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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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i ow t sigwa osteon the crc i oticed the w ed on t chch oeaer i dont w when it t there i did ot kw a the roject ior to eein t ctll ra io the eaof te eirhoo ociation a they sthey were rtive of t project i ow t sigwa oste i t ow if eirs p teio it is wa cllen tere' ople w feel li twere tified i ot inth
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i w wh t awer w ith rtic sittion clearl t ol co e more. exrience ithis comio is tt roof ecemto the ire of t igorod it is see to a chlee. i t w w tt is cae i ca cou on h t ou of ti ome of t ople i he en otheir roof ck eople reall et t them a i ee tt quite ofte this i ctllise. it itu sckin to e li ithe eirhoo w tt rt i l of t ti o tues ternoo i caot lieve w crowit i t is a ver is eirhooin gener >> we iee e ents tir einlu
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if we id, there could u to 88 ents of their lwhicwo two cl >> t comioca wh t feel out th >> tis i tion eded for ceibilit or ith not tr >> the eletor wo to en >> tt is true. cceslity to o lels >> tenl of t time. we to see th icoison to tt oou you he to ceible we wa concern out the roof penthou
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for t elevor i wo lea tt to one el to talk ore in depth out twain to the lowe ose eit e whicthe il code wo low ersonly, i thin th t is a eat ti reu of this sce we c contion rerdin t wte zone if there e coer tt the coison would like to es t otrwise, with t of t meccal e, a lot of t ith he en out bee reed tcoison >> if i c ome ral coents this i beaif ructe. i t tt iol is a eat for crcli this
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it se wre we e oi to go othis let e throw out cole of iea ifree to tt coitio if t blue wte zone you dont t ise of j o t qrter this moves clor to t school. i ow th you are filiar with a chool on wto treet a preo. i wote to ee t location co lite location if it en othe t for little while, tt the little bit of w e cef wt wi for >> we're hel to ist throthe oces
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th h en o the whole wa te question is e for the ol lears >> i wor eriocallfor them i only ee called a eded this h ee oothly for we the etin with the tf we t we cairon the ises are leo >> eat, t you >> the outh crely exists would e re ltogetr replace the white one. >> t you >> i t
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ow if i c qestion i eettin ere for 12 hours there is a re locioth e operinout of wch th you will retain tt location tt ea you re exp filit i woli to ow w t oiler ct ithe >> tt i question i ct er >> this would e lo of e. mide ol, for the x fis for t , it i chleinto
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t l t ogra i tis a istoric ldin we are required to kee cert es it without ea them io ller cloo ch tu tre are otr eath are e tis i lit on how ch we ca roinl of tt fiin locio inthe whole ogra chlein >> e t oure kee the otr il >> we wt to exp >> one of t ints i trieto is tt we three rcr their cloo at the otr te a we rmison to ep those til 24. we will epin them fro t olar t io o three orieol ldin when
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we t le school ents rt of this ito te tose tee mod claroom one of t t >> th ifi th there en testi t tt igorwere wn elier did not a exterior ch t testi w th te recent ow exterior c the is ithe rert referees th were drawn o 81. t of the ith we re - those of t in tt we here. were t la revised
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between te j e the etin te tod >> es the were re ower, t roof ck a t tr the e, a echic roo w wa rt of it. o minor reon i th t tuly e it ler. one of t reon tuly the eccal equip ecloses sller >> w didt the ce ention the chic roo >> exterior te iro incle roof dec to the t corner of the ldin a elevor e
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onthe eaer ed the oposed roof ck exterior enthou would e ely removed ithe fe. it doet io t chic roo th w im orsig riioof t project when reathe overl escription it oe iothe eccal eqent. >> to wled the enroental exetion or it ise i dont ecificly eio t meccal roo cae it iwritte rall th it c ly to oject iese ju ch t are you t th
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it the pla >> i do. tre wathe a the r who reewed t oject the oject rerictio es mention t eccal eqle o the roof >> o th >> o lt t the io of 88 ents othe roof >> i dont ow >> uer th it h en reed th t eccal room will to t mide of t roof it will t e from t exterior, cert fro t reet >> wt it will i o of tir rear rd ea where exactly it ts locateto is to e termined
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>> o concern would t it on igorwhic we alrea es the otr wo e th it is rd to tell from the ever loo beaif i the reerin l e is t crcitlf i th wherever tt ructe is tt it is done in taef w a ose it doet em like foreig o o t top erh t color could be lar to tt of t re of the ructe. ll of a ou c foc o t ew object sitti o to of t roof. >> i ee wit ou a tt wo our inte >> th fift off>> i ft, t were re rerictive
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th t oril ones for exale, otection pla otecti historic fees of t bldin tis to tre recise, cle >> rief follow- it see to th tre are a er of reinforced il of whice olth bee reinforced ri vlewaone. tis i t out of t question th tis pose to be for t school il >> tis ill ose. we will e loo t this t objectio of te rerictio th w alled to w tt we ct e of reinforced ic for ler
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ele we he iention of in th >> we e eeto try to relocate tt eqent on t roof i wa to it cle tt t lution we co u wit we cot this l ll we mig e edin rice if we we wo to for it we er tt we ee to thinwith it we caot co uwith a olio >> t would e qio for the inistror >> wh is the ture of these iler e they lon tall, eel? >> the
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rpose is to t wer for t ria in em the ext not bee termined within the ft eit ow o the >> o, t will be inteed with your ruct te >> yes >> i will ove to ove with coitio to wor with the rt rerdin the ement of t oilers to restrict the roofto e to ler th at t a time. to t
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allow liginon t roof only com othe truct i ju did a to of t fir p of the ioric stren of the coretion, i'reinforce ive ldin fro 1 t wa
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scefull without to exterior replace two to one othe one on t outside ot touchinthe ioric wor o t in th kin of t could e th w jt o the clarke' o t liti i if you are allowinthe e i the earl evenin tre will e liti tt will eded >> c t for wh is cefor reqre lig >> i would li to a for ig odificio i do t
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thinit i twee the rt a t chitect, i t it is between t rctect chic ener to termine wre t eqent ts t chitect wa fulle of w the chlees e. they would like to aid t rice t for other rea mig not e ose for it to e t let e. >> o t cenr, a ite for retionreew ot ed to ta a motio on tt those e en iorrate into t contion tion >> i would like
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to e one tion com w h ithis roois a oo leon icic isco i woeciate it if of this ts comcate to your ents o to our tu there will e roomte for t it ito u t roof. i would recie the ware of other ople t ee verch i li i ta t ison roperly this s te owlee. >> ou c p to id xt to the wall >> o ca a plato bid
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on t wall >> fro uer, the tion othe floor is to ove the oject with coitio wit fication ou re restricti t rooftop to o later th p o re lowi liti o cefor et th you re reqri a lite wte zone to e i the or ours o t iler tuio you re ta t tle a llow it to be le i a tt there is a of proof >> i tre t ti
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>> 7. >> on t motio >> >> e >> e >> e >> >> e >> on t io >> tis clo to ic ein to we woli to t t rkin io this would be lied for otice a ler de. we wo ili to t this >> ok, th tes ce of 6 elore
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>> o you wt to te ce of t other item you wt te ce of t >> it es not mter. >> item nr5 comio ecretary ositio on a conration of ible tion to iif te to ta to fill the coison seconry positio when we reporte lt
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weeth te coison oted to re te coison ecretary tion, th t o our cenr this wee ow you could discu it. t o coitioth w for wa th i the jo riio th it me clear tt t positiowo require laed of the ecret this doe th mti a nee to et the ee with
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tt, t iopen >> the a ic let e th qio t wa in t scoittee. >> th would be rich , carl tey me o t scoittee for t earc >> there ee rou job eriio a raft e. we ca ta a loo t tt one re time. >> es tcoison >> it t t lon ait ears ithis escription e the ilate rh this ig thin tt we coider next weeor at otr ti
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>> we a memr of t ic >> o of the t tt i wo like, if we dont a fther tonig then tt either decide th youre goi to contie t comttee whole or estais coittee tt this c coin to forward i wo reall li for it to ot et h >> time li w tra on w the ticite erte te w creed on t ticite epture de. >> we he joint etinxt week >> tre i joint eari
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o 2n tis ithe ecretary ositio let tt wa ctlltalked out wtoe ti we caeled tt. >> t is not prereto et in a joint in le wa one, i ca t to t >> i wa coed a concerned >> i s we to the omttee fort. te ltime cionwo ro to decided the comtteeof a wle >> they would like to reser
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the ivilege t scoittee wo ll of t leorthe ou wor te comiowoli to e inlved i t decisio tt e in e. >> correct >> let plic in >> lic coent othis ite >> i wa to tout in this ti to some erio thin the riou tin ion coison res w ou witic record a ow ou witrece - wit t request for ce to ic record liis a ver imrtt i e re experiee t i this room except
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>> eferre cole of ies tey are till din >> t big ces i would like to ro tt th be rete it doe t rve the ic well t deptment ofeson tf th reall oe t ce out ic recor rely a truly tis irely imrtt fctioof t comio cretth you e to raigen o
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w ithe cret role it gone ck a fort i the rt wre it i wther the comiocretis titely resible for se th l of t r is hed we he t to t to t place wre we rely with t w we ced we e electronic recordthey re t lae. i e en ea wit taff for 14 month w to t tice th all of record e ly ithe il t to pro them roinel it it one. it is ot thinthe ofeson f ces out. i wt one to ce out it if it to be the comio ecret be it it it cele to


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