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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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a neighborhood -- is something that we need to fight for. having them come into a neighborhood where a large majority of the immediate neighbors opposed the project. bursas kids coming into the neighborhood where the neighbors embraced the project. that is a different vision and a different atmosphere of what we can achieve. i want to be very clear. i understand the need and agree with the need for more affordable housing, and on happy to do that in my district. i think this is going to be a great project. this is about common sense and working with our neighbors. i knew taking this on was going to be an uphill battle. i did been proven right about that. i am not afraid to stand here
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and say, i will fight for my neighborhood. that is what i will do and i believe in that very strongly. i am going to make a motion to reduce the maximum height from 55 to 45 feet. for those reasons, i would urge you to support that. thank you. >> is there a second? abediscussion? >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for that very powerful remark. thank you for that. and for reminding us of a lot of things. and for your incredible work throughout this process. i know this has been very difficult and i have not had to deal with the land use issue in my district yet.
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i want to give you credit where credit is due. i made some statements and i want to reiterate to that. there have been a lot of accusations going around on all sides that are unfair and unfortunate. insinuations or outright saying it that people who are opposed to this project just do not want certain kinds of people in their neighborhoods. people do not want or kids in their neighborhood --poor kids in their neighborhoods. i do not think that is true. i effort implications about his motives that are completely baseless. i've also heard accusations or implications about booker t.
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washington. that is completely untrue because they are doing this because of the incredibly important mission of providing housing for transition aides used. what we have here is a very important project and a very important mission and a completely reasonable objection of neighbors were concerned about a large building going in on their block, which is something that we see all the time. there is nothing inappropriate with people taking issue with the size of a building. i am going to be supporting the amendment out of respect for our district supervisor, and out of respect for the neighborhood surrounding this project. i am very supportive of this project right if that amendment does not succeed, i will be
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voting for this project at which ever hide it goes to the final bout. i think it is that important of a project. and that important of an issue up for our city to address. >> thank you, mr. president. this renders the previous discussion moot. if we go ahead and dress down the 55-foot to 45 feet and reengineer the question of 50 units. i think we have made a strong case supported by evidence provided to us on all sides, but i think it has been cleared because the planning commission had voted on this five-one in support of the 55-unit proposal
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as it had been addressed by planning on the question of appeals and concerns, in many hours of meetings. i note is getting late. it helps us further understand a strong need of us continuing on this track of providing for the 50 units of housing. at the same time, i think we have well acknowledged and well- respected the efforts and our offices to gather in reaching out to the neighbors of trying to find some common ground. in an area, by the way, that has not a pleaded seat -- fluidity of an area that has multistory
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buildings. the genesis of this is that the supervisor asked for my support of the 55-bit unit building. when her successor came in, it was the same exact request. we're not being fickle here, we are being consistent. it is important that with that continuity of supporting that project, this is exactly on track with everything that we have been sagging. we very much appreciate -- everything that we have been saying. we have had this conversation and we are arrived at the right place. >> thank you. i want to thank my colleagues
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for facilitating this and fort -- for shaping our dialogue on this issue so that we can have disagreements and do it respectfully. i do support this at 55 feet. i would have supported it at 65 feet. being a good organizer and being a school board member, i note how important is that we serve our young people. we are deficient and the services that we provide for our youth. we have a lack of affordable housing in our city. i think it is important that we
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maximize every dollar that we can spend on affordable housing. i have multiple sites in district 6 that i would like to have funding for. i am very cognizant of how we use funding from the mayor's office of housing and a different variety of projects. if we have an opportunity to build affordable, i think we should do it the best that we can. i really appreciate that he has been such a strong advocate for his neighborhood and for his residents' association. he has done an amazing job and has been genuine about wanting to do the best for the city. coming up with a compromise solution that works for everyone. i do want to explain why i am supporting the 55 foot. we have so few opportunities in
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front of us to build housing, that is really important that we take advantage of this opportunity. we had a goal of building 400 units. we're only halfway there. we have not identified other units. it is not like we're having a discussion where we have other opportunities available. i think that we have to take advantage of this opportunity now. it is a citywide issue. i do want to thank all of the advocates that came out today. this is an issue that has not been at the forefront. it is important that you are raising this issue for the city and raising its visibility. thank you so much for your work. this has been going on for many years. i think that the supervisor has
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been doing a great job in terms of being an advocate and i appreciate your work on this. >> thank you. i do want to thank all the members of the public who have spoken on this item. all the residents have spent a lot of time advocating on this issue. it has been a very interesting case to listen to and to hear the comments that have been made. i do want to thank all of my colleagues. i think that this is one of those projects where it is important for us to be responsible at how we talk about the issues that are before us. it is one of those projects
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where there could be hyperbole that could be negative to the underlying goal. the reality is that you are looking at a number of good people who have different views. i did not co-sponsor item 5 because i have been struggling with this idea of how far we as supervisors engage ourselves in a project that is in another district. it is a very important issue for me and i do think that he raises some very important points. it is something that we have to think about. my own personal view is backed -- is that we probably should not be your. the entirety of the issues that have been discussed, i do think
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it would have been possible for us to reach a point where about all the underlying concerns could have been addressed. it is very unfortunate that that did not happen. i understand that a lot of work was done to make that happen. i think it is unfortunate. the one thing that i hope does come out to their respective of what the outcome is is that to be adults on both sides of this issue remember that to -- they -- remember the kids that are impacted by this, my hope is that does not impact how those kids are treated. the reality is that the differences of opinion are not things that they can control. my hope is backed regardless --
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my hope is that regardless how people feel about this project, this is a program that we should all support. i know that that will happen. what i would say on this issue is that it is not happening in a vacuum. even though my preference would be to defer to the district supervisor, the unique situation here is that the issue of what is happening to transitional based youth is something that we have been grappling with for quite some time. that is what makes this a little different and more challenging for me. while i believe that we have to provide deference to the district supervisor, this kind of project is something that i am really worried about, that i
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am really concerned about. it is something that only in packs kids from a certain social economic -- socioeconomic group. a lot of the youth that are involved are lgbt youth. to the extent that it is a difficult call, i will air on the side of the perspective that will provide an additional housing. i do think that he makes some very good points. my hope is that regardless of what happened at the end of the day, that we all continue to work together. i do think there are a lot more points of commonality. thank you. >> thank you. i also wanted to acknowledge and
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respect the leadership and the efforts to try to bring a win- win in this situation. this so-called compromise was an effort by your office and the neighborhood groups, but it never was approved or supported by the project sponsors and the booker t. washington community service center. i never called it a compromise, but i did appreciate store effort to listen to people and try to bring everyone together. it never involved one stakeholder group. i did want to make knowledge the leadership. -- acknowledged leader separate i saw the neighborhood character of the area as critical. when i visited several times, i did see that there is a neighborhood -- there is a
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character there. the planning commission explain to me that it also could be seen as a transitional block where you have a mix of a number of different types of uses. the difficult balance of finding that neighborhood character is a very difficult and subjective balance. i think when it came down for me, i saw it as a transitional block. a very transit rich area. it really did move me to have i
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do not know if i would have supported 65 feet. i do think it has to fit within the neighborhood characteristics. i do feel like it fits within the neighborhood character of a transitional block. the stories of young people and a citywide and community needs of a transitional use and affordable housing in general make this project a very important for the city. i will be supporting this along with my colleagues. i appreciate all the folks that have come out. i was educated on the issue by going to the neighborhood to talk to as many people as i could. i am very sympathetic towards the neighbors directly around
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the site. my hope is that -- my hope is that we put a lot of effort into mitigating any harm and lack of light as much as we count. thank you. >> they have done an amazing job. we are in a difficult spot here. i want to publicly thank them for their hard work. they are great to work with. >> let's take a roll call votes. [roll call vote]
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>> demotion amendment fails. unless there is any further discussion, we will take a roll- call vote. >> [roll call vote] >> the ordinance has passed on
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the first reading. could you please read? >> today's meeting will be adjourned and memory of the two following individuals. >> is there any more business in front of this board? >> that concludes our business for today. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned.
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>> i'm your host of "culturewire," and today, here
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at electric works in san francisco. nice to see you today. thanks for inviting us in and showing us your amazing facility today. >> my pleasure. >> how long has electric works been around? >> electric works has been in san francisco since the beginning of 2007. we moved here from brisbane from our old innovation. we do printmaking, gallery shows, and we have a fabulous retail store where there are lots of fun things to find. >> we will look at all of that as we walk around. it is incredible to me how many different things you do. how is it you identify that san francisco was in need of all these different services? >> it came from stepping out of graduate school in 1972. i wrote a little thing about how this is an idea, how our world should work. it should have printmaking, archiving, a gallery.
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it should have a retail store. in 1972, i wanted to have art sales, point-of-sale at the grocery store. >> so you go through the manifesto. with the bay area should have. you are making art incredibly accessible in so many different ways, so that is a good segue. let's take a walk around the facilities. here we are in your gallery space. can you tell me about the current show? >> the current show is jeff chadsey. he is working on mylar velum, a smooth, beautiful drawing surface. i do not know anyone that draws as well as he does. it is perfect, following the contours and making the shape of the body. >> your gallery represents artists from all over, not just the bay area, an artist that
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work in a lot of different media. how to use some of what you look for in artists you represent? >> it is dependent on people are confident with their materials. that is a really important thing. there is enough stuff in the world already. >> you also have in his current show an artist who makes sculpture out of some really interesting types of materials. let's go over and take a look at that. here we are in a smaller space. project gallery. >> artists used the parameters of this space to find relationships between the work that is not out in the big gallery. >> i noticed a lot of artists doing really site-specific work. >> this is a pile of balloons, something that is so familiar, like a child's balloon. in this proportion, suddenly, it becomes something out of a dream.
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>> or a nightmare. >> may be a nightmare. >> this one over here is even harder to figure out what the initial material is. >> this is made out of puffy paint. often, kids use it to decorate their clothes. she has made all these lines of paint. >> for the pieces we are looking at, is there a core of foam or something in the middle of these pieces that she built on top of? >> i'm not telling. >> ah, a secret. >> this silver is aluminum foil, crumbled of aluminum foil. her aesthetic is very much that quiet, japanese spatial thing that i really admire. their attention to the materiality of the things of the world. >> this is a nice juxtaposition you have going on right now. you have a more established
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artists alongside and emerging artists. is that something important to you as well? >> very important in this space, to have artists who really have not shown much. now let's look at other aspects of electric works operation. let's go to the bookstore. >> ok. >> in all seriousness, here we are in your store. this is the first space you encounter when you come in off the street. it has evolved since you open here into the most amazingly curious selection of things. >> this was the project for the berkeley art museum. it was -- this is from william wiley's retrospective, when he got up onstage to sing a song, 270 people put on the cat. >> it is not just a bookstore. it is a store. can you talk us through some of your favorites? >> these are made in china, but
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they are made out of cattails. >> these pieces of here, you have a whale head and various animals and their health over there, and they are jewelry. >> we do fund raisers for nonprofits, so we are doing a project for the magic theater, so there are some pretty funny cartoons. they are probably not for prime time. >> you sort of have a kind of holistic relationship where you might do merchandise in the store that promotes their work and practice, and also, prince for them. maybe we should go back and look at the print operation now. >> let's go. >> before we go into the print shop, i noticed some incredible items you have talked back here. what are we standing in front of? >> this is william wiley, only
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one earth. this is a print edition. there are only eight total, and what we wanted to do was expand the idea of printmaking. this is really an art object. there we go. >> besides the punball machine, what do you produce in limited edition? >> there is the slot machine. if you win the super jackpot, you have saved the world. >> what about work? >> the right design, it was three volumes with lithographs in each volume. the cab of count dracula with 20 lithographs inside and lined with beaver fur. really special.