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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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i'm the same public singer and comment guy the space shuttle is going out for one more flight. ♪ bring me a city higher love higher than the roads and stars above ♪ ♪ without it, where would all of you be ♪ ♪ sf gov tv, they bring me a city higher love bring me a city higher love ♪ ♪ oh, beautiful sunday this is your beautiful day when you said that you love me
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♪ [chime] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i am speaking on the topic of synthetic turf. part of the humor of "mad men" comes from the society's last follies. it is hard to see pregnant mothers binge drinking cocktails and exhaling secondhand smoke has they chew on lead paint and toys. we can find this amusing because the culture has evolved. how is it that the same society has come to believe it is a good idea to introduce tons of thai airways in the public spaces that even the manufacturers freely and knowledge there are unrelated chemicals and heavy metals. specifically for a sport like
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soccer, and this is that -- necessitates children and athletes hyperventilating. this is not unique to san francisco. like a lead paint and asbestos before that, it will take time before we get to the long-term rent. for years, there've been pushing the synthetic fuels. but like the tobacco industry, they claim the health benefits of cigarettes. following the advice of the council, we are preparing for litigation and to facilitate investigative searches, we are inserting the key words, synthetic artificial turf, public and children's health hazards, and no particulates, mercury poisoning, chronic asthma, narrow and implementation, fisher
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construction, recommend parks, galvanism recommended we send the office [chime] >> for the record, i am one of 37 candidates for mayor. of like to bring to your attention that i spoke before the mta before their termination. in the closed session, i called for a criminal investigation on the link between the inner office and payroll and the mta.
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it must amount to $100 million. by my own calculations. hull also like to call for this board to investigate the mta agenda at in terms of how it came about that may 4 was hired, a man with a high-school diploma. not accepted in any state in the united states. a man accused of embezzlement in atlanta georgia. to the tune of 175,000, they knew about it here. a man that also was responsible for the city and county of atlanta to pay out $1.1 million a sexual harassment suit. he was responsible for it. after he took atlanta to the biggest bankruptcy in history, he has done the same for us
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here. and how this came about, we will request the city attorney, by letter next week to investigate this linkage. to bring it to the surface for accountability. this is the same city attorney, by the way that is also running for mayor that has not produced up to 40 documents that i have requested. [chime] >> 1776, revolution glory. constitution of the united
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states, we the people, in order to form a more perfect union established justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide a common defense, promote general welfare, secure the blessings of liberty. establishing constitutions to the united states of america. article 1, article 2, article 4, article 5. the complex the states that with a constitution referral has women pose the right to, not right to vote. the federal right of states to privileges, immunities, and racial slavery written as federal law. right to amendment, corrupting education for use of the constitution. george washington, thomas
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jefferson, there are slave owners. the federal government, party to political and economic systems and racism, chauvinism. president washington is on the dollar bill. he is ongoing. both with words implicated, implicating in god we trust, a supranatural recognition. mr. gordon voice and kept walking. he showed me his card and kept walking. he would make my life difficult. between 2002 and 2011 -- [chime] president chiu: next speaker. >> he really surprised me today.
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i just walked in and you are already on public comment. you're moving along really fast. i have to tell you, i deserve the credit for this because i have walked through that area countless times. i have been of part of the village where they actually have the village on the same ground. i was walking through there and something said nothing is commemorating this very important part of history in san francisco in the world. i am asking for your vote. >> for anybody that cares about the library, i ask you to please pay attention. the library has a couple of things going.
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one is the elimination of printed notices for patrons. according to this fire, starting july 1, 2011, the san francisco public library will eliminate be printed notices for reserved and overdue items. they will not be any printed notices. for those that may not have a convenient e-mail address, they will hurt them very badly. and for some patrons, it could be career ending. they owe a lot of money for overdue or build books. this was never approved by the library commission. as we raised strong objections, there were quite a number of library commissioners that were concerned about this.
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they have said they will look into it again and they have not committed to stopping this program dead in its tracks. with respect to the budget, the library should be having a priority on books and open hours. after we expressed concern about the cut that the administration wanted to do, and half a million dollars in book cuts even as the overall budget increases by more than $2 million. the library commission voted hugh a lemonade and the cuts altogether.
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>> i am here to encourage your enthusiastic support of designation of the vigil commemoration. i am very excited about this project, and i think the idea has been fantastic. they will leave a message for future generations of about what a few individuals are able to do. people with aids, not empowered, not intelligence necessarily, not connected change themselves to the federal building to demand the government respond.
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they have this sense of hope that a lot of disenfranchise people might be -- is when we don't have hope. everything that we can do to inspire people, i think, helps for the betterment of society. these are primarily homeless people that are in the encampment for 10 years. after 30 years of effort, just
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over 12 people have access to president chiu: are there any members of the public that wish to speak in general comment? general public comment is closed. let's go to the adoption calendar. >> considered for immediate reference. if a member request discussion of an item, it will be considered. president chiu: roll call vote on the calendar.
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there rare 10 aye's. president chiu: irresolutions are adopted and if we can go to the imperative agenda. >> there is a resolution commending the fire marshal for her immense service to the city and declaring june 23, 2011 to be recognition day. >> the supervisor has circulated the resolution as he has described. and you have anything you want to say about this? supervisor avalos will make a motion that we adopt a preliminary finding. seconded by supervisor farrell.
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let me ask if there is any public comment on this resolution. and now, if we could have a roll call vote on the resolution as offered. [roll call vote] the resolution is adopted. i understand that supervisor mirkarimi has a special order. if we could move to that special water a few minutes early and without objection, that chubby
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the case. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, mr. president and colleagues. quite commonly, we recognize great city employees that are on because of retirement. today, i want to recognize individuals with the share of's department. the echoes of lung curriers are best left to retirement parties that we know will happen on friday. what makes this recognition a little bit different, they are married. the bid and the share of's department for over 50 years. if i can bring them up, it will be wonderful. they joined the san francisco sheriff's department in 1990 and is known for his ability to embrace and implement the new.
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he helped organize the work flow program. responsibility for it was transferred in the early 1980's. he was on the team that implemented the work alternative program. among the first program to offer an alternative to incarceration. he was chosen to be on the transition team. designed specifically to incorporate the principles of direct supervision. the department's first jail. he was among the first to join the elite services units and is revered for his exceptional skill on the softball field. the sergeant, the department in july of 1990 and is well-known
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for professionalism and marked with kindness and compassion throughout the deputy sheriffs. she encountered people in their worst moments and guided them through the process with courtesy and dignity. as a deputy, she mastered complex court processes that help people navigate through wage garnishment and other stressful events always doing so with great empathy. to hell, i think, bestow on this honor, the center of the chief deputy. president chiu: if you could speak closer to the microphone, thanks.
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>> he regrets he could not be here today in honoring. members of the share of's department, a combined 50 years of service to the city and county of san francisco, i know that i am joined by colleagues what i say we have all enjoyed working with you. we wish you a very happy in a long retirement. supervisor mirkarimi: if you would like to say anything, feel free. >> we appreciate you speaking for my wife. she is my boss at work and my boss at home. thank you very much.
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>> we have one more special commendation to be offered by supervisor campos. can we reconvene and move into special order? thank you.
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>> the first item is a special order item, accommodation that our colleague from district 9 will offer. >> thank you very much, mr. president. thank you to you and my colleagues for the indulgence. i would like to ask two colonel heights residents and it is my honor to do an accommodation -- i would like to ask it two
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bernal heights residents and it is my honor to do a commendation . this creates incentives to shop locally and support local businesses. these two gentlemen along with other folks have created an innovative program that gives back to the community through the debit card which is being launched today. this is report points to individuals that shop in the neighborhood. they can be redeemed at local businesses or it can actually be given as charitable contributions to local non- profit organizations. it is for that reason that today
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i am proud to honor the work they have done. the work fosters' pride in the community and deepens the relationship between residences and their local businesses. this is a certificate of honor for launching a cutting edge project that supports local businesses and community-based organizations and builds meaningful partnerships. we're educating residents about the importance of shopping locally and by foster in a deep sense of pride in our neighborhood and for leading change by example. congratulations on launching bernal bucks. this can serve as a model for other neighborhoods on how to create these kinds of incentives locally. >> thank you, supervisor, and think the board. we're really honored that our
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effort is recognized so early on and we are here on behalf of the bernal heights neighborhood. as you know, you never know what to expect. we launched a debit card for the neighborhood today and that was an act of self empowerment. we are flexing our economic muscle that we have in the neighborhood and we have an incentive program to keep the money within the neighborhood. >> i want to add quickly that that is very fortunate, people with strong accents like me can become locals in committees in san francisco and get themselves involved in the neighborhoods.
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we hope that this program will expand in other neighborhoods and communities for other cities and beyond and so we have to come back sometime but tonight is a launch party and this is all about bernal tonight. we extend an invitation to attend a party tonight at 9:00 p.m.. thank you. >> why don't we go to our special order. please call item 39 through 46. >> item 39 is a public hearing
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for people interested in the --, certification of a final impact report for the proposed booker t. washington makes use project. item 40, a motion of from in the certification of the final environmental impact report for the presidio avenue project. item 41 is a motion reversing the certification. item 42 direct the preparation of findings. public hearing or those interested in april 28th, 2009 decision for the property located at 800 presidio ave. item 44 approves the decision and a conditional use authorization. item 45 is the motion is approved in the planning commission's approval of a conditional use authorization. item 46 is a motion directing the appropriations findings.
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item five -- >> on today's calendar, there are two hearings as well as a legislative item associated with the project a 800 presidio ave. this would allow for a new construction of facilities and up to 50 units of affordable housing. the appeals will be as follows. first there is an appeal of the final report and secondly there is an appeal of the planning commission's approval of a conditional use authorization. both appeals were brought by the same appellant. the issues are different. our consideration of the final eir appeal involves our analysis of the adequacy and accuracy, sufficiency and completeness which is a legislative hearing
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into either overturn or a firm planning, six votes are required. there is analysis on whether to determine this was appropriate. to overturn north conditional use and conditions, 8 votes are required. i suggest we consolidate both hearings to a single hearing. in >> to ensure the public, the planning department, and the project is sponsored receive a full opportunity to address the appeals, i suggested is as
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follows. the appellants will have up to 10 minutes to present their case. the palin will have up to 10 minutes to present the case for the appeal coffers of the authorization. members of the public means that you will want the board to request the final eir may speak up to three minutes on either or both issues. we ask that the speaker is identified the appeal they want to address in their comments. after members that support of the pills have a chance to make their comments, the planning department will have up to 10 minutes to present their analysis. next, the real party in interest, the project sponsor, will have up to 10 minutes for final certification.


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