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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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was down earlier this year, sabs came in and said what are you doing, why are you upset? the season is not over yet. we traded for you for a reason. that picked me up. all the coaching staff, everybody, we made it happen. as you know, i grew up a dodger fan, but right now and forever it is all about the san francisco giants and our world series, baby. [applause] >> san francisco giants are world champions. i am a part of it. i cannot believe it. nine years of my life. dead last our fourth place, this organization has the hard to bring me here and give me a chance. here i am in front of you beautiful people. you deserve it just as much as i
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do, trust me. i have a present for you all in san francisco. i am sure all of you have heard about the rallying song. i know this is a family event, but if you have seen zoolander, i have a special talent just for you. [applause] >> world champions. we will do it again, baby. san francisco, i love you. thank you very much! [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, congratulations to the giants of 2010, and to you, i have the sound that you made at at&t park in the world series echoing in my head. we need it another few times as we face the winter ahead of next season. let's hear it again. let's go, giants. let's go, giants. >> let's go, giants. let's go, giants. let's go, giants. let's go, giants.
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let's go, giants. [applause] >> one more word from andres torres. >> i want to wish my wife happy birthday. i love you. many more. >> thank you all for coming to andres torres' wife's birthday party. i cannot wait to have another party next year. ladies and gentlemen, three and half months, pitchers and catchers report to scottsdale.
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and the giants will try to do it again. we will see you at the yard. the giants are the champions of the world. congratulations and thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ i left my heart
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in san francisco high on a hill it calls to me to be where little cable >> thank you all for coming out,
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especially on short notice. it is a real thrill for all the giants fans and for the elected officials here in city hall to announce formally the trophy tour. we will be bringing the trophy to a city near you but will first stop. the start of the official tour is here, the visa tour, in early january. january 5, we will be celebrate your birthday and the world series victory from the giants. it will be making its way all throughout the state and even going over the state border. we are honored to have the
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trophy here as a preview of that tour, available for your viewing pleasure and for your photographic memories. we will have this trophy available here for a few hours this afternoon before we head off with mayor cluck of arlington, who was kind enough to join us today. around the applause for the mayor. to fulfill the mayor's obligation, and that is saddling the bets between the city and county of san francisco and texas. we are not going to rub it in any more. but the world series trophy is here for his feeling pleasure as well. we will be down there with brett hart school, and the mayor will
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be the manager, as well i, with the junior giants. he will be filling his community service -- my kind of community service. being out there with the kids and junior giants. i want to thank the giants organization for a lot of us to put delaware that bet in an appropriate manner. this goes back to 1994. brett hart, for what it is worth, was one of the adopted schools when that fund was established. that school is making a difference for thousands of children in the state, across some of the border states. i am proud of the giants for doing good work in the community and celebrating his victory for us.
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i know you came here to see the strophe and hear from the team. it is great to have you all here. bill nukom, on behalf of the team, if you could come up. >> nobody wants to follow that guy to the microphone. i will try to get to the point. it is a special pleasure, mayor newsom, to be back here in your building. we were just here six weeks ago outside of this magnificent building. we had just come from a wonderful parade witnessed by over 1 million folks, all of
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joy, appreciate it with the giants baseball team had accomplished this year and in the post season. it is great to be back here to see the inside of this amazing building than to be able to announce this world champion trophy tour. we are still a overjoyed, we are proud, and we are humbled by what the baseball team accomplished for this community, for its fan base around the world. we are also very appreciative of what this city, what our fan base has done for our team, and the support that you have shown us for a long time. i do not think anybody in the organization could have estimated the kind of outpouring of support we would feel and see during the last two months of the season.
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it was magnificent, it was resolute, and it had a real affect on us. i remember brian fabian saying, these ballplayers have no idea the breath of the fan base. they have a good day and played in front of 43,000 fans, but they do not understand how broad that fan base is. we were all touched by it. we have all waited a good long time for this trophy to catch your -- get here. so this seemed to us by the time to show our gratitude. the best way we can do that is to take this handsome trophy and to take it out into giants country and to give all of you a chance to get up close and personal with it, see it, and
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remind what it is that we did to get it. we want it as a team. we played baseball the right way. we were respectful of our opponents, and we still are. so this is the announcement of the world champion trophy tour. the trophy is sponsored by visa. it is accompanied by a truck outside. that truck will take the trophy all over northern california, central california, oregon, nevada, and it is also going down to spring training. in january, it is " to have its first visit to new york. then it will go to cooperstown where the franchise was founded years ago. as the mayor said, we will be back here january 4 for the first thought on that door and
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then off to 35 cities where we will hear more about the details. before closing, let me just tell you what we have been up to since we saw you here on november 3. there is no off-season in baseball in terms of the amount of work that has to be done. most people's celebrations ended right after the parade. some people had put in long hours before the landing of the plane from arlington and everyone was hard at work on november 4. the point is, there is no room for complacency. this is too competitive of a game. we have raised our fan base and want to deliver by continuing to be contenders for postseason baseball you're in, year out. the baseball folks immediately
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turned to an analogy for the season, how can they do it again? they have been hard at work. the good news is, we should be back with essentially the same team that won it all in 2010. we have outstanding, young starting pitching. we have one of the great closers in baseball. we will have a very strong bullpen again. we have the rookie of the year catcher. we have position players that make a difference. we are delighted to be able to come to terms with aubrey huff, delighted to have him back with us. the same for mike fontano and pat burrell. we are also happy to have miguel tejada here, whom many of you know from across the bay. we are happy to have him here
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with us. we have two short months before our pitchers and catchers will report for duty in scottsdale and start the process. we have shut them down for much of november because of a long season and distressful last two months. they are all cranked back up again, getting in shape, ready to to spring training. we cannot wait to start in scottsdale. we cannot wait to have a championship season here next year. thank you for being here. thank you for your support. larry? [applause] >> thank you very much, bill, thank you, once again, to the mayor of san francisco, mayor newsom, and special appreciation from the giants to the city department heads, members of city agencies, board of
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supervisors, who were so integral in helping us with all of the civic activities around the giants this year, and especially that day on november 3 where you were willing to turn the city inside out to accommodate a wonderful celebration. so thank you to the city and county of san francisco. we could not have asked for a more beautiful showcase and a more beautiful setting to showcase the trophy than here in city hall. in a little bit, we will have the chance for all of you to come here and have your picture taken with the trophy. we wanted to acknowledge -- bill mentioned that wonderful truck. we want to acknowledge our longtime sponsors visa and toyota's contributions. they are the official sponsors.
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visa is the official sponsor and toyota is providing the vehicle for transportation. i would also like to thank the representatives for being here. i want to thank chris and trey from toyota for being here. just a little bit about the specifics of the tour. as bill mentioned, we begin here on january 4, 5, and we will be here again in city hall for those of you who do not have the chance to get your photograph taken today. then we are off to the state capitol on january 6. from there, we will go throughout northern and central california. we will cover the central valley, north of sacramento,
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through the north coast, sierra nevada, central coast, north bay, bringing this trophy to giants fans. as you know, there are giants fans in a lot of places not in this region. we are going to make some tea taurus. we will be making a visit to troy, new york. i do not know if any of you know the significance of troy, new york, but that is where the very first team where in the name giants played, so we will be going there accompanied with a trip to cooperstown. of course, we will go to new york city to bring it to our friends in new york city, the former home of the giants franchise. a complete listing of all the communities and dates are in the press kit, available to you. just a little bit about what
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happens when the trophy arrives in the community. each stop is expected to last about two hours. we would do our best to accommodate everyone. the viewings are free to the public. there will be an opportunity for a professional photograph to be taken of you with the trophy. those photographs will be available for purchase on-line. so once again, the test run, kick off to the trophy tour will be right over here from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. we are anxious to get started, anxious to bring the trophy to giants fans everywhere. the best fans in baseball. thank you very much. [applause] >> i do not know what more we can add that has not been
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stated. i want to again express our appreciation to the giants for beginning the tour here. thank you again for making this city what it is. without the fans, the giants' organization would not be what it is. your enthusiasm and energy is wonderful. i think a fifth generation giants fan -- i am try to work on the math. i can only attest to my grandfather. as someone who has loved the sense of spirit and pride with the giants, it is a pretty extraordinary and powerful thing to be here today. it is wonderful to see what sports can do for a community. for those who dismiss it, do not do it so lightly. this has been a wonderful thing
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bringing people together, not only from all over the region and state, but as we discovered, from all over the nation, and all over the world, coming in on a moment's notice to share in the parade. thank you for the extraordinary memories. thank you for your proud past, the extraordinary present we are enjoying. here is to a great -- because you always have to look forward -- to a great 2011 season. thank you for coming out today. [applause]
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>> i think it ae's public and private property. i'm against graffiti. >> who can get it out the most who can be noticed the most. >> i i've seen seniors doing graffiti. >> the city is art, other people who have their names tag -- >> [inaudible] our unit there are 2 sections we are doing one is abating and others are notice
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of violation to private property. all the utility boxes in public right-of-way we abate. >> we abate calls that come within 48 hours. >> we are a small group in g f graffiti. we don't have enough help. >> i have a group in town down and china town and the north tunnel. [inaudible] the graffiti we abate everything is coming up to the areas now. >> i'm willing to take it on. i think -- >> you are telling me you are ready for this? >> i think so. >> okay. >> there you go. >> all right. >> all right. >> ready to do it. let's go.
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>> want to get the gray signses this over here and the garbage can and normally we don't do private property since it's on the corridor route you can come with me we will use black. >> we had a lot of changes in the graffiti unit. we do private property if someone moved we remove it and send it to the attorney's office and they take appropriate action. >> damage their property there. it's important to write the color in case they want to say what part of our house you abated the graffiti on. >> using your safety glasses the gloves. >> you got it.
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>> you know some places we gashi, people appreciate that. you know, a lot of timeses they say, thank you. >> the time where it's visible. a lot of people put it on the ground. >> i like when tourists come and say, you do this for your city and you get paid for that? >> we use the [inaudible] for the holes and the retaining walls. [inaudible]. white on the fire hydrants. fire box red for the fire boxes. our brown for the pg and e
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poles. >> we are not painters we do our best. >> i'm assuming it has to do with gang activity. >> if it's territorial i mind. >> in case it's gang related and they are marking our territory i would like to paint it over. >> anything with numbers like x iv or x 13 west side mob and the bay view those are gang related. with gang related or profanity we will abait it as soon as possible. >> i consider it an art. there are circles of people that
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form around it whether or not they should ruin public property. >> this is art work i'm for it. unless it's on someone's property and they don't want it there. judge kids with silver paint expressing their ego needs doesn't belong on our property. >> graffiti is when you don't have permission to write anything on their property. >> eighth street is part of your regular rout? >> yes. >> everyday. >> eighth street. divisidero street. irving street. every block they going through they paint 3 or 4 streets in the block the poles the utility boxes, mailbox. >> thank you. >> okay. >> put the drop cloth.
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come on around. >> there you go. force for we have to remember we are not painters we abate graffiti. we are abaters not painters. get that out of the way and keep moving. >> how many of these do you do a day? how many poles we do a day? >> yeah. >> depends on the location. may be 20. >> do you like working with the team? >> yes because i'm a people person. i like being outside and interacting with the public and i like the response we get
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especially from the good job we do in the community. >> goodbye. >> welcome to culture wire. the arabs don't possible has bringing you the best of the arab film to


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