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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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questions related to this data? that is between three and a 65 people. the deviation would be 5.44%. -- that would be 365 people. chairman mcdonnell: can you open the back door? someone is there.
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you stay. nice try. any other questions related to this data? hearing none, is their proposal related to -- there a proposal related to these communities? >> could we hear the other two and think about it a little bit? chairman mcdonnell: sure. could we go to the other -- north mission? latino population first and then the asian population.
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>> which area would you like to have described? the 16th street and up area or 15th? >> 15th and up. >> this is the highest population, 75% to 100% latino. there is a few blocks there. the next lighter color is 50% to 75%. chairman mcdonnell: any questions related to the stated -- this data? let's change to asian, please. >> so this is the asian population as reported by the
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senses. this is 16th street and there is one dark shaded block and it is 50% to 75% asian and a slightly wider block above is 40% to 50% and goes lower from there. -- lighter block above is 40% to 50% and goes lower from there. >> that is north of van ness? >> that is bounded by 16th street, and van ness. chairman mcdonnell: chairman mcdonnell: back to the question of the proposal related to kayuga. >> can i claire if i something on the bottom side?
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that area is completely isolated from both the outer mission -- it's actually connected more to glen park, because in that area there is a big wall. when you go down mission street, before you get to tingley, the wall just drops, and that area is isolated from the outer mission, and really they are more of part of glen park than the outer mission. my mother owns a house in that area, so i know it very well. >> thank you. chairman mcdonnell: is there a proposal related to this area >> no proposal yet, but i wanted to hear about the other two pieces.
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i was interested in possibly rotating a bit in this area. chairman mcdonnell: i am not sure what you mean by the other two pieces. i'm sorry? >> the other out of st. luke's and the area along the 9-11 border to see if there is a population count near 800 that could allow a rotation there. chairman mcdonnell: let's begin with the most significant piece she promised moving. let's start there. >> ok. chairman mcdonnell: if there is not support to do that, then finding the alternative doesn't matter. >> ok. well it seemed to me -- chairman mcdonnell: so you proposed this? paint a verbal picture so people can appreciate where you are going. >> what i am thinking, if we can zoom out for a moment, for lack of a better term, the
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tingley we have been discussing, put that back in, and took some population out of st. luke's and randall that we have talked about, the last meeting at least, and put that from nine into eight -- is that how that works? [inaudible] >> i understand, but it is possibly undoing some of that so as to restore the line along 280. it is a possibility, and i'm not ready to present it yet. i am looking if this works. you would have to go north there, over there, and then from nine into 11 along stony brook, stoney ford, stoney-something and madison, into 11, to rotate in a clock wise fashion. and if there are probably 800 people in each chunk, then that works. that is what i am frying to determine.
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chairman mcdonnell: and the rotation solving? >> if it is appropriate to have the ti inch gley cut-out at 11 or if there should be a border cut there. we have had different things relative to that border. chairman mcdonnell: ok. any questions with regard to understanding the intended rotation? finish your thought. >> i was going to ask if we could look at the population west of mission to see if the numbers are there. if they are, then it is worth further talking about. if they aren't, then it is not worth further talking about. chairman mcdonnell: sure. >> the speaker we heard earlier tonight, i would like to include that block as well.
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starting at guerrero and 27th -- no -- yes, correct. wait. the southwest block, but not the northwest block, where were -- where you were just then. >> this is a population of 101 people. >> right. and then the line west of valencia -- >> starting where? >> from testify any, east of tiffany, south of there, there you go. that's the area i was looking at. >> that is a population of 824 people. deviation of district eight and nine. >> roughly 800.
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chairman mcdonnell: thank you. and then the last bit would be down on the 9-11 line. the excelsor and portollo zones west of stony brook, and then south of there as well. if we go one block west of the selected block, and then south of there, the funny-looking block. not that one.
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nothing perm. west of moderate son and northwest of alma, thank you, and further south of there, peru. >> that is a population of 590. >> i'm just trying to see if there is something that can get to 800-ish. >> maybe that other funny-looking block there north of silver. >> that would be a population of 1,013. >> and if we de-selected the block in the middle? >> 805 people. >> there you go. that would be i think the three-way move. >> just for purposes of
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everyone's consideration, what are you resolving fore? >> restore the border along 280. it would make for a cleaner border between eight and nine south of st. luke's, and it keeps all the percentages roughly as they are now. chairman mcdonnell: ms. tidwell? the general motion. we will get to specifics in a moment. >> i would like to say no, but i would like to consider st. luke's separately. chairman mcdonnell: mr. schreiber? >> i am not ready for this, or maybe ever. chairman mcdonnell: in the interest of moving our decision-making forward, the not-yets don't actually help us. if not-yet if there is a subset of the proposal i would like to consider or if the not-yet means i would like to consider something else, state what the something else. let me start over one more time. ms. tidwell?
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>> no. chairman mcdonnell: and what you would like to look at? >> st. luke's. chairman mcdonnell: mr. schreiber? >> my answer is still no, but if other task force members present compelling ropes, my vote is no right now. chairman mcdonnell: thank you so much. i am going to marry you off to someone before these are over. ms. mondejar. >> no. chairman mcdonnell: no, never? >> no to this proposal. chairman mcdonnell: thank you. ms. lam, for clarification, the stoney ford for stony brook move for the 9-11 border would
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go into -- >> from nine -- >> from 11 to nine. >> right. >> and then bringing the tingley out of eight into 11. we need to see the population variance for those two moves. i am not interested in the st. luke's move. i don't know if that would get us close enough. >> what he identified in the rotation were three, relatively-speaking approximately 800 populations. that is the puzzle move. >> no. chairman mcdonnell: thank you. mrs. mondejar. -- m's melara. i am not interested in changing our decision we made last time, primarily we made it very deliberately. when the community comes tonight and says you took away this piece, they were not
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taking into consideration what it would cost elsewhere in their district. we moved something in their district, and next week the people will come back saying you shouldn't have done that. so let's leave it where it is. so no, no, no. chairman mcdonnell: thank you. that's clear. mr. leigh? >> can i ask a question? does the second move require moving st. luke's? chairman mcdonnell: no. the intent is to keep st. luke's in district nine. it has no -- nothing to do with st. luke's present site at all, period. >> i would actually be open to looking at it. chairman mcdonnell: thank you. mr. alonso? >> i second that thought, yes. chairman mcdonnell: ok. that's it.
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for both the reasons that mrs. melara indicated, which is we made decisions with forethought in mind and with all considerations and the unfortunate reality as we have discussed throughout almost every one of our meetings is that no matter what decision we make, someone will disagree, and they will present a compelling case for changing it. unless we want to meet past april 14, i would suggest that unless there is a compelling case, a new compelling case with new information, then i would not be in favor of making these changes, to shift decisions we just made. it would be different if we hadn't just made these decisions with full task force deliberation. on 6-3, we will not do that.
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ms. tidwell, let's go to the st. luke. >> i need an upgrade. chairman mcdonnell: by that clock, we will take a break for ms. tidwell, and we will res chairman mcdonnell: we will resume now our mapping discussion. ms. tidwell, are you prepared to make a proposal relative to st. luke area? >> yes, if we could look at that area on the map. it is currently in district nine.
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if you could help me remember -- the one block? >> not the one block. i did not have a recollection as to having st. luke's in nine . i am not interested in it always having been in nine. i am interested in the public testimony and the reason for it being in nine. >> it is part of the community of interest. it is what was in the boundaries of the recognized neighborhood of the mission
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district. >> chairman mcdonnell: there wasn't a lot of compelling reasons for or against it. it is one of those institutions that has always been there, and so there wasn't ever a question of moving it. therefore, not a pot of public comment one way or the other -- a lot of public comment one way or the other about moving it or not. >> and if we could also overlay the liberty hill district of the public testimony that has been given. that is further down. >> ok. then i would just look at the lines between 26th and 27th and
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chavez on guerrero. you had highlighted the bottom left quadrant. oh, he stepped away. i apologize, but the top quadrant. my understanding that is not a part of st. luke's. does anyone have a different understanding? chairman mcdonnell: it is part of it. >> so then i would just look at the bottom corner of population and deviation. >> as he is looking for that, say again what you are solving for? >> just the public comment around. if we are going to take the position that st. luke should remain in nine, i think that is
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fine. but if there is additional population that does not really relate to st. luke's but is there for strain line drawing, put it in eight. >> this block has a population of 101 people. it would bring the differentiation for district eight to 3.85%, and the deviation for district four to 4.84%. >> can i ask related to this, the block southeast of that that is south of guerrero and west of tiffany, does that have any population -- no, not that. south of there. >> that is already in eight. >> right. i understand. chairman mcdonnell: let's hear her proposal first, and then we
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will come back. >> that answers it. forget it. chairman mcdonnell: can you go back, please? challenge you. ms. tidwell? >> so i would propose moving that from nine to eight. chairman mcdonnell: mr. schreiber? >> can you refresh my recollection as to the public testimony in support of this? >> it was just this evening, that their community is in district eight, and it looks like they are on the back of the hospital. >> all right, yes. >> chairman mcdonnell:, ms. tidwell. >> i think i am interested in that block as a trade. although i am opening to making this change, i didn't want to add further population to eight. i am willing to do a trade there. could i hear about that? chairman mcdonnell: not at this moment. >> then i am a no at this point, but i am willing to reconsider if it is a relatively fair trade. chairman mcdonnell: thank you. mrs. mondejar?
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>> yes. chairman mcdonnell: ms. lam? >> the borders for the highlighted proposal. >> 27th street, duncan, guerrero and san jose. >> yes. chairman mcdonnell: thanks,. ms. melara? >> yes. chairman mcdonnell: mr. leigh? >> no. chairman mcdonnell: and mr. alonso? >> no. >> please make the change. chairman district eight at 3.98 and district nine 4.94. >> can i ask about that other block as anoff set. chairman mcdonnell: no, not at this time. why are you trying tooff set? >> i didn't want to add more population to eight. chairman mcdonnell: is there a sentiment around trying tooff set this. >> i was not interested in
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offer setting. currently before this move, district nine was at 4.98. he would certainly pelfrey to stay away from 5% to the extent we can. >> and i am actually good with going to 5% in nine. chairman mcdonnell: thank you, but we are not going to do that at this time. we can add it to the bottom of our list of propose always. i didn't hear a proposal, so i am going to presume for purposes of moving forward that there is not a proposal with respect to the tingley-kayuga? >> i think we voted against it. chairman mcdonnell: no, what we voted against was the rotation. ok. so let's go then to to the sunny side and the conservatory
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. >> i just had a one-block proposal here. south of monterrey and east of baden -- no. east of there. >> east of -- >> i would de-select that block and now select the block east of that block. >> moving it into seven? >> yes, that is correct. >> yes? >> yes. >> that is a population of 88 people. it would bring the deviation for district seven to negative .71%. >> hold on for one second. one more time.
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this is a population of 88 people. it would bring the deviation for district seven to negative .71%, and the deviation for district eight to 3.46%. >> say the population again for me, please? >> 88. chairman mcdonnell: and so d 7, negative .71%? >> yes. chairman and you are calling for what here? >> the population. eight lovely people, but i am trying to decrease it. it was the only thing that made sense to me. i thought monterrey boulevard was a per line than hurst. it is not the end of the world either way. chairman mcdonnell: mr. lops?
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-- mr. alonso? >> yes. chairman mcdonnell: ms. tidwell? >> i think i am going to say no. i don't see any public testimony around that being in sunny side. chairman mcdonnell: thank you. mr. schreiber? >> no. chairman mcdonnell: mr. leigh? >> no. chairman mcdonnell: mrs. melara? >> no. chairman mcdonnell: ms. lam. >> i used to live at monterrey and juice, and i have for -- for several years, and i think i did have a closer -- the bordering neighborhood, but i am in in support of moving that border to monterrey. chairman mcdonnell: that was a yes? >> yes. chairman mcdonnell: and mrs. mondejar? >> no, wipet support this. chairman mcdonnell: all right. so we would not make that
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change. >> did we look at russian hill? can we get the count there? the 2-3 border and see. chairman mcdonnell: let's go for a moment -- i am going to come back to this area in a moment. let's go to another area. >> i am not sure how the legal description works here to go from mansell to bayshore because they don't connect. there is a freeway in between. my intent was to go m mansell,
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up san brunoo and east on paul. it end up selecting one block with some population, probably a couple of zdeno people and some freeway parcel. i also was interested in going to -- you wanted to do zero population stuff after. so i will hold the other part until later. if we could select the area east of san bruneo and paul in the southeast corner there. chairman mcdonnell: what are you solving for? >> it seemed it was an easier line to describe, san bruno, paul, bayshore. otherwise i think the description gets weird. mansell to a point, across the
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freeway and up. i am wondering what the population is here? >> that is a population of 84. it would bring the deviation for district 10 to negative .8%, and the deviation for district nine to 4.72%. >> all right. i would so propose. in general i think using streets where there are streets is better than not, and this uses streets better. that's all. not trying to pull some massive part out. >> what are we trying to do? chairman mcdonnell: if i may try to represent it,