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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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and protect city services. we are hoping -- helping businesses succeed and create jobs from twitter and zynga and sales force to start-ups and neighborhood small businesses. san francisco is attracting, creating and maintaining a record number of jobs in technology, new media, clean tech and biotech, the jobs of our future, with loans, facade of grades, and streetscape improvements, we are helping small businesses and neighborhood commercial districts grow and thrive across the city. we are transforming and revitalizing our long-neglected niche-market district with new arts and cultural resources, affordable housing, and jobs. with our new police chief, community policing, and smart data-driven crime strategies, sentences could today remains one of the safest big cities in america. i began my career as a civil rights attorney, advocating the rights of immigrants and renters
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in the bay area, and in my 22 years of service to our city government from whistle-blower to city administrator to mayor, i have worked hard to make government accountable and more transparent to our residents. as your mayor for the next four years, we will continue reach out to our neighborhoods and communities to make sure we understand and address your concerns. we will continue to focus on improving our economy, to create jobs, balance our budget, protect city services, and build new, affordable, and workforce housing. with your help and support this november, we can keep getting things done for the city we love and for all of san francisco. thank you for your consideration. >> the league of women voters ofsfgovtv -- and sfgovtv have collaborated to bring you statements from 14 candidates for mayor of san francisco. >> i am running for mayor of san
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francisco 2011. many people ask me -- what are your qualifications? i would like to say what i can do to help the city of san francisco. i believe my ability to connect people and my experience as a professional and business women are the essential components of why my run for mayor is grounded on making the city of san francisco our bread and successful. as mayor, my ability to connect people is one of the most valuable qualities i will bring as mayor. integrity and sincerity are often overlooked. these are important qualities which bring out the best in people. i am not a politician. i am apparent, grandmother, an educator. i've lived in san francisco.
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i have worked hard to assist the often overlooked, the disenfranchised, pork, limited english-speaking population in san francisco. because this group is not in the popular voting bloc, it is not easy for them to access city hall or other nonprofit organizations. i can proudly say my hard work has resulted in these individuals who can now help themselves. i created jobs for struggling musicians in chinatown to promote their talent and bring truth back to chinatown and in all speech. i promoted the rich cultural music here in return for my efforts, i have become their leader. i can say that i have helped in a small way. small businesses because of the art and music from within the
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community. it has been a win-win situation for the artists, community residents and merchants. there are many issues equally pressing women of color, care, and is equally pressing in all the complexities surrounding it, to be frank. none of the other candidates are mentioning any of these important issues. i have firsthand experience. lahore -- when it comes to november, please remember to vote for me. >> november 8, 2011 is the last date to vote in person and the deadline for receipt of vote by ballot. >> i am greater thanreese -- i
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am joanna rees and i'm running for mayor. i moved here eight years ago to raise my family, and i thought of it as the innovation capital of the world here more than 16 years ago, i founded a venture capital firm with no venture capital experience, but since have been able to support more than 60 bay area companies have created thousands of jobs. i have also spent more than a decade working on public education reform, bringing innovative solutions into our public schools to support teachers and improve student outcomes. i was incredibly fortunate to have a great mentor in my life, a woman named ann richards, the first elected female governor in texas. she instilled in me that i had an obligation to go into public service but she gavee two pieces of advice. she said achieve what i want to achieve professional before i serve so it was really about service and giving back to the community and she said as a mother, it would be easier if the children were older. they are 81022, and that also
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was a great piece of a device. i would neighborhood by neighborhood to try to understand the issues of san francisco. i always say i discovered the silent majority in the process, but what i heard loud and clear from people is that we need a new approach to some of our long-term systemic challenges. i always say my moment of obligation, when i knew i had to run, was when i became convinced the only way we would significantly impact public education is if the mayor makes it a high level priority. it is going to take a community- wide effort for us to turn around our public schools, and i believe the mayor has to be the key education advocate for the city. we also have to grow our way out of the cycle of budget deficits, and the way that we're going to do that is keeping jobs in san francisco. we have lost so many over the last decade, and it is compounded by the fact that 25% of our working population commuters out of the city every day. we need to reverse the commute and keep those jobs here to
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employ our citizens and grow our revenue. we are also really fortunate in san francisco because we have such an engaged community and people are really willing to pay their fair share, but people want to understand where their money goes. the possible -- money going into the budget and where it gets invested is really obscure and opaque for people. i have requested budgets from every city departments i do the process of 0-based or bottom of budgeting where we go department by department to figure out the investments that we have to make in terms of critical services for the community and some things that are no longer meeting their intended purpose that we should not be funding going forward. we are running an incredibly grass-roots campaign. we have met with 200 -- we have been at $200,000, that with over 1300 merchants and thousands upon thousands of voters at bus stops. we believe the way to win a mayor's race is to engage one- on-one with people. i look forward to getting your support. i look forward to your votes,
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and a look forward to being your mayor. thank you. >> the league of women voters and sfgovtv have collaborated to bring it statements by 14 candidates for mayor of san francisco. our final two statements. >> i am run for mayor because i believe government works best when you all have more say. we live in a world-class city with world-class people, yet often times, people describe our government has anything but world class. that is why i started my organization to get your ideas to figure out the best way to solve our problems do with it together account call on you need to figure out what we could do to make it more effective and reliable. what is great is if we could make every single bus line in san francisco go one minute faster -- to think about it -- just one minute faster, we would save $20 million pier that happens to be the exact amount of the new budget deficit. by making unit more efficient
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and reliable, we could actually save money. we have quadrupled the number of solar roost in san francisco and doubled the number of megawatts from five to 10. lastly, i am car we have created a green economy in san francisco. when we started, we only have to we will solar companies. now, we have 30. that's 450 jobs that were created during the worst economy since the great depression. small business is the no. 1 driver for jobs in san francisco. that is why i want to create a small business office that will serve the needs of small businesses to help them navigate the city so they do not have to worry about the bureaucratic issues in terms of taxes and they can do what they do best, which is run their business. last, i have proven we can do this by bringing in outside management principles, by making our office more efficient and more accessible. the accessible quarters office
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brought in over $300 million in the last six years above our budget. that is money that would pay for public transit, public education, and by public safety. by making government more efficient, by getting your ideas, we know that we can make government better. thank you. i hope you will support me, and i hope you will join us again and be part of the dialogue. " then the election day is november 8, 2011. that is the last day to vote in person and the deadline for receipt of vote by mail ballots. >> my name is leland ye. i am currently a state senator representing california, and now, i am running for mayor. i came with my mother and sister when i was 3 years old. i grew up here. i went to san francisco public schools. i got married here, raised my family here. i sent my four kids to public
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schools here. this city has given me every opportunity i have had. i am extremely grateful for that, and that is why i have worked my entire adult life to improve san francisco as a member of the school board on the board of supervisors as your state assembly member and senator, and it is why i am running for mayor. i have said from the beginning i was going to run a different campaign for mayor. a campaign that solved the critical issues facing our city and asking you for solutions. a campaign that approached the city not from the top down but from the bottom of. we went out to meet with small businesses, companies, local unions. we went out to meet san franciscans in their own neighborhoods and coffee shops. we called these meetings 20/20's because we wanted to listen and get from you a clear vision for the future. this city deserves a mayor with a vision of what san francisco should be in 2020. after listening, we have created
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that vision. we should be a city with public schools that give every student a shot at the future with wraparound services and that also would activity before and after school, a city that rewards teachers with retention bonuses and help with affordable housing, where muni is free for kids who go public school, where we give kids $100 for college savings each year they complete in school. we should be a city that is open, accessible, and responsive to its people and businesses. i will put caseworkers on every merchant corridor in your city to interface with small businesses, respond to their issues. we should be a city where city hall is independent from undue influence. i will reform the ethics commission to make sure your public officials are held accountable. i will crack down on an registered lobbyists. i will open up all the secrecy
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information so that the people can see who is making the real decisions. we should be a city that makes it affordable to live here, to work here, to raise a family here, a city where we connect people to jobs and job training, a city with a reliable public transit system that connects every corner of the city, a city that uses 100% renewable energy, a city that provides health care for every san franciscan. i have been representing the city for over 23 years. i kept my promises, and i have delivered results. i would be honored to be your mayor and honored to have your vote. thank you. >> election day is november 8, 2011. that is the last date to vote in person and the deadline for receipt of vote by mail ballots. for more information about the november 8, 2011 election, this it or
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>> welcome to sf votes 2011. we've collaborating with the league of women voters to bring you statements by all five candidates for district attorney. let's get started with sharmin bock. >> i'm a veteran prosecutor and lifelong san franciscan. i'm committed to keeping you say that getting back to the city i have loved for over 40 years. san francisco has been my home since i was for and i am 49 now. i attended sacred heart and worked in the city after college. after graduating from georgetown law school, i came home and lived in the mission district. my daughter wants to start walking home from school. as a mother and prosecutor, i want to make sure she gets home
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safely. i have been prosecuting cases and putting criminals behind bars as an assistant district attorney for more than two decades. i've made more than 1000 or appearances representing the people of california on cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder. on felony cases, have taken to trial, conviction rate is over 95%. with 22 years on the job, not only prosecute cases, i set policy for my entire office, which is recognized as one of the best in the country. i also oversee the many lawyers on the special operations unit, including cold cases, the violent predator unit, the sexual assault unit, the public integrity and corruption unit. one of my highest priorities has been crimes against women and children and i am a national leader in the fight against the sex trafficking of girls, a rapidly growing epidemic right
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here in the bay area. the voters deserve the choice of an independent and experienced prosecutor as district attorney to ensure trust and fairness in our criminal justice system. we need a d.a. who can work with police, but who at the same time is completely independent of them. that is the only way to ensure checks and balances are in place. being a d.a. is not just about having great ideas, it's also about having the right experience to implement them. but me give you a sense of where i stand on some issues. i oppose the death penalty. i have zero tolerance for gun violence and will make it a priority to keep guns out of the hands of gangs and kids. i will vigorously prosecute consumer fraud, environmental polluters and political corruption. the job of da is not just banned. it's not a police officer's job and it is not just a job for a
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good lawyer. it is a job for an independent and experienced prosecutor with a passion for justice. my name is sharmin bock and as your next the a, i will help to keep you safe. i'm honored to have your vote. thank you. >> election day is november 8th, 2011. that is the last day to vote in person and a deadline to receive a vote by mail ballot. >> my name is bill fabio and i am running for district attorney. experience is the difference that distinguishes me from the other candidates. i will tell you i am, what i have done and what i will do as district attorney. i was born and raised in san francisco, attended public school, graduated lincoln high school, city college of san francisco, san francisco state and i became masters of communications there. i received my doctors of jurisprudence in 1974. i put myself through school by
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selling see to torres at san francisco is fisherman's wharf. i became a juryman -- german printing press man. i was hired as a assistant district attorney and during the next 20 years, successfully prosecuted cases in san francisco. i tried every case from from driving to petty theft, child molestation, sexual assault and homicide. for the last 14 years as assistant d.a., i tried homicide cases exclusively. i successfully prosecuted some of the most dangerous and violent criminals in san francisco's recent history. i was a trailblazer in the successful prosecution of domestic violence and hate crimes. my experience was both real and intense. i was and am passionate about the job. for more than 15 years, i've been a prominent and successful defense attorney in san francisco. experience is the difference.
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i'm the only candidate who has prosecuted a case in the san francisco court room. having experience as a successful attorney allows me to bring a well and balanced approach to the administration of justice. by san francisco background allows me to honor, understand and respect san francisco values. i know when to file charges, how to prepare and present a case to the jury and how to obtain a conviction. experience is the difference. as district attorney, i will lead and inspire the office to become the best in the country. i will direct my energy to remake the juvenile division. i will replace district attorneys in schools as they have done in brooklyn, new york and illegalize program. i will work toward education and prevention rather than incarceration. i will focus on the successful prosecution of violent and serious offenders and rapidly move time-consuming misdemeanors through the system. i will expand and develop
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programs and i will not seek the death penalty under any circumstance and it will effectively utilize the three strikes law. i will integrate the office with the community by placing an assistant district attorney in each of its stations to act as ombudsmen to both the police and community. experience is the difference. i'm the only candidate with the background, skills, and on experience to effectively discharge the duties of the office. i want to return to the office i started in 21 against serve the citizens of san francisco. please honor me with your support and vote for me for district attorney. thank you. >> the lead of women voters and paul currier -- and [unintelligible] -- >> i am the san francisco district attorney george gascón . i was born in havana, cuba.
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my uncle was detained as a political prisoner and i father was fired from a job for allegedly speaking out against the government. my family integrated to -- immigrated to los angeles when i was 13. i dropped out of high-school, and what the support of mentors, i was able to get my diploma. i join the army and later the los angeles police department where rose to the ranks to become assistant chief. at lapd -- at lapd, i oversaw reform in the wake of police misconduct. i served in mesa, ariz., where i spoke out against anti-immigrant use of the local share. i showed that police could more effectively reduce crime by working with immigrant communities rather than scapegoating them. during my tenure in mesa, ariz., crime drop by approximately 30%. i also created the first lgbt
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community advisory group to make sure their concerns were being heard and addressed. as san francisco police chief, i would work to reduce crime to its lowest levels since the 1960's. as the district attorney, have strengthened coordination between the district and at least apartment to make the community safer. i believe we must aggressively prosecute violent crimes and make sure that those who remain a threat to society remain behind bars. we must work to prevent crime by working with our youth and providing alternatives to incarceration for adults. i am a diverting low-level offenses to new records to make sure victims are made whole and perpetrators face appropriate consequences well being given an opportunity to choose a different path by receiving the services necessary to do so. i am preventing and reducing juvenile crime by working with the ymca to keep kids in school and on track to graduate. keeping kids in school is key to reducing overall crime.
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i'm proud to announce that for the fourth consecutive year, our efforts have kept more kids in school and on track to graduate by successfully reducing truancy rates in san francisco schools. i have raised public awareness and provide resources for victims and their advocacies. i've brought victim services -- victims services into neighborhoods and make it easier for most vulnerable systems, including victims of domestic violence and recent immigrants, to get services. i'm also working to protect hardworking san franciscans by prosecuting employers that do not play -- and not pay their employees' wages they are owned. i am proud to have earned the support of senator feinstein, gavin knew some and the san francisco police officers association. and hotel and restaurant employees local. i ask for your support on november 8th.
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>> election day is november 8th, 2011. that's the last date to vote in person and the last date for receipt of vote 5 -- vote by mail ballots. >> my name is david onek. i'm running for district attorney to make san francisco the safest and tourist district attorney in the country. our criminal dust -- criminal- justice system is completely broken. we're spending so much on our prison system that we have almost bankrupt and our state. seven of 10 people who come out of prison return within 10 years. we need to dramatically overhaul the system to make our communities safer. we need a d.a. who knows how to reform the system so works more fairly and effectively and that is exactly what i have been doing for the past 20 years. i started my career at walden house, counseling delinquent kids and helping them turn their lives around. i helped to write the book for the clinton justice department on alternatives to incarceration. after graduating from stanford
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law school, worked at legal services for children, providing free legal services to low-income kids. i worked to reduce racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. at the mayor's office of criminal justice and the san francisco please commission, helped bring national best practices to san francisco law enforcement. i thought of the berkeley center for criminal justice to bring law enforcement and community get rid build collaboration around pragmatic criminal justice reform. that's what my whole career has been about and that's what this whole campaign is about. i have been reforming the system from the outside for the past 20 years and now i want to keep reforming the system as your next district attorney. i will do that by focusing on what prevent crimes, intervening with you to keep them out of the criminal-justice system, never seeking the death penalty under any circumstances because data shows it does not make a safer. reforms -- reforming three strikes so it keeps offenders
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off the streets. i have been endorsed by over 2000 supporters, including their share of, former police chiefs, the california police chiefs association and over 30 current and former members of the san francisco police department. education leaders like united to cater leaders of san francisco and the vast majority of the school board. community near the -- community leaders from every neighborhood and a san francisco democratic party, the harvey milk club and many others. this the worst group has come together to support my campaign because they all know our criminal justice -- this diversified group has come together because they know my record of reform. i'm running for district attorney. please join us and learn more at my website. thank you. >> the league of women voters and to have
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collaborated to bring you these statements. >> hello. i received my dress doctor from uc hastings here in san francisco where i live in the tenderloin. experienced the world series earthquake of 1989 and fell in love with this city and its values. i'm a state bar certified criminal law specialist and the current commissioner to the state bar of california criminal law advisory commission. i have spent the last 22 years working in the criminal justice system and i have vast experience and knowledge in the area of criminal law and the criminal element. the district attorney must concentrate on public safety, not politics. department of justice statistics
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show pouring more funds into the system to create a larger police force drives marginal benefits. innovative plans and policies must be put into motion. i believe children are inherently innocent and should be educated and enlightened about our constitutional values. the sick should be healed and those that are starving should be fed. my san francisco safety zone program will be a strategic collaborative effort between the district attorney's investigators trained in the lot and the people. the program will place an unmanned, high-definition video cameras are around our schools, hospitals, restaurants, high crime neighborhoods and heavily traveled public areas upon request and will be completely voluntary. a program of this nature will be highly effective in deterring
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criminal behavior, correctly identifying perpetrators and prosecuting them. i will also implement a new independent crime lab, headed by scientists, not law enforcement. the new crime lab will be independent from other criminal justice agencies, will be dedicated to forensic science and will be available to all members of the san francisco criminal justice system. the district attorney is the chief law-enforcement officer in the city and must have a clearly defined mission. we must demand the criminal justice system to maintain our safety and security. we must demand of a system to effectively deter crime and accurately identify and punish offenders. we must also demand it treat victims and their families with victims and their families with compassion and provide just


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