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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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the ground level to activate that corner. i am supportive. commissioner moore. >> as this is common to architects. in the last project the drawings and presentation you made here was far more explanatory than what we get in your package. this is the same with this particular project. may i suggest that next time around when you have a project in front of a commission you already let us share some of the broader thoughts of what you bring to your work. these drawings are not very complementary to what you are doing. >> commissioner borden? >> everything's been said but not everybody's said it. i want to express my support. i live two blocks. i guess if anybody is excited about seeing whole corridor activated along market street, i'm very excited about that. i was very curious to see
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the plans. i walk by that lot daily. to see that such a narrow lot could be developed in this way is actually pretty phenomenal. i look forward to a nice restaurant being closer to my house too. but anyway, everything else that everybody has said. i want to support commissioner wu's comments regarding the bike area. there are tons of bikes. people bike for transportation in this area. we want to make sure we don't disrupt that, thanks. >> commissioner sugaya. >> i will move to approval the cu with a couple conditions. one, continued work on bicycle and pedestrian conflicts. whatever staff can work out on that regard to make it less congested and more safe. also continued work on the
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market street facade. anything else? >> second. >> commissioners, you have a motion for approval with some additional conditions. i guess the project sponsor and staff will continue working on the market street facade and bicycle and pedestrian areas. on that motion commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> commissioner borden. >> aye. >> moore. aye. >> sugaya, aye. >> fong. aye. >> wu. >> aye. >> that passes unanimously. you are on item 12. case number 2012.0641c for 933 to 949 stockton. request for conditioning use authorization. >> commissioner wu. >> i have a request to be
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recused as my employer has a project on this contract. >> commissioner sugaya. >> i have to ask for recusal because a company i work for was involved in some litigation issues regarding this specific site. >> move to recuse commissioner sugaya and wu. >> second. >> on the motion to recuse commissioners ziploc and wu commissioner ooh. >> aye. >> antonini. >> aye. >> fong. >> aye. >> borden. >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya and wu are recused. * >> good afternoon, president fong and members of the commission. i'm elizabeth wadi with planning and department staff. i would like to pass out
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renderings of the project and future development on site for your review. the graphics should be clearer and better articulate the project graphically. the project is request for conditional use authorization to allow construction of china town stations above grade building as the head house on stockton street at the southwest corner of washington street. specifically the conditional use authorizations being sought are to allow a public use in a building with frontages greater than 50 feet within the china town commercial district and china town transit fgd. the entitlement of china town transit station is an essential implementation component of the city's larger subway project. the next step in progressing in the china town transit station is conditional use authorization before you today. the site has already been identified and approved as the location for the station by the fmta board of directors and board of
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supervisors. there are certain milestones of the fmta must meet to secure federal funding, one of which is full entitlement of the head house building. we are requesting commission approve head house as proposed. design has been reviewed and approve bid the arts commission and has been review bid the department's preservation staff for compatibility with china town. after approval and as underground portions are under construction, smta in conjunction with workforce and planning will engage the community about ways to design the transit development and open space on this site that will complement the head house while serving the community's needs. general parameters for what may be explored on the site include open space either at grade or roof level. a building constructed south and possibly above the head house. community and retail spaces within the transit oriented building. design compatible with the
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surrounding neighborhood contacts including historic features. those are the general parameters we will work with. these step also occur over the next year. a summary of that will be presented the commission at the conclusion of that process. following feedback from the community and this commission the sfmta will decide whether it is feasible to proceed with the additional development on the site. if feasible the department will work with the sfmta to refine the design and ensure the project is consist with ceqa. will it be reviewed and planning will most likely be required to review tdot for final approval. the action before you today is limited to conditional use authorization needed for the head house. the department has received one letter in opposition to the project since packets were published, e-mailed to all commissioners earlier this week. the department finds the project to be both necessary and desirable at the proposed location for
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the following reasons. this enables the construction of china town at central property. the project promotes city's transit-first policies. the project will result in a critical transportation improvement linking neighborhoods in the southeastern portion of city with retail employment centers in the downtown and china town neighborhoods enhancing access for local businesses, tourests and residents . this will serve a low ownership of transit customers * increasing transit use and reducing travel time. reduce air and noise pollution and project congestion relief throughout the corridor. lastly the project is designed with three architectural components, each articulated for height. each component is articulated through material, change in roof form, projecting finishes, punched vertical openings or pronounced entry, which results in a building design consistent with code 145.3, the section relating
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to building frontages greater than 50 feet. based on these finding and those in the case report the department recommends you approve the project with conditions. there is one small amendment to the draft motion i would like to read into the record as relates to the ceqa review. specifically to the end of paragraph two on page two i would like to add the following language. quote, on agenda 9th, 2008 the sfmta adopted including finding under ceqa in sfmta08-150, which ceqa finding are incorporated by reference in this motion. with that it concludes by presentation. i'm available to answer questions. i will first, however, turn it over to john fungi with smta followed by ken ridge with oewta, thank you. >> president fong, commissioners johnson, sfmta central subway, thank you for the opportunity to provide a brief update, as elizabeth has done a fine
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job providing the overview to. give you a bit of context, the final supplemental eis, eir was approved years ago. as relates to the china town site within the past four years we have acquired the property, have received approval of the relocation for the eight businesses and 19 households that previously lived on the property. they have been successfully relocated. a bit of good news is that five of the 19 residents have actually purchased single-family homes with the proceeds from the relocation funding. the building has been -- is currently secured with a vinyl wrap. finally this body in february of this year passed an ordinance that allowed for creation of special use for china town site. finally has allowed for -- approved the permit for
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demolition of the existing building. providing a program update, the program has benefited from a full funding commitment from its state and local partners. it is eagerly anticipating receipt of the full funding grant agreement, which is projected to be received or approved by the federal government next month. that will signal the receipt of 9 42 million dollars for the major construction of this program. as i said before, all the major properties that will create the central subway line have been acquired. stockton street has been shut down to traffic as of july 30th. construction is underway with the union head walls and the yurba mosconi
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completed. some awarded and completed and tunnelelling is underway. a launch box will be constructed -- is currently being constructed underneath fourth between bryant and harrison street. so this contract is responsible for the numerous activity you see along fourth and stockton. the program remains on schedule. the final design is complete. the right of way acquisition is complete. the full funding grant agreement is schedule told be received next month. that will allow us to continue the major construction work currently underway. the construction of the station is -- construction of the project is projected for completion in december of 2018. public use of the china town station site is permitted subject to a conditional use approval by this body today.
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the project has benefited a number of community and entitlement reviews beginning approximately eight years ago with the community. we received approval from the community, advisory board, planning commission, arts commission. the china town station site is currently in the bid/award phase. the completion is scheduled for september of 2017. this is a shot of the proposed station site at the corner of washington and stockton street. street elevation view looking east from across the street. the station site is tucked in between two major churches. the presbyterian south and the methodist church on the
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right. there is an elevation sketch looking towards the corner of stockton and washington street. the pinkish building in the back is the presbyterian church. this section gives you a good feeling of the major construction work that will occur with your approval today that would allow us to begin the construction as elizabeth said we call tet head house because the majority happens on the ground. 95% of construction effort occurs underground for construction of the head house and station platform area where our patrons will board the train. these are existing shots of the neighborhood looking east and west on stockton. the top three are an
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eastern view showing the presbyterian church on the upper left. the existing hogan and vest building. future home of the china town site at the corner of washington and stockton and subject of your review and the methodist church on the right. the lower center photograph is the mandarin tower building. a top view of the property, a planned view of the property showing -- to give you a bit of context of your approval would allow for construction of the existing station site but the design work doesn't stop. as a tod development is currently underway for the balance of the property shown here in green. there is also an effort underway for the design of the rooftop over the existing station entrance that ken rich will be
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briefing you on shortly. so the t.o.d. effort is underway. * steps are planned in the fall of this year. community outreach finding and any resulting conceptual design proposals will be presented to this body, scheduled for the summer of 2013. that completes my presentation. i'm available to answer questions you might have, thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon again, commissioners. ken rich with oewd. you have a memo in front of you from me. i will be brief and reinforce that. we have heard clearly from the china town community they would like to see the most intensive and multipurpose use of this site as possible. including getting open space in and using the remainder of the site not needed for the station building for development that complements china town's development.
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we have been working closely with your staff at planning and mta staff to design a process that will start in the next couple of months. and work with the community to actually go ahead and design those two things. as you know the rooftop of the current station building is designed at the most basic level to support some type plaza or park space so the task will be to design that to a conceptual level. as for the area next door the task will be to look at sort of informing an rfp that would be issued by mta in the next couple years that would ask for a private developer to come and make proposals for the area next door, setting out the sort of land use program that mta and the community wants and setting out -- sort of helping us understand, what mta would want to see in terms of revenue from the site and those things. this process will happen. luckily while the underground portion of the station is being built.
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will easily be done and presented back to you and nta before it is time to build the actually station house, so the whole thing works, it is funded, we look for the start of it. i wanted to brief you on those things. happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> opening it up for public comment, i do have some speaker cards. amy chung, cynthia joe, phil chen, allen liu, leon wing ho. >> good afternoon, president fong and es steamed commissioners, i'm amy chung. my family has been five generations in china town. we are business people. my family currently has herbal medicine shop on washington street half a block from this location. i grew up literally at this corner. i went to school at st.
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mary's, about a block away, i was born in the chinese hospital. i know this place. when they are knocking down this building, it will be with great regret that we are losing our favorite beef jerky store. what i want to tell you, though, is i'm so looking forward to the building of the station. not just because it gives us an opportunity for creativity and serving many of the needs that our community has, including more retail and perhaps more open space in conjunction with the school next door. there is a possibility of putting together a child care center, who knows. there's many possibilities. because we are a historical district we don't have these kinds of opportunities very often. we look forward to your approving this because it gives us that opportunity. people forget in the 1989 earthquake we were forced to lose the embarkadero freeway. that was the lifeline that fed china town. over the years our business
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community has been slowly dying. we are no longer as relevant as we were culturally or businesswise. with this project, it is like opening a new arterial. and for a heart patient with stuck arteries, this is life-giving. please approve it. we thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm cynthia jo. i want to speak before the planning commission on this conditional use. i am a member of presbyterian khur frp at 925 china town. we are not pink. we are beige. we are in support of the conditional use for this subway station. the presbyterian khur inch
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china town has always supported causes beneficial to our community. in fact, we sponsored the presbyterian church as sponsor, sacramento and stockton streets, just two blocks from the church. after 30 years, this coming sunday, september 16th, i invite you to attend our 30th anniversary of the housing project, which is a low-income senior multifamily and commercial use for nonprofit use. so we will be honoring 35 of the original residents. we even have a resident that is 101 years old. we hope we will be able to bless the subway station before we reach 100 years old. we ask that you support the
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approval of this conditional use. thank you. oh, yes, ten years ago i was on the planning commission so i had to make it short. >> president fong, commissioners, my name is phil chen. i am the chair of the committee for better parks and recreation in china town. the committee was started in 1968. it was started to combat plans of a developer to build a garage on this side of the chinese playground. by organizing the community we were able to stop the garage. today i'm happy to report to you that while mandarin towers still does not have
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dedicated parking, the playground is thriving. in 1982 we became the catalyst for the sunlight ordinance, the law that prohibits shadowing of parks in open space. it requires the provision of mitigation when shadowing does occur. more recently we have played a role in why you park on the edge of china town as well as the first renovation of fort smith square. the committee is a strong supporter of transit first policy. we recognize the subway is a very key part of the
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city's transit element. we have followed the project closely and feel a conditional use permit should be granted. we urge you to grant that conditional use. we believe that the station house and the facade are well-designed and that it fits well within the community. we also believe that the station has the potential to be a true community hub and that the project must proceed. however, we do not feel this is the end of the planning process. we encourage you to encourage the mta to continue that dialogue with the community to ensure that on that site we will truly have a community and a true community asset, thank you.
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>> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. alan liu. i'm a san francisco resident and community member on china town's transportation research project, known as china town trip. it is a grassroots organization of community stakeholders committed to improving transit service and safety in china town through planning, research, education and advocacy. the organization has been involved in a community for over 30 years and has pushed for many efforts from the promotion of pedestrian visibility to larger projects such as the scramble system. we know the stockton corridor is one of the most
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populous and dense streets in the city. i think improving this conditional use for this is another step towards accommodating for people who visit and live in china town. on behalf of china town trip, we are happy to see this project move forward and would like to extend china town's trip knowledge and experience to the community to he will the city with the commensurate planning process to determine the opportunities that the community residents and visitors are looking for as this project comes into fruition. so thank you for your time and your committed service. >> thank you.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> good afternoon, nguyen ho. i, my wife and children live in an apartment on north beach. we don't own a car, dependent on public transit and strong supporter of the subway. [ speaking foreign language ] i'm president of
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community tenant association, the largest tenant based organization in the city. our 1,000 members are all low-income, multilingual seniors and depend on public transit. we only have one member who owns a car and drives a car. [ speaking foreign language * >> we approve conditional use for this. it is a great location surrounded by doctor's office, child care,
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doctors, family association, which are located within one block radius of the china town station. further more the station design focus on serving the public, including senior, family and children. we look forward to the next step of creating a vision and creating help for the community. [ speaking foreign language ] >> this public transit is important to our community. the community association and grassroots will continue to fight for the subway until the station opens in china town, thank you. >> thank you. is there additional public
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comment? seeing none, the public comment portion is closed. commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i think this is a good project. part of a system that is necessary and beneficial in a city of 49 square miles, it is unfortunate we don't already have more subways and more ability for people to travel quickly from one part of the city to the other. the fact we are beginning this process with the central subway is a good one. benefit from the ease which you can come from west portal and get downtown. now we are working on something where we will provide that same ease for people from the north part of the city to get to the south part of the city. so i think it is very good in the station. the station is coming along well. as i understand, will continue to work on design and make sure


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