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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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[applause] >> thank you, jeff. now i would like to introduce edward hyatt from pivotal labs to migrate south for company, that will be moving into the building in [applause] a few] >> thank you in shatila for inviting me. we have just least the floor above this, the fifth floor, the whole floor, and we will move in in january. very exciting. we're currently in the bankrupt building over on market street. we have been there about four years. we're busting at the seams right now. there are about 85 employees in that office. about 150 worldwide. we have seen huge growth over the last two to four years. we were actually founded in san francisco in the late 1980's. we have helped hundreds of local clients, start-ups, small names and big names. we have seen this acceleration in growth in the tech seen in san francisco, especially south
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of market. we needed a bigger space to move into. the interesting thing about us is that our growth depends on two things. one is enough clients locally to support the growth. in of tech startups. and the ability to hire quality people locally. we are our people as a consult the alleged insolvency. we have seen amazing growth in the tech industry. silicon valley has always been a great place to be. san francisco seems to have really taken off, especially in the local start-ups seecene over the last few years. it will continue to grow and will continue to exist for five plus years. in terms of hiring, i want to echo the previous statements about the quality of people that we find in san francisco. there is a war on talent with software developers.
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we continue to find amazing and motivated people. experience and passion you do not see anywhere else. we're confident and comfortable in signing a long lease like this. we used to be in the flood building and then the bankrupt building. and now here. it is an obvious step in our evolution. we're very excited. thank you. [applause] >> thanks, at root canal i would like to introduce victor coleman, the ceo of hudson plaza the, the developer of this great building. >> thank you. good morning, and welcome. thank you, mr. mayor. as a landlord in san francisco, we're very active landlords. to sit here and have the ability to have time as tenants is pretty gratifying. we will see how the relationships go. but we hope we grow. we hope that we are attentive. i mean to have ideal tenants like this in our portfolio. we're active and aggressive in
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san francisco. we're a huge landlord now. we believe it. it is only here in soma. we believe in the marketplace and the people. we believe that is why we're here. it is a great way marketplace. our portfolio expertise is throughout california. this is a place that we see the most amount of growth. when we have pivotal tenants like that that want to grow in our portfolio, and makes guys like us to have our day-to-day jobs pretty easy. the fact a san francisco today is seen the evolution of growth from social media, technology, media entertainment right here in our backyard is really a positive sign for the future growth of employment growth, development growth, and future successful companies coming here. hudson is that it is here for the long haul. we're proud to be the owner of this building and many others in the marketplace. we hope you continue
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longstanding relationships and bring your friends down here and these more space from us and our properties. the mayor and i would be happy to see that happen. thank you very much. it is a pleasure. welcome to our property. [applause] >> before i entered as the mayor of our great city, a well-liked and let everyone know we will have a brief q&a following his grief talk. if you have questions regarding today's announcement, please feel free to ask. if you have questions regarding anything else, please save that for later. i would like to thank the mayor for coming to our office today. it was very exciting and a huge deal. it means a lot. our mayor, edward lee. >> thank you. [applause] thanks for being here. you know, jeff, what you're talking about, and edward and victor, this is a reconfirmation that our policy in san francisco is really working. almost on a weekly basis. we have another tech company
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coming in, taking up space, and creating jobs. our practice has been and our policy in the city that -- has been that we want our tech companies to start here in san francisco, stay here, and to grow with us. we're growing those jobs tremendously. take the gaming company, for example. if you months ago, you were in 5000 square feet summer. here, your 33,000 square feet. you have 63 employees. in 18 months, is what i understand, in the next 18 months, you're going to grow from 63 employees to 185. that is exactly the type of growth that we need and want to have here. some of the other ones, whether it is play haven or pivotal labs or kiva, which will be able to see because they're knocking out walls already and doing stuff. it is kind of funny, because i was here about a year-and-a-half
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ago and my favorite pasta place downstairs. we were actually looking at this space when the aquarium was going to relocate back to the academy. we were looking at this as a possibility for our medical examiner's office. because it had laboratories but ultimately, the determination was it was not enough space here. i am glad, because the location is absolutely perfect for technology companies. it is located very close to all the main thoroughfares. people can bike here. the have the public transportation. the have access right across the street to all of our large conventions when they're in town. it will be easy for them to access as well. i think the tech companies are becoming the largest conventions that we have in the city. it is one of will to see this here. this whole building is going to house some 93,000 square feet already with space up to 625 technology jobs right here in
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this building. i am excited about this building. but i will tell you, our real- estate experts have told the city there's 40 additional technology companies looking for 1.9 million square feet of space right here in the city. that is equivalent to four trans america buildings put together. so we have in front of us a very big need, but it is one that we're glad to fill. i am so happy that we signaled it would companies like twitter and others that we are a willing city to accept our technology starters to start up here. and we will revamp the payroll tax, to make sure that as you grow, we're going to be job- inducing, rather than job- punishing. we signal that with the board. we signaled that we're willing to also get the exemption to companies that were just turning ipo to make sure we were not punishing their growth as well. these are reflective of the very business-friendly, very big
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incentive for investment into our city. that is what the other cities need to learn. if you're going to get these jobs and of these companies here, you have got to be investment-friendly. you have to have policies reflect that. and you have to do the help that our of is that economic development is doing what hutton properties. working together to support not only the real estate part, but i know the technology companies want to focus on their business, focus on the development of their products. so the more help the the property and a real-estate companies can do by way of connecting them up with great spaces, spaces that can be interactive with the other companies, the more ingenuity their engineers are going to have. this is an exciting time. our policies are working, and i am excited that this is another example. next week, we will probably have another company name it -- moving in that we will get to
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announce enthusiastically. the social gaming irina, technology, those are the new jobs, along with bio life sciences. they are the first -- they're the 21st century jobs. i'll be working hard with our educational institutions to get our work force is ready. part of my 16-point plan is to also allow people in their mid- career is to be able to learn the skills and make sure they take advantage of our city colleges and change what are underemployed now to new employment opportunities at the technology field will offer. we're doing everything we can to support this. you see the results here. i know that idle games and pivotal labs will stay here for a long time. there will be hiring great talent, and we are here to support them. thank you very much. [applause] >> as i said, if you have any questions pertaining to today's announcements for either the
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mayor, jeff, victor, or edward, please ask away. anyone, anyone? do not be idle. [laughter] if not, i guess we will proceed with a tour of the office and check things out. thank you for coming, everyone. really appreciate it.
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$40,000 of this will go to 20 existing businesses. it's this is like a dragon house. -- businesses like dragon house. [applause] others that have been identified. i want to thank ellen and debt been played -- that the little. that is right. al harris and others that have worked in the exocet ashcelsiorn group for so long so that we can make a difference. we want these grievance to make a ground level difference. that is why paying attention to everyone here. it is a struggle of a lot of our
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commercial corridors right now, so that is why the work we have been doing in mid-market, the experience we are bringing out there with the arts programs and business loans we want to do right here to help out as well. i also want to thank mary and flemings from family connections. thank you for being here. -- maryann flemings. i also want to thank beth rubenstein from out of sight. thank you. you are in our collaboration. you also know as well as we do before we do anything, we have to work with existing business in people already out here. that is why you have been such an instrumental part, because if we do things right it is because we listen first. they did not want us here to invest $50,000 in one shop that may not make a difference. we spread that out to everybody.
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everybody feels the city is paying attention. i think that is why we're doing it well here. i also want to think marcihank . the corporations out here guide us as to what we can do better. i know you've been out here with the community challenge grant doing all of the small business improvement stuff. we're just the beginning. $40,000 in the grants and for the businesses will help go along way. we're making our business mark with llamas cafmama's cafe. they have been successful in mid-market on clemens. and irving streets and all around. when you create these park?
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klets people come out and use the sidewalk and a more productive way. using our sidewalks in the most creative way, that is how we get more positive attention on to these areas. i am gl's cafe create a more exciting sidewalk in these areas. these are things we can do in all of our commercial corridors so the businesses cannot only sustain themselves, they can create local jobs to sustain all of our neighborhoods, and that is how we are creating my vision for the rest of the city. we have to work to revitalize every part of our neighborhood. that is how we work together, and i am one to continue doing that and bringing out the expertise we have at city hall. get them out to neighborhood out here. we will walk these corridors with each of the elected officials so they know we're working together, and we're
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going to keep city hall in communicating with every one of our neighbors. thank you very much. amy, think you for your great work out here, and thank you for everyone joining us together. -- thank you for your great work out here. >> thank you. gardner speaker iour next speaka gilete. it is through the mayor's office, the cities targeted effort to improve commercial districts, particularly in this more struggling area. the idea of the door front cleaning project, the beautification project is really just additional go on a lot of projects that have been done over the years, really exciting ones, including the good will tower, which you can see it.
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that was restoration that was a partnership between our office and the excelsior action group. >> hi, i am a member of excelsior active group's steering committee, co-chaired fort excelsior beautification. of the excelsior action group mission is to revitalize excelsior corridor. these funds, which support the local merchants, will go along way to enhancing the vitality and appearance of the excelsior corridor. we welcome the opportunity to partner with local merchants on behalf of the excelsior. with those of you -- for those of you not familiar, we are a community action group that was founded in 2002. one event we sponsor each year is that the excelsior music and arts festival. we celebrated our ninth anniversary last sunday, and we
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had a great festival. it was a great community event that celebrated diversity through music, art, and food. excelsior action groups to support local merchants. this past year excelsior action group completed 10 murals, partnering with local merchants and artists that were installed with lighting. it does not only beautified the corridor, but also serve to make it safe at night. we are also engaged in a community process to recondition the overpass near roll over 2mu. excelsior action group will continue to work together with our community to identify ways we can support local merchants, attract new businesses coming in beautify the corridor. we know this funding will help
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leverage other much-needed resources and support for the excelsior. we would also like to thinake this opportunity to thank supervisor avalos. we would be remiss in not acknowledging our all outgoing director, ellen googvenele. , who has demonstrated a real investment in making sure the project led by excelsior action group has the input of excelsior residence. we look forward to partnering with out of sight on the project, and we know this public space will benefit all. i would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new manager of excelsior action group, nicole. [applause] nicole is a san francisco native
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and a native of the excelsior district. she graduated from ucla with a degree in international development and in our mental systems. she has worked with multiple bay area's small businesses on environmental business development, as well as construction management. her dedication to the community where she grew up will be the heart of her upcoming effort with the excelsior action group, and thank you so very much. [laughter] [applause] [applause] >> next, we would hear from the owner of the business hosted the event, jong lo. >> hello, everyone. first of all, thank you to everyone for showing up. thank you for the mayor being here. it kills your action group are fantastic. dragon house has been in san francisco for over 15 years. we've been located in excelsior my fourth year.
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anall of these nice gardens basically put down by the excelsior action group. they are awesome. i am hoping to see them keeping the funding from the city, keep doing great things for the neighborhood. all the neighborhood people will keep the teenagers coming down here and keeping them out of the street, keeping them say. for the past four years i have seen this neighborhood changing dramatically. people are nicer. nighttime is much safer, and is much greener on every corner. i would like to see the excelsior action group doing the the great work and keep being funded. thank you for coming down every day. thank you. [applause] >> we have one more speaker from mama art cafe.
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the number one thing people said many years ago was we need a gathering place, at cafe, a place that people really want to come. it has become more and more of an opportunity for people to gather, and i think the parklet will really add to that. [applause] >> i have to tell you i am very nervous because the mayor is next to me, and i would like to tell you i am very proud to be the owner of the mama art cafe. i would also like to say thank you to beth for making the youth so eager to work to create the parklet. i also would like to say thank you to all of the businesses --
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most of them i know. i really feel inspired to be part of the community of its ulcer. and i am very proud to continue to create businesses. i would also like to say my mother is not here right now, because she is making the best coffee, and i really hope all of you come and see her, because she is a beautiful smile and shake it tugs for free. thank you so much. [applause] >> i think that wraps up our speakers. i think that there is time to walk down to the cafe, if that is okay? that has been proposed. the biggest issue
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in america today? segregation still exists... racism...
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the repression and oppression of women the educational system stem cell research homeless people cloning government health care taxation announcer: so, is there anything you're doing to help make a change? i'm not really doin' anything. ummmm [sighs] got me on that one...
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