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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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recognize you and remind you of something as you are getting ready for middle school. raise your hand if you're getting ready for middle school next year. even if you are not, all of you work hard to get through this school yard. you took a lot of tests, did a lot of homer, came bright and early every day. you are getting this award because all of those things are not enough. you are missing one piece. if you do not do all that to help somebody, it does not matter. all of you are here today because you decided to take the skills you got in school and use it to help somebody else in a special way. some of you are going to get the agencies and some of you will get bachelor's degrees. you will have promotions coming up and all of those are not worth while if they do not demand the kind of compassion and empathy that you demonstrated when you did your projects. the mayor came here because he recognizes what you have done to
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help other people and it is our hope that every single young person that grew up here and everyone who lived here can do what you did, use their education to help someone else. today is going to be a special holiday. it is going to be sports for social change day. you are the heroes that we want to follow, the examples we want to follow. when i say happy, can you say scores day? we want to hear your voice. when you do something awesome, we want to know about it. we invited you to share some of the awesome work that you have done, some of the poems you have written. i want to start with a school with a special reason to be here. i used to coach so i am especially proud to introduce them. yesterday is the 40th anniversary of something called title 9. title 9 is what allows girls and
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boys to have equal access to sports. today cut not brandi chastain came to sacramento and an assembly man stood up and told her that he did not agree with title 9. he told her that it should not have happened because it happened at the expense of male athletes. it makes me proud that we have a team of young girls that fought for their right to play sports. when they look around our community and think about what they want to do to help people, they wanted to help girls who were not on the soccer field. they created a survey to find out what people were not playing. they did research and discovered that girls who do not play sports are more likely to place cigarettes and not get as good grades. they held a carnival to have women athletes come out and play games. they invited the community. they presented what they found. these girls wrote an extra -- an
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excellent poem that captures the spirit of their generation that is not let -- that is not going to let anyone keep them on the sidelines. are you ready? do you have it memorized? i love this poem. it is one of my favorites. are you ready? all right. >> i am not scared of boys, girls, a crybaby, a mean girl, a wannabe. i am a pretty hot girl, gets it on the field, killer looks, love to dance girl. >> ponytails and painted nails. that is what a cleveland perle is made of. >> let's give it up for the cleveland ladies. thank you so much. next up, we have two teams that work on similar projects.
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they wanted to help kids who were less fortunate and had cancer. a helping kids smile campaign. one of the things they did was wrote letters to students in the hospital. we have someone who will share one of those today. can you stand up? >> dear friend, i am sorry to hear that you are ill. when we heard about your illness, we got together in groups and emphasize -- empathized about what you were going through. we even had a visit from a doctor. he showed us what leukemia looked like. she told us that with chemotherapy, it can be cured. as a team, we made friendship bracelets. even though we do not know you, we want you to know that you will be in our minds. we asked our principal at school
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if we could start a new book drive. she said yes. the team held it -- had a lemonade stand on game day. the money we collected was donated for more research and even though it is not much, we hope it will help. with the medicine and treatments, we hope that you will get better soon. i know that you will when i guess this illness and we hope to see you running around real soon. remain strong and know that my team and i will be scoring goals with your name on them. we will always be thinking of you and our friendship. sincerely, your friends at e.o. taylor. >> and as a reminder that sometimes, just a letter can be something that really bryan's of their day and brings them hold. they also had a lemonade stand, did a toy and book drive. let's have another hand for e.r.
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taylor. bell was a beautiful letter and we appreciate it. working on a similar topic, the lady jaguars. they also collected over 40 toys. they did a lot of research and learned a lot about cancer. before they did that, they wrote some incredible poems about a variety of topics. that is what it is about, writing, getting your ideas out, taking action. here to share her home is danielle. -- her poem is danielle. stand up. are you ready? >> it is a wonderful world but they made a few mistakes like leaving out freedom and putting in slavery. like no school lunch and mean teachers. like needing to leave when ylike going to bed early when yu
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are getting enough sleep. like everyone caring too much about pretty desperate like having one teacher when there are thousands of children like leaving out peace and happiness and putting in wars and no jobs. like leaving out a warm shelter for everyone and putting out homeless people all over the world. it is a wonderful world, but they made a few mistakes. >> they wrote plenty more poems to inspire people to give to their cause. thank you so much to cynthia and the late jack wires. -- the lady jaguars. next up, we have a special guest. he is a little shy, but maybe one of you can help me out. can one of you tell me what school you are from? >> i am from garfield. >> who is this? >> this is sylvester.
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he was created from tape, glue guns, and -- >> that is all right. why did you guys build this? >> we were trying to save water bottles instead of throwing them out. >> this is a piece of art they created to remind us all to use reusable water bottles, to live a more conservative lifestyle. they have faith in their school and these are teams that want to keep it that way. team blue, who were you during the season? they were team recycling and the green team was team compost. what are you planting in your garden? >> we are planting carrots and
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flowers. >> that is good. is it fun? >> yes. >> thank you so much. let's have a hand for team recycling and team compost. our jaguar boys have some special guests. they were not sure on what it wanted to work on. they wanted to help the homeless. not every student thought that the homeless deserve their help. they made a bold decision which was, instead of judging for themselves, they invited a homeless soccer team to play with them. they found out that they have more in common than they might have thought and that they really did want to do something to support them. if we could ask the gentleman from the street soccer usa team of san francisco, if you could send two ro three representatives up, the boys made them a flag that they will take to their tournament in new
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york city when they compete to qualify for the world cup. they also have a bag full of soccer gear that they're going to donate to give to the first- ever women's homeless street soccer team. we want to wish them good luck in their tournament. they did a lot to inspire our service project. that is it. thank you so much. now we have seen the projects, let's give a hand for all the projects. thank you. >> i run the recreation and parks department. i want to say to all of you how proud we are for your project and taking risks on the soccer field and by reading and writing poetry. we are really so proud of you. what we wanted to, today's team
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is public service. i want to introduce to you our number one public servant. he is our mayor and a big check the end of our kids, neighborhoods, parts. he has a few things you would like to say to you. let's give him a big round of applause. >> thank you. hi everybody. hearing all of you, i want to make sure that -- do i look taller than i usually am? thank you. i love you already. i want to say congratulations to all of you. you have done a fantastic job. when i hear of all of the team effort that you have made, you are all on your way to becoming mayor or members of the board of supervisors. you love your community. you help them all out. and you are special today. do you think that there are others who come to city hall and
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shout? well, there is. so thank you for helping make my day. thank you for all the wonderful things and projects that you have participated in. we want to give you a special award today. our award is to the first one, to give an award to the whole organization of america scores. to proclaim -- when you become mayor, one of the things you get to do is make a special day. today is a special day for all of you. we get to proclaim today as america scores bay area day in san francisco. how about that? thanks to all of you. that is just the first of the awards. the second award is a special
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certificate presented to the cleveland girls. come on up. all right. our next special award is to e.r. taylor. come on up. alright. there you go. thank you. our next award, j. sarah girls. come on up. congratulations. there you go. the next award goes to garfield. all right, garfield.
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congratulations. all right. and the final certificate of honor, special award goes to the j. sarah boys. congratulations. congratulations to everybody. time for a pledge. >> we are going to lead you in the pledge. you guys know how to do this, right? leadership as a measure of what -- leadership!
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sportsmanship! teamwork! let's have one last round of applause for mr. mayer -- mayor ed lee. he was very impressed with your project. he would not have come out if he was not. raise your hand if you donated $1 million to someone's project? did anyone give $1 million the other day? when you guys do something awesome, people notice. they want to give support and give money. we have representatives from state farm on hand to present $10,000 per it to america scores bay area to honor all of the excellent products you have done. let's hear it one more time.
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>> hi everybody. this is really great. i am seeing these projects and i am really impressed by everybody. you guys did an amazing job. give yourselves a round of applause. state farm is giving this grant to americas scores because what america's course is doing with young people is tremendous and they are teaching each and everyone of you to become valuable members of your community. this program is all about the kids. the impact is having is amazing rate you can feel the passion when you speak with anyone involved in this. i want to take a quick minute to address the most important people here, and that is you guys, the kids. the reason why we are all here today is you. your strength, your courage, your poetry, your community involvement. all of that is an inspiration to
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us. we would like to thank you for that. the people here today, we believe in you. we are so excited to see the great things ahead for you. marty said it best. everything you do, if you do it for another person, it is all the more meaningful. i would like to encourage that. congratulations to all of america scores, especially all of you here today. you guys are amazing. good job. >> thank you so much. one more round of applause for state farm's $10,000. has anyone ever seen a check that big out there? next up, i would like to welcome of ms. hydra mendoza, the mayor's education adviser. please welcome her to the stage. >> thank you. how are you doing?
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are you doing as well in school as you are doing on the field? are you doing as well in school as you are doing for others? are you doing as well in school as you are doing as leaders? because we are counting on you. we are counting on you in so many ways. we are investing in you and we are appreciating and supporting everything you do. the one thing i want you to think about is, as you are doing or community service, writing letters to people who need your support and love and care, think about how this would make you feel if someone was doing it for you. that is what a big heart is and that is exactly what you have them -- what you have demonstrated here today on the steps of city hall. all of us are very proud of you. keep up the good work. i think we also need to do a big shot to state farm because they
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are also investing in everything that you are doing from your hearts to the hearts of others. let's give them a big hand for investing in you. i just want to say another big thank you, not only for the mayor, who came down, but for the school district and the school board, because we also believe in you and all of the work that you do. keep it up. do well in school, play hard on the field, continued to be the leaders that you will be, and thank you all. we are really proud of you. >> thank you so much. when i say happy, you say scores day. it is officially may 15, 2012, the day of america scores bay area. it is not complete unless we get a photo of it.
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