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thank you. if. another twist in the russian doping scandal new evidence suggests a keyboard so below is the affidavits conveyed containing the names of our pleas to the legend he cheated might have been forged. and investigations underway after police in london wrongfully detain a black man for drug possession and smash his car window this just minutes after he'd given an interview to the media about racism within the police we hear from the victim. and the u.s. rapper and prominent trump supporter kanye west announces he's running for the
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white house with the likes of evil must go in support behind him. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me making air and our top story this hour the russian doping slugger is once again making headlines new evidence has emerged questioning the authenticity of the key whistle blowers affidavit is originally submitted with the intent of showing which russian athletes allegedly cheated saskia taylor has the details. independent expertise from a german newspaper spiegel say that in fact the signature of a key witness on a key piece of testimony is not actually an original but a low quality fake one digital forensic report concluded that the same photo far liberal change of signature was inserted in 2 different affidavits you have the 7
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was signed by a hand that at least is the conclusion of to put bordley independent experts probably not in rob handwriting so whose signature and what's the back story while the signature is that of dr gregory watching coffin he used to run the anti doping report to hair in moscow now back in 2015 he fled to the us and in his bags was what many perceive to be a treasure trove of information documents hard drives u.s.b. sticks photos building skins doping plans that he delighted to have been collecting for decades now stateside he declared that this all pointed to a massive scheme of russian doping at the 2014 winter olympic games in sochi and that it was being moscow minded all by the kremlin and by the government itself now this was seized upon it was turned into an academy award winning film express it became a huge story in the new york times russia reacted to these revelations by taking
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appropriate measures by conducting its own investigations and by releasing all those officials who had been allegedly complicit in the scheme the problem though that some saw was that these allegations prove to be indiscriminate and even affected those athletes who throughout the whole illustrious career is have been considered clean and would take a numerous doping test to prove that even they saw the fallout of these allegations and now all these years on are still trying to clear their names in total $43.00 athletes was sanctioned and many of the names were removed from the results lists of the suction games and the longer term it's. saw athletes at the 20 limpid games performing without a flag and without the national anthem now one of those athletes has consistently claimed innocence and denied or claims and is still now battling to reinstate her status and her name is by athlete and a limb pick champion sites of she said she was always so careful she bought her own
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food her own water bottles what's more she said all over the world for years i have been taking doping tests and they always came back clean now she was actually banned from the sport in 2017 on the basis of circumstantial evidence these latest revelations than from the spiegel article actually seem to support her claims of innocence several pieces of evidence in the files from the swiss proceedings that regal has viewed in recent weeks seem to not only substantiate zite serve as claims of innocence they also appeared to raise questions about the overall credibility of the investigation into the sochi conspiracy and whether too much faith was placed in the account provided by the whistleblower in the scandal now what your cost us says that his client looks at all this differently than that any appeals by the russian athletes to clear their names will be unsuccessful it is worth mentioning that this is not the 1st time that what can cause a character has been called into question there were previously rumors that he
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extorted russian athletes that he talked and bragged about making money from this alleged scheme and there were also irregularities in his diary entries which proved that at times that he said he was a such medication what actually falls so these latest revelations by the experts from the dish people german newspaper will gain traction and people will take seriously this father undermining of coffs credibility also undoubtedly true that the question all the any other irregularities waiting to be discovered it earlier i discussed the significance of the latest revelations with ellis cashmore professor of sociology at aston university and a former sports and media electra. it really depends on the court of arbitration rule on this if they believe. obviously it does throw the last 456 years and beyond into deb's because people are going to wonder hang on if
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a gent coffee is such a doubtful whistle blower and k. witness what does that make every subsequent event after that because as we've just heard a lot of the evidence against all the russian mathematics is circumstantial in other words what they're saying is that with examine the testing procedures and we believe a lot of these samples of be tampered with anything to be tampered with where did the tampering come from who did it what happened after that quote 10000 lawyers seem to be quite confident about their position in the bureau pez anything changed with these new revelations do you think well i think the globe the reason to be confident and everything that is said so far has been accepted america at the moment is in the midst of another political battle but it would seem to me at least it is questioning now the world anti-doping agency america wants to become as one poster put it recently the police officer of world doping you know he wants to in
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wants to gain control of a doping that goes on in the war how do you see things playing out since this revelation i don't think that this will change the status quo i think that there is so much political will to keep russia out of sport at the moment that there is very little likelihood of the court of arbitration ruling against roger and cough. case police watchdog is investigating a case of a stop and search where police flushed the car window of a black man after they wrongfully accused him of drug possession ironically the man in question was driving home from a t.v. interview he had just given about his experience with institutionalized racism specifically about being stopped for search if his footage of the incident of films by the man himself. they cannot and go through.
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the 1st night. after coming from a challenge for him to be specifically talking about good stuff but at least lived with it. of late on an interview without stops just to check not only situations who just. held up the traffic just stopped me. and implied i was putting things in my waistband just as i saw them clearly there wasn't anything there it was there was no drugs this never ever bit drugs in my life never distributed at stated any illegal just. the video footage is clear just wonder when that was smashed my hands were up i did not was it. something. does go through my head a lot of. evil in a seat at least it was an hour. yes quite traumatic for me but it was. when i response a police spokesperson claims the man had been detained after failing to comply with
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directions from officer a commander of the police force in question asked for the public to report any similar cases now this incident comes to a year since police in england and wales were given powers to randomly search people in order to fights knife crime critics have always said the poll policy created more opportunities for racial profiling according to anti search activists and black people are 9 times more likely to be stopped compared to white people they also claims the changes made it more difficult to hold officers accountable ryan clark again sais he believes the criticism is justified. every minorities are more likely to be targeted by police forces in the. then anyone aids of native heritage something of experience personally i've experienced it with the way that extensively sometimes and i know a lot of people give me similar stories that resonate with it is a reason why everyone's complain about this because you guys see that not everyone
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carries in and not everyone carries any sort of weapon and reasonably in about it says more so the manner that they treat it well in the search yeah i think this is a lot. to look like and minorities very much just the. american rapper kanye west has announced he's topping pop the politics by entering the race for the white house if so it would pick him against his long standing buddy donald trump however the music star has already missed key deadlines in many states although that hasn't stopped some high profile figures throwing their support behind him. we appreciate it very much jim apple for kids are just as bright and just as challenged white kids in jim's defense i've traveled with him and watched him he's a diligent reporter has lost a lot of the random years either.
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joe who knows her leaned forward and whispered some encourage men telling her that she was doing great. keep doing. you know people expect that if you're black you have democrat. college dropout kind. of thing this kind. of thing see even he even he
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thinks that i don't think he has any chance the man is a narcissist and has no idea how are going there or isn't going to get even by running well just contribute to the whole surface temperatures right now he's not in the right position to be president. will be another job like donald trump i have to root for kanye right now because of. how does the want to go against the greenery now don't think he knows what he's doing is a little nuts and i think this is all a p.r. stunt crazier things have happened so i think it is a better chance seriously to netflix try to use now. what is coming to the west went off nothing it's not going to offer anything additional the only thing you will do is we'll split the vote for democrats the people who are on the conservative side the republicans they're not going to vote for carney west he might attract the youthful but the youth vote has never worked
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and i would say probably will never turn out to be such a large influence on the election somebody in my age group of 14 over they're not going to vote for kanye was not out of any animosity towards him but looking at what will he actually be a car able to come out. though it's a common question design studio has been drawing attention for a conclusion well what can law say when it turns out there's no human involvement on this story on this short break. the world is driven by shaped by phone person or those dreaded.
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. anyone else seemed wrong all along just don't call. me. yet to shape out this day become educated and engage me because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. it was. it welcome back it's been announced the world famous
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italian film composer ennio morricone has died at the age of 91 he died in hospital in rome after suffering a recent fall italy's prime minister hailed the composer's artistic genius saying he's left an indelible mark on the history of music and cinema when he started his career a ghost writing for films and fear it is in the 1940 s. he's called music for some $500.00 movies and received countless international awards including 2 also one of which was for his recent collaboration with quentin tarantino on the movie the hateful 8 however he's best known for his work on spaghetti westerns which made clint eastwood's a household name among some of his biggest hits with the themes from the professional and once upon a time in america the composer's family said he preserved dignity and total mental clarity to the end. by design studio in moscow is creating
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quite a stir for its creative work and something of a cult following has built up for its ability to produce eye catching logos for businesses but it turns out it's not an employee with a flair for innovation that's responsible on quarter explains. here in moscow the name nicholai has been catching the attention of many his original and creative business logos have brought many satisfied customers to the r. to me live bit of studio here but mr rowan of has a secret one that no patron has been able to pick up on that's the fact that he's actually an advanced artificial intelligence living right here. many it might seem like science fiction but in russia it's just science and today we're going to find out how it all works this is the art director at the studio so dave nice to meet you thanks for giving us the interview mr video so take us on the tour is good.
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stands for. and these emphasises the artificial nature of personality he is the lead designer in the studio and you can actually find he's sports rate among. human designers for us to do. our website lets him mention that you need the logo for your business and all you have to do is just describe your company in text and send this text to when you collide and just within seconds he will come up with an unlimited amount of different design concepts while rumor has it our team needs a new logo so could we take him for a test drive and see what he could produce for us let's go with their start of the new projects let's start r
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t to place its description. and here you are while i like that one. mr owen of his no doubt a talented designer perhaps a little too talented for us humans interested in entering the design field of the future there could be some stiff competition to contend with especially with plans to expand cynical eyes responsibilities that the company already in the works when you see that just several 100 lines of code over perform you design career a lot of serious question start popping up like what is my real value for abuse this what do i have to do today to stay relevant to morrow we use the cold in the
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studio as an unlimited source of new ideas like fresh ideas he's not afraid of anyone he just he just creates logos like an unlimited amount of logos we ditch you styles we show him you think for a human culture in order to teach him how to create you and your images but but i have to say that with nicholai you don't need a dishonor but you do need an art director some person who will. choose the right option from millions of billable rushes nicholai around of seems to be the cutting edge of modern artificial intelligence for now he's one of a kind but who knows how many others will follow in his footsteps. while green energy is being hailed as the only way forward to save the planet it turns out produce think it has some major flaws and the reports by an international
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ngo claims the process of green energy production hugely violates human rights downhole can fix things. we all know the score with any of you companies fossil fuels a so last century green energy is the way forward it's good for the planet and what's good for earth must be good for people right well it sounds out green as you companies can face the same challenges and be guilty of the same controller sees as their dirty cousins you cues that misconduct around the world of facts the business of human rights the source sense of identified nearly 200 other gay sions of abuses relating to renewable energy projects just over the last 10 years the results of the benchmark suggests that none of the companies analyzed the currently fully meeting their responsibility to respect human rights as defined by the un guiding principles list does sound so he's behind some of those cases e.t.s. electricity they france a lot french states are company one of the biggest the europe they claim their main
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result is no less than saving the planet and improving people's well being you know mr on that how many of them are shopping at a question. and he christened a half a hostie piece last possibility so sad if you are not there look at this on the day when everyone is happy about that change one of the genius group in mexico is taking e.t.f. to court accusing them of misleading the locals in an attempt to get approval for their windfall project. but yes this is a great source of concern and unfortunately these companies continue coming here they could plying and harassing the indigenous communities the very same communities that make an effort to conserve natural resource says with this we see how easy it is for all that to be destroyed in norway a state owned and you company planned a wind farm in an area called stuck on the west coast of the country.
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again locals the vision. communities who rely heavily on dia grazing for their livelihoods were often arms would us learn our remaining grazing land is being taken away from us bit by bit a huge wind farm has to be built it will destroy the pasture we need for a reindeer in winter even the un got involved back in $28.00 c. they asked will wait to suspend the project examine the effects it would have on local communities more weight so as to disregard the requests and go ahead anyway after all that is used more important than dia after careful consideration the ministry has concluded that there's no basis for stopping the building of the store here wind turbines many countries have committed to kabul you try to buy 2050 or even earlier to hit those ambitious targets both countries and companies have to act fast big will have to ensure they don't turn from heroes civilians as they go
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about their mission of saving the planet. let's go live to one of account now journalist author and campaign on health and environment issues welcome to the program it's great to have you with us now do you think this is an issue that's being under reported. i think it probably is many of these allegations that are reported here are in fact completely newton even though i do tend to keep up quite world with what's happening across the whole sort of down most of the environmental issues. and i have certainly never heard of killings for example taking place in respect to renewable energy projects but these are reported in this report albeit with no specific detail so anyway yes i mean it is worrying. the problem may come to an extent because. the renewable energy sector will tend to think of itself as being the good guys and the fact that actually their operations may be causing
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damage may simply not have occurred you know people used to think of mining companies and fossil fuel companies as causing huge damage. but renewable energy is thought of as being benign and this move induced a certain complacency among the companies responsible so you say that they say it's lighter for an under the radar because the industry is protected by this whole thing enage. well yes and but also because perhaps of a self belief in these companies is that they are doing good. and therefore sort of institutional blindness to the fact that their operations cause significant impacts on local can communicate is. who are often quite badly affected now we're seeing here on the screen pictures of a low impact solar installation and i would have thought you would have not very many concerns about that wind turbines are high impact.
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and as you reported there are quite serious conflicts over land and the the fact may be that wind turbines are not just wind turbines and soles there is a whole infrastructure of roads so that the timber the turbines can be serviced. and. and electricity was so that the poet can be exported and so actually when you add up the whole range of impacts it is a lot more severe than might initially have been thought so it's clear that these companies really need to start. putting into effect these. united nations god lines principles on business and human. and human rights in a systematic way you know it is not enough to go in and think you know we are doing good they actually have to be very systematic to make sure that they really are
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doing the right thing and that they have proper procedures for the reporting of grievances. to make sure that people's right to a healthy environment is being respected that man brought to being expected to respect that where learned is being acquired that they really are. buying it off the people who had rights to but do you think the problem is going to get worse as countries look to reduce carbon emissions and under pressure to produce long green energy. well there is that don't you know i think that even though the renewable energy industry has actually become come quite big it is set to become a lot bigger and this is a time when these companies really can get their houses in order. having said that . let's just remember that there is a difference a huge gulf in difference between the kinds of impacts that result from these renewable energy projects so yes they can do harm but you look at the kinds of
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impacts that are associated with large scale mining and fossil fuel and extract and indeed hodor of power which is not part of this particular report and the massive. amounts of land that are taken and in many cases completely destroyed by my new yorkers ins for example so i think that although we are looking at impacts which a far smaller than those associated with the traditional extractive industries yes they are very much a matter of concern and the industry should take this opportunity to improve its performance and it is absolutely shameful that. more that 7 out of 16 of these companies that were surveyed it was called less than 10 percent and one of the companies actually scored nor percent in terms of its compliance with these these united nations principles and even the best it bedder only scored 53
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percent so so there is clearly a huge gap to be bridged between aspiration and actual performance. thank you joining us on the program all of it to kalitan left off and campaign on health and environment issues thank you thank you. thank for joining us here on the program this monday we're back in 30 minutes with the latest jonathan. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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you cannot be both with yeah you walk. away welcome to cross talk are all things are considered on peter lavelle russia game ever really died this hoax has a life of its own also the foreign policy blog mobilizes around.
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rostock and this and more i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos and london is the editor of politics 1st magazine and in budapest we have george samuel he is author of bombs for peace nato's humanitarian war on yugoslavia our gentlemen crossed up rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to i always appreciate ok let's 1st go to budapest george i don't know what in. aeration of russia gate we're in right now but again we have a hoax that is evidence free anonymous source the media ran with it of course the political opposition the united states democrats they ran with it. and if lots but i suppose most people that heard that conspiracy the version of that conspiracy theory believes it's true this is turning into a pattern i must say george yes yes you're right be that it is a pattern we have the same cost of carry we have. a normal.


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