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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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[applause] >> think you, good evening. i am honored to be part of this celebration of the asian heritage month. i am the son of immigrants that came from taiwan, a look at asian heritage month as a way to celebrate happy accomplishments of our parents and the bright future that our kids have. this is a story i tell my kids frequently. she came here with no college education. during her first week, she was visiting the gross restore in the maze of all the things you can buy the grocery store. she came across a can that have a picture -- had a picture of a
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drumstick. she thought, amazing. you can buy chicken in a can. she opened it up and discovered it was crisco. [laughter] and it just shows how far we have come home and how far -- how much i owe to my mom and my dad. it is a great time to remind all of us that our success is dependent on our parents and grandparents. i am from minneapolis, have been here for two days and i was told it is always sunny and 75. i will be back soon. i am a director for merchandising at target. i am part of the team that pulls together what you see on the shelf, is a fun job.
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i have a sponsor for the asian business council. we have about 1500 team members that are of asian descent. our group focuses on two things. how do we help ensure that the asian team members leave -- reach their potential and have success in their careers at target? how do we help target understand the community? only when you come to a place the realize how much opportunity we have to do even more? that is something that we are committed to educating our fellow leaders about what we can be doing. target is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year
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and i am proud to work for a company that understands the importance of community involvement. today, it equals more than $3 million a week till local communities. some of those dollars are being invested right here, and i am so proud of their involvement of would like to brag a little bit of some of the things that target dozen san francisco. had to make art successful to families with the asian art museum. every first sunday is free to families. we make this offer available because it is all about the family. art making for the kids, cultural entertainment, and one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to asian art. if you this yesterday, on
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saturday, it will be another freed a courtesy of target. secondly, we hosted the growing of asia and america awards ceremony. in partnership with the asian pacific fund. target has been a sponsor the last few years hand-held allows students to share their individual stories, and anyone who was there yesterday would be moved. it was amazing to hear their stories of growing up asia and in america. today, we had the opportunity to visit a couple of elementary schools. these are schools with a high student population and we donated four boats each student. all of which were written by an
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asian author. it was a great way to partner with schools to celebrate asian it heritage month and impress upon them the future of education. we're fortunate enough to bring one of the authors to the school, kristi yamaguchi. i recognize her as a gold medalist. the student recognized her as a champion from dancing with the stars. education is the heart of targets of living. target is on track for 1 billion dollars in education giving. we are responsible for the asian heritage street fair. i am so proud to be part of a target and got out of our involvement with the asian community.
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and the target is pleased to be a sponsor. we also want to remain vibrant and visible throughout the month of may. my visit has little to do with my day job, but rather than experiencing how target can really make a difference, and i thought, i don't know i could give up a couple days. i got a lot more out of it that i've put into it. thank you for allowing me that opportunity. target looks forward to the continued partnership with the city of san francisco. >> we have an appreciation gift from her target, a very unique japanese origami in the shape of
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the target logo. i would like to invite susan poland representing them from the academy of art university.
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and the executive vice president representing the academy of arts and university. and in partnership with our theme, we have a unique design contest called the public service announcement, the academy of art is very dedicated with this new program this year. >> the academy of art university is really pleased to be part of the heritage month. we are a large university, as most of you know. we are the largest university in the united states, a private university for art and design. we have 26% of the student
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population asian american and pacific rim. with of the contributions that this -- kpix was honored with a lifetime achievement award, and this year, her students have been working on the design contest. tonight, we will find out who won. i can't wait to see who it is. thank you all very much.
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[applause] >> and the last remarks are from at&t. >> good evening, everyone. i would like to extend my congratulations for putting on this amazing celebration that brings the city together from all walks of life and it is something that at&t takes a lot of pride in sponsoring. as a company that does business in over 200 countries, it is a tree and the pleasure of to be part of this, so we wish you a great month. we are especially happy that the focus this year is on education.
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. and they lost an education program to keep young people in school and with the focus on science and technology, so we are excited. we hope to be back very soon to support and many other organizations in san francisco. it is our tree to be here.
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gosh i have three other sponsors of like to bring up to receive the small of a gift of appreciation. will the representatives --
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[applause] i want to thank the artists that are the owner of paper tree, a unique design store in japan town. all of our horses every year please make us something unique. i hope your visit the store. thank you. >> to all of our supporters and sponsors, thank you. not if you came and, i hope you were able to meet up with some of our readers in the lobby with the special pen for heritage month. colombo was in the shape of an a.
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we hope you'll make a donation and purchase a pen and were it with pride throughout the month of may. there are also a number of sponsors that generously supported this year's celebration. the ads on buses around town as well as posters and coasting on face but -- facebook. we want to a knowledge the additional sponsors beginning with the heritage partner level. it includes southwest airlines and a big welcome to the newest sponsor, walgreen's. was that he will grains contingent died just heard? -- the walgreen's contingent i
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just heard? did you have cocktails' before coming here? the japan town merchants association, the garage association and in the sugar bowl the bakery, thank you for coming as well. and a big thanks to our media partners. we want to let you know that we have received reports from many individuals from the small businesses and community organizations as well. you can find their names listed on the screen and on our web site. to promote this year's team celebrating heritage, a new program was launched in partnership with one of our natures partners -- major partners.
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the design contest provides an opportunity for aau students a promotepa karen -- to help promote apa heritage month. to announce the first annual public-service announcement award, jack chen, general manager of sfgtv. and the executive director of day. please give them a warm welcome. >> being the first year that we're doing the apa contest, we had a total of 15 entries working with the academy of art university.
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the entries were very creative in promoting the apa heritage history and apa month. sonny will talk about the criteria that we use. >> it was selected based on the following criteria. the impact of promoting the heritage month, and finally, the originality of the concept. we received a total of 15 entries this year. i want to announce the winner. sean -- is he around? [applause] >> can we invite him onstage
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with us? we will first take a look at his injury. >> way is asian pacific heritage month. in recognition of cultural impact. it is a time of united pride for the first -- the diverse people of the asian continent. >> japanese, vietnamese. >> no matter what your background. >> i am english. >> it is a celebration for everyone.
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>> will have him come out and talk about his injury. >> this is the biggest award ever want anyone to think that judges and the heritage month for this award. thank you. >> congratulations, here is a certificate of on her home. >> smile.
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thank you so much, congratulations to the winner's hand and jack and sunny. you know that we have many fabulous celebrations and ethnic cultural performances. this year is no exception. the fourth and fifth graders have been learning about polynesian methods, legend, and history since the first day of school. the children creative dance scenes and learn different polynesian dances. tonight, they are making their debut performance just for you. they are dancing a preview of polynesian dances that as a snippet of the full-length production they will perform this week at their school.
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please welcome -- [applause] ♪ ♪ >> [singing foreign language] ♪
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>> [foreign language singing] ♪
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♪ >> [foreign languagee
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>> hang ten, all right " -- all right! i don't know about you, but i've a mai tai right about now. it is kind of hot in here, pina you get col us someadas? - -us som- us some pina coladas? we have the specific people that we want to of knowledge for organizations that made a distinct impact in their contribution to the apa community. the awards are being presented in three categories. we have the community leadership at a lifetime achievement award. for organization, we have the community impact for word. the top three finalists were
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submitted to a panel of three distinguished judges to make the final selection. the judges are dr. frank chong , a former san francisco board of education member. go-ahead and applauded. -- go ahead and applaud. dr. morishita. and patsy kito, director of the samoan community development center. [applause] we want to thank and did knowledge southwest airlines for their sponsorship and providing all of the awards with -- award winners with two round-trip tickets to anywhere southwest airlines flies with an unlimited supply of peanuts. i want to ask -- to presnent the
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community leadership award, and join me in welcoming dr. emily murase. >> thank you so much. how is everybody doing? a great, a joyous occasion. i have served on the board of education and i am pleased to announce the finalists and the awardee, all engaged in events in education. the criteria is described in the program, i want go through it here. it is important for us to recognize community leaders with a commitment to the educational needs of our community to ensure that the next generation of pacific and asian americans are here to address the concerns.
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the finalists in the community leadership category are -- program director of asian american community for education. soca mao, the juvenile justice prevention commissioner. and steve no. their achievements are detailed in your program. all three are very deserving of this award, and the judges have had a hard time selecting just one winner. the recipient of the 2012 apa heritage award it is emelin. if you could please join us on stage? she is the project director of the asian-american communities for education