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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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effect. and you need to mitigate adverse effects to be a ceqa alternative. so i would say in closing that this e.i.r. is thorough and complete. there are issues that i think have been raced that are genuine issues, that deserve your full consideration. some of those might be what supervisor mar raised about how you feel about this place and whether or not you feel comfortable with this. whether you want to join this issue of whether or not this project is a good idea for the city, the region, for our society and the future, if you think infill development in a sustainable fashion in a city that's close to jobs is the right thing to do, i would urge you to do the right thing under ceqa, the certify these e.i.r.'s, deny the appeals and have a full discussion at the project.
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thank you very much. i appreciate your time this evening. >> colleagues, any questions to the representative from the project sponsor? ok, seeing none, at this time, if i could -- i have a lot of speaker cards and i do note there is an overflow crowd. we will be calling folks who have provided cards and if you are in the north court, feel free to make your way up to the board chamber and the sheriff's deputy will let you in. let me call up the following individuals -- [calling names]
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[names being called] first speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. jeff fraca. longtime native san franciscan, west san francisco. i spent a lot of time looking and reviewing this project as far as the transportation aspect. i think that's one of the biggest things that's going to impact us in san francisco. i've had meeting with peter albert. we've had serious community leadings where we've had a lot of people come together. as i said at land use yesterday i do have a personal concern. back in 1977 i lost a little brother 7 years old at an intersection adjacent to 19th avenue that will be impacted by this project.
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so there are some very human impacts that happen here. and the economic affects to me are somewhat secondary. it's trying to make that the intersections, lake merced boulevard. these are a part of the city with -- where we do have a lot of kids and we need to be protective. if we can move that to m street, we can bring the number down to 8%. that's how many go east. these are pressing issues, things we ask you to look at. yes, i feel for some of these people that are going to have to be he locate -- relocated. we do have to look for progress. western denied any type of growth.
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we have the world cup coming. other things are happening on the other side of town. what's going on in west san francisco? our supervisor is here telling you this is our chance. please listen to him and do not uphold this appeal. thank you for your time and have a good evening. >> good evening, jim lazarus, san francisco chamber of commerce. business and labor will be before you tonight urging you to reject this appeal and certify this e.i.r. clearly you have been presented a defensible e.i.r. that shows that any substantial impacts or significant impacts from the project will going to be mitigated to the benefit of the community. our children need to live here and these are the type of projects over the next two decades that much -- will give
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opportunities to our children to live in this city, to live in a place where there's open stays space to, live in a development where people have the opportunity to have a transit-rich environment. where units are more energy and water efficient than they are today. many of you in this room sit on regional bodies. m.t.c. a-bag, d the airplane board. this type of project is what you -- the air board. this type of projects is what you look for around the region in every other country. an infill project that meets all the tests of environmental review as mentioned and confirmed by your department. we ask me to please reject the appeal, certify the e.i.r. thank you.
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>> i'm a three-year resident of parkmerced and there are a lot of nuances of the e.i.r. that are -- i don't understand. i'm going to tell you as a resident what the irmental impacts would be for me. what i'm really excited about is the opportunity to park my car and leave it there and i have seen a few new businesses open in the past month and have not been able to patronize them, but the majority of trips that i take up and down the avenue and lake merced avenue are for dry cleaning or groceries. this could be eliminated by services being available on the site itself. thank you. >> hello, my name is bill. i work with the plumbers union.
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i was the plumbing general foreman for 10 years, and for me, before me, my father was a foreman out at lake merced, so we have been out there for 20 years. i am here to tell you that the units are in more trouble. i know the grass looks great, but inside those walls, -- you can walk parker said it -- parkmerced, and yet has run its course. it has seen it is better lives. i will show you the insides of those apartments and showed you the inside of those pipes and show you how it is silly. i love parkmerced, but this project needs to be done. these need to be rebuilt.
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i distribute a forward with the project. thank you. >> hi, thanks a lot for making me speak. i just wanted to say a few things. i have been a resident in parkmerced for four years, and the reason i stayed is because it offered me cheap housing. finally, i came to parkmerced, and this is regarding the environment. the only environment that bothers me is the environment of the house, the internal environment of my house. there is some competition in the housing market. so i really appreciate it, and i heard a while back at san francisco university was going to increase, so all of them are going to go in, and there will
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be heavy prices for housing. i would walk 5 miles, and have a cheap house. housing comes first. i would have a roof on my head before i get a car to drive. the only thing i want to stress is housing. thank you. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is johhny, and i have lived here for years. hot i have a tent -- i have a tin years old daughter. for my daughter, actually, ishiguro -- she grow up in parkmerced.
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coffee shop, a movie theater. it is considered our home so she will grow up with parkmerced. thank you. >> byon, a 25-year-old resident -- byron. and like the owners of this project, i love the city. i think what is important to recognize is that this is an opportunity for affordable housing, which is key. but i think when you look at the finer grain of the project, you begin to recognize. i think we need to find ways to bring families back into the
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fold, to bring amenities, to make communities, to have an openness and to have a community that really embraces that. i think this project doesn't every general effort create that. in terms of this process, i come up against things. i recommend that you go forward with this. >> supervisor, i with a building council. we support the project. -- we support this. calvin welch argued about
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density between east and west sides of town. infill, as described by supervisor kim, the question is whether you are adequately taking care. there was the deal at trinity plaza. i would also point out that they have conflated market rate and luxury. this project is located in a part of town without amenities. the price point will necessarily be lower. it is definitely in the range of someone like myself, a two-
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income family. that is a market which is grossly under build. of the upper rate of the market level, in the range you're talking about, 12.9%. this is what you have to do if you have a prayer. please support this project. they keep. >> oh, my name is chris campbell. i and an architect in san francisco. i reviewed the unborn little impact report for the parkmerced project, and this was based on the 1940's-era car planning a.
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more transportation, better bicycle paths, better -- there are missing amenities, such as community gardens, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.. potable water, consumption, and water reduction. it seems to me that by going through with this plan, park merced would be and out of date
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approached and creating a potential international model for urban sustained. thank you. president chiu: could you pull the microphone? >> i have lived in a lot of areas of san francisco. there really are not a lot of options for affordable housing. other young couples will of the bay area, we love san francisco
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and this represents a great place for us tuesday. it creates so many jobs and is sustainable. it creates a fantastic opportunity to revitalize a part of the city that is, frankly, very much in need of it, and i see no reason why this should not move forward. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is -- i am a koran residence in san francisco. it will be a wonderful improvements. i urge you to support it.
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>> good evening. my name is -- an item here representing myself. i drive by parkmerced often, and it is a concept of where i am going to park. the truck is a better cannot believe it. from the peninsula. i'd think that is what is jamming us up.
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they cannot do this without help from the state. they of the unoutreach for the last three, four, five years. i urge you to support this factor -- this project. >> i am here to urge you to move this project forward.
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we need much more affordable housing on the west side. we need a forward thinking project like this, so please do it. >> we're here to support this project. this provides for tenants. does not displaced tenants. as we heard, this provides a home. and while we have heard some things about construction jobs, demolition, that goes on
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everywhere in san francisco, and everywhere you live, you're going to have soot and smog. if you live near a freeway, there are special considerations. please support this project. thank you. >> hello, my name is miriam. i support this. i chose to stay.
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i just got married five or six years ago. i am currently a nurse. we have 82-year-old and an four- year old. -- i have a 2-year-old. with a 2-year-old and a 4 =- -- a 4-year-old, we just cannot tell them to go out and play. we cannot tell them to go out to the front yard. we are actually looking to the east bay, where i will be commuting in for one hour to 1.5 hours. some of us are trying to figure out how we can all commute together. i was hard pressed to find a
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nurse with a family that actually lives in the city. i found one. she is our manager who lives here with a 10-year-old in a house that she shares with her sister. in my department, there are over 100, and there are those who are about to have kids. none of us lived in the city. none of us will live in the city because there is not a place we can afford. this is unfortunate. i love the city. it takes me 10 minutes to get there. [bell] >> my name is matthew.
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she stole all of my talking points. but we realize that we're not want to be able to move into the new version of parkmerced. i look at my kids, and i hope they can grow up in the same kind of city. i understand change and all of that. it is nowhere near what it was, but i think this project will bring it closer. >> hello, my name is kevin. i reviewed the eir.
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it will create jobs in san francisco and revenue, things we desperately need. >> i am with a sheet metal workers. there was an article last week in "the examiner," and it mentioned about san francisco becoming a child free zone. as the man with the building trades also said, helping to reach our local hiring goals. i ask you to uphold the certification. thanks very much.
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>> hi, my name is gordon. there are three main points that i want to make. in building out the new units for a total of 89, this project will create 35,000 jobs, new on- site jobs. there is a 25% and climate rate. this would provide thousands of jobs, in he knows? other associated taxes and fees,
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obviously increasing our prosperity in san francisco. thank you very much. >> good evening. i am also a resident. i very much agree that the eir it is complete. there is no time machine. most of the arguments are highly speculative. i travel through the corridor a lot. i am one of many who cares about what happens at parkmerced, and it is disconcerting to see such
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effort against it based on speculative items. [bell] >> good evening. i have reviewed the eir to reiterate some of the points that were mentioned earlier today the construction industry. it will provide many construction jobs for 20 years to come.
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5600 new homes. given the city's recent budget issues and the tax revenue, i know that when it is completed, it would generate about $17 million. i use the park a lot. it will provide 68 acres of green space. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> the evening. i have been a resident of san
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francisco for the last 10 years. there are many of the of dorf facilities on the west side. it will increase safety. the project offers a community center, neighborhood. i believe we need additional places like is


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