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tv   News  RT  March 28, 2020 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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drones are used to enforce a lockdown in the u.k. as police are given extra powers to contain the spread of. what is governments around the world use mass surveillance to restrict the movement of their citizens will look at whether george orwell's book 1904 is fast becoming a reality and also to come this hour concerns for the safety of the current work from home unions in europe are demanding employers do more to protect delivery starts from infection and is russia records its 5th day with 19 virus tougher measures are put in place to prevent the spread we hear from an expert from the
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world health organization. for me this is just a few manatee already we are for the most important lesson for us is to rebuild the health care system. that well can you watching r.t. international this saturday evening it's just gone 6 o'clock here in the russian capital ok let's start by giving you the latest figures then on covert 19 because across the globe more than 600000 cases have been confirmed that is up 20 percent in the last 24 hours alone 137000 have recovered in total but more than $28000.00 people have died from the outbreak.
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the british government is ramping up its efforts to contain the coronavirus police have been given new powers in the using drones to make sure the citizens do stick to the rules and stay at home. well this is a video message here posted by police in the county of darbyshire does a people to avoid all non-essential movement and that includes walking the dog in the peak district or actually going for a long walk and instagram as a single dad to they are told not to go out of their way to get a good selfie but if governments around the world do come up with new ways of fighting the pandemic the wrath is that things could never go back to normal but it
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looks now at how the global lockdown could change our lives forever. this pandemic will and already is changing us society i do mean the economy or social distancing i mean privacy freedoms these are now a danger to our health this isn't about judgment condemnation or endorsement this is a global health crisis many lives are at stake and desperate times call for desperate measures but look and see what's happening before our very own eyes troops and armored vehicles on the streets of western cities drools patrolling cities and ordering civilians to return to their homes. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah nationwide look downs police and troops detaining civilians for violating curfews a lot in the middle east or china but in europe and italy alone more than 100000 people have been charged for violating the law act out droom smaller to citizens from above where they walk their dogs where they pog where they congregate robots robots patrolled streets governments telling neighbors and friends and family to report each other if they find out someone violated quarantine we have created an online report in porto where people can submit a form to advise of and a gathering that are not in it here is with the guidance and easy to demand on one on one all of this was completely unimaginable
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a few months ago but it's all about. stopping the virus at whatever cost in the fight against this senator a crisis it is paramount that we anticipate the spread of the pandemic and its likely peak in each country in israel they started tracking people's movements with their phones to catch those violating quarantine or to warn people who have been someone who was infected in america in europe in russia they're talking about doing the same thing mobile phones have been turned into tracking devices for our own good they say it's hard to argue with that and personally for the duration of the crisis i don't mind my question isn't when this will end this total control my question is will it head and the european data protection supervisor of stresses that such developments usually do not contain the possibility to step back when the
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emergencies go home how often the government or police give up powers you don't need me to answer that you know full well yourself we're all afraid we're all confused and worried for our loved ones fear has gripped world our society because of that we have given up without complaint our freedoms to our governments for our own good i'm not here to judge i'm only stating the obvious with the hope that when this nightmare is over and that fear passes will get our freedoms back. but again as the if there were literally recorded more than 900 covert 19 deaths in a single day on friday that is its highest figure since the outbreak began hospitals are under great strain there as admissions continue to soar and intensive care unit in the northern italian city brashear is now running at 5 times capacity
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and we heard from a doctor there he said that medics are having to improvise improvise to save lives . but. hospitals at the forefront of many aspects of treatment and intensive therapy we have suddenly found ourselves having to invent new treatments and use new machinery that we would have never used in normal condition about 2 thirds of the patients spend a long period in intensive care. the number of beds has to be consciously increased because there are always more people coming in than being 'd discharged i spent 13 to 14 hours a day here at the hospital my colleagues have tripled their duties and are working night shifts to cope with the influx of patients meanwhile self isolation has become the new norm for millions of white collar workers who are able to work from home however for most blue collar workers that simply isn't an option and that includes delivery services unions in europe and i raise and concerns there were
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about their safety as artie's charlotte been reports. just a few weeks ago they were deemed unskilled workers i'm talking about the people who stack supermarket shelves or deliver our groceries books clothes and gadgets now as coded 900 forces us to hunker down in our homes they have become alongside health professionals some of the most essential workers of our time without those people we wouldn't be able to run as a nation we wouldn't have an economy and people won't be able to cook food on the table we just various clutches tissue. rolls of toilet rolls we've always done. in getting these products out. just like doctors and nurses who are fighting a war against this virus delivery drivers are also putting themselves on the front
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line and potentially at risk of be lying if i wasn't if i was saying that it wasn't panic especially with everything that's going on in the media well we've obviously implemented a lot of protective measures and social distancing to make sure that they're not as much with us and that we so many minds as these new key workers are ensuring essential and a non essential deliveries many of those who once considered important stock at home either an able to be economically active or at best working remotely the french and british governments are amongst those that have offered to cover a significant proportion of their wages to people who can't be in their place of work during the lockdown unions warned that's led to a feeling of inequality. there is an impression of an equality between blue and
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white collar workers. truck drivers delivery and postal workers those in trade and management many employees are in the front line mostly women and the working class and like the executives who shuddered when they didn't leave for their holiday homes this is causing more and more anger there's also concern that remote work is only possible if you're a so-called white collar worker so if you tend ball work as a salesperson in a clothes shop it's pretty impossible right now to continue that type of employment now these roles are often based on short term always 0 hours contracts meaning employers don't have to keep the morning when they need to tighten their belts the current crisis is perhaps only highlighting this divine right and if in the coming months old world starts to return to some semblance of what we need to let's not
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forget that in our time of need it was the low pay the manual workers that we don't and without the heroes delivering all good so keeping our supermarket shelves stocked we would have been lost. for our tea in paris we got some reaction to the story from the political commentator policeman that r.t. and also from the market analyst try good. it really is a test to to our readers and through our way we're seeing how. the next few months this is obviously are is the situation in iraq and we're afraid things like this for a long long are it's not altering obviousness which is it's really really vulnerable to these kinds of shocks on your car or. because remember where you were working means to go on the same way. governments can come together to support their citizens or the next few months or years right now
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through this pandemic what we're seeing is one of the benefits of being a white collar worker is that in many cases and that's not all cases but in many cases the ability to work from home is much easier than maybe even offices previously envisaged now that we've been forced into the situation what we're learning the more i think we're to continue to learn over the coming weeks is what shot the infrastructure in place at home and now many people will have the infrastructure in place it's actually much more simple than what we previously envisaged. now here in russia a 5th coronavirus patient has died and there are more than $1200.00 confirmed cases but despite the rising numbers there's also some potential light at the end of the tunnel because the world health organization has agreed with the russian government's estimate that the outbreak could start to subside as early as may russia has also revealed to a coded 900 treatment that is based on an existing anti-malaria drug or to help
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contain the spread of the virus starting from today restaurants cafes and shops are closing their doors only supermarkets and pharmacies remain open although deliveries of food and other items are still permitted there are no restrictions on people going outside at the moment although the public parks have been shut president putin earlier names to week long paid holiday for non-essential workers starts from monday. now work construction of new health facilities are also under way including this one in need of core of a city in the west of the country officials to say will be ready in less than a month's time to cope with a possible influx of coronavirus patients 15 similar hospitals are being built across the nation the government has already allocated equipment and supplies to each one we discussed the pandemic and russia's response to it was leaning he's the country's top pediatric surgeon and also an expert at the world health organization
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. no. humanity has endured another terrible a pedantic both the plague and cholera before this one we've had 3 other types of corona virus this is another one and will not last forever this is a new virus it will also pass but with more losses is the question. will. the hype the fear mongering for russia and for size is not very relevant the situation in russia is not so tragic the media will not be able to ask the cas to russia i support the measures if a quarantine was imposed factories and transport would stop and this would cause a collapse that is worse than the virus.
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that is needed that you know i'm not a fortune teller in a best case 2 or 3 months. for me this is a test a few manity already we are 4 up and damage if i were an examiner looking at what is happening in need to leave spain and other countries i would give a c. minus great which is the most important lesson for us is to rebuild the health care system we must be prepared for serious disasters we must be prepared for serious pandemics we must be prepared for serious terrorist attacks and we must be prepared for everything and above all our health care system must be prepared. for the moment at least russia's health system is just about coping and is not as overstretched as those in some other countries. working around the clock to keep the virus that day and that does include that moscow's main airport staying but
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that has prompted 2 brothers to show their appreciation. it was him who decided to volunteer and give free coffee to all medical stuff in the airport workers who are in the vanguard of the fire that is the coronavirus in this country our idea is to help with all that we have we can make coffee so it's not difficult for us to do those tackling the virus. a national day of things that we don't have any medical education so we can help them treat people the only thing we can do is make coffee and give some sweets to help them through this tough time the ultimate idea is that if we can help
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theoretically anyone can to. plenty more to come this hour after the break we speak to the australian doctor and t.v. star whose call for more testing as health professionals now demanding that he's the one put in charge of the response to the outbreak that story to come the stuff . is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is. in the world corrupted you need to do and. so join us in the depths. orem even the shallows. believing in weird things by the way is called superstition or magical thinking believing weird things like that is not a bug in the system it's a feature that comes equipped in the software of our program to try to connect things you mean by just in case there's a real connection. welcome
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back now straight here has increased the number of people it tests for corona virus after widespread criticism authorities had previously only checked those arriving from abroad and those who had been in contact with people 14 have died from the corona virus in the country with thousands of confirmed infections more than 180000 destroyed millions have now been tested for the disease after a high profile doctor and t.v. star took the government to task dr norman swan told the a.b.c. network that far more checks in needed for use and health professionals are like an hour demanding that he's put in charge of the situation. i'm a doctor and would like dr norman swan to be the country's health spokesperson jaring this crisis. trail you would have a fighting chance if norman swan was the chief medical officer nonpartisan no fluff qualified respected and well known the winner tonight is dr norman swan the losers
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are australia as he's not our chief medical officer because one assess the country's response to the corona virus and also tell us about whether he'll be the chief medical officer as many and that demanding. why would he want to condemn me to be the chief medical officer of the last drop in the world i want you know chief medical officers whether it's in russia or it's a thankless task there are no easy decisions where we realized that there was a vacuum of information where the public really where frightened and confused and unfortunately here to study they weren't necessarily gazing at all the information they felt we needed we didn't and we didn't understand that of the time i've been a broadcast journalist in health for a long time so we thought we provide the service and simply answer people's questions and give them the latest research it's still relatively low numbers when you think about what's going on in italy in america and other places but it's not
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good are doubling rate that's how how long it takes for 2000 to become $4000.00 cases is is shortening so it's down to 2 days we haven't been as good. in the straight in and finding people we've done a ban we reduced the number of cases by putting a band very early on in china but we were too late to put a ban on the united states and that's made it very difficult and so the next phase here in australia has to be with the government hasn't quite got there yet to really expand testing to look for people who may have the virus but don't know it. elsewhere the coronavirus pandemic is starting to take a hold in the palestinian territories and doctors in gaza have warned of an impending catastrophe with health services they're ill equipped to cope after years of living under the israeli blockade slit has more. i'm standing at the checkpoint between jerusalem and the occupied west bank city of bethlehem every day until
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recently thousands of crowds would queue here the large crowds the poor ventilation was the perfect opportunity for the coronavirus to sprayed the israeli army is now closing or checkpoints and at the same time it's tossed the police with trying to stop the spread of the virus however in the case of gaza people they will find themselves trapped in a dainty populated strip with a fragile health care system which according to the united nations has been crumbling away before the pandemic but. the gaza and the west bank are fragile areas due to the continuous siege there has been deteriorating all our medical capabilities for the 14th year in a row it's meant the gaza strip has lost all its basic facilities which provide health and human interior and that's the condition in which today we're facing this virus won't be able to fight this problem if we don't receive significant need for the health sector especially medical supplies and i see. the world health
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organization which visited gaza this week also gave its verdict the strips failing health care system will not be able to deal with a pandemic or law rather even superpowers couldn't control these fires not to mention the high density of population here which can lead to severe escalation of the pandemic so. that the situation here now is harder than during any war we had before and we've witnessed 3 of them that this scenario is definitely worse. we ask all concerned countries to show a bit of humanity and stand with us we don't have enough money to buy those masks we buy only one per day and even this not everybody can afford it most people can only buy food and most of the youths are unemployed despite this so far as he's in gaza are trying to be prepared for whatever is coming they are building a quarantine center. to host up to 500 people while issue factory in the west bank has now switched to making medical masks it's reportedly the only place in the area
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that produces the vital protection israel also apparently understands the severity of the problem is real deliberate hundreds of medical kits to the enabling observation of the virus also there are joint tutorials and professional medical workshops participated both by israeli and palestinian medical staffs where they are given the knowledge regarding the virus and probert tools in dealing with it but with a population of more than 2000000 people it's clearly not enough and guard service calling for the united nations and international community to provide it with urgent aid to battle the crisis in 2013 the american pluck best world war z. it predicted that a common enemy a zombie plague would force israelis and palestinians to unite and end the decades long conflict it remains to be seen with a covered 19 can do the same. r t m checkpoint. we have asked the israeli authorities to comment on the situation
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when you know when we get a reply in the meantime journalist gideon levy to say that israelis are getting a taste of what life is like for the palestinians. for many years israel is heard about their reality of curfew all heard about the reality in which people move from one place to the other heard about petro of birth or soft soldiers and policemen in villages in streets in cities but they've never experienced it and now all of a sudden it's becoming a reality in our hometowns in our cities in our villages what we are doing to the palestinians for over 50 years now is becoming grid. our reality it is the un comparable. because what they face in routine times is still 100 times worse than what we are now facing in our closure
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but say hope that some israelis will make the analogy and remember that we are doing it for so many years the palestinians maybe now we understand a little bit more about the situation. so that brings you up to date for now that's how things are looking at this evening here in our say but back again though with another update in just a half. backs geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble all.
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oh you mean there's a downside to artificial mortgage through don't get carried away that's cause a report. i can't show you my face but i'm going to teach you must. in 9093 this man was sentenced to death. they get charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for that week with the scent of a $23.00. confined within 4 gray walls he fights using. turn on to help him to leave death room.
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live action or dance or we're going underground as nature nation struggle to stem a pandemic but what about palestine patrolled with major nation weapons well the end of us. of the great march of return we investigate what some forecasts to be coronavirus khana jin gaza coming up on the show with 2000000 palestinians trapped in what's known as the world's largest open air prison camp and with serious shortages in medical equipment we speak to the director of gaza's biggest mental health program about trauma in the time the coronavirus and israel exploiting coronavirus to expand illegal settlements in the west bank goes into law and we speak to the un development and humanitarian chief in palestine jamie mcgoldrick scan israeli prime minister netanyahu is going to virus justice chief of staff to former israeli prime minister ehud barak also more coming up in today's going
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underground 1st let's go straight to gaza one of the most densely populated areas on earth tackling coronavirus dr yes robert you may director of the gaza community mental health program joins me now via skype yes and thanks so much for joining us so what is the situation in gaza israel is claiming it has sent you hundreds of testing kits thousands of or at least 1000 protective suits by the world health organization to save people save 2000000 people arguably from coronavirus. jeff thank you very much and the conditions as like this now we have only tool fortunately only 2 confirmed cases of corner of i am so around the same time we have about 1300 people who are in quarantine centers the these are mainly be pull out right from outside because this tip and we have about 3000 people who are of our asked requested to all be staying at their houses and like self contained this is a place that is under a block it's more than 12 years the health system itself is not in its best.
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lead in is for any. or not perfect to see if these kinds of complaints ok but i mean i'm speaking to you from a obviously from a area in lockdown britain it is better then than when israel was injuring tens of thousands of people let alone the 200 who were killed 8000 wounded in weekly protests it is better now where well in in one sense it's better because the probability of getting infected is a lot lower because you are as you said locked down yonder block and however on the other hand you know if he thinks get. i mean not control i mean then we will have a big and serious. issue to have but god forbid if we have an outbreak you know.


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