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well that's the good stuff when we try to go to bed go crazy future but you know when you do. they're coming you know we're never been there. hello there i'm milledge hand you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here are today's top stories 1st up votes on constitutional reforms are being tallied right now in russia to determine that country's future do most russians back those proposed changes look at the latest in a live report from moscow plus a closer look at the u.s. spy agencies conflicting assessments of the alleged russian bounty plot a full report coming up and over to seattle police are clearing out the occupy protest area known as choco and making arrests after of the mayor's executive order to shut it all down all right it's time to boost your news i q.
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. all right in the final hour of a week of voting that's been taking place in russia on proposed changes to that country's constitution while many have already had their say online president vladimir putin has declared today a national holiday to allow voters who haven't done so a chance to cast their ballots there are more than $140.00 amendments on that ballot including changes to the minimum wage and adjustments to pensions for more on today's vote will turn to such a tailor live in moscow for us so soft get has voting ended and what do we know about it so far. while you're absolutely right polling stations across russia is false terror. she
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responds 11 times says house officially close to the vote on changes to the constitution is an unconventional vote it has be and it was due to take place in april but was postponed due to corona virus and then for safety reasons it was turned into this marist in the week long voting process that stretched from the 25th of june all the way to today at the fust of july and it still people in mosques and gloved up voting and polling stations free to online voting in that home results from the far eastern region have started coming in at the moment with around 19 percent of the votes counted indicating that 72 percent tougher to in favor of the constitutional amendments but there are still millions of votes that do need to be counted across 100000 polling stations so we're probably only going to get a concrete official announcement on thursday morning but this plebiscite really has engaged people not reflected in the turnout which is around 65 percent which might
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not sound like a lot but actually it's much higher than we've historically seen with similar kinds of codes now saw scariest speaking talked about and the turnout what was the most talked about amendment. well look that's why it's consensus head rush at the some kind of reform is necessary the current constitution dates back all the way to 993 russia has changed almost unrecognizably and people know that the constitution needs to be adopted in order to face new and challenging of realities but it was not an easy decision for a lot of people not in large part was due to the all or nothing floating scheme so people have to vote either for or against the entire pocket of amendments and there are 147 of them so that really was quite a difficult toss that led to a lot of deliberation now one of the a man. it's that proved to to keep rising was one that can sods not to make to
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carry the system here in russia is that a president saw us 2 times in a row he could then step back and then return to the post but the amendment would change to 2 tums full stop much as you have in america the controversy stall today with zeroing out of president putin's previous times meaning that he would get a clean slate and so you could potentially run 2 more times in terms of what could potentially swing it in the yes direction well the package of social the mad but has really proved to have wide to peel these are things like adjusting pensions in line with inflation ensuring that the minimum wage it's below the cost of living as well as the financially supporting no income families and this is a popular because of course this has a huge impact on noise about might push people to the polling stations but either way obviously a big day for politics here in russia as people how desolate in the future of that
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constitution and so by default of course the future of that country absolutely thank you so much for filing that report saskia taylor in moscow. and days after an article from the new york times alleged russia was paying bounties to the taliban to kill american soldiers there is now a fallout over that over the information from the intelligence community as far as what they knew as top lawmakers call for action while president trump calls the entire story another hoax artie's rachel blevins is joining me live in studio to break down all the latest details here so rachel what if we heard from within the intel community well the director of the cia released a statement and she actually didn't mention russia or afghanistan but she said that the intelligence community is constantly getting reports about possible threats to u.s. troops on the ground and working to decide if those reports are legitimate now we deceived another report which cited an anonymous. and i say official in which he
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specifically said that while intelligence on this subject was received it only reached a low levels of the community and never moved out because they determined it was uncorroborated now the official said the n.s.a. assessed the claims but found that they did not match up with stablished and verifiable taleban and connie practices in the region so then how has the new york times responded to all of this criticism of this initial report when the new york times actually doubled down and they have said that they have evidence of financial transfers from the russian military to tell about now moscow has denied any involvement since the very start but secretary of state my pompei o did address those topics and he actually said that when it comes to the situation in afghanistan they are constantly saying transfers of money from a number of countries and it's interesting there that he brings up the money because the united states has poured more than $2.00 trillion dollars into the war in afghanistan and as we saw with the release of the afghanistan papers last year
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it revealed that billions and billions of dollars that have been spent by the u.s. had actually gone to the enemies that they claim to be fighting with no oversight whatsoever and what about here what are the lawmakers saying what is the no surprise that top democrats in the house and senate have used this story as another way to hide trying to russia without actually looking at the evidence take a listen what they had to say should be considering what. to further determine russia's malign activities. further ingratiating russia into the community of civilized nations above all going after putin this president has been played like a fool by president putin every time they negotiate putin wins and he loses he's afraid to talk to putin one can wonder why. but at the same time top republicans in the house and senate have also said they believe the report is accurate despite the evidence simply because russia is the subject here's what they said.
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the current. rumors that all of you are writing about. but what. if the russians were doing so but absolutely not and we remain concerned about russian activities in afghanistan and around the world we're going to continue to work with the administration we anticipate additional briefings on this issue. so now the topic of conversation seems to have shifted to what president knew were what he should have done as opposed to what these reports said and whether or not they could be verified or when we were right there rachel thank you for that update thank you. and over in seattle police are now moving in and clearing up the occupy protest area known as chop the area located near downtown has been filled with protesters and many of them camped out calling for an end to police brutality but recently the encampment has experienced a lot of violence and even a shooting on monday that claimed the life of
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a 16 year old boy trinity charges reports today is dismantling of chop and is highlighting some tensions between 2 local leaders. today police dispersing protesters in seattle's capitol hill occupation protest area also known as chop so in executive order issued by the mayor after a series of shootings in recent days. seattle police clearing out the police free autonomy created by black lives matter protesters following a series of shootings right now a start is actually just trying to remove some of the barriers that have been placed so we could open up some of the streets the area created by demonstrators as a part of a protest against police brutality and a way to self police after the police killing of george floyd i never committed 3 could play a game where you can eat it and it's not him and that doesn't mean he got hurt but today law enforcement dismantling the once police free zone following a series of shootings 4 that have been reported in just 10 days 2 of which were
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fatal heard a lot of commotion people calling for them when. i worked my way over here and sold . the individuals on the floor both were conscious of the time. they were both suffering for a couple and the seattle police department saying in a tweet due to ongoing violence and public safety issues in the east precinct cal anderson park area mayor jenny durkan has issued an executive order to vacate the area seattle police will be in the area this morning enforcing the mayor's order this as the mayor is now asking city council to investigate socialist council member kish want to snow and calling for her to be punished and possibly even expelled for her position over a series of actions surrounding police protests including using her position to engage in activities that support the demonstrations in a letter from durkin's office levels 5 allegations against salant including using her official position to lead a march to the mayor's home despite the fact that it was publicly known that she was not there and her address was protected under the state confidentiality program
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in response to want to silence and in the statement socialist alternative and my council office are proud to have marched rallied and organized with thousands of community members and activists in recent weeks to demand justice for george floyd and black lives matter our movement is demanding racial and economic justice long withheld by a pro corporate political establishment whose leader currently is mayor durcan and as a nationwide movement to defund police departments across the country continues some lawmakers are heeding 'd those calls for action here in new york city council passed a bill that would cut the n.y.p.d. budget which is america's largest police force by a $1000000000.00 and this comes after hundreds of protesters were camping outside a city hall for more than a week however many of those demonstrators remain there today because they are not happy with the decision and will not leave until they see more change reporting and york trinity each of us are to. now to the latest code 1000 number of world wide cases now topping 10500000 and about 512000 reported deaths the top 3 countries
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with the most cases the u.s. still need. the way followed again by brazil and russia right here in the u.s. 2600000 cases with 127000 reported deaths. and other news making headlines today the u.s. has purchased about 90 percent of the world's supply of rum does appear the deal was struck with sciences to supply more than 500000 treatment courses to the us until september as fear is the only drug so far proven for treatment. and reportedly recovery for infected patients. and here in the nation's capital the senate reached a last minute deal to extend the paycheck protection program to early august hours before the program was set to expire the federal loan program to help small businesses is extended for an additional 5 weeks with more than $130000000000.00 in
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loan money left unspent the legislation now heads to the house which will be adjourning this week. and check this out if you're looking for stress relief. might do the trick in bangladesh more than $700.00 police officers are taking part in yoga as you can see there the officers are social distancing wearing masks stretching and even running in place at times they've been on the frontlines of enforcing the country's lock downs with more than $10000.00 officers testing positive for coping. and the u.k. now offering millions of eligible hong kong residents a pathway to citizenship after china passed its sweeping national security law we're going to discuss that and later in sports we're going to ham brings us a close game for the 1st place team. and remember to keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brand new free app portable t.v. you can watch us there 247 will be back in just 2. listen
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a question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and moan and react to that answer hey folks dennis miller here i've got a new show. you know it doesn't really matter where you've been but batterers is where you're going right we'll see you church generations look back at the establishment media as the lead in the water pipes that drove the romans mad do you find yourself watching t.v. to turn your brain off to relax i want you to watch t.v. to turn your brain on i'm rick sanchez. it's time. to do news again.
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on this very day july 1st 1997 hong kong the former british colony was returned to china in a peaceful and celebrate torrie manner now fast forward 23 years and now some 300 or so. so-called pro-democracy protesters have been arrested as china implements new laws for the semi autonomous zone this as the former colonizers the u.k. now making good with their offer to grant citizenship to as many as 3000000 hong kong or listen. and position of this national security to constitute
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a clear and serious breach of the sign of british joint declaration it violates home combes high degree of autonomy and is in direct conflict with hong kong basic law the law also threatens the freedoms and rights protected by the joint declaration if trying to continue down this path we would introduce a new route for those with british national overseas status to enter the u.k. and thereafter to apply for citizenship. now joining us to discuss former u.k. m.p. george galloway as of george correct me if i'm mistaken but i believe you are still serving in parliament when hong kong was peacefully returned to china some 20 years ago now one generation later there seems to be discord over the matter what has happened. while i was there for my sins almost 30 years and i
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was indeed there when all kinds of parliamentary royal wards were billed. the wish for and i'm a cobol relationship with china after the handover britain. kinda hong kong of course under bombardment of china for refusing any longer to a low british indian opium to flow untrammeled into their country were was devastating millions of chinese people addicts of the opium it's a very and glorious story and you'd think britain would want to get us father away from it in the modern age as it could but not so the british have never truly accepted their lust for all day in age or much of which was once ruled by them no wars return to its motherland and we've been causing problems for china in hong kong of our sense superseded of course by your own country which is using as part
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of its full court press against china on everything from tibet to taiwan the coronavirus the follow on gong and of course the issue of hong kong itself well george how do you view this move by boris johnson how do you see that impacting the british chinese relationship going forward especially since the u.k. is about to depart the e.u. at the end of this year. quite sure if i was speaking for china i'd say here is your court mind how you go because getting rid of the people who are causing the problems in hong kong would be a good thing if i was speaking as a supporter of brics it still more as a supporter of boris johnson which of course i'm not i be asking where are these
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3000000 people going to live where are they going to work how they're going to get a doctor's appointment how they're going to get their kids into schools because these other questions british people ask every day. about their own situation here the idea of following 3000000 hong kong chinese on mass at the same time come and live in britain will be potentially devastating for the conservative party's voting base i'll let you in on a secret. conservative voters generally don't like foreign ours very much never mind 3000000 of them coming over the hill a political gesture by their own leader. the act is a matter of extreme provocation to china it will destroy britain's relations with china when we've already destroyed our relations with russia and we've already
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destroyed our relations with $27.00 countries of the european union you might say but doesn't sound like a craft that doesn't sound like a plan for britain's future as an independent country and if you said i'd have to agree with the oh yeah it doesn't sound like a smart plan different franchising all of your former friends george but on the flip side to all of this many hong kong including those who are older and old enough actions they'd have lived through that transfer are also upset about this new more restrictive laws that are being imposed they say this is a breach of the british deal that says hong kong laws and judicial systems shall remain unchanged for 50 years what say you to that. well actually most hong kong people including and especially most elderly hong kong people want this endless rioting and wrecking to end the
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chinese are doing this far more peacefully than the american police are dealing with the rioting and wrecking on. or on streets sure it's a story of more sunbeams this the us police have killed a large number of people before and after george floyd the hong kong police have killed nobody they are struggling to deal with the outbreak which is encouraged from outside principally in washington and london which has trashed what was once a glittering city state of hong kong saw the vast majority of the hong kong chinese people want to see an end of this rioting and they'd be waving off those who take up boris johnson's offer i'm perfectly sure about hong kong is china it's
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part of china no one can then you longer deny that and the days when china could be ordered around by foreign countries are well and truly over and that's what this law being an actor today is to demonstrate exactly on this 23rd anniversary i believe george galloway always appreciate your insight thank you. meantime china has asked for us media outlets operating in that country to submit details on how they operate including members of their staff and finances before transparency request as aimed at the associated press c.b.s. united press international and national public radio they'll have 7 days to comply a spokesman for china's foreign ministry says the measures are in response to what he called unreasonable suppression from the us. the above mentioned measures you the us media by china are completely necessary countermeasures are completely
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legitimate defense official held up by an reasonable suppression of the us inside on chinese army and even as he was in the united states saying. and today israel's plans to annex part of the west bank were met by several 1000 palestinians marching in gaza city for a day of rage the protesters waved palestinian flags and held signs calling the annexation proposals a declaration of war on the palestinian people despite such a large turnout there were no reported injuries or breakout of violence. and back here stateside the federal communications commission officially designated while weigh in c.t.e. national security threats those tech companies will not be allowed to use $8300000000.00 in a government subsidy program known as the universal service fund to purchase any equipment or services from the 2 chinese telecom giants nor maintain or support
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them now while we have yet to release any public statement about those measures. and the state of virginia braces for mass addictions after the state supreme court lifted a moratorium on a vixens during this pandemic the moratorium was put in place in march and then extended to early in early june but the state supreme court ordered for eviction cases to resume june 29th more moratorium will expire this sunday and is expected to affect a number of people who are out of work because of the coronavirus. let's go over to regina ham at the sports h.q. regina and will be opened up today for spring but it's really summer training as you might know but the k b o is in the middle of their close standings race yet today it's summer camp as well call but over the caveat the n.c. di knows you to rebound game after suffering a 10 day loss and putting the cube heroes of the 2 games in 1st place they hope
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their game against 7th place located giants would do just the trick top of the 1st those loyal fans in the stands cheered on the solo homer to right field by dido's right fielder not just 13 the season ends with a one nothing that lead. giants that are going to respond top a 2nd low to a 1st baseman junkfood with his 1st home run of the season a right field game is all tied up at one run a piece i know so they're going to flex their muscles later in the bottom of the 4th starting right here a runner on 1st and an r.b.i. does nothing but a left center warning track that overwhelms want he's gone and di knows are up $2.00 to $1.00 but later in the inning it's still more the same catcher yang u.g.g. well this guy right here is going to spread it to less than our gap free to run a home run at some of the seasons with us and also brings them not them but in n.c. now with a 4 to whine lead in top of them is where things are going to get some pretty interesting lota is going to end up looking for some action on off then either
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gonna get that with as r.b.i. does or a year to right center for attention or leave a go it brings some junk food giants and the closing the gap with into meaning they have forced to go and bottom of the 7th would be a mess for lochie there defensively falls apart pitch here in the dirt him to take tries to slow each on both going back to 1st itself right on the right so corner we would eventually score on another throwing error on the same way and later in the inning it's no dice nogent single to right field and a pinch hitter consider moved up to 3rd but the throw in from right gets away and handed able scampered on to the n.t. it's 62 lead in the diner that win and extend their lead over the he will heroes to 3 games in the standings and manila i want to just toss a very real quick what do bonds bobby vinny and the mets to barry made all have in common will tell you that at 3 happy bobby binney a day out the day will explain later all right thank you for that regina and we have a lot more news coming up at 3 of the legendary larry king is going to join us to discuss a topic near and dear to his heart and that is how to deal with anxiety and depression
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facts geysers financial life they say money to develop. close to these if this is a central plank support diatom is going to call them right now say stop the. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however he even the most prosperous can be deceived we've been busy was all there were too few houses were allowed to leave prison was located and only see anything paul had access to the story investigators sheer hell z. uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. he grated nor. he seem a bit sore knee before. trying for justice. white
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folks dennis miller here next on dennis miller plus one we're going to talk to scott eastwood he's got a new film coming out in theaters and read it would be on july 3rd called me i'll post but some american heroes one of the bloodiest bad. holes in afghanistan that's next dennis miller plus one. hey folks welcome to the dennis miller plus one today's guest actor scott eastwood scott best known for his roles in films like suicide squad the fate of the furious pacific rim uprising recently wrapped a guy ritchie film action thriller called cash truck that sounds like fun and he can be seen next in the film the outpost very important that the stories are told he plays a decorated war vet in a little known battle that might have been the bloodiest enough.


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