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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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and he is the consummate police officer. quiet, efficient, honest, and dedicated to serving his fellow citizens. thank you for recognizing his achievements and for honoring him here today. [applause] >> .-- president chiu: thank
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you. i believe our next awardees are making their way over, so let's get back to general public, it. >> my name is washington, a longtime community activist. hopefully, what i say now will not jeopardize my getting accommodation next week for black history month, but i am here because my heart is hardened. particularly because of the situations of females in the homicide. i have been fascinated. i am appalled of my black ministers. i am appalled for my black community. as i look around, i see one or two commissioners. even out here speaking on the issue. i am appalled. i am a father. i am a grandfather.
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i am a great-grandfather. to wake up and see these articles here in the western addition, i went down but to confront the chief of police. i went to talk to the d.a., .and finally, i came here to speak to the supervisor. the black community are going to have to be accountable. here we have a homicide of females. what is the hell wrong with my youngsters? what is the hell wrong with the community. i am concerned about the public meetings coming up. speaking about supervisors, i warn, and i caution everybody,
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check your history. for anybody to come up here and defend the redevelopment, you need to check your history. i would be in your face over what they have done. [bell] [applause] president chiu: by the way, for those of you who are new to our chamber, we do not express applause or opinion. next speaker. >> how do you do, and thank you for this opportunity to speak. my name is josh wilson. i have a beautiful nine-one- malt -- a nine-month-old baby daughter, which might explain my appearance.
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excellence in journalism, and a volunteer from 1994 until 2002. i was a director and shepherding it through hundreds of campaigns and service agencies. this also produced and broadcast the most expensive -- and extensive interviews. i do not know if this is what the father referred to when he said the community participants were entitled or overly entitled. this is clearly a public service and civic informational role that we are fulfilling. furthermore, this is an extraordinary hub for music and arts and culture, including galleries.
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giving them exposure which would otherwise be unavailable to them. kusf is linked to others, including radio station around the country and around the world, and it is a point of entry for these artists and cultural leaders into the bay area. this is about the economy, local business, and san francisco role and status as an economically in the united states and in the pacific rim. this is not about a format change. this is about public assets and public trust. [bell] president chiu: thank you very much. before we have the next speaker, i would like to bring up the next guest that we have for the 3:30 special recommendations. if you could please approached the microphone? i will be providing this
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accommodation, so earlier this month, on new year's eve, early in the morning, in the district of north beach, where there were thousands of people who were celebrating and ringing in the new year, there was a fire, a two-alarm fire, that broke out on the roof of the building. the building collapsed. the building received great damage. there were people who were displaced, 17 families, many seniors, and many of these families were first-generation immigrants who did not speak english. we had dozens of residents who literally had to flee their homes with nothing on them except their pajamas, and a few blocks away, there is an amazing entertainment venue, the broadway studios, who was just breaking down after a party they had thrown, and a wonderfully
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agreed to open up their business to the red cross for the residents of this building to use as a temporary shelter. the neighbors from this building remained in the broadway studios as the firefighters were putting out the fire. they then provided shelter, food, drinks, and space heaters to keep all of these individuals warm for the next day and acted as a centralized location for the red cross, the fire department, and other city departments and agencies to provide emergency assistance to these residents. the residents were relocated first to a summer recreation center and then to the royal pacific motel with the help of an agency, and very recently, all of the families have as of now found a temporary rental units or have otherwise procured housing. from my perspective, this was the sixth fire i have attended over the past years in my district, many involving low-
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income residents and tenants, and it is because of a wonderful people, like the broadway studios, which help to redress the disasters that we have that i think make the city the wonderful place that it is, so if we can thank them for their amazing generosity, thank you very much. [applause] if you would like to say a few words, you can do so. >> it has been our pleasure to be a part of north beach, and for the last 21 years, we have been trying to be a good neighbor, and from the bottom of our hearts, we would do it again.
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[applause] president chiu: why do we not go back to public comment? next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is erwin.
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i am a volunteer at kusf, where i have been a music director since 2002. they have served the community by giving a voice to the cultural diversity of san francisco and providing local programming for and by the wide range of cultures and communities that help make san francisco the internationally respected city that it is. with programs in over 10 languages, including chinese star radio, the romanian hour, turkish programming, and public programming, like senior news and the disability report, these programs give marginalized communities a spot to have a voice. this is a spot on the dial which is a scarce public resources, specifically set aside for community service. a transaction done in secret
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involving a media conglomerate and a southern california station does not serve this community. as advocates of localism and the community you serve, i look forward to our crusade to save community radio in san francisco and to stop the sale of kusf. [applause] president chiu: thank you. again, for members of the audience, we do of a board world to refrain from applause. i know that it is difficult, but we ask you to refrain so we can move along -- we do have a board rules to refrain from a plaza -- from applause. >> i am a resident in san francisco. i would like to talk about the rhetoric here in politics, especially in san francisco, and
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why this board of supervisors has been known as the politics that encourages it to be called a bloodsport. white is san francisco politics called a bloodsport? what is it that you are doing that is making nitpicky -- making it so heavy and anxious that we would describe it as a bloodsport? is it that you are passing bloody awful resolutions? or is it that you are an unstable bunch of supervisors? san francisco used to be a city that had a stable, so therefore, without a stable, we are an unstable city. but the fact of the matter is is the fact that we do have a constitution in america, and is the constitution being followed
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here in san francisco? we have a huge california deficit and a huge budget deficits, and is it appropriate to give illegal immigrants education when californians themselves cannot afford education? what kind of dream is that? or are you just dreaming? it does not seem like the right time to be giving away money to people who should not be here. i do not know what your dream as, but my dream is a happy and prosperous america, and you need only look -- [bell] president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. i am the co-chairman of a committee of the san francisco chapter of the recording academy. i am a entrepreneur and a
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resident of san francisco. local music must be heard. according to the note -- the sf gov website, we have to work for our citizens. kusf has been here for over 30 years. they promote diversity and respect the exchange of ideas. be mindful of our past experience with the boom and bust industries, such as gold, shipping, and dot com start-ups, i urge you to not have this be part of history. many got their starts by playing in local clubs in san francisco. without them broadcasting, many broadcasts will go unannounced and unknown. a whole generation of emerging
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artists risks slipping into obscurity. we have been working with you, the board of supervisors, the entertainment commission, the california music and culture association, and many other groups. to revitalize entertainment in our city. we worry about our youth finding safe and healthy outlets for their energy, and yet we do this to one of the few outlets left to them. local music must be heard. the deeper impact of these event is to extend the reach of corporate radio from the south bay to san francisco, and in sanders a, another was purchased recently. -- and in san jose, another was
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purchased recently. [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i am in no rush to get yes' votes. knocking on doors, the obama campaign, i work from 5:00 a.m. east coast but, 12 to 15 hours per day for over eight months. i travelled to and from other offices vote to maintain my sanity, and those hours are not really included. before polls closed, they said i was one of the top 100 telephone bankers in the country. i believe i am number two. i was impressed with the tenacity, intellect of another person. i made the decision 1.5 months
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before the election to the phone bank, and to put out the same energy i did for the obama campaign. i never doubted she would win, and my phone baking numbers were phenomenal. this letter of victory as supervisor in district 10. i was nicknamed the secret weapon. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you for your time. i had a show on kusf since 2001 and also a band. each city has a station on which
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they can express themselves, and for san francisco it do not have this, it is a travesty. why should southern california be allowed to buy this frequency when they have four others broadcasting the same thing already? why were the people of san francisco not offered the chance to buy it? it held the local bands and record pet -- and records. there are several ticket giveaways each day. it stimulates people to shop for new music and go out to local events. if we allow southern california to keep this, who will play local bands? who will advertise their shows, and who will interview them? 90.3, is ultimately helps the whole city, because it brings recognition to our city. as a fact, that is what san
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francisco is known for. i would go so far to say that 90.3 was driving our local music scene. there were many culturally diverse programs, such as the senior and disability programs, note which get them up-to-date on their rights and benefits. there was invaluable legal insight, which covered all manners of technology and science and many more. we brought you program guides, and we had shows in many different languages, chinese, armenian, french, and many more. [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i would like ross mirkarimi
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to get the yellow one and eric mar to get one. the yellow one is for ross, and whoever else -- jane kim. thank you for doing this. i want to say thank you to all of the supervisors for listening, president chiu.
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we will be your to the end. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i am here once again. my son was murdered in 2006. still, i have no justice for my
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son. like we talk about family values, i have family values. i have my children. i have my vote -- my son. i am here because i am frustrated. i need help. i have been asking for help for a long time. i am out here on my own. korea and not in a mood to beg people. i thought this was a place where this country was a place where we all help each other. i am not experiencing a lot of that, and i am frustrated. i am enraged every day. i have to go to a greek camp, when i should be on vacation
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with my children -- a grief camp. i am taking my children to grief camp. a mother's fight to push the city to act. i have been fighting. how long do i have to go? i just need help. i have their pictures. [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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>> i have had two years' experience. i want to recognize san francisco's right to now, how much radiation their cell phones emit. this is important. it is a standard for other cities. your past stated opposition to your pg&e smart meter program. since we have started the program, we have been getting reports from all over the state where these smart meters have been installed, people reporting headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, and a number of other ailments. on january 1, there was a review released of the radio frequency emissions from smart meters, and
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there was a heavily flawed report that is out.
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>> next speaker. >> at that timer is shocking to the nerves. is there a way to. . you are elected officials and we look to you to protect the public well-being. no one voted for a dictatorship from pg&e. they have a history of the fire.
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pg&e privatized profit above well-being and that is what they are dealing with these monitor program. i also are due to -- like the city of marine, santa cruz. this is supposed to be a legal and binding ordinance to protect the citizens from this microwave radiation installed by pg&e. this ordinance was adopted as an emergency ordinance. this was an urgency measure imposing a moratorium on the installation of smart meters. these are within the inc.


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