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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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lives for the people of san francisco. may god bless all those whose names are on this memorial tablet and may he especially bless our two new heroes as we inscribe their names today. amen. >> thank you, father green. i'd now like to ask mayor of san francisco, ed lee, to say a few comments and before i ask mayor lee to come up, i can't thank you enough on behalf of the san francisco fire department, i believe, on behalf of the perez and valario families for your outstanding and continued support of all of us during a really difficult time. mayor lee? mayor lee: thank you, chief. good afternoon, and to the perez family and the valario family, again, thank you very much, on behalf of our city and county of san francisco. i want to also acknowledge, of course, our commissioners from
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fire and chief of police and members of our general hospital and all the people that work together, people that i we recognize tony's sacrifice. this is a significant replacement here. this is our headquarters. people who come here from all walks of life to do the city's business but also to visit and find out how our fire department can connect with every city. this is a small token but this is a token deeply felt by our city and i want you to know that
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i share in your feelings that this is not just the individual firefighters, i also understand that this is a shared sacrifice with the families we are from. we want you to be here when we do this in part what the city's official family but also to let you know that i am grateful to you, the family members, and to the extent that i represent the people of this great city, we are grateful to you and each member, men and women of the fire department, as you do your jobs every day and we know that you put your lives on the line and there is a moment when you don't have a choice and there is no thought in what you have to do. remember that on september 11th this year. since june, i have had other
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occasions to work and be with the firefighters. we had a chance to be part of the chili cookoff, if you will, raising money. i had a chance to meet the new class of firefighters and welcome them in and so many other opportunities to let you know that the firefighters of this city, they do have rich lives. they have lives that are involved in every aspect. to know that the vincent and tony were part of that family and they were entering into all parts of people's lives and windy duty came, they were without hesitation. i want to express that you have a mayor that eternally grateful and the people of this city that are grateful to you? to all the officers and the
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management, especially a thank lemaire to the families of tony and vincent. -- and especially a thank-you to the families of tony and vincent. >> i would like to ask the president of the fire commission to make some comments on behalf of her and her colleagues. >> i want to save very briefly on behalf of the fire commission and behalf of all residents of san francisco how the family is grateful and appreciative for the service and dedication of vincent and anthony. speaking for the entire commission, this is a privilege and an honor to work with this department and to get to know you personally and professionally. i think people used words like
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honor and privilege a lot but seeing how this department came together around this tragedy, i think that this is an absolute honor for me and for the other commissioners as well. we are glad to be with you to take part in plain honor to tony and anthony. thank you very much and our hearts continue to be with you. think you. -- thank-you. >> before we continue, we will have a few presentations. i would like to ask the deputy chief of operations and the deputy chief to present flights to both families. they were given to us in june
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from the navy. both of them were flown on the uss arizona. a very generous person who is with us today personally had crafted the cases they are in. we really appreciate your support for us to make this presentation. thank you for being here.
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>> i would like to ask the president of local 798 -- 798
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to offer up the presentation on behalf of local 798. >> many of us in this room consider ourselves lucky having known these colleagues. very few in this room were lucky enough to know them and sons, brother, and friend. we want you to know that their story is still being told, not only of their sacrifice and dedication, but of the men that they were, the friends that they had. we're still receiving cards from new york, ireland, london, with messages of condolence. we present you with two resolutions letting you know that the story of these sons and brothers are told. >> a memorial resolution by the great state of california to firefighter, paramedic, anthony bulgarvalario.
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self-described as the people's paramedic, he will be remembered for his enjoyment of spending time with family and friends, indulging and varied interests from chicken farmer to glider pilot being, as well as traveling. also, as a man who lived his life as an adventure, he was an avid surfer, scuba diver, and athlete and a bread maker. station 26 will be able to use his mother starter to continue making bread. whereas the people of california now pause to honor firefighter anthony valario who made the
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sacrifice in a line of duty. we celebrate his life and we honor his service. now be resolved by assembly members that upon the passing of a firefighter anthony valerio know that they can never repay the debt. by standing with all citizens in expressing the deepest appreciation for the selfless dedication to preserving public safety. resolution number 1275.
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>> the moral resolution by the grace tour of california, lieut. vincent perez, whereas known by family and friends by his boyhood nickname, the creature, he exemplified the true character of the brave men and women who give their time to the perilous duty of fire service. he'll be remembered for his sense of humor, his insatiable appetite, for his courage, unwavering devotion to the
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service of others. be resolved by assembly members that they upon the passing of the tenet of vincent perez know that they can never repay the debt owed by this firefighter -- owe it to this firefighter and his family. we express our deepest appreciation for his selfless dedication to preserving public safety. resolution 1276. >> thank you.
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i would like to ask any of you, a representative from each family to unveil their names on the memorial wall. they will always be etched in our minds and hearts. now, on the wall, for their heroism and selfless acts. their hearts are breaking. i know that yours are as well. this is important for honoring them. i want to show you the work that was done to add them to the wall.
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>> to the families, thank you for being with us to honor your son's, your brothers and they will always be part of the ridge sacrifice it -- fabric of the san francisco fire department. to all those gathered, i can say that this is most difficult part of my career, losing tony and vincent. i could not be more proud of how we have all pulled together, stepped out, and supported one another. three and a half months seem like just yesterday and sometimes it seems longer, but i think it is important to continue to support one another. it is ok to feel down about this one because it was a tragedy.
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we continue to offer our condolences to both families. i know that tony and vincent are looking down on us and encouraging us to move forward in our lives. thank you for being here. we are going to conclude with asking the captain of station 26. i would like to give particular acknowledgment to the members of station 26 to have felt this probably the most deeply. not only did you work with them but you became very close as friends. on behalf of the members of the department, i would like to ask the captain to come together -- to come forward and offer the tribute, which is something that we did at the memorial service at their funeral. i would like to ask anyone in uniform to prepared to hand salute.
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salute. [bell ringing] thank you everyone for coming.
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>> congratulations, chief. as you may well know, we were named the top in 2005. i thought that was wonderful. >> that is the top irish- americans in the country, not just san francisco. >> they knew they could fire chief when they saw one. we thought we would do a nice irish song for you. we will not take long, we
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promise. ♪ , over the hills my money-eyed irish lad come over the hills to your darling you choose the road love and i will make the balancvows and i will be your true love forever red is the rose that beyond the garden grows there is a lily of the valley here is the water that boasts from the spring
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but my love is [inaudible] ♪ ♪ down by killarney the moon and the stars they were shining
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the moon shone she was sure she would be my love forever red is the rose that beyond the garden grows there is delayed of our valley there is the water that flows from but my love is better than any ♪ [applause] >> over in the corner, and
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john's father. we are so thrilled that this long overdue that we hang your picture on our wall. you have supported our 1906 survivor dinners and luncheons over the years. i do not know what i always see you at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, but you are always there for us. 1983, there was a fire at jon's grille. your guys came in. in those days, i think it was guys. they got the bar out, they got chief bill murray's picture off the wall. but mayor christopher's picture off the wall. we have been rebuilding ever since. but we are a little short on beautiful ladies. we are happy to have you on the wall. [applause]
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do you have something that you would like to -- >> lee and john, thank you for inviting me here. for all of you, fire commissioners, city family. i guess when joanne came, everyone said, first female. she has shown that she has joined the great chiefs of our city. it did not take long at all for her leadership to come out, for her personality, a french ship, but also for that wonderful leadership. our great city sometimes, a lot of people focus on who is in
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room 200, but there are very special moments for many periods of the city where the city is defined by its great chiefs. today we celebrate one of those already. who is this movie star? that is a great thing. i want to thank john's grill for putting up, under their 40- year tradition, someone that we believe very much in our city, who has really led a great leadership and our fire department and has been a great leader on many fronts, helping us so much on anything -- everything from the toy drives to community participation, to everything that reflects a modern fire department and all the men and women that served the department. really give them the pride for working for the great city. chief, congratulations for making it on the wall.
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lee, john, to have this tradition, welcome our great chief. [applause] >> since you are the last one that has been hung on the wall previously, you two work so closely together, could you say something? >> i am no where near as good looking as joanne. kind of down the line there. joanne and i have been friends forever. i played football with city college with her brother dan who was the coach. talk about a great person to be able to follow. she has been so supportive. i have learned so much in my short time on how to be a good chief. she is modest, gracious, everything that you would want to have. i just hope someday people will think of me the way that i think of her. [applause]
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we have a surprise hear from senator mark leno, who i believe has not made an endorsement yet. would you like to make an announcement? >> speaking of better looking -- >> it is my pleasure to join mr. mayer and our chief on this auspicious occasion. i think all the kind and generous words have been said. if you look on this wall, joanne, you can see the threshold to get on this wall is rather high. with some exceptions, we have got police chiefs, fire chiefs, mayors. i have been discriminated against because i am gay, jewish, but never for being estate center. i asked, how and why going to get on the wall? -- when am i going to get on the
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wall? he said soon. it is my pleasure to join in with the celebration and take a moment to recognize your unique accomplishments. chief hayes-white is the only chief to have served in all 42 different stations. i think that says something for your hands-on leadership style, that you have not only earned your stripes, made your way up the ladder in the department, but also have brought to us a motherly touch that is uncommon. congratulations to you on this wonderful distinction. i would also like to thank john and john crow for supporting this tradition, which i aspired to at some point.
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>> thank you. [applause] >> you will be well-hung. you are jewish? all of you who would like to, we hope that you stay and eat and sleep and -- share wonderful stories. thank you, everybody. >> thank you to lead to help steer values -- continue to buy a the city history. certainly, to mr. john and gus constant, owners of john's grill for four years. it is an honor to be here. to have my picture up there. . a lot of water under p.m.
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very under the bridge. the firefighter was behing me, and taking good of us. i feel good about it. thank you. i think the world of chief s
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uhr. thank you to my co-workers. is all about teamwork. thank you very much. i consider you part of my team. thank you so much. it is a wonderful surprise. a wonderful tribute. thank you for those songs. my younger brother dan is here. my younger sister is


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