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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2011 10:52am-11:22am PDT

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[laughter] i think you want to show the tournament. commissioner lee. thank you, commissioner. publicity is thstunt. [laughter] ok. all right. that really conclude the general managers' report. >> any public comment on the general managers' report? please come forward. this is not really public comment. this is part of the general managers' report. good>> good morning. i am sure of the park and rec open space committee.
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i wanted to report that in july we met and that -- met on the open space committee. i would like to think stafank s i know they work hard to address all of our concerns. oftentimes we work on the project and there are outstanding issues that have yet to be addressed. i would like to think karen to paying attention for all our concerns and try to address as many as possible, and acknowledging the ones we still have to work on, but really paying attention to the hard work that we wanted to see come out of this project. we supported it, and you will have it on your agenda, item number nine. thank you very much. commissioner buell: think you very much. >> in the public comment on the general managers' report? seeing none, public comment is closed. item number four, the general public comment. at this time members of the public may address the
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commission better with and subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and that do not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when each item is reached in the meeting. excuse me, we have one card, and that is talcallie wats. > sftv, i have a video only
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feeds, no audio. i have been doing corporate ego audits for over 20 years. this year here in san francisco, a 10-year-old elementary soccer player named clear is standing up to bob fischer and his brothers, political business associates, paid lobbyists and other profiteers and corporate representatives for the synthetic industry. from day one city feel lobbyists have exerted their considerable influence around town, convincing the people of san francisco that the plastic neighbor parks were sick. clare and her teammates did not think something sounded quite right and decided to investigate whether play in front tires with cars than the chicks and heavy metals was a wise idea. over a month she tested over 100 water samples with the help of local universities.
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her results reinforce what and our mental scientists have known for years, information that bob fisher, the city field, rpd management and the tufrrf industry have been trying to suppress. the results show that it contained dangerous levels of heavy metals and other toxics, which were in excess of state and federal guidelines. her experiment has brought her accolades, including a 2011 national eco hero award, national science foundation award, and even a speaking engagement at the american union speaking event, but these only touch the surface of the many risks associated with the plastic field. we cannot expect the children of san francisco to fend for themselves when it comes to protecting their long-term future health. what positive adult role models
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are protecting them? why does this panel continue to green stamp every risky project bob fischer asked for? luckito facilitate investigative searches, we answer thing in today's minutes, the key words, children's health hazards from a mission playground, a carcinogen, many love playing field, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning, fisher construction, pisces inc., think toxicity, still ginzberg, carbon black, market buelle, catcher can then patrick by a latthyolates, dioxin, -- commissioner buell: you have
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gone past or time. how long is your list? 3 minutes. >> 2 more seconds. >> that is ok. i am used to being interrupted. thank you. >> anyone else that would like to comment under general public comment? come on up. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, members of the recreation and park commission. our nation is under attack, specifically our parks, neighborhoods, and the citizens of san francisco. they are under attack from political and terrorist-alike
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coast. a lot of these people work for recreation and park department. the effects of the hijacking of our parks is evidence in this simple day-to-day functions of the city. this crime against the united states and the city and county of san francisco transpired september 2001 when the board of supervisors for the city and county of san francisco introduce a resolution to close golden gate park staples and we open in the most efficient way possible. that was 10 years ago. here we are still, no public or sporting facilities in the city and county of san francisco. purely a political move by the left to affect this city and its
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constituents. the criminals that allowed this to take place are sitting in front of me as i speak. they must be brought to justice, and bringing them to justice is a matter of national and local importance. there is no excuse for the continued dilapidation, non- use, and lack of opportunities for equestrians in the city and county of san francisco. these criminals will be brought to justice, and they will pay for the 10 years of exclusion for what is basically a constitutional right in the united states. this constitutional right is
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self-evident in our constitution. thank you very much. >> is there anyone else who would like to make general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. we are an item 5, the consent calendar. is there anyone who would like to comment on the consent calendar? remember, item 5e has been removed. public comment is closed. commissioners. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? hearing none, -- the post? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> we are now on a basketball court renovation. >> the item before you, which was pulled off consent, was an item heard at the capitol committee earlier this month. this particular item came to us at the request of commissioner lee, where he would like to use some of the open space
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contingency reserve funds to resurface the basketball courts at richmond playground in the richmond district. at his request, the capital division went out and secured from nicole's work, which is a contractor under our program, and we received a proposal for him in the amount of $30,106 in this work. you can see a breakdown of our overall request for funding, which incorporates the actual construction work. at the operations -- excuse me, the capital committee, president buell asked that we provide additional information on the
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contingency reserve program. i apologize it was not in the original document. margaret provided more detailed information about how that came to be. i could go through that if you would like, or you can revisit at your leisure. in a nutshell, in 2000, there was a charter amendment which said we had to set aside open space funds to this contingency. 50% is allocated for deferred maintenance. another 25% is allocated for this reserve fund, which is at the discretion of the commission members. the other thing the commission brought up was taking the opportunity so everyone could hear today. it is one of the requirements in the ordinance that these actions be heard on full calendar rather than consent. we are learning things every day on this, it is appropriate that i am here today. with that, i will not go through in the interest of time all the points here, but it is in your
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package, and this is a request for this particular project. >> thank you. that is a greater explanation. any public comment? >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner lee: i just wanted to say that this is a heavily used facility. it is a playground on 18th avenue. if there is an active adults and senior basketball league that plays out there as well as a youth basketball league, it is outdoor court, and if you look at the conditions, i think it merits our support in terms of what the contingency fund was meant to fund, which is onetime capital fixes. the facility is heavily used, and i believe that the
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investment in the infrastructure would have a very long term impact on recreational play in the neighborhood and will serve a lot of people who use this facility all the time. i want to thank general manager ginsberg and commissioner buell for entertaining this idea and for researching it and finding my conclusion, which is that this is the facility that needs the help. this little bit of love from us will go a long way. >> i wanted to briefly say on behalf of the department, commissioner lee and all of you considering this, thank you. this is money which is available that you are putting back into our recreation and parks system. i have been to the site. it is in desperate need of some love and attention. we had a few other properties
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around town as well that could use a little attention. commissioner bonilla: i look just like to say i support the project. what i would like is to, through a future general managers' report, to have reporting in terms of some of the projects that we have been able to fund through the open space fund and to get an idea of what our balance is in terms of the funds that are available for such projects. as was just mentioned, i think we need to be able to -- we need to have a sense in terms of what
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monies are available to do some future necessary improvements. so if we can get a report on that -- >> we will make sure that happens. thanks, commissioner. seeing no other comments, is there a motion? it has been moved and seconded. all those in favor? suppose? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> we are now on items six, san francisco zoo. >> good morning, commissioners. i am the vice-president of philanthropy at the san francisco zoo, on behalf of our executive director who is in atlanta. >> would you like powerpoint? >> yes, please. thank you very much. wanted to give you a snapshot of this summer and upcoming events, starting with our much of the penguins event on july 30.
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this is an annual event that is of great interest to members of our public. this year, we have five penguin chicks brought back into the zoo. we have the largest holiday of them in the world. this is them doing their march around the penguin island before entering the island. we had a random drawing for a naming opportunity, and the chick was named buster posey, which adds to our collection of san francisco giants animals. that is our san francisco giants collection of residents at the zoo here in the -- at the zoo.
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i was going to move on to our next item, which is our local heroes area. on september 11, we offer free admission to all uniformed personnel or first responders and public safety officials. we had 200 people respond. they were very appreciative of the effort. we actually had people who did not come here one lieutenant from the sfpd, who thanked us for thinking of them. we had very successful
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attendance. we have had a little bit low attendance through august -- about 3% below budget. strong labor day keeping us on track for revenue admission at this point. summer events that were highly successful included our annuals in camp, which had over 900 attendees. we were the host site for national geographic and google international geographic where people came from about 40 different countries and had to identify what part of the world and animal came from. it was part of the competition. final was held at google headquarters. we have also had several visits from costumed characters from dora the explorer to spider-man to captain america. we had a family-oriented event on september 30. our fur ball, which gets the younger members of our membership and general public on
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october 7, and we will go back to having evening events at the zoo on october 9. an evening event that we encourage people to come to. i wanted to talk to you about the groundbreaking of our squirrel monkey exhibit, and i wish i could get my powerpoint to move because i wanted to show you some of what we have here, but it is not wanting to do that. as you know, we have 19 squirrel monkeys, which have been rescued, and they are going to be in a new facility as part of our americas capital campaign. groundbreaking began this summer on the exhibit. i wish i could have shown you the picture. we are doing one of the first of its kind exhibits in the world. a material that will be on the latticework. we think it will be a fantastic way to bring people to the san
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francisco zoo. it will be a one-of-a-kind exhibit to really showcase that work. we also are starting a new adopt an animal program. one of the things we want to do is teach young children from a fairly early perspective what it is like to have an immediate connection with conservation issues. we are starting with penguins, with flamingo's, and with emperor tamarins. when you come to the zoo and adopt an animal, you get one of these little wristbands that corresponds to the animal of your choice. we think that as a great way for young kids to make a contribution. when adults see them, they can say that they have adopted a penguin or monkey or flamenco. lastly, we have started a new major donor effort. our guardians are donors to contribute at the $1,000 a year or above level. we think of as a long way to build the financial stability of the suit by turning loyal
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members and to the owners and supporters at a higher dollar level. we are launching that again this fall as well. i am sari the slide show is not there because we had some cute animal pictures to show you -- i am sorry the slide show was not there. >> is there is any public comment, please come forward. >> thank you. just wanted to speak a little bit about the penguin exhibit. the penguin exhibit was founded 27 years ago in conjunction with three others, and of the four zoos, san francisco is the only when his colony is still sustaining. as has been mentioned, one of the most successful of its type in the world. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public, on this item? being none, public comment is closed. this was discussion only. we are now on item seven, and
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acceptance of gifts from the san francisco parks trust. >> good morning, commissioners. director of partnerships and resource development for the san francisco recreation and park department. i am pleased to present one of san francisco parks trust. i would like to present the discussion and possible action to recommend that the board of supervisors accept and expend the giving time for control systems for jackson, lange, and mosconi ball diamond, valued at $31,875 from the san francisco parks trust. a gift was made possible by that the media through a gift from cirque du soleil. it allows users to manage lighting by computer or by phone. detailed schedules can be entered into a website to manage specific needs field by field. emergency schedule changes can also be made easily in the case of rainouts. control rain produces energy uses only when they are needed,
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as an automated system, it does not require staff to travel from field to field to turn lights on and off, thereby maximizing staff time for other needs. our lighting systems are currently scheduled to operate from sunset until 10:15 p.m. monday through friday in the month of february through october regardless of income at weather. the department does not have the capacity to send staff members to each of these sites in order to in the lighting off when they are not needed, it is often the case that the lighting at the sites is in operation even when the fields are: -- close. it is estimated that by controlling the system, we will reduce energy usage by 26% for a total of 475.5 hours a year. it was secured by the department by its subsidiary company of cbs. it has developed a partnership of and by metal products in need of funding. when companies advertise with them, dollars go directly into these projects, thereby turning
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to -- traditional television commercials, radius of, online advertising, and outdoor billboards come into grants. i should note that they are interested in the prospect of supporting additional environmental projects. thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. and entertain a motion. moved and seconded. all those in favor? the post? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> we are on item 8, san francisco yacht club letter of agreement and an amendment to lease. >> i am just going to be the same thing that would be on the presentation. i am you to present the back of a letter of understanding and lease amendment. the city acting through the department and the st. francis yacht club are parties to a
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release dated june 1, 2006, for property at the marina. the lease requires that the club paid the city of the lump-sum funds, to be used for improvements to the premises and/or marina. the least sets forth a process for identifying the improvements to be funded. the lease also provides that the city has approval rights over the lump-sum funds for improvements or repairs to the marina as determined by the general manager of the department. the club transmitted the final lump-sum installment to the city on september 14, 2007. also in 2007, the club and staff reach an agreement by certain improvement projects to be funded from the lump sum fun. a list of improvements prioritize the sea wall repair as the most important item. while it has always been the intent of the department to perform the sea wall repair, the project has not yet been initiated, as it has made the most sense to perform it in conjunction with the west harbor renovation. the west harbor is currently
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undergoing a $24.8 million improvement project, funded by a loan from the california department of water wis. private consists of new breakwater construction, electrical and water-utility upgrades, barrier-reeking with installation, replacement, will removal, dredging, and improvement. the city desired to prioritize and unfunded project alternative, namely, the rebirth. the estimate of the sunlight is 30 to 50 years with limited maintenance required. the design life is 20 or 30 years with very good maintenance program required. concrete flows are not susceptible to marine boards or other marine organisms. concrete float surfaces had a finish that is consistent through the life of the float where timber decking has a
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tendency to work or split. timber in the marine environment degrades over time and requires maintenance during the life of the timber flow, and concrete floats do not require jolo for painting or scraping below the waterline. the cost benefits of concrete committed timber is the following year the cost estimates to the department of the life span of the docks is the capital investment we are asking to make in the concrete pier the department spends approximately $62,000 a year on carpentry work at the west marin appeared most of not all of the carpentry work was spent on repairs to the canucks. the cost of concrete box amortized over the estimated life span of the dock is approximately 25% less than the cost of the timber. collectively, we anticipate cost savings to the city in an amount of 1.5 million or $2 million. rpd approached the st. francis yacht club regarding the use of the lump-sum funds.
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st. francis yacht club agreed to such usage. department and the yacht club directed a letter of understanding that the club will agree using a lump-sum balance. it also states that the club and city are interested in having seawall repair project agreed to in 2007 performed as soon as possible. the city also confirmed that it falls within the scope of the city's general responsibility as it protects. the city would like to include this as part of the scope of the current harbor renovation project. estimate for the project is a maximum of $550,000, including construction design, engineering, and permitting costs. a final estimate will be submitted for approval of a sea wall repair change order to the city put the contract harbor renovation project. the first source of funding for
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the sea wall repair project is $1.9 billion construction contingency, which is what we started at. which can be accessed at the available completion of the project. secondary source of funding following the depletion of the contingency fund would be the st. francis yacht club, to provide the funds necessary for the sea wall of care in exchange for monthly rent credits. this funding fallback is necessary as they require a source of funds for the sea wall repair change order to the renovation project beyond the project contingency fund. the lou stipulates that the department and the st. francis yacht club had a brother to cancel the project if the budget exceeds expectations. currently, the balance of the lump-sum funds is one. -- $211,000 is allocated. the remainder available for the country change order


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