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well. among the. men or the new has sat down i. never start the marine in the shade but i leave them with that he'd get a shot here. with. fury president deployment of troops to the city to stamp out antique racism protests the president's also slammed the unrest in cities across america. what cities are doing is absolute insanity many of the same politicians who want to slash resources for law enforcement have also did lead to their cities are saying sure is for criminal
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illegal aliens. world health organization says that is worried about corona virus in europe just weeks after countries started to reopen their doors to tourists. china's foreign ministry says its embassies in the united states have received death threats because of the anti beijing he styria whipped up by the trumpet ministration after the us gave the chinese consulate in houston 72 hours in which to shut down. good morning great to have you with us this is r.t. international. anger over the deployment of armed federal forces to the us city of portland shows no sign of dying down president donald trump's decision to send in the troops to stamp out nearly 2 months of anti-racism protests only aggravated the situation. i. i.
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i. i i. i i. the white house claims the city's mayor has lost control of the city but over a dozen men as a whole ready asked the trumpet ministration to remove federal forces from more home plans to send them to other u.s. cities protesters calls to defund the police of government louder since the arrival of federal agents. meanwhile chicago's mayor is citizens to inform the police of any unconstitutional actions committed by federal forces earlier trumpet announced that hundreds of troops would be deployed to chicago i think in their own way they want us to go in they'll be a time when they're going to want us to go in for blur's but right now we're sending extra people to help i've been very clear. not happening in chicago we don't need federal troops and i'm calling on all chicagoans that if you see
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something that doesn't look right please don't hesitate to report it and if we see any steps out of line particularly with v.h.s. or border patrol we're not going to hesitate to take the president to court and stop any unconstitutional actions i. the city of chicago has experienced a spike in violence over the last few days we've seen drive by shooting near a funeral home the 15 people injured murders and shooting incidents in the city. so far 2020 compared with all of 2019 local say that the president's decision to send in federal troops will not solve the crisis. i think that the time and resources to be better spent in addressing the pandemic that affect all of us across the world so i just think it's just a deflection and it's unfortunate it's violence begets more violence it's just a chain that will just repeat will be continue it's not going to stop it is very
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dangerous to send federal agents the chicago i mean there's if you what happens if i just stay inside for the couple weeks there and then come back outside when they leave like the rules are very intelligent. this is not intelligent the most useful help. the bureau of alcohol. tobacco. to deal with. the automatic weapons that are in the hands of criminals. you know we're going to get those kind of weapons out of the hands of people who. you know do mass shootings. the world health organization is sounding the alarm over coronavirus trends in europe calling them worrying that these could spiral into major outbreaks on these peta all of the reports. the summer sun has encouraged a return to normal in europe when it comes to covert 19 but ask coronavirus
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restrictions that be lifted or loosened the world health organization is warning about a potential spike in the virus with eastern europe and the polk and is deemed to be particularly at risk. we still have some worrying trends in southern europe and the balkans so we're not out of the woods just yet in the european environment it requires sustained vigilance just 2 months ago montenegro was declaring itself corona free not anymore it seems 2000 cases of the virus have seen social distancing and lock down measures reintroduced but. you may be forgiven for thinking that western europe would force off the worst the pandemic count to offer but there's also being spikes there as well in spain for example the number of new infections has tripled recently. you know when measures have been relaxed is
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where outbreaks happen is not only family reunions or other types of gatherings where we've had a good number of new outbreaks but also in places where there's been evening entertainment they have also generated some new outbreaks some countries are already reimposing measures in austria masks will be mandatory again from friday in response to a rise in the number of covert cases while in belgium which was ravaged by the 1st wave of the virus more pressure is being placed upon the health care system local mayors will be given powers to impose lock downs and curfews in the areas hardest hit we think that this is not really the time to have phase 5 of the restrictions there will be reinforcements taken to come to this part of the coronavirus instead . germany has been very successful at keeping k. . says low but this time of year is the peak time for holidays and unfortunately mingling with strangers when traveling is
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a very good way to spread this virus then that's the differences in the precautions taken from country to country here in berlin it's strictly for bolton to ride public transport without a mask while in norway it's optional but there is nothing stopping me popping off the all slow for a few days taking in the sights of the taiga city by tram and bringing cove it back to germany europe like everywhere else is desperate to get back to normality not least of all for economic reasons but steps taken to quickly can end up being steps taken backwards that comb with tragic consequences coronavirus today is no less infectious and no less deadly than it was a few months back it would a political but mostly economy in europe is more concerned with the economy in the health of its citizens and people the relaxation of the self isolation regime
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happened too early we do not know much about this virus but it spreads extremely quickly now there have been repeated outbreaks of the virus in many places in spain in terms of the rate of infection the country's approaching the figure of a 1000 people a day due to summer vacations that there are not enough doctors and nurses we need to act quickly in order to find the source of infections and try to immediately isolate and quarantine the people who are nearby in europe borders have been practically opened some places are being visited by tourists i don't think that the control over visitors is very strict if europe does not act together then frankly it will be difficult at the beginning of the epidemic the government made the wrong decisions by the end of february a quarantine should have been already declared but this is in the past today it. is a global problem i see that infections are not only occurring in spain the balkans will be a big source of increased coronavirus infections in europe. of the days of tense
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talks $27.00 e.u. countries managed to strike a deal on tuesday on a hefty post coronavirus stimulus package the french president hailed the recovery plan as historic however his optimism was not shared by his political opponents. this recovery plan based on european solidarity is a historic change for the european union and the eurozone it's a common goal based on solidarity and responsibility because there's a planned refund deadline the goal isn't soley to leave all of this on the backs of future generations so this is a common desire to invest which will enable us to properly face the social and economic but also it's a logical challenges of our european union. macron has just signed the worst deal for france in the history for you to protect his ego he sector feiss our future and our independence european taxes abandonment for agriculture colossal financial
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commitment of the country micron has given into everything contribution discounts to tight fisted countries spending controls the reduction in the amount of the recovery plan etc spare us the propaganda the brussels summit also sir lead leaders agree a 7 year budget for the block with $1.00 trillion us dollars on top of that $857000000000.00 u.s. dollars was earmarked for the covert recovery plan independent journalist who grieve and sunday telegraph columnist and elizabeth edwards as their views on the deal. for once they're out there on the same wavelength i mean the left from a lot more and more independent right they both criticise with the same arguments that kind of michael mcconnell wanted some food to be one of the european leaders to be read leader with mrs merkel really wants to have an international stature and
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walk off for how francis dealt with the coronavirus crisis i wouldn't be proud and also from to come out of the speech is seen in deep trouble and part of it is just french politics ergo they they are mean they are not against europe in any way ed most of the time they have different areas in which the or against europe whether the left or the right the left are saying that it kills the interest of workers and the right to saying that it makes it impossible to be a free nation but the result is that the felt from was complaining in 2007 that he was pro european that he thought that france was stronger within europe than not having a part to play in europe and he's just done a great deal of britain is shaped a little probably the toughest european summit since they created the european union and he and angela merkel had to compromise on some aspects but they more or less when the deal so he's done well with the dictionary and it's making his
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enemies very angry. and just a reminder we're plenty more online including this piece on the much discussed malaria troth chloroquine a new study finds no evidence that it's able to prevent over 19 despite claims 3 us president read about that and more on our website r.t. dot com. tensions between the 90 states and china are ratcheting up beijing's foreign ministry slam washington after a dub replicate the republic 72 hours on tuesday in which to shut its consulate in houston in a tweet a spokesperson for the ministry said the chinese embassy had received bomb a death threats because of hatred against the country whipped up by the trumpet ministration words were also exchange them public. as far as closing 'd additional embassies it's always possible they were burning documents or burning papers from a fun time china strongly condemns the decision and urges the us side to
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immediately rescind this wrong decision otherwise that china will take legitimate and necessary countermeasures to meet it there's been this long challenge of the chinese communist party stealing intellectual property we actually talked about this is not just american intellectual property but stalls when european intellectual property while the u.s. says it all that the consulate closed to quote protect american intellectual property in private information on tuesday police and fire officials responded to reports of smoke in the courtyard of the building a video of what appears to be fires in consulate binns is widely speculated in the media consulate employees have been burning documents. relations between the u.s. and china have been steadily getting worse president recently revoked hong kong's preferential trade status it was a move to further sanction chinese officials and businesses over china's new security law which also effects on kong on top of that trump has been pointing the finger at beijing over the coronavirus pandemic on to america host rick sanchez
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discussed the escalating tensions with his guests. this was unexpected and i was a complete slap in the face because they are essentially being forced to shut down the entire concert within 72 hours and this is something that has never been done in the last 40 years and in fact this is one of the most important console one of the oldest ones ever established in the u.s. so china isn't to say that they're definitely going to retaliate if the u.s. does not reconsider and withdraw this and they said that they are most likely will be it could well be shutting down the u.s. consulate over and as well in retaliation this entire thing was done without any sort of communication at all so it just shows you how deteriorated this entire relationship is mike pompeo then goes on to our looking like he just walked off the set of the soprano's the public in the countries that comes and goes to look at each of our noiselessly and shake their heads. ask themselves is this great america it's roaming around the world like a bull in
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a china shop if you'll forgive the pun given the events today and the owner of the all these china shops is finally going to say if we don't stop these people then all of our china shops are going to be trashed have we gone sanction crazy over the sanctions not worth or. are. on the agenda when. they're really. really independently at what will it work or not there's an exchange that took a kind of political theater mr trump and the republicans are and never will and thank you jim from there. they're now going to beat up on china and make that a big deal out of all of that with french and which what the average person is no matter. what they really are most of the year they're easy to get around. all the.
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chains make the rest of the world nervous very strange way in which your politics between leading countries in the world. you all with a c. on the way dozens of scientists to form from trump against the resumption of nuclear testing we hear from a nobel laureate who thinks it would be an indication of war planning some monk stories coming up after the. show seemed wrong oh well we just don't all. believe yet to shape out this day comes to educate and in games from an equals
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. always the issue of trying to playing out in the american election cycle and body betray themselves as being tough and beijing maybe they are at least rhetorically but in reality those are very different story and it's bipartisan the commanding heights of industry and finance important china for day one of the bridges to show is this china.
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welcome back the mayor of a small german port town fiz that he could be facing the wrath of the u.s. government in the form of sanctions the city of sas that's in northern germany is primarily known as being a vacation spot but it's mail is also responsible for the port of ships working on the russia germany nord stream to pipeline adopt america's impose sanctions on anybody working on that project so after refusing to expel the vessels frank cracked is now waiting to be hit by u.s. restrictions. which is why i can't say i understand this as you know the time for threats has passed the us state department announced that the new restrictions would come into effect although we have not received any official notice yet we must take this seriously as this is a tightening of sanctions that have already been imposed i don't understand these actions since in my mind this is breaking international law europe is sovereign territory and i don't think europe should allow such interference in its economic
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issues. the u.s. house of representatives recently passed an amendment to the national defense authorization act which imposes further sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the north stream to pipeline washington has already imposed sanctions in the past to prevent its completion and declared the project a threat to european security now it is aimed at pumping natural gas from russia to germany via the baltic sea bypassing traditional transit countries such as ukraine the construction industry into began in may 28 team u.s. sanctions slapped on vessels and companies involved in the project have temporarily halted work on it in response moscow said it was ready to complete the pipeline on its own and use its own ships but now washington is tightening the restrictions even local european politicians are in the crosshairs is cracked again he feels the u.s. is political threats and demands are hurting international relations. that's the 1st regarding the ships i have always said that we will not allow anyone to tell us
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what ships can come through our port and dock on our shores we will not allow the u.s. to dictate what vessels can anchor in our port. i don't think we need protection from russia for decades our region has had great economic relations with russia but the european sanctions have halted this i think it is very important that in these difficult times we continue to communicate with each other rather than send threats the covert one. pandemic has led to a global crisis and also an economic one we should consider this and possibly cooperate more closely on a global scale not threaten each other and halt economic growth that is the wrong path of course it will be disappointing if mr trump pulls this off it saddens me that people who want to live in peace who want to have unique experiences and discover other cultures can be told by other people who consider themselves important no you can't do this to me this is
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a very serious issue. a group of 40 scientists has warned the u.s. against a resumption of nuclear testing citing the risk of an all out war in maine reports a mercy just in the trump administration discussed whether to conduct the 1st nuclear test since a decades long moratorium early my colleague saskia taylor spoke with nobel laureate richard j. roberts he believes a renewal of nuclear tests could set off an alarming chain reaction. well the point of the testing is that if you're not planning for war why do it so that means you're planning for war if the us want to resume testing didn't that would provoke other countries such as india or pakistan to also resume that test as well exactly does what exactly what i would expect so other nations are going to be concerned that the us is doing it you know why shouldn't we why are they doing it what are they what is their goal. i think this whole thing is crazy you know the world does
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not need nuclear weapons we have plenty of problems we don't need the problems you get weapons. the u.s. isn't ready to stay number of new clear agreements in 2019 it pulled out of a cold war pact with russia the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty earlier washington walked out of the iran nuclear deal now all eyes are on an arms reduction treaty set to expire at the beginning of 2021 russia's been pushing for its extension but the u.s. is still deliberating which roberts again says that there are risks of a nuclear war with another superpower as well i think the possibility of a new cold war with china the scapegoat is time instead of russia is growing every day but i also think that at times like this when we see the potential for tragedy that can come from and damage such as the covert 19
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pandemic should make rational people think about what is important in life is it important to prepare for a nuclear war or is it important to prepare make sure the operation is healthy do you support total disarmament applying to. yes i want to just no sense that there is no good we're actually now anybody to have nuclear arms. the coronavirus pandemic is set to change the way americans can vote in november presidential elections with states expanding access to mail in voting as a safer alternative to in person voting but a recent poll shows many citizens doubt the security of that measure 49 percent of american citizens are apparently convinced mail in voting is susceptible to significant fraud in a more propose. the coronavirus is changing the way we live and the upcoming election in the united states this november is no different this year instead of
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taking the risk of standing in long lines outside of polling places millions of americans will be voting by casting their ballots through the mail embracing the post coded reality but this is setting off alarm bells for some especially with a new directive saying that postal workers are forbidden from taking overtime while this changes in a normal year would be drastic in a presidential election year when many states are in line have an absentee mail in ballots increases in mail delivery time and would impair the ability of ballots to be received and counted in a timely manner and an acceptable outcome for free and fair election the idea that we can get everyone on the same page and perform the election operation gen doesn't precinct at a time as we always do with a totally new way of getting the ballots in is just beyond reach it's way over the horizon it's something we need to plan for the next election 2 years from now it
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will be utter chaos trying to get the american election system to absorb a new way of doing it in the next 3 months and it seems like these fears are not groundless take a look at the recent primary vote that happened in new york it appears that a large percentage of the ballots were thrown away furthermore it takes days for all the mail in votes to arrive delaying election results in the recent new york primary vote many never even received the absentee mail in ballots that they applied for now all of this has many thinking that there are openings for fraud i think national mail in elections and ballads waiting in mailboxes and all that is just an invitation to fraud and abuse on a colossal scale it becomes so divorced from reality that people don't even realize what the vibe is. and it separates them mentally and emotionally and in terms of their daily lives from that very sure process of standing in the voting booth and
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participating in their cars to to shuttle duty and right and i do not believe that is a good direction for america go u.s. president donald trump has not just been critical of the mail in voting process he's given a very clear analysis of how he feels about the upcoming vote mail in voting unless changed by the courts will lead to the most corrupt election in our nation's history facebook called this post misleading along with some of joe biden's posts and it provides a link to what it refers to as official voting information now the upcoming presidential election in november will be the 1st time in u.s. history that a national election has been conducted primarily with mail in ballots that's going to generate not only a lot of postage but also potentially many surprises it with modern artsy new york i think of out of today don't forget to check out plenty more stories head to our website.
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l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. i really must obey the orders given a human beings except where such conflict with the 1st law. should be very careful about official intelligence and the point is to create trust. in with artificial intelligence real something to. protect its own existence and existence.
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54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again.
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japan and america. the top 3 economies of the world yes so now they are like that to tonic plates from living away so that would be seismically significant and that doesn't sound like a friendly cooperative globalized world and they. welcome to the like simon show from strike him album show and scotland we have today we asked the 2nd longest serving to show called prime minister and i this history high will island fail in the post pandemic age death to have set of the for the leaven you winning 3 successive general elections has length of tenure as 2nd only to.
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find the feel a foil back to having such events in office include the belfast peace agreement of the development of the tiger economy today we ask beth to happen how stunned silence in the postponed demick on the post blacks age but fussed over up at this meeting glasgow if you tweet julian mails and your messages. thank you alex last week show covered the response to new zealand to coronavirus and interviews with new zealand public health academic professor michael baker and dr mark konigsberg catalan comments so bring insights from both contributors it seems early in stringent measures have been key to tackling covert 1000 more effectively notable scotland has made progress since diverging from the rest of u.k. strategy who play this puts us on a better footing for winter john eckstein says what was in new zealand's favor is that she's relatively isolated from the rest of the world she has
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a relatively small population who were and are mature enough to tear to the safety .


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