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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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we are inviting the city and different documents to come to the -- departments to come to the table and invest in district 11. to believe in the workers and families like we do. we want to encourage flat funding in district 11 housing since the budget cuts. we create priorities in the district to better empower our community and we believe they should be the priorities for the budget. foremost we have youth jobs. we need support from the new fiscal budget to support job development in district 11 and especially in excelsior. as many of the organizations are refocusing on training from living wage jobs from ages 14 to 24 away include programs and traditional youth in summer. this is only one of the programs and thank you, mr. mayor, for having that program. we have an intern, miles, i love him. he is great. we are hard at work of the
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training in technology and arts and green business and we would love to have people invest in district 11 and invest in our summer programs where we are training youth to have appropriate job skills for the future. we are working hard and right now i have look 100 applications on my desk. i will have to turn away about 60 students for summer internships in the arts and technology. the parents here in district 11, we have programs for them and we want to work with them. we need affordable housing in the district because we have the lowest median income in district 11. we need workers rights and outreach programs. we are working on that but we need an investment from the city to build the program strong are and build capacity and help us serve more residents and have better outreach programs. we are doing this work and we would love for you to come to
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our community meetings. we have a planning action group and see what we are doing and work with us and increase our capacity. that is it. thank you for this opportunity to represent district 11 excelsi excelsior. patty will continue about what district 11 needs and what we have done together. >> thank you, dora. organ good morning. i'm here representing the all my community collaborative. not only do we need jobs for youth we need jobs for seniors. i'm here to talk about the senior community. as she mentioned we are culturally and ethnically diverse and with that comes great challenges with the staffing for programming to be culturally and ethnically diverse. ling guys particularly --
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linguisticically appropriate and while staff is trying to meet the challenges as the community changes and grows and it is growing, we are also challenged about all of the new mandates put on my doing more data collection and paperwork and that is a challenge when you are flat funded because as your population grows and the challenges and needs of the community grow it is hard to continue doing the services that are needed when you can't add any additional staff and flat funding is a cut. so we need to look at that. virtually all of the outreach dollars have gone away for services in our community. especially with senior services. if we can not outreach the seniors become isolate and decline and if they decline they will end up in thursdaying homes and the hospital which costs all of us more dollars. we need to keep them healthy and physically fit. we need to look at different ways of doing transportation in district 11. we have a very geographically challenging community. lots of hills.
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we have transportation but it is just not enough. we need to get creative on how we use the transportation. then we have st. luke's hospital which is a concern here in district 11. with the deal with cpmc we are concerned they will close it. that has been a fight people have been fighting for years and we want you to hear that we need a hospital in the southern part of san francisco. where else are our community members going to go? san francisco general? yeah, but it is overloaded. if you go in the middle of the city you have multiple hospitals in a mile radius. in southern san francisco we have st. luke's and we need it to stay open. we need the city to commit to revitalizing the broad and randolph street correspond corridor and mission street corridor. you can see the changes with the revitalization there. we need to continue that effort in our neighborhood beautification with the randolph and broad street corridor and mission street.
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we have community action grants which really do a lot. it gets our community members involved. it gets them to be part of our community, to invest their own time and commitment. that is what makes a good community is the members getting involved themselves, the residents. we need to continue to work on graffiti removal. it sends a mental when you come into a message and don't see a lot of graph fitty. we have made great strides but we are looking at losing more police officers and we need more academies to have the police to keep the crime reduced that we have made strides on already. we need better collaboration with city college. it is in our back yard and there's a lot of classes that were not available in the community locations. they are all over the city but we need to invest more of those and see them right here in our own neighborhood. we have a lot of very small nonprofits who are doing a lot of work but they are at the tipping point. if we don't do something about
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funding we are on the verge of losing them and when you lose some of the small nonprofits that are good at what they do, they have the spurs in dealing with the population they serve and when they are gone getting them back isn't going to happen. as my colleague mentioned district 11 is unique and we invite the city to put more into the city than in the past. we have been an under servserve resource district and we need greater investment from the city. as community partners of district 11 we're committed, organized and we have capacity. we are willing to work with the city to improve our district and a asking for a meeting with the mere workforce development and other departments to set a plan of action in place. we want to make district 11 an equally inviting and welcoming part of strap -- of san francisco as other districts. i have 43 community members that would be involved in helping us make this better.
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so, i'm not going to read them out loud but i want to thank you. >> we want to thank adaora, patty, al and neil for representing both districts and keeping closely to the time they were given. now will be the fun part of this this morning because we get the opportunity to hear from everybody here or to hear from a lot of you hear in the audience. again i want to go over the ground rules. we have two minutes, two minutes per person. you can ask a question, you can give a speech, but you have two minutes. if you have a question directly for somebody you may also ask that question. but remember away want to keep the time to two minutes because the less time you take the more opportunity we give for somebody else. so what i'm going to do is call five people from each district
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first. we have dr. annette sheldon. when you come up please come and form a line behind the podium. dr. annette sheldon. ann dejesus. nicole agbayan. april chan. monica kenny. jacob moody. i will do this better next time, too. shenn afr shenna akino. somebody who writes like me. i don't know if it is devon swis
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-- don swistorski. we might be related, don. owen zeke. and jim marks. >> good morning. good morning, mr. mayor and to all of you it is a fantastic day in san francisco, isn't it? and aren't we glad we live in america where we have the freedom of choice. mr. mayor, you know a meeting like there couldn't happen in some countries so we are thankful for you to bring us together. i'm dr. annette shelton. i'm with the aids group and they have given me a transcript. i don't know how long it is but here is my agreement with you. when he comes to my two minutes wherever i am i'm going to finish the sentence and then i will e-mail it to you, mr. mayor, if that is agreeable.
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i would like for all of the members to please stand right quick for me. as i said i'm dr. annette shelton. i'm with the aids group and third vice president of the san francisco branch naacp and producer of "buzzing around with dr. shelton" on channel 29 sunday nights. i'm here with many other members from across districts 10 and 11 asking that next year's budget focus on neighborhood equality. this includes ideas to revitalize commercial corridors. this includes funds and ideas that will help us create enthusiastnew jobs and fund education and build vitality in our country. i own a beauty salon on broad street 40 years. my grandson donald just opened a
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store the dream team right in the same -- yeah. right in that same block. he is 101-a and i'm in 103-a. i have seen my neighborhood go up and down over the decades and i want to see it flourish again. we want incentives and bank investments for new small businesses to move in and hire locally. we need investments that make our community look beautiful with new and you -- awnings and paint jobs. we would like to put a mural [inaudibl [inaudible]. look, look, i never argue with the gentleman that keeps charge of time because my grandmother said you can't pick apples with your back to the trip so look
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for this to come to you in the e-mail and thank you for listening to us. >> that's a difficult act to follow. i'm ann dejesus i'm vice president of bright and i live in district 10, malia cohen's district. i'm to grateful to be here to speak. we are asking for more cadets for the bayview to increase the safety of everyone there. the second ask is of all of you. the bayview has a lot of blight and vacant businesses. so i want to address particularly the human services. i understand that you are moving out of oakdale. i want you to consider moving into some of the vacant buildings there. thank you very much for your time and attention today.
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>> good morning, mayor and supervisors and city representatives. i'm april and i represent the senio seniors. a little background about the self-help we are a community based nonprofit organization. each year we serve over 35,000 seniors in the bay area focusing in the low income. and minorities. senior services serve an important role in the senior population. in district 10 we do have almost 10,000 seniors which is 55 years old or above and there are only five city funded meals programs that are budgeted to serve around 792 seniors. in district 10 over 30% of asian and they are the only agencies that provide services oriented
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to this ethnicity. recently our agencies had a program in chinese and one of our meal sites john king sr. center is program that has been demonstrated to empower participants with life skills to better manage their ongoing health conditions. it is a 2 1/2 hour presentation over six-week period. it includes workshops and appropriate behavior modification and strategies to enable the participants to manage chronic disease and medication and increase physical activities. more than 40 seniors show up in the workshop but with limited resources we have to turn away half of the seniors who simply want to learn more about how to self-manage their chronic disease to reduce the number of hadn'tizations and -- hospitalizations.
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i want to thank our mayor and supervisors chiu and afpls and the departments and agencies to support self-help for the elderly. thanks. >> monica kenny, district 11. unfortunately the proposed development agreement is a special deal that is good for cpmc but bad for san francisco and districts nine, 10 and 11. it is a poorly negotiated deal that cpmc spend less on charitable care than today and it is shrinking st. luke's hospital to barely one-third of current size cutting vital servic services. it fails to protect jobs and guarantee new and permanent jobs for the city and leaves san francisco taxpayers, patients and workers facing higher costs. mayor lee, cpmc must provide its
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fair share of charity care, medical and build and operate a strong and sustainable new st. luke's. it must guarantee that the jobs, wages and benefits of its current employees and guarantee a reasonable number of permanent jobs for san francisco residents. cpmc must limit its prices to city health plans and pay the full cost of its development proje project, affordable housing, traffic and neighborhood impact. we are very concerned about the proposed plans around cpmc's new hospital downtown and cuts to st. luke's. the city and needs to be fixed to address many concerns. we are also suggesting funding a training and placement program to trade new people to enter in the healthcare field and find real career jobs. above and beyond the hospital
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issue, we need to set aside funding for youth services via auditing to close corporate tax loopholes in the city. no cuts to education or healthcare, period. m.t.a. needs to put its money where if is needed for youth passes, better housing programs and we need to be a sanctuary city that doesn't have homelessness. a city that has easy food access and a city that supports gay marriage. thank you. >> good morning, everybody. i'm nicole agbiana i'm twith th excelsior action group. i would like to recognize two of our steering committee members. thank you for being here today. i have two brief asks, both predicated on the fact that you are commercial corridor is
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really the economic heartbeat of the neighborhood hear in excelsior. first is the commercial corridor be included as one of the participants in the upcoming invest in neighborhoods program. i think that will have a tremendous impact on creating local jobs and providing the goods and services we need in the community. the second is on behalf of the excelsior public safety committee i would like to express our support for the multi-year plan for the police department, particularly in regard to the academy classes that he would like to increase. we don't want to see our beat officers completely disappear from our corridor and public safety is really the foundation of what we do to revitalize the corridor. thanks for your consideration. >> hello, i'm a youth worker at
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the youth program inner city youth in oceanview and i'm here to talk about the top three priorities of the youth. number one youth employment. we would like to ask for more employment opportunities because we know like working with the youth we know that the behavior is not a behavior problem. this is the only way we know to get kids off the street to stop drug sales because it is not a behavior issue. it is a money issue. these kids are very poor. that is our number one priority is to raise youth employment. number two, the street violence. we would like to reduce street violence and invest more into that. i don't know if everyone is aware of the murder that happened on houk street in
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march, an asian family were murdered and sfpd invested a lot of time, energy and money to find out who it was. they called a conference call and investigated and within two days they caught the murderer. two years ago we lost two participants to our youth cen r center, and it has been two years and it is unfortunate to say that sfpd did not invest the same time, energy or anything into those two murders. it has been two years until this day both murderers have not been found. number three, i would like to talk about the revitalization of the broad street corridor. we would like to open up more small businesses because we have a lot of san francisco commute
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ers commuting from here out to wherever and it would be nice to have a pizza place open or like a dry cleaning place open so they can stop by. in addition to that, falling back into the first point, it would open up more youth moment units. that is it. we understand your priorities and we would like to accommodate this and work with you guys. we are happy it talk more. so if you have any questions you can contact myself or guinn, and others who work with the inner city youth. >> i have a question. when you talk about broad street and revitalization can you give us a cross street? what specific -- what section of broad? >> broad and fleming. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews
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open up a dream team store.lemi. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store.emin. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team storming. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team storing. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team storg. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team stor. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store.p. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store.l. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store.y. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store.m. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store.o. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store.u. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store.t. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team storh. the whole broad but broad and plymouth we had donald andrews open up a dream team store. >> good morning. i'm owen and i'm with the education corridor representing over 80 seniors in our citizenship classes each year. we ask senior funds. this area has a high
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concentration of asian immigration seniors and yet they are not allowed city funds -- there are not enough city funds. it operates 13 citizenship classes and every class is full and we have a long waiting list. most of our students never learned or spoke english in their former country. just imagine how hard it is for those seniors in their 70, 80 or 90 to learn enough english to pass the citizenship interview. however, despite their tremendous learning obstacles, seniors who attend our citizenship classes have a passing rate of 93%. let me repeat that, a passing rate of 93%. asian immigration 55 and older grew 74% and they need to be supported with english classes in both district 10 and 11 where the asian population is the
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fastest growing segment. we ask for your continuous support for naturalization service in the city of san francisco. thank you. >> good morning, thank you for being here. i'm jacob moody district director of the community improvement and chair person of the congress of african-american organizations. i have nine quick points. first being that a budget not only reflects our priorities but our values. those are important to connect those two. healthcare reform could seriously challenge the community based system of health and mental health services we have in the city. we need to preserve that. employment development is a key issue for bayview hunters point particularly training and barrier removal. business development for the historic populations that have lived in the khaupbt for years
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-- community for years. community safety. we need to build a citizen c.b.o. city department police and d.a. safety infrastructure that recognizes the contribution of all of those folks to the safety and well-being of our community. i want to commend dcyf for working on some of that already. we need to realize the promise of redevelopment which has to do with the shipyard. we need housing that is affordable for the children of the old folks who have the highest number of home ownership in bayview hunters point. they need to be able to stay in the community and have affordable housing. i will repeat what some of my colleagues said. we need a cost of delivery service increase for c.b.o.'s that contract with the city and county and intentional cross department support for the
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bayview superintendent zone and children that go to that san francisco unified district schools and finally we need to take the african-american out migration report off the shelf from collecting dust and move it into the forefront so that we can act on the recommendations and build the african-american community in san francisco, not watch it slowly drain away. >> i'm dawn, resident of district 10 and the public outreach director for the foundation and member of ace. i want to start by actually khepbd being the department of health for the amazing work it has been doing in the community particularly with the development of the healthy san francisco program. i would like to encourage you not to do any cuts to public
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health programs. what you don't realize is there are so many chronic diseases that are facing particularly district 10 and 11. diabetes in particular probably one out of every three people in the district already have diabet diabetes. another third are at risk for getting the disease. particularly with diabetes you are looking at some really, really chronic life-threatening conditions that get very, very expensive. the thing is with most chronic conditions we can prevent it. if we put money in prevention instead of dealing with people in the emergency room when their conditions have gone too far we will save a lot of money in the long run. trust for america's health has shown for every dollar we spend on prevention today we are going to save $2 in two years and in 10 years we are going to save $20. so, towards that end we need to continue working on health
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prevention programs and make sure we don't close st. luke's hospital. >> good morning. the reason i am here is to speak about a very important resources for san francisco in general. i am a member of st. mclaren park. we've done a lot of work with help mclaren park. all of us are very interested in making sure that this park finally get some of the investment that it deserves and needs, and that our neighborhoods want.
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this is supposedly officially a citywide park, but it does that get that kind of investment at all. last week i went to a meeting about a park bond issue that is coming up in 2012. 2008 there was nothing from the park bond issue. the one coming up, we are slated right now to get $6.5 million, but glen park at a huge influx of money from the 2008 bonds and now dipping again in 2012, while mclaren park sits with something like $57 million identified capital needs in 2007, and we're just getting a consensus to address those. people talk about part safety, and certainly that