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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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joined -- joining us in the car sharing program for their members who want to use bmw products. this idea of cars sharing has been a part of san francisco's objective in creating a more sharing economy. like many other cities, we are congested in our parking. parking is really a challenge in the city. for people who own vehicles, and introducing people to car- sharing programs and ideas have been a wonderful experiment for us. as you know, we have been working to create not only public garages but also in congested neighborhoods. when a private company like bmw registers their interest in car-
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sharing, that is a complement to the direction we are heading to be morris -- more sustainable. i want to think bmw for being here. we are in negotiations to get us into our fleet so we can utilize. unless we do it with the latest technology, people will not appreciate the mayor driving a bmw. [laughter] but we are doing it for the right reasons. i want to showcase that as we lead this country into a thought process, a challenge that our major cities, our urban settings can have solutions to our parking problems, have sustainable mobility as part of our alternatives in the vehicles and car-sharing as a principle for us to join our automobile makers as well as our vehicle
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owners and rentals as we challenge the public to say there are better choices coming forward with our partners in the industry. thank you, bmw. i know that ian and his team are here to announce this thing but i wanted to thank our environmental divisions, our car enthusiasts, our technology. we are the innovation capital of the world. clearly there is a major role for our manufacturers to use that technology to figure out and provide solutions to our parking challenges, to the affordability and everybody to participate so that they can use all of the different modes of travel to get not only around the city, but the bay area. we wish you have this as an opportunity to challenge all of
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the county's to get from, whether it is ma [ -- napa to oakland in all of the events we will host in years to come and have that mobility in all of the alternative ways of doing it and to do it smartly. i appreciate to bmw for this opportunity. we will be great partners with the rentals and the ownership, but also with the technology and the smart way of getting in and out of our city. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, mayor. to continue the introduction and welcoming of san francisco to bmw for this new program, it is my honor to introduce to you melanie nutter.
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[applause] >> good morning, everyone. my name is melanie and i am the director of the department -- we want to protect our environment -- let's try this gain. -- again. good morning, everyone. i am a director of the department of the environment. we are responsible for protecting the environment, safeguarding our public and environmental health, and helps san francisco lead the way toward a sustainable and resilience future. i am happy to be here today on behalf of the department and city. as you probably know, san
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francisco -- i am sorry. i joined the mayor in thinking t-- thanking bmw. as you probably know, a san francisco prides itself as being a leader an incubator of new ideas. new ideas that can help us be more sustainable and resilience every day. i wanted to take a moment to detail how san francisco is a sustainable seven -- city. being a sustainable city means we are less wasteful. we are leading the nation with over 78% diversion rate. 70% of our waste is recycled, compost, or diverted. being a sustainable city, we are energy-efficient. our energy program is a partnership that we have put
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together with pg&e and we help small businesses save money on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. in san francisco, we are also renewable the powered. we have about 3000 solar installations throughout the city and county of san francisco, equalling 19 megawatts of solar. we are also working toward being 100% powered city in the next 10 years. finally, in san francisco, it means we are ev ready. we're making it easier for residents to take charge of their electric cars. the city now operates 50 publicly available charging stations at 15 locations. these are found at city parking
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garages, at the airport, treasure island, and by the end of 2012, the city will add another 30-40 charges. of note, the public uses the stations, the cost will be free up until the end of 2013 and all of the stations are powered with power that is greenhouse-gas free. adding to the infrastructure, many charging stations are also being implemented on private property. so in retail stores, and other parking lot, there are an additional 44 stations at 22 locations. the department of the environment is making it easier for san francisco to charge their cars at home. are in apartment buildings or condominiums and we have a
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program that is called multi charge san francisco. it is a demonstration program where we are implementing 100 charging stations in these types of buildings to make sure that renters can also have access to easy charging. in closing, i wanted to thank bmw for recognizing the need to innovate in the area of urban transportation and developing new solutions that all of us can utilize now in in the future. i wanted to mention that according to the sustainability research center at uc-berkeley, households can save 0.5 tons of carbon emissions annually through car sharing. this type of program was certainly have an amendment to benefit. congratulations once again to bmw. welcome to san francisco and
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please call me welcome the doctor to the stage. [applause] >> hopefully this microphone is working. what a pleasant to surprised to see the sun shining. i am impressed with the connections you have. it is my pleasure to give you a bit of the background as to what we are actually talking about. i think there are many trends across the world but i will try to be brief in analyzing them. there is no doubt that there is a growing population in the world today. that population is being focused on cities. here we are in san francisco. if we look at any of the forecasts over the next 20 years, up to a half of the population, 3.5 billion people, will live in cities. they will live in an urban
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environment. it is already happening in asia and south america where there is a migration toward the great cities of the world. that will bring more and more congestion into those cities. as an industry, as a company, we can view this as a challenging in that congestion is going to increase. at the same time, or on the other hand, you will have many other developments. we know we are all connected to date. we know sustainability is not just a term people use. people believe in it and the environmental challenges that come with that means that as a company, as a city and a country we have to work together to find the solutions to this. as we look into the future, we could say that the current model of the car industry needs to change. at the same time, we believe that individual mobility is what
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people desire. that does not mean -- that means they will use the car in a different way. here in san francisco, statistics are always something -- potentially, there are over 500,000 people looking for 450,000 parking spaces. this goes for most cities, about 30% of all of the traffic are people looking for parking places. imagine if you could take away some of that uncertainty, you could relieve a lot of the traffic that sits on our roads. with that, of course you reduce not only the congestion and the co2, you make the issue much more sustainable. we started to think about this
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over the last couple of years as to how we could provide some of the solutions. one thing that is for certain, there is no silver bullet. there is no one thing that a company or city could do that would solve all of these problems. it is involving different ways of driving, different ways of ownership, different ways of power in cars. you heard that these are fully elected vehicles. the need to bring this into a holistic approach. what we have been doing under our solutions for the i brand, we have m brand, which is the most powerful actor in the alphabet. those products are well known. but the i brand is just coming. those vehicles are well into development now. the i 3 and i8 will be launched
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next year. they are carbon fiber and that will be made, not in this state, but just up the way in washington state. using fully environmentally sustainable energy. carbon fiber prevention will be shipped to our factories in europe or will be make carbon fiber cars. it is about 50% like you're than steel, 20% lighter than allen minium. you need the batteries ms. -- which makes the efficiency much more credible and also a strong business case. this part of the united states will play a strong part in the development of these vehicles. as well as we also started a venture firm. the venture fund operates out of
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new york. it started 15 months ago, we made our first investment in a company called my city way, which is working on intermodal transport. started in new york, now in 35 cities around the country and many cities around the world provided information to not only our customers, but also anyone interested in moving from a to be in a city. that has worked exceedingly well. as you have seen, we have been investing in other companies as well. the electric charging stations system is another one of those. as is our first in this and in parking. most of us leave our house is in the morning, go to work, part of our cars at work, leave a vacant parking space at home. if you can bring a marketplace together where someone can park under drive during the day, and of course, give them a certainty
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of where they will part, it works. many thousands of customers now are enjoying that has a potential different way of operating in the city. drive now was clocked 15 minutes -- months ago in munich. it is now in three other german cities. we have over 40,000 active users. what does that mean? well, they have an efficient way of experiencing a car. they may use intermodal transport, and they come in by the rail system, by other means, and then they find a car. they're effective, they use their ifid card, they drive and park wherever they want to go. that has worked exceedingly well. since june 30, we have had 70 elected vehicles here in san francisco, and we are already seeing a strong uptick with that fleet. i am sure following today's
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announcement we will make another big step to that. i am delighted also to say that we are also now launching park now. with that congested that i mentioned for the streets of any major city, san francisco being our lead city here, partnering with the green parking council and our partners in urban mobility, we will now bring together the parking systems with these cars, so you will be able to pick up a car, drive anywhere in the city, you can return it to one of these stations. soon you will be able to do it from out of the airport and as well in palo alto. i am delighted that you have a grander scheme of where this may work. we will add more vehicles to this over time, but in terms of park now, he will be able to turn your vehicle there, pre- booked the system, which takes away the uncertainty, takes away
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a lot of the reason why people not only have two cruise the streets looking, but also waste their valuable time as well. it gives me great pleasure to show you a little video now as to how it is all going to work. >> hello, i am the director of mobility services at bmw. as a car company, we spend a lot of time thinking about the freedom of mobility and the increasing urban environment. drive now, the bmw car shared experience, featuring a fleet of b&w vehicles with zero emissions elector driving, and park now, an on-line service to reserve and pay for spots. and here is have drive now works.
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register in person at a station. go on line or use the app. membership is $39 and rates start at $12 for the first 30 minutes. pick up your id now and you are ready to go. find the available cars and the starting status through an interactive map. no keys. all you need is your id to unlock your ride. a full charge should cover a 80 to 100 miles, and you do not need to worry about running low. just pull into any charging station for a boost. every driver knows getting around is one thing. however, finding a parking spot is another challenge. also here, bmw will offer a solution. introducing park now, and on my mobile parking service that lets
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you search and pay for your spot, on-line, or on the go. anyone can join. simply sign up and find the perfect parking spot. search by neighborhood based on your personal search preferences, including car wash, ev charging, of dallas service, and more. to avoid driver distraction, bmw car owners can use the feature directly on the app. for all other users, we recommend using the navigation system directly in the car. >> when you arrive at the facility, simply use your electronic ticket to enter and park in your guaranteed spot. drive now and park now, two ways
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bmw is helping you expand your mobility, and you do not even have to be a bmw owner to join. [applause] >> and so, like magic, now in person, i want to welcome berharnhard here on stage with melanie, and i think you will get the chance to book the first parking space in san francisco. >> hello, melanie. it is a pleasure to offer you the chance to book the first parking spot on park now in san francisco. i also want to show that what you saw in the movies really works in reality. let's start the app and see where we can book a parking spot. let's choose downtown san francisco. press the button. and but for the choices we have.
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from there, one choice would be to use the parking garage with the best price. that is 520 mason st.. you can see it on the screen. it is also equipped with everything you need for electric vehicles, charging possibilities. you also have the drive now program there, valet service. $10 is a good price, i think, so let's consider booking mason street. here you can see, congratulations, you receive the best offer. by chance, we even have a special going on today. just by chance. if you will press the confirmed button, you will have booked the first parking spot on park now. here you can see, all you need is this qr code to enter the parking garage. the spot will be reserved for you. no more hassling with money.
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>> fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. [applause] >> all i want to say is, if there any questions after that great explanation, we do have some speakers here for a few moments to answer any questions, so please feel free to ask questions around the cars, if you would like. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> hello, my name is jamie harper. in this episode, we are
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featuring the park locations in your very own backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in san francisco with someone special. golden gate park's largest body of water is this lake, a popular spot for strolling and paddling around in boats, which can be rented. created in 1893, it was designed foreboding and -- for boating. it is named for the wild strawberries that once flores. a pleasant trail follows the perimeter past huntington falls, 110 foot waterfall. two bridges connect the trail to the island. the climb to the hills summit,
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the highest point in golden gate park at more than four hundred feet. you can get quinces of the western side of the city through -- glimpes of the western side of city through a thick trees. the lake is ada accessible. it has a peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy a warm day. walk along the lake and watched many ducks, and swans, and seagulls. it is a tranquil spot to stroll, enjoy each other's company, and sail away. many couples come here to take a ride around the lake, floating under the bridges, past the pavilion and waterfall. for a quiet getaway, it makes for a memorable and magical experience.
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located on 19th avenue, this grove is the place to wear your hiking boots, bring your family, and bring the dog because it has so much to offer you and your loved ones. it is a truly hidden gem in the city. the part is rich with eucalyptus trees. long paths allow you to meander, perfect for dog walking in a wooded environment. >> i enjoy this base and the history behind it. the diversity that exists in such an urban city, the concrete, the streets, cars, we have this oasis of a natural environment. it reminds us of what san francisco initially was. >> this is a section for dogs and plenty of parking. transit is available to get you
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there easily. and the part is ada -- park is ada accessible. there is also a natural lake. this is your chance to stroll and let the kids run free. it also has many birds to watch. it is the place to find some solitude from the city and appreciate what you share with a wonderful breath of fresh air. , an experienced this park and enjoy the peoples, picnics, and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take a stroll with your loved one hand in hand. located in the middle of pacific heights on top of a hill, lafayette park offers a great square a of a peaceful beauty. large trees border greenery.
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it features tables and benches, a playground, restaurants, and tennis courts. there are plenty of areas for football, frisbee, and picnics. it is very much a couple's part and there are a multitude of experiences you can have together. bring your dog and watch the mean go with the community or just picnic at one of the many tables and enjoy all of the park has to offer. many couples find this is the perfect place to put down a blanket and soak up the sun. it is a majestic place you can share with someone you cherish. it is located along the 1 and 10 buses and is accessed from the 47 and 90 buses. it is ada accessible. for more information about reserving one of these locations, call 831-5500.
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this number is best for special events, weddings, picnics, and the county fair building. for any athletic fields and neighborhood parks, 831-5510. you can also write us. or walking in and say hello at old lock cabin, golden gate park. and of course you can find more information and reach us at


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