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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> [speaking foreign language]
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ladies and gentlemen, i am here today to thank the man who saved my life. i would like to tell you, it is very proud to be one of his vision. he has saved many other people's lives as well. i would like to invite them to go to egypt. i would like to establish a clinic under my granddaughter's name. she has only one heart. i have eight-time heart attacks. i would like to thank god for that. but the reason i would like to go back to my country, because i
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like to have your support to establish the clinic foundation, to help the poor people there back home for the heart disease we have. ladies and gentlemen, i introduced this for them to accept my invitation to go to egypt, and i believe they will have time to help other people who need our own health. our supervisor, i appreciate what you do for my city. i would like to ask again and again and again, and i never give up. our supervisor kim promised me one time, to the wheel of times, three times, and i did not know if you are going to promise me today, to see my building.
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my building is an example of the grateful buildings we have in san francisco. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. after this next speaker, we will move to our special accommodation, but folks can still line up it you want. we will go back to public comment. next speaker. >> thank you. we do not interrupt other agenda items. public, it should be a full agenda item. stop the corporate rate -- rape of the public library. supervisors and many others think the rich people provide " influence, but at least the public gets good libraries compared to other cities. big mistakes. the american library association gathers statistics on how cities of the unbearable size provide services. san francisco is one of 56 in
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its category peer among public libraries in cities of comparable size, san francisco is first in per-capita expenditures for libraries, much higher than anyone else. 226% of the average. san francisco has the second- highest paid library directories in the category. 49.5% above average. what does san francisco get for the money in books and materials as a percentage of expenditures? san francisco ranked 8.6% less than average. and in collection's size, which is where we should sean, since we are a 130-year old library, san francisco has 2.19 items for capital, and the average 3.11 -- in collection size, which is where we should shine. you had a choice between
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democratic libraries or money, and you chose money. when we give up public control benefit to the community is the first casualty. for democracy, there must be accountability. yet, the supervisors voted for their own powerlessness, and the library is going to lead the current budget challenge by cutting books. in this case, as always, the allies cost more than the -- the lies cost more than the -- [bell rings] supervisor chiu: 90. at this time, we would like to go to our 3:30 commendation, which will be offered by supervisor cohen. -- thank you. supervisor cohen: i am excited to introduce to you a gentleman by the name of dr. andre campbell. the reason why i wanted to take
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a moment to introduce this gentleman to you was because he is one of san francisco's unsung heroes. i think that we need to do a better job of acknowledging not only mentor's but leaders in the community. dr. campbell is a professor of clinical surgery at ucsf and a graduate of harvard university. he completed his internal medicine, general surgery, and surgical critical care residencies at the columbia presbyterian medical in new york. as a trauma and acute care surgery -- surgeon at san francisco general hospital, dr. campbell saves lives every time he goes to work. he makes a difference every day by serving those that are in emergency situations. as you know, san francisco general hospital is the only trauma hospital in san francisco, and it treats everyone. the reason i asked dr. campbell
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to join us today is to express our gratefulness to him and his service for district 10, but to give. whenever one of our constituents gets shot, this is the doctor pulling of the bullets and stitching them up and educating them on how their life has value. this is the man. i brought him here today said you can take a look and understand what exactly -- what a life saver looks like. so i am deeply grateful for dr. campbell and the enormous impact he has. as just one individual on our whole entire community. i am very proud to honor him today. do you have any words you would like to briefly share with us? >> yes, i had a few words. first of all, thank you so much for that very kind introduction.
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it was extremely moving. members of the board of supervisors and distinguished guests, i would like to thank supervisor cohen for the recognition of my in fact as a surgeon, for my contributions to my community. i am honored and humbled that i had been selected for this during black history month, and am also sorry i was not able to come here in february to receive the award, but i had scheduling issues and previous commitments. i work for the past 17 years as a trauma surgeon at san francisco general hospital. it is the only trauma center in the city and one of the first in the united states and in my opinion, one of the best. we stand ready to care for any injured patient in san been system. we also have a general hospital caring for the uninsured and underinsured. we deliver between 1112 hundred babies each year. 55,000 patients are cared for in our emergency department.
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we also receive the most ambulance traffic in a hospital of any district in san francisco. we have seen the reports of the impact from the natural disaster in japan. the earthquake even affected the california coast and resulted in numerous loss of life. we see how important it is to have a strong trauma center and system as we live in the earthquake-prone bay area. i represent the thousands of dedicated physicians, nurses, administrators, and katie is caring for the patients at general hospital. i offer immense support that the members of the board of supervisors -- that would be all of you -- but have. i also thank you for voting yes on prop a to save general hospital, the heart of the city. we appreciate that. each day, i am proud that we will continue to provide care on the future of potrero hill.
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i have dedicated my life to providing care for injured patients in the community. i have discussed the impact violence has on our community in this form and others. we still have an epidemic of violence in our community that i see every day that has disproportionately affected african-american young people and people who live in the southeast part of san francisco hearing this week, the murders that took place for it to the fact that we still have much work it in our community in the future. many of you have been out here to visit san francisco general hospital, and i have seen some of you already. you have my personal invitation to visit with me any dedicated practitioners of san francisco general hospital. we are skilled at caring for injured patients, but we cannot save everyone who comes to our hospital, as noted by the patients who have died in the past few days. telling a loved one bad news is the most difficult part of my job, and i wish i never had to hear the screams of bereaved
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families ever again. once again, i want to thank supervisor cohen for this recognition. i want to thank my wife who is here, who is quite nervous. [applause] my family, who have allowed me to do the work that i do at san francisco general hospital, and spent numerous hours working to save the lives of patients from san francisco. thank you for allowing me to say a few words this afternoon. supervisor cohen: 94 coming in sharing your message. wait just a minute. [applause] >> thank you very much. osupervisor cohen: where else cn you get that? a standing ovation. in closing, i also would like to recognize your wife. this is a dynamic duo.
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mrs. campbell also is a nurse at general hospital and served our city and county. thank you for your service as well. [applause] >> i have declared loud so i did not get into trouble. -- i have to clap loud so i do not get into trouble. supervisor chiu: thank you, and congratulations. good to see you both. why don't we go back to general public comment? if our next speaker could please step up to the microphone.
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>> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. [inaudible] there is no way in hell i could relate the information in two minutes or three minutes. on wednesday next week, and having a meeting. we are having an important meeting with a special guest, fred black will. to explain to us the past, the present, and the uncertain future of the redevelopment agency as it relates to the african-americans here in san francisco. because -- ♪ blacks are leaving this town what's going on? blacks are leaving this town ♪ and you know what? it is not just in this town. it is all over the united states. ♪ blacks are leaving this town
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where is governor willie brown i'm going to have to talk to governor jerry brown ♪ we are going to have to have you come to the community center next wednesday. after that, we are going to have a black debate and talk about a lot of things that impact the african-american community. it seems as if this whole city is in a chance for a coma. in particular, my black leaders. with all of this information even from the u.s., today's news, saying how blacks are leaving these towns, but it all started in sentences go back in 1948. with jesse herman in a smoke- filled room came up with the urban renewal. that is how they do it all over the united states. it is very significant. anyone that thinks it is not significant -- they are insignificant. right now, i cannot understand. ♪ blacks are leaving town
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nobody around here seems like they care. but that is okay. ace is on the case -- [bell rings] supervisor chiu: thank you. next singer please. >> thank you. this might take a couple of weeks. i have a lot of graphics. ♪ what a city might bridges all were crossed with a winning way to go yes my mom lovely city meter maid bags for all you ever did and i sure miss you every day yester-me supervisor chu
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remember the 49er ties of your city life of your life of your life morning picnic morning warning on what was to be i wish i had nancy's house where would i find a house like that and you let your city hard -- you left your city heart in san francisco high on a hill hit me with your best thing pong shot -- ping pong shot fire away
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my dad could make the distance in '69 goodbye ♪ -- [bell rings] next time. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker please. >> mining is eugene gordon, jr. -- and my name is. usage by spokespeople for understanding content presents different framework.
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the stated cost qualify as a unity of some words for an unending times, capital currency, class rank, and factored commodity value exchange decoration profit motive enterprise market for international governments have initiated, legislators constitutional laws, historical, and non-government budgets, a short, convinced evolution design content of humanity. there are those who protest for class consciousness, work for ownership and means to production, because without tackle currency class rank, commodity value exchange markets speculation, the base of the state implies, fascist reorganization, or its collapse.
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this invented obligation into law defies human conscience intelligence technology. and then, there is international carriers in the state and historical challenges collectively, cooperative, and creativity is public ownership of means of reduction. to fortify the trust in a listen. constitutional means of labour exchange, and recognition for define basic needs. when ages sensitivities are respected. supervisor chiu: next speaker please. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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head of library uses association. if the library citizens advisory committee, which was created by the board of supervisors, said it. it ended its run at the end of february after existing for about six years. i am proud to have been the city's first appointee to that body, and was president -- present at the first and last meetings, as well as all those in between except for one. i would like to thank supervisors mirkarimi and his predecessor, matt gonzales, under both of whom i have served as the district 5 up 20. our last motion was an alert to the supervisors about the library's very bad priorities. as of the committees last meeting in february, the library administration had proposed and advocated for a $500,000 cut in
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the books and materials budget. even as overall spending on other things was to grow by $2.2 million. i'm glad to say that thanks to this motion and additional efforts by my own group, library users association, the library withdrew its cuts. the first partially, and then, fully. that is good, but it is not good enough. the priorities that place books after other matters need to be examined very closely when you see the library budget and act on it. let me read you the resolution. "the library citizens advisory is concerned about library budget priorities, as of february 16, 2011. the budget cuts $500,000 from books and materials will increase in overall by $2.2 million and receiving a $3.3 million increase." i will read you the rest later. it was unanimously passed. supervisor chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> if we could put that on screen, is that possible? supervisor chiu: if we could get our overhead projector please. it should up here now. >> sunday was the one-year anniversary for the murder of senator nancy schaefer. i am asking you and my fellow americans to google nancy schaefer exposes the evil cps. michael reagan's book talks about how he was molested as a child, and he has to live with that for a long time. but it was not a government molester. what nancy schaefer found out is that child protective services is full of molesters. right now, she is crying out,
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according to revelations 6:10, "as thou not avenge my blood on the pedophiles that work for child protective services?" $40 billion go to foster homes. did you know that? if you do not do something about it, and if you do not do something about it, i hope they spit on your casket, and your family spends on you. come on. 99.999% of us can agree on this one, all right? if it says no adults allowed unless accompanied by children right here at the parks. that is a good law. we know why it is there. but when we have a government organization like the child protective services -- nancy schaefer said the letters were right. it is the cbs, but it is the child had a file services that is unaccountable. i'm waiting for the lord jesus to start hitting some lightning bolts. how far are we going to go?
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i know this is san francisco and you are on the left, ok -- [bell rings] supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hello. this is to show you different people who live in the city. ok, now. this is what i read today. some said the -- the relationship benefit her financially. i'm here to say i was in manila town today, and we talked about social security. we need you to call dianne feinstein today.
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866-251-40444. tell her not to cut social security. social security was created 70 years ago, and it does not affect the budget in this country. about the smartest thing they ever did was put savings bonds in social security. money should not be cut back on people to save the budget. on april 4, which is the day that martin luther king was shot in memphis, tennessee, we will be at 555 california at the world bank of america, at 4555 to say save social security, 78 years later. we are asking the public to come out on april 4 at 4:45 at 555 california and call senator feinstein that 8666-251-40444 today only to say do not cut
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social security because it is a big lie about that money affecting our government. thank you very much. we will be back to see you later. >> supervisors, i was not here earlier when you spoke on the ordinance. supervisor chiu: we do not speak about matters which have already taken public comment on, but if you to speak generally, your welcome to do that. >> i just want to say i support. there is an issue with the corridor.
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there has been a long-term effort. i have a proposal i would like to submit to our supervisor, and i would like to again state for the record that we support the zoning ordinance that would forward. supervisor chiu: are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is now closed. >> items 30 through 33 are being considered for immediate and unanimous adoption without committee reference. these items will be acted upon by a roll call vote unless a member requests discussion of an
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item. it will be considered separately any matter considered. supervisor chiu: would anybody like to sever any of these items? supervisor wiener: 33. supervisor chiu: on the balance of the calendar, roll call vote. >> on items 30 and 31, avalos absent. campos aye. chiu aye. chu aye. cohen aye. elsbernd aye. farrell aye. kim aye. mar aye. mirkarimi aye. wiener aye. avalos aye. there are 11 ayes. supervisor chiu: those resolutions are adopted. i think he said items 30 and 31. we also would have included 32. >> that is correct. supervisor chiu: calis, for 32, can we do the same house, same
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call? item 33. >> item 33, a resolution calling for the protection of safely produced and well managed youth events in san francisco. supervisor wiener: thank you. i introduced this resolution last week to coincide with a joint hearing of youth commission and entertainment commission related to the need in this city to have nighttime entertainment outlets for young people. those events have been under a lot of pressure lately. unfortunately, sometimes in san francisco, when there are problems with big events, our immediate instinct or reaction is to end the event, rather than work to keep them and make them safe. the hearing was absolutely tremendous, and i think there were 300 or 400 young people who showed up and spoke before the joint hearing, and they were incredibly articul


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