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still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. even today kids in laos fall victim to bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy and. help to the people need little. rejects britain's claims of hacking medical files on the u.k. foreign secretary. almost certainly meddling in last year's general election we asked people in london for their thoughts. you know distract us from what's really going on i don't think it's connected to. be blaming cummings before i blame her she's. also ahead on the program 3 french police officers are indicted for. 6 months after
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a delivery driver died while being restrained in a chair his father say's it's clear. in my view there was a failure to help a person in danger along with assault and the actions that led to my son's. the e.u. leaders meet up for their 1st face to face summit in months signing off the blocks on precedented budget is again proving tricky. live from moscow this is r.t. international my name's you know neal 30 minutes of news and views start. russia has rejected britain's accusations of election meddling and hucking of vaccine research the u.k. foreign secretary said the government is almost certain russia sought to interfere
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in last year's poll saskia taylor has been breaking down the claims. 2020 the year just keeps on giving a pandemic but social awakening and now russian interference the government has concluded that it is almost certain that russian actors start to interfere in the $21000.00 general election through the online amplification of illicitly acquired in league government documents whilst there is no evidence of a broad spectrum russian complain against the general election and any attempt to interfere in our democratic processes is completely unacceptable and elected to parliament the u.k. foreign secretary said to his party's historic triumph at the polls in 2019 and i will of course want to congratulate absolutely everybody involved in securing the biggest conservative majority since that i did eighties. wasn't just people fed up with political deadlock infighting and endless bricks that delays no it was
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a russian actors theater actors film actors the kremlin russian nationals russian companies anyone who's ever been to russia it's unclear and yet at the same time it's apparently almost certain ring about the government has concluded that it is highly likely the likely finding likely almost certainly will show this responsible to the to. do the script the cliff he should know it looks like another use of highly likely tactics but it seems he has given up on this term based on previous years' experience even more so now the british government gives us the new slogan almost certain bridge and these mysterious russian actors bombarded the public online with details of the neat post broke set u.k. u.s. trade deal the one that would have bred speaking chlorinated chicken and making visits to a privatized n.h.s. hospital is something i can reveal to you 461 pages of
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evidence on the forests of the n.h.s. is of the table and will. up for sale now timing wise it's an interesting allegation did the british government just watch and do very little as the virus to hold here under fire for a severe lack of personal protective equipment for health care workers and the failure to ramp up the government is under increasing pressure to ease the nationwide lockdown measures it's close to having europe's worst death toll so what did it do wrong differently the government's not only buried under criticism over its covert mistakes but also in debt with the nation afraid to step outside again the accusation also comes ahead of a much anticipated report on russian interference in u.k. politics as a whole a report that's been in the watts for 18 months on which the prime minister himself said didn't point to any nefarious forces there is. absolutely no
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evidence that i've ever seen of any russian in the difference in u.k. democratic process i mean i think that this is there sure is not russian authorities in u.k. politics there is no evidence for that a bit mixed messages but it will still do the trick russian meddling might be an oldie but it's still a goody but if you really wanted to shift attention away from many crises and and buy a pack line space you could go free double whammy we know that the russian intelligence agencies have been targeting in terms of cyber attacks against efforts across the those 3 countries and here in the u.k. our attempts to find advancing through research and development occurring of ours we do not have information about who may have hacked into pharmaceutical companies and research centers in great britain we can say one thing russia has nothing at all to do with these attempts apparently a hacking group terrifyingly called cozy back is trying to steal everything from
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research labs hospitals big pharma is all of the good guys who are walking toward. a vaccine now some might say selfish interest would include buying up the wild supply of the coronavirus treatment drug not completing the fast preclinical trial of a vaccine on humans or by its nefarious self as russia has done but that's just my net details good old russian into ferrets an old friend you can always turn to if the going gets tough and you need a bit of a break from being bashed just picking up all of this lot are points there the united nations says it has no information about the alleged cyber theft of vaccine research the head of russia's sovereign wealth fund which is investing in research in this country says there is no need for theft because oxford university has been sharing data under existing agreements now we have people in london how they see this story. i don't think it's going to play from trials offering these things. to
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a smokescreen you know just to. distract us from what's really going on says i that's pretty good evidence that it was from russian so yeah it doesn't surprise me this is something. he likes and i'd rather be blaming cummings before i blame. i think they've got to putin is trying to destabilize the west and so. make things. more. conducive for russian interests to make that russian the kind that the kind of like now to finance like the french sky things like russia so we think. it's very easy to point the finger isn't it is an old saying you know africa when you point the finger like you get anything to support you back. well since the allegations emerged we've been getting reaction from former british intelligence stuff politicians lists. well here we
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go again highly likely. turn of days are long gone when the public believed how likely claims by british government ministers are megastars any well the public demands are of a higher standard of growth nowadays what do they mean by russian is this president putin that again sitting on radio. jock your most. national service. if they had evidence wouldn't wheat to publish it if they're caught when what they mean by russian surely must mean russian security forces if they had evidence that russian security forces were guilty of into being in the u.k. general like should not be prosecuted in rome to release that information that would be headline news in every news outlet in this country and across the globe seized on by the americans and the he. do men when the story
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broke as well last year or and it was called a leak it wasn't called a hack so it was some sort of coming out of government. actually some extra looks at the tour agency so i think it's interesting that we're now bringing this up to take a head of the publication of screener tourist russia. more than 6 months after a french delivery driver died when police pinned him to the ground in a choke hold 3 officers have now been charged with manslaughter father of 5 said rick suffered a heart attack and ultimately died of suffocation after what was supposed to be a routine stop charlotte dubin speeds in paris with more. when citric shoe fit was pulled over by police in january it was a traffic check the offices say that she had been looking at
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a suburban and they say that the motive by delivery driver also had a duty to license plates passes by phil this seems the followed at 1st said to picture can be seen pointing his finger at the police for over 10 minutes he in the police are shown to be in discussion but then. is said to have called an officer a fool and he's arrested under arrest they say he resisted the video then shows 3 officers holding him down on the full while still wearing his motorbike helmets in order hood by investigators the fault of 5 is said to be crying out that he called to brief he repeats this 7 times during that arrest he suffered a heart attack he was taken to hospital in a coma 2 days later said picture was dead a post-mortem found that he hadn't died from the heart attack in fact his larynx
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had been fractured and he died from this pyxia said family devastated by his death hit out at the manner in which the police arrested him again. we do not understand why these technical restraint the children holding has still not been banned because as we have seen this is what killed my father it cost a fraction of the larynx and we are in the state of total in comprehension today that's why i want to speak directly to mr manuel mccraw the chokehold technique is one of many things that officers can use to control a suspect when said they died his family called out for change but nothing happened it wasn't until months later following the death of u.s. citizen george floyd that anger. really flared up not just through the use of the chokehold technique but also reigniting protests but alleged police brutality.
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authorities took notice and announced that the controversial chokehold technique would be banned but that didn't last long with anger from the police unions forcing the government to back down and made a u. turn but the protests did focus in new spotlight on the case of sets picture of a now an investigation has found that there is a case to be answered by the offices of present day with manslaughter charges being made his family they are still unhappy because very often it will be the reason these are we are glad the police officers have finally been charged although for some odd reason one female officer in the case is serving as
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a witness we don't understand this in my view there was a failure to help a person in danger along with assault and actions that led to my son's death and they still haven't been fired the government has changed so let's see what comes next but for me what's happening now is shameful that not everyone in the police force is a murderer and there are people doing their jobs in harsh circumstances with a lack of resources we as a family understand that we asked the interior minister is the hit by by the rules and create the lie that started the whole post 10 journey for $22.00 and she said to his family await justice for his death meanwhile they remain defiant that the choke hold technique must be abandoned. paris. they you. european union is holding its 1st physical summit since february the 27 nations are hoping to approve a must of recovery plan and also strike
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a compromise on the block's 7 year budget our europe correspondent peter all over the latest. it's almost back to normal isn't it back in the room in brussels leaders of the meeting faced bating meeting face to face for the 1st time since coronavirus put an end to that and they have to take part in these well the times in terms of all online video conferences musk's social distancing and elbow bumps replacing the handshake of the order of the day just about everybody said it hearing to the new rules of social distancing and masks except for those funds for use of social distancing the visit guard for the group made up of poland slovakia czech republic and hungary who twitter feeds have all been awash with photos of masculist handshakes yeah they don't play by anybody's rules that there is some business to be taken care of though that's why they're in brussels for this
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meeting a budget for the next 7 years and a much needed coronavirus stimulus package have to be agreed on angela merkel is in charge pretty much of this meeting germany has the the presidency the rotating presidency of the european union but the german chancellor didn't seem filled with confidence heading in to the summit in brussels for. our last meeting in february was not successful we are all entering this negotiations in good spirits but i have to say the difference as still very big therefore i can see just yet whether we'll come to an agreement this time xpect very very difficult negotiations. charles michel the european council president has cooked $26000000000.00 euro from the budget he 1st put forward back in may we're still looking it will be point $86.00 trillion that is being asked for but that includes the 7 year budget and.
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hundreds of millions for korona recovery funds in. leading 500000000000 in grants for corona recovery their opposition as you would imagine when it comes to numbers like this the frugal for all they being called austria sweden denmark and the netherlands making up the frugal for they say they'll only agree to these packages if they have a say on how countries spend that money they've given not a chance say those who will need the most of that money we're talking about france italy spain and greece here it's a firm no no no when the from them they say that would infringe upon their wealth their sovereignty the meeting started with the european a the european parliament president david saw early warning that if an agreement isn't found there's going to be a diet consequences for the whole block. at the moment the heads of government
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have a huge responsibility we cannot allow ourselves to feel to reach an agreement and the council any sort of postponement could certainly provoke new storms and put the whole of europe in a difficult situation. the summit can continue over the weekend i have a feeling though and so to many watching this may continue for a while yet before they find an agreement. the united nations special envoy to yemen is calling for an urgent probe into the latest saudi led air strikes the un earlier said at least 11 civilians were killed in whedon's these bombing raid in northern yemen although hutu rebels which control the area say 24 lives were lost or about to show you some video from a hospital please be aware it shows young children with injuries this is where survivors of that attack are being treated many of them as. youngsters hooty official say the warplanes bombed a residential area the saudi coalition has promised to investigate the attack has
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drawn international condemnation including from the u.n. children's fund unicef. well since the beginning of the yemeni war in 2015 the country has become one of the world's worst humanitarian catastrophes with over 100000 killed the majority of civilian casualties result from airstrikes on human rights groups have accused the saudi coalition of conducting indiscriminate bombings the spine prison last week announced it would resume arms sales to sony arabia with the international trade secretary saying possible war crimes in yemen seem to be isolated incidents. i have assessed that there is not a clear risk for the export of arms and military equipment to saudi arabia might be used in the commission of a serious violation of international humanitarian law i.e. united kingdom actually still sending these weapons to you know saudi arabia i
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don't understand the business of you know hypocrisy and they're completely completely misleading to everybody because the british government are seeking a lot of money from the saudi arabia this is they definitely if they wouldn't pay any attention to i mean you know a cold case and this field and it is it is shame on the british government actually to supply the saudi with beasts lethal weapons. painful challenges for yemen don't stop there in our recent red cross report says a new wave of humanitarian disaster is unfolding as heavy rains and deadly floods come the suffering.
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the situation is yemen is just getting worse by the essential water and sanitation system has been affected as well the health care system in the country is really weekend with the conflict. the only way that. we can bet many is cold. by hitting the measures the bent of measures only beasts a political solution that brings peace to yemenis well hell many is restored to their lives and well and there is such a hurry and. now international travel is slowly picking up but that's proving to be a headache for ireland which say it's helping trouble with one particular set of
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tourists guests arriving from the united states or heading straight to enjoy our lands bars restaurants and hotels that spite on their current rules they are required to south korean team for 14 days it's causing some anxiety in the hospitality industry and among locals who use the same industries at one chef told us he has been turning american guests away. the last woman. to. 2 different tables of american tourists going to go into the restaurant when they were asked about when they arrived in the country daisy earlier which means that they don't want to be their source table just shrugged and walked away and the 2nd table the gentleman on it said he didn't have drawn a virus and it was all over hyped in a way i know which point i just said i'm sorry we're only here thank you and please leave the rest of the you know i did based on the fact that if i get taken then pay bills on that night my stuff would've been uncomfortable. i was putting them
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possibly in jeopardy because i was too high and i wasn't willing to take it. yet there is growing public pressure on the irish government to take a tougher line on trial varies from the united states currently arland is the only e.u. country accepting tarus from the us which has the world's highest official number of covert infections although irish leaders insist that not many people are making the trip. the amount american visitors are information back from the public transport is up the numbers are quite low or people should not be coming to our land if they can't restrict their movement for 14 days when they come here. this is not a time for normal holidays for tourists coming from abroad in our lives. i think we've been very clear on that. but not all can again one of those people directly affected by visitors believes the government has failed to shield the
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country from her 10 virus couriers. our little. group of guys under control and the last thing we need to be is people coming in from from parts box. and they do gardening when we've done their selves here i think it's more about the government reaction. the americans themselves and you know the government came out and said that there was it was more complicated complicated than that and some of the systems were flawed that's a complex that's the book it's much easier to please our borders than it is say france basine to be able to do is i think that's a lot of where younger is coming from it's like where in ireland it should be easier for us to do with anybody. the pandemic is still weighing on the united states job market another 1300000 americans filed 1st time jobless claims last week on employment skyrocketed in early april when the pandemic lockdowns took hold on
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so more than 6000000 filed new claims for 2 weeks in a row the situation has slightly improved since but over 17000000 people work claiming unemployment benefits at the start of this month more than a dozen u.s. firms have filed for bankruptcy during the demick but nonetheless they were promised to pay millions in bonuses to their top executives scale up and reports. a new white house ad campaign says that if you've lost your job or income due to the pandemic it's time to find something new and i know what you're thinking. and i've been there but you got to keep going just need the right skills find an apprenticeship you can do for some i do you can do this you will find a check you will find so you get. the unemployment rate in the united states is still elevated due to the pandemic roughly $18000000.00 americans are currently without a job now in the united states if you lose your job you often also lose your health
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insurance and that is a concern for everyone during this pandemic and 3 sure. months the number of battles without health insurance rose by 5400000 the largest coverage loss in american history exceeding by nearly 40 percent the greatest annual increase in the number of uninsured adults ever recorded so need to find something new consider becoming jeff bezos he's made billions during this pandemic or a lion musk who's seen a surge in his profits but even when your company does poorly it's still great to be a corporate executive bloomberg found out of the $100.00 companies that have filed for bankruptcy amid this pandemic 19 of them have paid out a combined total of $131000000.00 in retention and performance bonuses to people at the top take for example hertz car rental corp now they recently went under in response to these unprecedented conditions and the uncertainty regarding the
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duration of the impact has taken proactive and aggressive actions to manage costs and ricci's capital expenditures on may 19th hurts car rental corp handed out $1500000.00 to its top 3 executives as part of a $16200000.00 bonus program 3 days later they filed for bankruptcy the exact j.c. penney a department store got $10000000.00 before they filed for bankruptcy and the company went under at chesapeake energy they got $25000000.00 intelsat even one in court the right to pay out 17000000 dollars in bonuses to its top 6 executives amid bankruptcy the department of justice was actually blocked from stopping them this seems to be how the u.s. economy is structured in hard times working people lose their jobs their homes and their health care meanwhile corporate executives get paid $1000000.00 bonuses even
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when their companies go under but remember those of you who are down and out in the united. states the white house has got good advice for you find something new. artsy new york. protesters have shut down an oil pumping station in southern there are the government to follow through in 27 deal to create oil industry jobs in the tough to win region amid soaring unemployment soldiers have been deployed to prevent damage to the site so far no clashes have been reported. gathered outside the israeli prime minister's residence on thursday night calling on him to resign over corruption charges hundreds of people surrounded the compound in jerusalem chanting playing drums on waving flags some even set up a camp on others organized a fire show netanyahu is standing trial in a series of roughed cases he denies old charges. and these are the closest
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pictures ever seen of this they have been published by nothing on the european space agency they captured the. stars up most fear where the temperature is around 1000000 degrees celsius. but the same temperature as the studio at times now it's nerve jangling time for the performance arts industry across the world what many groups on sure if they'll survive the cuts covert is bringing sophie shevardnadze gets into that next in the latest visionaries episode. problem drugs has come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invaded america under the
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banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond and i'll be speaking to give us the world of politics. i'm showbusiness. full of them just because there is me so the ships are not performing arts are cautiously returned back on stage having to do with
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a myriad of challenges in the past. sad about this i'm joined by the last day it was then music director at national symphony orchestra principal guest conductor for the london symphony orchestra and israel's. master general there's a music director at national symphony orchestra principal guest conductor at london symphony orchestra at israel for their work orchestra great to have you with us today that's just so much going on. and me world regarding performing i'm arts and i'm just really glad that i get to speak to you with what's going on. in classical music and so our morning orchestras so let's start from the beginning when any is there a lockdown orchestra as in theatres charged to online streaming and as temporary solution it's fine i guess right but obviously the shared experience of laffer forest.


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