads really easy really easily so i have to tell it to everyone be very careful because it's very easy to get the virus don't go out
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we're trying to force the people to stay home. it's mandatory to stay home and should be everywhere i devise everyone is listen be very careful it's very easy to get dividers so stay or go out on li if you really need to go out and people and hearing to this advice or not i meet such a lot for people to take in their bearing or with their lives all of a sudden their lives are up and then people are going to stop them i'm going to stay indoors and all this information is come so quickly it's a lot for people to process in italy you are most hard hit so soon after china people really listening to the last interview still got an uphill battle to get people to self isolate to stay away from other people to stay indoors. it's difficult to change your life immediately stop your relations stop your
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a contact you need only people like very much to to have a france to go out to go to a restaurant to meet france or to meet in the parks and this should be stopped it's difficult to to accept it but it is mandatory now this is mandatory in the north it's the most of the people are already understand that not all that's why we are using also this city police that these are going to be of the of the city hall and i'm responsible for the city police in my city we are using also the city police to stop the people that we see you hanging around and if they don't have a. need to be out d. it does is a criminal offense and we are trying to explain these olsson to south of italy because in the south we only do it by use not is arrived but not so strongly lies
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in the north and many people doesn't and this thing yet. there reask the they have a going around because it spreads a really really easy so we must stay far from everyone close and that's a very strong message more important that's a very strong message you've made loud and clear to time from now but stay safe yourself very wise words you say and deputy mayor claudia democrat in the northeast milan there thanks me live in art international where this may continue to every one of you. all right here the russian government's announced new measures to tackle the spread of covert 19 it includes bigger penalties for breaching quarantine rules and a new system to track people who've had contact with others who've been infected the kremlin's refuted claims meantime that such surveillance might violate civil liberties goes down off reports on that. well so far russia has more than 400
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confirmed coronavirus cases the epicenter most of them are here in the russian capital and in moscow just short of 300 now on top of that more than 93000 people here are under constant medical surveillance know what it means it does not have to necessarily mean that they're showing any symptoms on the contrary it's just people who have been in contact with those infected and just to keep them quarantined to keep them safe so overall it seems that the situation here in russia is more or less still under control but still new cases of infections are adding by the dozens daily to delhi as you said on the government's introduced new measures here yes absolutely because essentially the russian government has outlined well i have to say the key problem with that helps the corona virus spread because for instance a lot of people who are supposed to be self isolated the more than 93000 that i've
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just talked about and here in moscow for example the elderly and those who those who have preexisting conditions like asthma also they must stay at home but a lot of these people they are ignoring this and they still go out and in danger themselves and the others so the russian government has came up with a response the ministry of digital developments communications and mass media of the russian federation has been tasked with establishing a system for tracking down citizens who have been in contact with those infected with the novell coronavirus on the basis of their mobile phone geo location data provided by telecom companies citizens will be notified via messages if they have been in contact with infected individuals and informed of the need to self quarantine with the data also being transmitted to regional authorities in charge of tackling the outbreak so it's effectively the russian government will be using triangulation data. received they received from mobile carriers to track those
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people who may have been in contact with the coronavirus infected people and to notify them that they are to stay at home this is set to be implemented excuse me by the end of this week already but i mean informing people is not enough there's no means of enforcing it so russia is also said to toughen up to toughen the penalties for those who still break the quarantine rules right now if you if you do so you are fined if you are in fact somebody that is a different story that is a criminal offense so these penalties said to be toughened up to so also and also russia will be taking a whole slew of measures aimed at informing citizens both about the current up to date situation coronavirus situation in the country and about the dangers of breaking the quarantine and so on. around the rest of europe see what's happening for instance in the u.k.
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now it's pretty much got into a lockdown as from today russia is not there yet how does what russia is doing stack up against other countries measures that they go. about tracking people down russia is essentially following the chinese model well the only model so far proven to be successful at containing and battling this new coronavirus pandemic china has been tracking its citizens to see who's been in touch with the infected to isolate them so have been hong kong and south korea south korea being one of the country's worst affected by this pandemic israel is in this club too because they're using such measures to track down those infected by covert 19 they would normally only used to come by to prevent terrorism on top of that thailand is giving out special sim cards to all travelers for the purpose of tracking them down to. but as you've mentioned russia as
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a whole is not in quarantine there are groups of people who must stay home those who have again came in contact with those infected and here in moscow the those in the groups risk but largely people have been advised to stay home as much as possible to avoid public places but it has not been enforced into a little into a rule so it seems that as of now russia is still hoping to avoid getting the whole country on low down. yeah but of course a fluid situation will keep you posted on it after the break carried out international will look at some of the vulnerable groups of people who are the biggest risk of not only contract from the disease but also spreading it further coming up.
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seemed wrong. but all problems just don't call. me. yet to stamp out just because that's ok and in games from an equal to trail. when something you find themselves worlds apart. just of the for common ground. over the past 5 or 6 years very aggressively people have sold dollars to buy these emerging market currencies because they can get a better yield on those currencies suddenly when all liquidity disappears during heisenberg uncertainty for x. market schrodinger's cat of markets everyone is then short dollars they have to buy those dollars back because there are losing catastrophic play in all their non
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dollar plays in the market and this is causing a runaway freight train of the us dollar going higher. again is 20 posts when you have to do here most. look at it from snakes the country that scope some of the toughest restrictions on movement in places $20000.00 known infections in the $200.00 died on monday taking the country's total to $860.00 but while most citizens are hitting the order to stay at home seems not everyone has an option so do been scheme paris looks at what that means for the homeless who are among the most vulnerable to the virus. stay off the streets the french have been told yet for the homeless that's an impossible situation to be in doctors' charities are warning that those in the most precarious situations are perhaps the
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most vulnerable to the disease we have a camp or 500 people who are in the streets in a very bad sanitation condition of course answered with the risk to have. some issues regarding. nigeria's of course we need to provide everything to do everything possible to ensure they can get access to care and begin get access to shelter to avoid it in weeks in the last few days there has been evidence all the authorities are rounding up homeless migrants as part of the fight against the virus but the reality is that they are likely to be transported to shelters or gyms with hundreds of others so while the official advice is to self isolate they won't be able to if a single person already has the virus or is
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a career that could be catastrophic we need to monitor our receipts ration and to have another view of all the people living in the streets to have clearly some su stations to pay more. to take care of them and in particular of course the trains can run months to ensure that we have shelters provided very quickly and we needs to have centers for. those it is cases as well medics answer all the equipments and we are actually in france in shortage of masks gloves and everything to take care of the people in to ensure the security have security of the medical staff that can see. spreads beyond france on the greek islands where thousands of migrants are packed into camps without access to basic hygiene facilities even the simplest of preventions washing your hands isn't easy
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while in germany the police had to intervene following a brawl at an asylum seekers center more than $500.00 migrants were placed under quarantine in soon after one resident tested positive for cove it 19 there have been significant disruptions since the start of the quarantine measures which is why 17 people who significantly ignored the quarantine have now been moved to another facility the domino effect of the lockdown and the fear of infection has also hit food distribution many charities are struggling to carry out their activities following a show drop in volunteers many volunteers cannot continue their work due to age or health constraints we're experiencing an exceptional and unique situation places have been made available to shelter people but there simply aren't enough and that's been made pretty clear to me as we've been working across the city of paris
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during the code 19 pandemic people are still living on the streets here now while perhaps in more saner times the idea of having shelter for the night may have been the priority for the homeless the growing fear of being on lockdown with hundreds of others some who may already have the virus means sleeping rough may just for now be the safer option so much even ski r.t. paris. elsewhere the poll that oversees new york city's prisons is pushing to release more than 2000 low level prisoners from custody itself to 38 people mostly inmates tested positive for corona virus in the main rikers island facility and other jails to the director of a prisoner's rights group told us that tightly packed conditions could rapidly spread infections i was a person myself for 17 years at washington state and for several years i was held
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in a fish in a cell that was 54 square feet was another man. when you think about it and this is far from a common you have preserve being held in very tiny spaces oftentimes communal cells are 78 temperatures and in many states and have a southern united states reserves are held in dormitories you have a $2300.00 man literally locked in dormitories and they're sleeping 5 feet away from each other these are all situations that are almost ideal for a pandemic she woke grow and spread the u.s. federal bureau of prisons says almost a 5th of inmates are among the most susceptible to developing severe complications from covert 19 for now federal most state prisons have banned visits to limit contact some prisons have also started to release some of the at risk inmates we're talking about because they're unable to isolate them properly there are currently
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2200000 prisoners in american jails more than any other country in the world paul right again says prison chiefs aren't equipped to cope with a health crisis like this. but i think it's important know that the people that run our detention facilities are not medical experts. who are probably they don't listen the medical experts and they make their decisions based on how best to change people and the only thing that discussion officials of the united states are good at is locking people up they are not making medical decisions that are reducing we sort of as an ad keeping our community safe all they know how to do is lock people up so i think who are very very predictable results which is i think a very horrendous demick with probably a very high death toll a much higher one that needed then we would need to have if we had medical professionals having a type a say in our president jail system. well for now though for this live update from
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marty's main studios here in moscow with me kevin owen thank you for watching at this time every day we'll continue to bring you live bulletins from here in russia and also later in the day to wall coverage from london and stateside studio teams there around the clock you can find the latest headlines from us at r.t. dot com and across the various social media these of course are uncertain times for all of us but please be assured we'll continue to do our utmost to keep you informed and entertained over the coming weeks with news from a studio around the world of documentaries and our talk shows all here on our international. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true. is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. you know what i mean you had their say on their. own many grown men now for. a kind of war i wonder. if they now want to have in. africa mafias promised them safe and quick passage to europe. but once they.
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take speech util. will not some of them the be a mom and i couldn't you know if that is this you need to get it out of me and. to the. the soul of the. lady it's all caught of the united. with the persona that. you scabby didn't want me to lend you. greetings and sell you take a shit less welcome one and all to the next chapter of the great pandemic of 2020
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and what have the previous chapters in this book shown us now well you have a variety of bad big had to choose from really you have strange frightening inspiring courageous creepy me personally the adjective i like most of the scribe the last few weeks of this pandemic is. revealing yes revealing you see because it's in times of great stress obstacles and fear that often show us who we really are especially who are chosen leaders really are like us congressman richard burr who in his position of senate intelligence committee chairman heard the news of the impending pandemic before the rest of us and chose to save his own ass. while selling our physical and financial safety up the river or what about.


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