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tv   News  RT  July 12, 2020 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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i. i service is a 5th day of violent protests over the government's decision to reimpose the curfew . in the story to shake the week here in r.t. the world health organization says the corona virus can remain suspended in the air indoors it comes after scientists also warn that people are no longer taking the virus seriously as lock downs are lifted and. i. in france the point of even this is sparks outrage from women's rights groups one of the men previously been accused of rape while the other used to be the noir a controversial. but
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i welcome the latest developments and a look back at what's been happening over the last 7 days to watch and weekly here on r.t. international now for a 5th day being capital has been rocked by violence anger erupted over the decision to reintroduce lockdown measures after figures showed a surge in cases on saturday thousands protested outside the parliament building in the capital this despite new restrictions by the government which banned gatherings of more than 10 people the measure was introduced earlier in the week causing even more discontent protesters say that the government's angle the pandemic badly and a calling for the president to step down. there is no clear reaction here because it's a conglomerate of false also. things and the worst thing is that those protests are
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supported by those who destroy our country still not see what this is so we want to make a life we don't care who is in power and you want to just work in seeing the rest of the citizens and all of us watching most unfortunate which is shot we demand the resignation of oleksandr rouge the situation in the country is simply not good we don't have a government that hasn't been formed yet we have 2 parties in the parliament and a 3rd that is legibly oppositional so nothing is right nothing is right. while with tensions continuing to rise said the president of serbia has criticised the protests. i literally. that he serves stupid it's so irresponsible to call upon people to gather and demonstrate when we're faced with the most horrific numbers of infections from corona virus today is probably the worst day we've registered the number of positive cases of corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic the would stay for sure and we see the consequences today
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of infections that happened in the last 4 or 5 days and then any 4 or 5 days will see the consequences of these gatherings over the last few nights. i believe that the government must love the vital voice on the kind of. life was my attempt how the government was going to tear gas. at the demonstrators again was and this is something that we've seen yesterday was that i said yes i hasn't done many of them. we've seen
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clashes with police i. think. the situation here is one of the magic tendencies of people in that they come up going backwards to the parliament building which is where they were concentrated yesterday. i. know a. little sissy in the form. of 19000 only i could get word. from from so many people gathering for things my
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place was before your don't seem to care about that much. leave her than your watching the president which was one of the. basically given up on one over the weekend it but then mr is there still is really no you can see. they're going back towards the east. they're going back towards the fairgrounds on sensually and they say they're not going to give up. the world health organization has acknowledged that covert 19 could remain suspended in the air of a confined space with poor ventilation it does come as scientists have also raised the alarm this week that the virus is no longer being treated seriously enough more than $200.00 research is and doctors have sent a collective letter to the w.h.o. saying the risks of airborne transmission of being ignored we're concerned that the lack of recognition of the risk of transmission of coded 19 and
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a lack of clear recommendations on the control measures against the airborne virus will have significant consequences nick wilson is an intensive care doctor working with some of the scientists who signed the letter to the w.h.o. he believes crowded places are a perfect location for airborne transmission. people tightly packed together. and i can see people jumping up and down and exercising and that's interesting again because the likelihood is with with the airborne transmission that the faster you breathe the harder you breathe the louder you cough the louder you talk more particles you'll create and the further they'll go so that's something that people need to consider and of course ventilation if you're in a windy remote place. that's going to be much less likely to to cause airborne transmission than say if you're in a tightly crowded place so that they have been particularly high risk locations
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such as bars clubs in obviously cruise ships all of these places of a been sort of associated with airborne transmission because they encourage people to be crowded close together or poorly ventilated but we also spoke to the w.h.o. special 19 envoy david nabarro he told us about the organizations updated on the methods of transmission. be the primary mode of transmission of those viruses and i want to stress that that is still believed to be true droplets if you are 2 meters your clear of them if you get some very very small particles that are light enough to be picked up by the air then they couldn't go further than 2 meters there w.h.o. house actually knowledge that it knowledge that all along but it continues to say
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that this airborne transmission is less common than be. just 2 examples one is when you've got people singing in a choir or in a karaoke bar 2nd situation is where you've got people in very confined quarters and with the air circulation not really bringing in fresh air and water in just that then you can get circulation of particles that can cause disease but donors are exceptional do not nor more situation. i would like all countries to do everything possible to avoid further stringent lock downs physical distancing face protection and hygiene this virus is here to stay just like 2530 years ago this new
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virus called h r i became along causing aids and it here to stay so cobi is here to stay we have to learn to live with this virus and get on with our lives despite the fact that it's really dangerous and unpleasant the only way in which those virus could possibly disappear is if it's eradicated and that will require a massive rigorous and well implemented program with a really super vaccine and we're not there at all at this time where the warnings about the potential airborne spread of the virus newcomers governments have been easing their lockdowns people around the globe have been flooding back to shops and bars and restaurants and beaches saskia taylor has been assessing the race. when most go shed it's restrictions on knocked out was lifted people wasted no time in
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pounding the pavement no moss gloves just some good old pretend to 20 close crowds and now a few weeks later off to several try months the brits are doing the same superstar today so will pubs cafes and restaurants fling open the doors and that the pub. where. the scenes are testament to the sacred place the point holds in british society but they also show that as time passes and people grow restless medical advice is left out the door both the world health organization and the prime minister boris johnson people to stay safe and to keep that distance from the drinking buddies but critics say it was wishful thinking from the start meanwhile across the atlantic americans were also to live their best lives again
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all around the nation states started emerging from hibernation pulling people out onto the beaches to the restaurants to the my clubs without a cat in the world the city of miami was the last city in the entire state of florida open i was criticized for waiting so long when we reopened people started as if the virus didn't didn't exist what followed was a side in cases and with the rising fear that i see units would hit capacity within a matter of weeks much and see breakdown reopening those officials on health care experts warn the curve in $1000.00 is still very much annoyed what's more now scientists are warning that the virus could be born meaning that all these tiny particles that we have met when we when we know when we smile even when we grieve they stay suspended and tossed on to. next costs and i'm inhaled by them if it's not tons out to be true then even distance socializing isn't safe but you'd never
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of just looking up this 4th of july celebrations *. i. i i everyone wants this crisis to many thought that reopening and pretending that things what tape was a good option but also catalonians also is rabies also saw the strain and all right didn't suffer less to house up and walked out. it didn't that back in lockdown so if those super saturdays still want to be sipping points in the rat british sun and oldest then maybe they should start
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listening to the doctors and take a step back given the current situation we have still a teacher 90 percent people are in fact if they don't have antibodies in the blood this mean any change in the social behavior will bring the. greater close. to the transmission level we have seen before so if the control of years or more. strictly as they should be opening up earlier in time especially when many of the countries now would risk the 2nd and it is not inevitable but not following the sort of distancing and the controlled media that have been put in place were certainly a risk but 2nd rate will be made to curtail this infection is to really keep their distance and. others from told me you're so just washing your hands and giving personal hygiene the only solution moving forward. trials are underway globally in the race to find a vaccine for the corona virus but even if scientists do discover an effective cure
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it does seem that there are plenty of people who went to be queuing up to take it peter all of explains why. the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine is one of if not the great scientific searches of our time but there are those who don't want to see a vaccine found and wouldn't accept one if it was here in germany which was swift to tackle the initial wave of covert 19 coronavirus skeptics have been demonstrating for months. the latest polling shows more than a 3rd of germans would reject and mandatory vaccination against covert knighting these concerns continue to exist despite mandatory vaccination being on the cards
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the government here has said again and again that when a vaccine becomes available it won't be compulsory if one isn't the government is accused of secretly plotting to introduce mandatory vaccination i want to repeat the chancery said yesterday it will be no ability to banks nation against the coronavirus at the same time germany is now facing a lack of u.s. supplies of rendez of year and antiviral drug used to treat coronavirus patients the german health minister has pressed on the manufacturers to get shipments to europe using access to e.u. markets as a stick i mean. we don't have a huge inventory now we only have a few 100 doses and i expect an international company like gilliard to understand that you can't just cut access to the e.u. markets and high prices for other products and also expect supplies to europe and the european union in the united kingdom the porters have
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a strong foothold as well a 3rd of brit said they would definitely not get a carone. the job or they were unsure about the vaccination it's not clear what their views on antivirals are we asked londoners in what ways they're willing to protect themselves and during the pandemic some people refused to get their children vaccinated against all common sense i don't know but i would be grateful i've been facts a kid full sorts of things happen and i get be happy to think that i haven't decided that yeah that's right i need more information everyone seems to have it these days. i would so i'd want to read all the information 1st and work out how how it works and whether there was side effects from it but i think on the whole good side of the facts in comes available no politic having to see properly probably want to be this to preserve it working better would be a step toward trying and it's thanks to vaccines that smallpox has been eradicated
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that means holes tetanus and polio are common killers in society social media has been blamed for the rise of the anti vax movement but the platforms themselves say they are actively working to debunk false information about vaccines i report uncovered an industry undermining by being excluded can even be developed a consequence of social media companies both power and profit from misinformation we reduce vaccine misinformation in news feed we don't show it in search results or recommended to you on facebook or instagram we don't elaborate in ads and we connect people with authoritative information from recognized health experts coronaviruses like covert 19 offer to kill or tricky to develop a vaccine against but as long as science and fact are equated with conspiracy and feeling by some developing
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a vaccine will only be half the battle there are those that will have to be convinced that it's beneficial at all peter all over all. still to come on the weekly a russian design studio has been drawing attention for its unusual work and even more cite so you often turn down the balsam to any human involvement a story just off the bat. you can't be blown with yeah you know what.
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the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person or those with. no dares thinks. we dare to ask. again i don't fronts this week there has been anger on the streets of the capital over the point of some new ministers the have been questions raised about their
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posse that has prompted protests by women's rights groups. wow. wow. wow wow wow. wow. wow. wow. i. thought he should have been he explains why why changes at the heart of the french government have provoked such anger. president macron had hoped to reshuffle of the french government would give him a much needed boost languishing in the opinion polls and with less than 2 years before the next presidential election he needs to turn things around but as some of the names for some of the top jobs in french politics were announced mouth dropped in shock the new interior minister the man in charge of law and order she has done
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one no i'm dumbfounded many when we talk about the careers of men chanter and regulations are we talking about those appointed as ministers how can you imagine for a moment that the fight against sexist and sexual violence moves forward with a rapist at the interior ministry. and masculinist of the justice ministry to. this government is a disgrace it's a tremendous slip that emanuel macron has launched in the face of all those who have mobilized against sexual and gender based violence dominance character has been. out since rape allegations were made against him now a woman alleges that he forced himself on her during a meeting in 2009 domain and has always denied the accusations while the original proving to the claims was dropped just weeks before he was annoying to it into one
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of the most powerful jobs in france a court decided to reopen the probe many are now questioning my judgment saying it's an insult to victims of sexual assault. concerning. he currently has been against him and recently the justice system relaunched the investigation into his case was posing the problem is that he's been nominated to become france's top cop meaning he'll have under his orders people who are supposed to be investigating his case. not even the 1000 sound one who's been abused. braith as the head of the police when the older 2 don't take complaints seriously is generally speaking. to women who are victims of rape sexual assault who police refuse to listen to. for us and for all people who are victims of rape assault there is spitting in our face really because for months for years even we've been denouncing violence that we're breaking the silence when it comes to
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rape cells domestic violence and we have the feeling that we're hurt but they don't care at all about what we have to say outraged over this decision protests erupted. oh. oh oh. oh oh despite the intensity of emotions boiling over it leaves a powerless little to offer a legal analysis the relevant service is assessed that there was no obstacle to domino's nomination domino nero wasn't the issue protesters took umbrage with the newly appointed justice minister also riled the crowds he's the lawyer to pull a retie he's previously defended high profile men who faced charges of rape he's also known to be a critic of the me too movement suggesting some actresses sleep with men in power
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to get a leg up so to say calling it a promotion the leader of one french feminist organization had this to say ladies and gentlemen our new justice minister i have to vomit on the streets of paris protesters were equally appalled to. see someone who has defended for a post office a from a site who must be defended in a court of law indeed but it came with a way of defending them by attacking the me too movement talking about the history . on the debate in reference to women if you do i want you to pull moretti as interior minister and justice minister is for us the fatal blow to this so-called great cause of the presidential it doesn't seem that this is about to. protest of being cooled across france on friday with many theory is that by making these appointments my own house and minds. gender equality an issue he had
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once described as a little rand paul was the cause of his presidency so let's. see harris. our design studio in moscow is creating quite a stir for its creative work and it's built up so you a cult following for its ability to produce eye catching lego's for businesses but it does tonight that it's not an employee with a flair for innovation that is actually responsible don't quarter expect. here in moscow the name nicholai has been catching the attention of many his original and creative business logos have brought many satisfied customers to the art of the live bed of studio here but mr rove has a secret one that no patron has been able to pick up on that's the fact that he's actually an advanced artificial intelligence living right here amidst.
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many it might seem like science fiction but in russia it's just science today we're going to find out how it all works this is the art director at the studio today nice to meet you thanks for giving us the interview mr video so take us on the tour good. bye or all of stones for our own these emphasizes the. the artificial nature of personality he is the lead designer of this you know and you can actually find he's portrayed among other human designers for a studio. at our website lets him mention that you need the logo for your business and all you have to do is just describe your company in text and send
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this text to an equalizer and just within seconds he will come up with an unlimited amount of different design concepts while rumor has it our team needs a new logo so could we take him for a test drive and see what he could produce for us let's go with their start of the new project let's start r t. based its description. and here you are while i like that one. mr rowan of is no doubt a talented designer perhaps a little too talented for us humans interested in entering the design field of the future there could be some stiff competition to contend with especially with plans to expand nikolai's responsibilities at the company already in the works when you
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see that just several 100 lines of cold over perform you design career a lot of serious question start popping up like what is my real value for abuse this what do i have to do today to stay relevant to moral we use nikolai in the studio as an unlimited source of new ideas like fresh ideas he's not afraid of anyone he just he just creates logos like an unlimited amount of logos we teach him he was styles we. show humor you seems for human culture you know to. create you and your images but but i have to say that with nikolai you don't need a designer but you do need an art director some person who will. choose the right option from the millions of billable rushes nicholai
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a run of seems to be the cutting edge of modern artificial intelligence for now he's one of a kind but who knows how many others will follow in his footsteps. reporting maybe more weekly here not international just coming up and in the morning here in moscow from us at the top of. our. own welcome to world and part of if you want to be happy just being this not simply mistakingly attributed to leo tolstoy why the wait was very unhappy person has nonetheless support in your science far from it the physics the field with wide
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result of our daily actions and expectations how to maximize that in a world that seems to be so ironically on and on and depressed and well to discuss that i'm now joined by a letter at the burning professor emeritus of management at university and author of the habits of the happy brain some burning it's so great to talk to you thank you very much for your time. thanks so much for having me now the pursuit of happiness is stated as a reasonable right in the years declaration of independence and it is defined there as a free striving towards joy as long as a does not violate the rights of others so even the american founding fathers day and a half centuries ago defined it as something 1st actionable and 2nd time to an individual .


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