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tv   [untitled]    July 3, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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as we speak, we're into our second year showing that it's not just grab at&t other aloe, showing that their next step is burglary. with the use of facebook and the use of our program right here that we did just this past year, we helped with a homicide. we helped with a sexual assault. not a kid, but trigs went in and sexually assaulted the mom of a girl and they tagged their name on the wall. who did they come to first? us. who do you think this is? we told them. they went and sat on them, got all the evidence we needed, got a good arrest. so, it's not just graffiti. i keep telling the officers on the street, it is not just grab eat aloe. it leads to something else. we talk about the addictive behavior of graffiti. it really is addictive. everybody that i've interviewed so far, we're going to talk about some of those at the end, always tell me that they're addict today it, they can't stop. so, it is an addictive behavior. it is not about the actual
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graffiti that they're putting up. okay. it's that addiction to do it. so, what's next? after you do graffiti, why not burglarize a house? get another adrenaline rush, [speaker not understood]. some of the things we're going to talk about. if you have any questions again and you want to e-mail me anything that i present to you. i e-mailed a bunch of things in here to get out to you, but i guess they didn't get them printed out. i have a thing for facebook on how to obtain a search warrant or a subpoena from facebook. if you don't have that, yeah, that, there are some that don't have it. if you don't have it, e-mail me. i'll give you all that information. my card is over here on the table and i will get that to you. if you ever need help writing a search warrant, call me. i don't care, i'll help you out. if you ever need help writing a request for subpoena for records. and this is not just facebook. we don't have enough time to just talk about everything that we use. we do these on cell phones.
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i don't know, you guys know in arizona now if we arrest somebody doing graffiti and take their phone, we have to get a search warrant now to get what's on that phone. you can't just take it like i don't know what some of your jurisdictions allow you to do, but we cannot take that now. we used to be able to. we used to take it, go down and we scan that phone and get every single picture, every single video, every single contact off of it. now they just recently passed that law where we can't do that. we have to get a search warrant now. that's what we do. i can show you how to do a search warrant for that. if you ever need help with that, r just call me and ask. be more than happy to help you because the bottom line is what we're all here for. i'm very happy that this is being kicked offer. -- off. some of the importance of deal with graffiti, how to set up your own facebook account, using facebook to gather intel. facebook subpoenas, search warrant guidelines, and using grab at&t aloe tracker for investigations. then we're going to talk about if we have time, we'll talk about the successful investigations that we have done at the city of phoenix
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level. the importance of dealing with graffiti, graffiti gives your city a dirty appearance. residents become afraid. businesses may not want to locate to your city. and less businesses mean less jobs. we know how that's affecting a lot of us. why do we want to use social media to investigate? why are you guys here? >> [inaudible]. >> it is, everybody talks on facebook, right? i learned this way back when i was doing s-r-o. it was myspace back then. myspace was huge, right? everybody got on myspace and everybody talked. well, i was at the school doing that job, i could always get intel on the kids finding out when the parties were going to be, who was in the fight, a lot of them used their phone to tape the fight and put it on
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myspace. now we have youtube and facebook. so, there's a wealth of information on there, a lot for us to use. this came from a facebook spokesperson. we never turn over content records in response to u.s. legal process unless that process is a search warrant reviewed by a judge. we are required to regularly push back against over board requests. anybody ever sent in a subpoena to facebook yet? anybody ever ask facebook, hey, can we get the content of this? of this person's profile? if you ask right away, they're going to tell you, [speaker not understood]. so, you better bring it with a subpoena or a search warrant. it's better this way anyway because when you do get stuff on there, you know, it's better to present in court. how did you obtain it? i got on their facebook and i printed the screen. that's not going to work. it's better if you say, i
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subpoenaed or i sent a search warrant to facebook and this is what they provided me with. it's better in court when you get there. if users are concerned about law enforcement somehow getting hold of their information on facebook, then they probably shouldn't put any information online to begin with. anybody in here have a facebook account? afraid to admit it? [laughter] my sister is on facebook and she posts everything. when the baby forwards, when the baby poops, when the baby eats, when the baby sleeps. it's cool. * farts guess who else uses facebook? all these vandals. i'm going to show you pictures and actual footage from the facebook to show you what they put on here.
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i'll go back to telling you guys how we got started. when i did get the graffiti, i told you, crap, this sucks. i have to do grace feet aloe, have to try to find out what these trigs are all about. when i was in s-r-o it was easier to deal with it in the school because that was my own little community. i can handle a little around the community of the school to help get the tigers. * when i started doing the graffiti, i felt like i was just pushing paper every day. how many of you guys actually investigate graffiti in here? do you feel that way sometimes? you're just pushing misdemeanor paperwork, here we go, here we go, here we go. well, i got this graffiti tracker program and i started putting that together and i'm like, how can we use this? * to get something bigger? i sat down with our county attorney then, rick romly. i said, this is what i want to do. i wanted to compile everything that i can get off of facebook, everything that i can get off
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of the graffiti tracker program and try to nail the subject with the graffiti that they've done just by using those two things basically. let's try it. first guy we did was ultra here. he didn't have a lot. it was more for these slap tags. but he did about 125 incidences in the city of phoenix. not a big one, but it's just enough to start me out to try to get something. he was an adult and he served 36 days in jail doing city. i didn't get enough to get a felony count on that, but that was my first attempt at getting a felony. i heard some people in here, san francisco, $450 is the damage limit for a felony, 400? phoenix or arizona it's a thousand. okay. it used to be 250 years ago and they moved it up to a thousand. so, it's a little bit harder for us to get -- if i got him
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down to $97 0 in damage, i almost got him. [laughter] >> but this is the way we started, though. ultra was my very first big case instead of doing these little tagers every so often. you guys investigating graffiti crimes, you see a tager come across. once in a while, what the hell is this, ultra again? ultra again? * this is how we started. * tagger look at different things on facebook. i don't know if you guys can see all the paint cans. it's got a couple assault rifles in there. graffiti is just -- graffiti -- those guys aren't that bad. we're seeing a lot of -- in the state of -- in the city of
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phoenix, not the state of arizona, but the city of phoenix, we don't recognize tagging crews yet as gangses. they don't filth our criteria for dealing that. but if you look at it, they do. i can prove to you that it's the same stuff as when when you document a gang memorandum ben bernanketioner they're doing the same stuff. a lot these guys get jumped into a tagging crew. three ways to get into a tagging crew i know from speaking and interviewing all these guys. you either get jumped in, you get bombed in, which means they go around the city and bomb, or if you're a girl, you get sexed in. who does that, too? gangs. they do the same stuff. and we have a big syndicate that just went out. we just finished it up with a tagging crew. beer runs and cigarette runs from convenience stores and we have [speaker not understood] in phoenix. seems like every corner there's a 7-eleven. we call them circle k. they're doing that. it was all for the benefit of their tagging crew.
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this kid right here is from -- he lived -- what the heck is that? i don't know what that is, i'm going to get out of it. this kid right here, he's a 16-year-old kid and he lives in a suburban area of phoenix. that's not really who he is or what he's about. how good is this intel? you can literally see in his face right here when we zoom in on it. it talks about how he hit it up. it talks about, you know, there's other things in here. you guys want to know about -- what's wk? we didn't know what wk was. guess what? wk is their tagging crew. in here it says what is wk stand for? worship king. guess what, i just got some intel. right? facebook is awesome because
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they write everything on there. they tell you -- there's stuff that i go on on my computer all the time and i look up. oh, wk is getting ready to go bomb the city. well, this is where wk hits a lot. guess what i can do now? i can go sit on that area. so, you get a lot of intel off of facebook. these two, remember, though, i'm going to show you guys how i set up a facebook account, how it's set up, getting into the stuff and how you go about it and just to give you guys some guidelines to help you start it out so you can do it on your own. facebook will tell you and they'll say, it is illegal for you to make a facebook account that's not you, truly you. did you just see sewer warner, is that someone's real name? all these tagging crews put up fake names. people make facebook accounts, fake facebook accounts all the time. there is nothing illegal about it right now. nothing that's been done in the ts.
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youth by all means can do it. things to remember, though is don't talk too much. we have -- our graffiti detail is four members. one of the things we had one guy on his own little facebook account doing his thing and when you talk a little bit too much, then they start realizing who you are and they'll just label you a cop. once you're labeled a cop, that account is pretty much done. can't ask incriminating questions. you can if you want to, but it's not going to help you in court. you know what i'm saying? your questions on there are going to be on that subpoena or the paperwork that facebook gives you back for you to get that intel. do you understand what i'm saying? don't ask incriminating questions. i worked the neighborhood enforcement team. we picked up prostitute $. there's certain questions you can't ask a prostitute before you start incriminating, you know, start pulling her in, you know. can't get the conviction that you want. we're just using facebook for
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intel. the other thing is don't start friending everybody on the first day that you open up your account. because facebook will freeze you. they'll cut you out right now. i made that mistake once. yeah, i was like, okay, i want sewer. so, i put sewer on there. well, sewer has 168 friends. so, i looked up 168 friends, i started hitting friend request, friend request, friend request. then i got some of their friends, send request, send request. i'll show you how we start up our own facebook account and what we do to try to get these people to friend us. again, we just really want to do it for intel purposes. how do we get started? one other thing i need to let you know, things that, you know, i'm letting you know my you n on your own computer his
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because we all have ip addresses. sometimes they can find out where you live and where you are. you can pay a little bit of money and do that. the other thing is if you do do it at work, try to get a dedicated computer just for that. we have a dedicated laptop that we use that they scrambled it or whatever so they can't really find us as well. so, if that's at all possible and feasible, do that. does anybody have a fake facebook account? tell me some stories about yourses. wait, i have to do this thing right here. [laughter] >> i don't know how to get this thing out of here. do you feel important now? >> i feel very important.
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what you're saying for intel mainly, we'll see who is active, who is moving around. and one key is -- that i found is helpful is don't be from where you're actually working. >> exactly. that's a big one. >> be somewhere you're familiar with so people ask you questions, things like that, you can answer them accurately. have you eaten at this restaurant? no, what city you're from, if that restaurant is good. something like that. but don't be from the city you work in. >> that's huge. the four guys that are in my graffiti detail right now, three of us are from out of state. so, we use stuff back home. nobody knows what age you really are. nobody knows much about us. but you're exactly right. you can say no. phoenix looks cool, it looks like -- wherever you're from, the grass capital of the world, i like your stuff. there's different ways to talk to these individuals. it helps you with interviews as well. when you read some of the stuff, that can help you with
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your interviews. knowing that lingo and knowing how to talk like them helps me with my investigation tremendously, you know. you can't just go in there and say, why do you do graffiti? why do you tag? man, you're a tight ass writer, man, that stuff is good. you start throwing a little bit of honey on them you catch them more. guarantee you, because they want to tell you about it. i'm telling you the same thing. every time i talk -- every time a get a big one, it's always an addiction and they just can't stop. you'll see in one of the press releases that we have. who else uses facebook? [laughter] >> you now get the mic. >> i don't do a lot of corresponding. i work in san francisco. our tagers have moved mostly to inseta gram. so, i'm using a lot more inseta gram. * from what i understand they're
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get for getting warrants, very cooperative. and we've had some success with instagram stuff lately. >> very cool. all right. again, some of you that have already used facebook, i don't know how you use yahoo! or what? >> g-mail. >> it's a free e-mail system. your very first step is to set up an e-mail account because you have to have an e-mail account to set up your facebook account. do not put your work e-mail address down. [laughter] >> right. michael.cad ex at doesn't go well. facebook has all these new graphs and everything that if you put your e-mail address in there, they see it tells facebook you work for the city of phoenix, it tells you all these things. so, make sure you do not use your work e-mail. >> [speaker not understood]. >> yes, that's huge.
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it's part of the process. we're going to go over it here in a second. if somebody wants a free one, i can start you off today, okay. we'll use their computer. okay, when you go to facebook, yahoo!, this one that i always use yahoo!, i don't use gmail, but you can. any free e-mail system is good, but yahoo! is what i typically use because it's the easiest to get on and easiest to obtain. everybody have a yahoo! account in here? so, you know most of you guys know how to do it? if someone doesn't know how to do it i'll stop right now. basically when you get onto yahoo!.com, you're going to go here and sign up. we'll get started here. * this is the next screen that will come up. and in here you just start making your -- you don't have to put your full real name in there. make one up. john smith is too generic. they're going to see that. because they'll go back and check your yahoo! account. so, make sure your yahoo!
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account corresponds with your fake facebook account. okay. take the yahoo! id. i used street art for you, illegal street art. use something that they would use. mostly of you guys know about graffiti a little bit in here, right? so, you can makeup something. do you guys want to tell your handle? it asks you for all this stuff. obviously you're not going to put your real birth date in there and address and all that stuff, but you'll block it out. anybody want one? you all scared? what are you here for? all right. after you get coun set up, you'
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come onto facebook. and up at the top it's going to have your sign-upright here. it's free and always will be, okay. that's why we like it. in there you're going to put in -- try to do the same thing that you do with your names and stuff like that, your first and last name, the e-mail that you just made with yahoo!, okay. and it's kind of funny, we put into our passwords. we use our state codes for graffiti. so, ours is like error 13.16-2. if you continuously go on and keep forgetting how to sign up, it's going to lock you out as well. now, i was going to show you guys how to set up one. everybody is scared in here to set up a facebook one. so, i'm going to show you some
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things that we do. any questions so far? all right. different things that we found on facebook as well with tagers. we had a tager four months ago * that was selling grenades, okay. he described them. he talked about them all on facebook. we got that over to atf and our gun squad and they took care of that issue right away. yeah, they were dummies, but the way he was describing them on the internet. there was a guy from russia that was on there talking about how he wanted them. i mean, it's big. i mean, it's crazy what some of these people do. the other things, too -- the other thing is when you do set up your facebook -- i have to tell but this, too. you can't just set up a
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facebook account and leave it and friend one person and hope to get more friends to come to you. you have to make it intriguing to them. how do we making intriguing? hot chick, exactly right. and there, if you just go to google search and put in, you know, hot girl, graffiti girl, we have one that has -- a picture -- was it your presentation that had the picture of the girl with that tagging on the side of her? there's tons of that out there. just grab one. just drop it out where her face ain't showing. once they see that picture right there, woo, i like it. you're going to get more and more that way. you also get some other things that go along with that. okay. we had a 56 year old man try to pick me up. [laughter] >> he's like, really like your tattoo. like really? so, i sent him over to icac, internet crimes against children and they worked him
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and got him to deal with his thing. but you will see some different things on here. the greatest thing, though, is using this for you to help combat the graffiti. again, the biggest part is to use it for -- any of my templates, take my name out thereof and send it that way, okay. i'll probably take it out for you when i send it to you, but anything we can do to combat this graffiti, by all means, i'm here. * i have a passion for it now. it's a lot of fun now investigating this stuff. youtube, same thing. myspace you can do. anything you want with social media, it's easy to set up, to write up a subpoena, send it to them, get it signed off on. you're smiling at me. what, it's not easy for you? >> [speaker not understood]. >> i forgot he had some kids. isn't that bad up there? >> [inaudible]. >> yeah. >> you have to go through the jurisdiction.
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>> [speaker not understood]. >> i've done a few investigations that come always down here in experience, very physical for us to operate down here. [speaker not understood] we have a lot of people under cover doing sex crime stuff, like [speaker not understood]. and those things all come through facebook and all those kind of thing. but then when you want to go after them, it's so difficult because it's dealing with the u.s. [inaudible]. >> [inaudible]. >> how is that working out for you? i'm sorry about that. with that being said, too, one other thing i want to throw out. my detail has been shadowed by people from all over the world. australia, london. if anybody ever wants to come
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to phoenix and hang out with us for a couple days and see, maybe do some golfing with me and stuff, too, spying. we're open all the time for anybody to come. we're trying to get something like these people to come to phoenix, some time in the future to host one of these conferences. by all means, if you need anything again, i cannot stress to you enough, if i can't get you the answer i'll find the answer. i know a lot of people know. make sure you get hold of us. now that you have intel and a tager, you want to try examine go after, what do you do? this is all stuff that i've been successful with and maybe it can be successful for you. you guys have to find out. you have to take that jump. i was tired of doing misdemeanor after misdemeanor after misdemeanor. so, this is how we went and started doing the big felony investigations. now, before i move on, though, i talked to you guys about how to set up your yahoo! account, how to set up a facebook account. if you don't feel comfortable with that yet but you still
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want to do it, call me. i'll help you get that set up. okay. because i'm telling you, knowledge is power and i can show you hours and hours of facebook stuff. we could set -- and i could show you all the intel that we get off of that. this is just brief. this is just a little bit of it, hour and a half thing. there's tons more out there. you'd be surprised at what you can find and what you can get. the other thing that i use is two things that -- one of ours that we use in phoenix -- and again, this is one of the main reasons why people come to us is that gaolgraffiti hotline. our graffiti hotline program is almost like a silent witness. many are designed first to school age kids. any time we get grab eat aloe on the school we would take pictures up and put up a reward poster. we got a phoenix community alliance that has business members tire of graffiti that
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put money into this program. and we use it to reward people for calling others in on graffiti, up to $250. the point system, we go to a board once a month and talk about the different cases that we get and we reward these people up to $250. huge, great program in phoenix right now. lots -- and we don't just do it for conviction. you know what silent witness says? you can receive up to a thousand dollars upon conviction, not with the graffiti reward program. the graffiti hotline program, it's just minimum id of the tager because once we id them, we'll go and get them. sooner or later. the big thing that we do use, though, is graffiti tracker. i was talking to some individuals earlier today about our graffiti tracker program. on the table over there when you leave up out of here, make sure you grab a graffiti tracker card. i can't tell you how great this thing was. graffiti tracker provides
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clients with gps enabled i goctiontionv tal cameras. every time someone goes out -- anybody have people that clean up their graffiti neighborhood services department? phoenix has neighborhood services department. they go out, see the graffiti, they take a picture of it with these cameras that graffiti tracker gives you. graffiti tracker, you take the pictures gps enabled. it sends it back to graffiti tracker. graffiti tracker puts it in a database for us. i have it on my phone. they give us these phones that have all of our apps on it for graffiti. graffiti tracker here on my phone. a sewer, like we were looking at earlier, say sewer painted. they take the gps enabled camera. they take a picture, that gets sent in here. i have a ton of things you can do on this thing where you can find out sewer hit at 37th street indian school road 52 times. and just like you were showing in the presentation how
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different areas are with the little graphs, they put the whole graph for you. it's all done for you so you don't have to do it. go ahead. >> so, they identify the tager so they can make sure [inaudible]? >> yeah, we don't. >> you can search it like i want sewer, put search sewer [speaker not understood]? >> i'll show you right after this. it's exactly right. they have people who are trained to read graffiti. how many people can read all this crap that you see? it's taken me a couple years to finally start -- oh, look at that, look at that. i even have my kids doing it now. dad, look, graffiti. hey, that is that says sewer. yeah, it does. they do all the analysis of t. if you do use their program -- and i'm not trying to promote graffiti tracker. i'm just telling you what we use because they wanted to get rid of it from the city of phoenix this month or this year. and i said, don't do it because this is helping me a ton. they will provide you a person
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to come to court as an expert witness if you need it. but after you go to waldo's presentation next, you'll become an expert, too. but you can use them if you needed to. they do everything for you. i told you about the maps. i know this is small. if you guys want any of this information as well, e-mail me and i'll get it to you. the big thing is -- not that much -- the report. we use the reports. the county attorney loves reports when we put it all together at the end. they even call it a d.a. report. okay. it's like this. it tells you every single picture, every single time, you know. there's some that even show you where they possibly might strike again, okay. the one, other good feature they have on here, is if you do arrest somebody, say you arrest sewer and you find out his name is ricardo sanchez, and say you get sewer down here in san francisco. you could type in that sear