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tv   News  RT  July 2, 2020 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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all. week long votes on changes to the russian constitution with nearly. the amendment. enough is enough police clear the self-proclaimed protest zone in seattle and after a series of shootings and repeated violence also ahead. a wave of protests hits hong kong as a new security law comes into force potentially dragging britain and china into a standoff over citizenship. racists because their white
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pieces move 1st australia's national broadcaster is accused of trying to stoke an inflammatory debate a former chance official tells us the network is exploiting the racial discussion. in western democracies there is an agenda to push for increased tension and the a.b.c. tried to jump on that bandwagon by including. one minute past 4 pm here in moscow this thursday july 2nd i'm you know neal and this is r t international. all votes are now accounted following a week of polling across russia to the side on a raft of wide ranging amendments to the constitution the electoral commission declared the final results a few hours ago with some 78 percent voting in favor amid a turnout of
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a run 70 percent saskia taylor has been following developments for us. now this really was a vote of us the fos time people were in mosques and gloves the fust time they were using disposable pedants will can through temperature sconce focusing on law and for some so with pot about how thing now approves the amendments on the people having given barack proof will they will come into force as soon as. signs to create as for the voting process itself while that was the situation west security footage allegedly quote a woman stuffing the ballots now but counting in that area of moscow has been suspended pending an investigation otherwise the central editorial commission says that it found no irregularities but you know that commission itself did actually come under a bit of criticism to produce take the preliminary results while searching with still fun to weigh now what they say that they did this in the interest of transparency that the situation in the fog east which is of course several hours
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ahead for example most was already clear and that they wanted to be a reliable and constant source of information which of course they have a legal right to do so that was so many amendments on the table $147.00 in total that it's difficult to decide what it was that ultimately secured public but undoubtedly it's the package of social amendments that house particularly white appeal i'm talking about things like adjusting pensions and law and with inflation and showing that the minimum wage never ever fools below the cost of living as well as giving additional financial support to low income families these proof because they have such a tangible impact on people's day to day lives but that is not to say that this was an easy decision for anyone old that it was without control to see a few amendments proved to be particularly polarizing and one that taint a lot of media traction was considering the so-called zeroing out of president
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putin's previous tubs paving the way for him potentially if he wanted to do so run again twice as president. on top of this some of the more conservative amendments prove to be divisive such as defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman reiterating traditional family values as well as mentioning goal despite the fact that russia is officially a sect or the nation but let him the people themselves and what they have to say good vision is pretty good for both of how could i not vote it's our constitution with amendments we came because we agree with the amendments and that's why i came with my husband. and i don't like the you know the number of presidential terms it was a key before so there is increasing in my mind because an older on this means this is the only these people who feel. like the most is the hope for the best all the time and everything regarding to health care i endorse and the pension age well i
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guess everyone is against this so yes this 5050. it was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of reaction and people decide to show that disapproval not just at the polls but also protests peaceful ones but it in the capital and also in the us and petersburg but true to 20 or 20 fold it was safety fust time. not. enough money and ultimately many who put a tick in the yes box with dogs but the rush of 9293 when this current constitution was born was full of political and economic instability it was still finding its feet after the collapse of the soviet union and that russia is not the same as the russia of 2020 that almost entirely different countries so i think this is yes to the changes was born from a desire for the country's top document to move with the times to set russia on a new course and shape its future as envisaged by russians now today
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a knock out in physics by russians almost 2 years ago. just picking up a sauce he was speaking about there that much spoken about amendment as well the reset of the current presidential terms that means love him or putin could potentially run for another 12 years after his current term ends an issue that's been bothering western media so much more than any other of the proposed changes. he's the longest serving russian leader since the dictatorial days of stalin and should he decide to run again it's looking like for the 16 years you know for much of us many of us observing this from around the world that's what the russians are voting on today do they want putin basically forever or do they want something different there is this feeling that it doesn't make any difference your vote counts for nothing there's nothing written can do if you wouldn't like to see him stay on in power some observers told 'd that you can just see from the results from the central action committee where people went for the right to vote for him
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terribly that turnout was about 30 percent and where people were made to go to the to cast their ballots and that turnout was about 70 percent that's just not normal maybe at about one translated by the easiest mess the electronic good message is all the president want to stay here for 2036 and sometimes they are not so many enter starting complex framework legal framework like a constitution to find what really is important for the future of the country and for the society the normal people living in russia i found many many points where you look at the social reforms that he's there all all women and also the new balance of power would have deserves more attention but that the it's you know the good news is no news that some used to
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say i reject these i studied your project 'd our constitution then i found something very interesting. to the u.s. where police have cleared out the self declared 0 tolerance protest zone in seattle activists occupy the area which became known as chop. after police moved out of their precinct building they come painters had said they hoped to create a peaceful polies free utopia but the peace didn't last too long in the 3 weeks of protests there's own soul or shootings 2 of them fatal there's also been reports of assaults burglaries and rape of protesters some armed where warned they could face arrest if they don't leave over 30 you have since been detained seattle police released footage of some of the violence.
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oh my god. well at 1st the murder wanted to leave the activists to take over but she was later forced to take action. how long do you think seattle in those few blocks looks like this. i don't know we could have the summer glau the deteriorating conditions and repeated gun violence required us to immediately address public safety concerns it was clear that many individuals would not leave and public safety could not be improved until they did leave their quote of the virgins there on the democratic worst decision came after protesters marched on her home demanding police funding be slashed a local activists on child support or watch the police move protesters on for us. being alive so i am outside of the pine street entrance of chop right now where
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a bunch of police have set up a barricade and the protesters are now to gather not just. now but there are blocking the street trying to cause a little bit more awareness and the officers took that as an opportunity to really enforce their version of law. nothing that was done by. the police came and chopped and ousted the remaining people who were staying there there's been a brown 32 a rests been spraying people pepper spray them in aggressive from your perspective what exactly happened basically i was at the bar and its head at 4 am and all started when that bang bang bang screams and then my. back there were a couple individuals who were speaking loudly words may go for those who are doing the crowd energized to actually bringing people in off the streets and the cops in
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a little bike brigade actually charging targeted those people arresting them individually and throwing them into the back of cop cars far end of chop. not too long ago there were a bunch of tents in these areas there were people hanging out just living but in 5 hours everyone has been evacuated you know like you had a morning like. didn't want to talk i still can't help. my message right now and her friend you know i don't think anybody in seattle did not see this coming ever since the string of 4 to 5 shootings that have. recently found out that the last shooting it was a 14 of a 16 year old kid who were killed so child has actually been relatively empty and relatively quiet past couple days but i think that it was. the cops decided that it was time to put an end to it there's
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a lot of the moralization right now especially in the crowd of protesters because i think a lot of people are taking this is a bit of a loss because baby we're. told. this entire idea. seems to have not only failed but come to an end. on that wouldn't stay home call marc. 23 years since control of the territory was handed from britain to china but the day was marred by violence against the on sets off a new security law passed by beijing amid some of the uglier scenes the stirring video emerged of a riot officer being stuck in the arm by a protester. the officer was apparently trying to subdue a riot sir before being restrained by a protester and then stopped by another suspect was arrested earlier this morning around 300 where the tainted weapon state house protests erupted into clashes 9
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arrests were made for violating the new law. law obliges china and hong kong to establish 2 national security bodies both accountable to beijing 4 types of crimes are listed the session subversion terrorism and collusion with external forces which risk national security penalties or harsh up to life in prison for some the law is being criticized by several western nations including britain prime minister boris johnson renewed promises on whether to allow the citizenship rights to nearly $3000000.00 hong kong residents that's riled beijing which says it's a violation of previous agreements when the territory was handed over. we make clear mr speaker that if china continue down this path we would introduce a new route for those with british nationals overseas status to enter the u.k. granting them limited leave to remain with the ability to live and work in the u.k.
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and thereafter to apply for citizenship and that is precisely what we will do. this seriously violated some promise seriously violates international law the basic principles governing international relations china strongly condemns this and reserves the right to take further responses all consequences will be borne by the united kingdom. the only did you see. some youngsters going out to this route if you do not violate the law you would not be prosecuted i think one country. has rather been damaged by the riots in recent years now the chinese is trying to fix it. i myself actually hold a passport so i'm actually also entitled to what the u.k. has promised yesterday about u.k. residency so my understanding is there was only 300 people in the triple for dad
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and their families it's allegedly 3000000 people but i think i asked many of my. chess maybe a game of strategy skill and patience but for a strictly as national broadcaster it's another pawn in the global racism debate the a.b.c. plan to ask radio audiences is cherice racist because white pieces moved 1st it didn't go down well with a former astri in chess federation representative who was asked to take part in the debate john adams refused and took to twitter to rebuke the a.b.c. saying the taxpayer funded national broadcaster is raising irrelevant topics during a pandemic is anger was akhil by world class players such as russian grandmaster unattainably karpal. the period of total insanity has begun what does it have in common with the centuries old game. john adams who's 20 propel the raw into the open seas the order of who goes 1st there's nothing to it re son called out at the
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a.b.c. for inflaming racial tension. i was on the phone call the a.b.c. wanted to have a discussion about whether they should change the rule because of the current racial context i think it's a big scandal the fact that what goes 1st has nothing to do with rights. it all comes down to a convention is that we should in the late eighty's i think in western democracies there is an agenda to push for increased racial tension and the a.b.c. tried to jump on that bandwagon by including chance the fact that the a.b.c. decided to peak chess as a topic i think they're fully exposed what their agenda is we don't need more tension we don't need to divide people i think it's dangerous if we allow games that have nothing to do with race to be. the a.b.c. ses its aim has been misunderstood the radio host to show a plan to hold of a scotian insists they weren't looking for people to say chess is racist as said
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james valentine say as they were seeking to create quote fresh conversation about our world. they start international the news keeps rolling and liking seconds can stay with us.
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join me everything on me alex salmond and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm sure. i'll see that. story building in moscow's main venue flames and smoke were seen coming from the 19th century residential block which was empty because it's reconstruction more than 100 firefighters were brought in to deal with the situation on to verse sky
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a street a few kilometers away from red square the fire broke out on the 1st floor and rapidly spread upstairs covering some 300 square meters. running areas being closed off. it's not known what caused the fire but investigators are looking. for. the german defense ministry is to partly dissolve on the elite commando unit overreported right wing extremism in its ranks reporting from berlin. for over 70 years germany's muscle on the international stage is being economic as opposed to military but a developing neo nazi scandal inside an elite unit of the german armed forces has caused outrage among the public and forced the government into a visible response the key skate cannot continue to exist in its current form it must be changed from within and better integrated into the buddhist via will give
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the case key town to press the reset button for the. fall k s k a drawn from the best of what the pundits dance to offer but it seems some of germany's special forces have been harboring some deep the unsavory beliefs. i.
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worryingly those in the know believe this goes deeper than a few bad apples and war units in the guns cause even if the vast majority of soldiers are in line with the constitution and grant winnick stream isms is not a new phenomenon in society and. we have identified and you don't mention. it as it stands one of the k.s. cases for companies which is understood to be the fulcrum of extremist activities will be disbanded all together with the remaining commando units brought under more die. control of the bond is very chain of command critic solve the move say this is just window dressing and doesn't deal with the real problem yet endless i finally there is a comprehensive package of measures and leadership training to social research in attitudes and when to say that it's all correct but so far it's only on paper as shocking as the revelations about the k s k are right wing neo nazi extremism has
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been and comforting used to be investigated across the german military with hundreds of new cases being launched the defense ministry giving a clear public message that extremism has no place in the there isn't a minister our defense minister follows a 0 tolerance approach this is not only about this paschal forces command this is about something fundamental but the case key has become and that cannot be denied very conspirators in the last weeks and months. the thing is some of these ideas that are being investigated in the military are also prevalent among the general public last weekend saw m t immigration politicians leading a demo against migrants and the left wing who they blame here violence last month. some of those in attendance drawing inspiration from the united states even if the protest and talented demo were far from the scale we've seen on the other side of the atlantic. there's a lot of pressure on defense minister and
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a great can count to get the response to this far right extremism scandal correct the woman who had been tipped widely as a potential successor to angle a miracle as chancellor until she counted as self out of the running has a potentially tricky job on her hand the government has to appear on waving when it comes to stamping out far right extremism in the military but also understanding to the concerns of those on the right of the public who they'll be looking to for votes when it comes to election time net. peter all over all t. bilin were it's not really. cool. it's. pretty high level reverse to use it says this is kind. unfortunately. just because this is the future of security creature he just. says
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to such a future. past important to take action to do it now. there has been an uptick in yemen's drawn out conflict they saudi led coalition has launched a fresh operation against the rebel hooty movement so the state television alleges it's in response to missiles being fired up the capital riyadh the coalition classified as terrorists and has been a war with them since 2015 a year after yemen civil conflict 1st broke out it's considered by the u.n. to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis and this is one of the worst affected cities.
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haven't had a product maybe due to the war i abandoned my house i was afraid for my children and you had to leave after a show in our home and completely destroyed it ok now we have nothing to get the petals on. the house but they left it does me in 5 years the war in thai uses left behind destruction on our level innocent especially homesick africa for example on the eastern side of chinese it looks like he's been hit by a hurricane. that hit the damage spreads to public institutions like hospitals and other services in general dozens of institutions and hundreds of hundreds thousands that are destroyed beyond use that.
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live from moscow this is are to international stay close. you know people talk about recession but actually there's a risk down that the globe is heading into a depression that's right crash and then the word. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic to follow only i'm going to resist i don't see. that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and their decision a little sheltered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was ready to be instructed you know told to shut up but they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life many screamed at me and he made me come in and you cam my arm and he write me with his birth thinking if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing have happened but i've never seen trauma like i've seen women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting brain is more likely to get the victim punished and be offended and almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even going to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of our in violence male sexual predators for the large part of
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target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or woman. welcome to the alex salmond's show from strike an album didn't show up in scotland but i guess today is a very special archidamus everyone has all the lifted up by a big cause to be grateful to the us and everyone refer to god for racial equality should lessen care. to what he's got to say so godfrey henley all of a palma o.b.e. is a professor emeritus in the school of life sciences had it what university and the human rights activist he discovered the bali abrasion process well reception at the
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brewing resets foundation in the late sixty's in 1908 parma became the 4th passing on the fust european to be honored before the american society of brewing chemists award of the stench and consider of the nobel prize of brewing. in one to make your mind jeff probably came the 1st black professor over in scotland and he was melted in $2014.00 today i've got the great pleasure of speaking to geoff pam oliver is wife and work force over the glass good to smita your tweets emails and your messages thank you alex we passed a fantastic response last week to understand she was featuring professor tom divine and professor john robinson with hundreds and hundreds of messages and record viewing terrorists over 3 quarters of a 1000000 on faith alone we hear 1st from tom brady who says just hope the current
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school leavers are better equipped with a foursome understanding of our history after tom suggested should be than they were in the 1960 s. shona dougal says very interesting points raised as to what to do or not to do with the statues and other monuments which are causing offense to many it is great listening to tom devine and al examined hardy says why not a new placatory just stating the world has evolved ethics have changed slavery is unacceptable in 2022 to sherman from johannesburg says once again humankind chose itself as the most destructive species on earth even destroying its own monuments marcel from ontario says this is so sad to see history destroyed no matter what happened in the past we live too much in the past edwyn from london says the western european civilization has built its wealth and legacy on the strength of colonialism imperialism capitalism mercantile ism which is mostly based on exploitation and marginalisation of.


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