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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the tail end of laurel heights on the top of the hill. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. ms. rodgers, would you like to give more context? >> i should be able to provide more information. supervisor mirkarimi: ok, good. >> i think that this, if i could take a moment, supervisors.
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the graphics might be washed out, but this is an aerial photo of the block phase. this is the existing community center. this is actually where they parked the buses. the actual structure is here. two stories tall, more like a three story residential building. as for this corner here, there is a larger apartment building that is four stories tall. and along here you have more multifamily, lower density buildings ranging from a few stories to four stories. looking at it from the elevation point of view, here is
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the proposed community center and the apartment building on the corner. four stories tall, 45 in height. along sutter st. we have the proposed community center. here is the peak structure that supervisor mar was speaking to. this is more of a typical pattern. here is a three story building over a basement. >> the solar panels over that building, does the building cast a shadow? it looks like solar panels on the building. the big one. the big complex that is about 1 t units to the left. >> this one here? supervisor mar: yes. >> there was an analysis done for the project, but this
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building is on the northern portion of the block. excuse me. there may be some shadows cast during part of the year, but this is on a lower end, the southern portion of it. supervisor mar: the plot of land? how big is the plot of land in the design site? >> under the planning code, it has to be one quarter of an acre. it is approximately 22,300
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square feet. supervisor marsupervisor mirkar. are there any other areas of housing development being built? >> not larger scale developments like this. supervisor mar: anything -- supervisor mirkarimi: anything over 10 units anywhere? >> nothing i can think of. supervisor mirkarimi: can you think of any affordable housing being built in the area? >> in terms of density? there are a lot that would support that destiny -- density based on the bases owning of allot itself. this is just to be the bases zoning without plan use
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development, residential mix and low density as figured under the district based on the lot area. i believe that it is one or 800. supervisor mirkarimi: considering the capacity of this density under consideration, what about the design philosophy? something similar that the supervisor was inferring. that a design philosophy over a 55 foot building to accommodate this level of philosophy? >> even if they did a project within the existing height limit, it could produce something that is code compliance but loftier.
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-- but box here. it may have a more awkward impact to jason neighbors. supervisor mar: and it may cost more out of the mayor's house and budget to subsidize and make financials work for that. >> that was not really taken into consideration. supervisor mirkarimi: let's hear from the mayor's office and housing. >> north is actually along this street here. i just wanted to correct the
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orientation. supervisor mar: someone from the audience was gesturing there. could we hear from the mayor's office in housing? >> good afternoon. i am the project manager 4800 presidio. i will briefly review of our financing of the proposed development. first of all, i wanted to let you know that the mayor's office of housing participated in the task force in 2007, convening the planning committee. the plan had the goal of creating 400 units by 2015 using various housing models. in 2009 we issued a notice for
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funding availability to initiate new projects. 800 is one of the three projects selected to create an additional 88 units. in july of 2010, the city wide affordable housing loan committee included pre- development funds for the proposed five story building. as you know, this would be a mixed population with 24 units for long-term singles and two manager units adjacent to the new booker t. washington community center. as a local finance agency, we typically provide feasibility work and make-up financing requests, the bulk of the local contribution. already providing the initial
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predestined element loan the estimate is that it will be approximately $7 million for housing. is believed that echolocation with it the community center will be a huge asset. our office was in discussions for a 49 union. looking at the feasibility, primarily because of the operations and the cash flow would go back to your one. however, with capitalized operating reserve, that project could be feasible.
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making that proposal, we realize we could potentially provide an additional financing. however, more units of affordable housing and i am happy to answer any questions. an analysis of smaller projects would require the city do put in what? another $1 million? >> these numbers are preliminary. but we estimate, based on current budget, $500,000 and more. supervisor mirkarimi: if
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additional funds are needed to fund a reduced development because the reduction in during this development to save we have provided capitalize reserve that the sponsor would have been and over 20 years we would draw down to make it every year to makeup reducing it to 41, tapping the nine units elsewhere. >> i do not think that we've looked at the direct link we
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would need in general just to find that information in another budget. supervisor mirkarimi: so, you would have to transfer this to another project? >> is in the sound? keeping you have a higher units or reducing the >> and a value that and we hope to report the latest, but challenges might occur in so we understand that.
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supervisor mirkarimi: your existing from the office of housing despite the threat of any challenge is to support the housing, correct? >> there are only three projects and wells is in the pipeline we have been living at the with san francisco in the
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pre development that will create issue's four teenagers use. and as philadelphia have the 74 units/these seven buildings -- >> yesterday there was the tenderloin, south of market. bayview. hunters point. there is a market in arcadia. ocean avenue. so, they are in the range and
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are in diverse neighborhoods do you want to hear from the architect? >> good afternoon. in with the architect firm on the project. but would like to go back over the context with you and help to understand it better and are you you and see -- voted to rivera and then we have smaller,
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residential buildings and on this street even see both artsy washington to the right. there is a sloping that comes down about 10.5 feet on our property, coming down a two- story to 10 1/3 willing. you can hear -- thank you. so, this is the existing building for poker to
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washington. -- booker t. washington. as we look at the larger block, there are more they are coming up in -- at the other side -- the bus yard. down further, we have jaycee see and the fire station without their residents 0 block here. as you can see her on film, this diagram described as the historic pattern of san francisco from street with to
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building height ratio. typically you will see one: one. so, our ratio from the point of booker t. washington, coming up from 45 to 59. presidio we have an 8 foot wide thoroughfare. as we look upon the building, you can see that we are just trying to accentuate the top dog of the of the site and pushed the massing towards the larger revenue. you can see that from presidio ave. looking from the back, we have a 13 foot 6 inch and again, 136
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m 59. as you can see, the leading edge of the building is actually taking away and the leading edge is pushing back toward the lab. and we had a darker palate in the rear yard. but we skull to the building back. something that reflects more
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light. and with that of the design -- supervisor mirkarimi: the reason i am asking is because there are people that feel it is not in the fitting with the neighborhood. make your case. >> not all live in neighborhood with parts to the rear of the building. the impact is on a transitional streak that represents a historic district in the city. as we break down the building, we use a traditional race- middle-tops back from the
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property line the entire building backs and is still the right here you can see them going back to the elevation. and we have 50 foot wide bill in the right so we have broken up the mess and then at the rear yard, we tear it down at the
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back to allow for new sculpting. and here it goes. and this is what i was asking earlier. what surrounds the area? the west side of less than zero hit not just from presidio, but from a time, so that the assertion that compatibility is
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intact is what i am trying to understand a bit more clearly. >> on the other side, presidio comes at an angle. you have the bus yards. i am not saying to the web, a year of war in all quarters of that in this section will close of four of the archetype, we need to discuss it. >> i would like to discuss any changes made and they're just
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outside. we have 21 parking spaces right now, i am sorry, right now we have 21 parking spaces with the majority of those what kind of all this and no alternatives -- >> we have 25 bicycles that i can show you. quantify of bicycle >> --
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supervisor mirkarimi: you know that parking will be a concern to favor of voice their potential neighborhood distress at the lack of parking. >> i would say this -- i have been working with first place youth for fun. i got to know so -- some of the kids. >> they are really just trying to year through the day. and there is a bus that runs for
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one california to get a couple of blocks away. supervisor mirkarimi: gary, vety, also on scope for the next few years. very good. mr. shcherbakov i believe that we should go to public comment. and everything in the washington community center involved picking a number and speaking as well. supervisor mirkarimi: if they want to send representatives from that group, they should do so. but not everyone, i think. supervisor mar: let's open this for public comment. supervisor wiener: my understanding is that just
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because we have an impending certification and the conditional use appeal, that we are not permitted to forward this with a recommendation. is that correct? it just said that folks in the public understand that we are required as a matter of due process and, assuming this is forwarded, assuming a his for bid, it should not be too much of a concern to anyone expressing negative opinion. supervisor mirkarimi: we are trying to be somewhat reserved in asking the questions that we are.
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we will ask people to navigate as best we can. let's begin. i have cards that have been handed to me. >> [inaudible] supervisor mirkarimi: i do not think you are on microphone. there you go? >> can you hear me now? fantastic. they have a history of multi as generational and the senator's efforts that historic plea responded to segregation, discrimination, and the uprooting of black families through urban renewal.
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in recent years we have served a diverse population. always a potential component of our support oand nurturing environment. the majority of youths often return at 18 with no system only fractured family ties. once they do, there is no help for them. we are determined to at a component of housing. booker t. washington center offers the support of a community with education and recreation programs. use radio, the


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