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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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immediately adjacent but it's two blocks down. supervisor mirkarimi: ok, good. i just needed to make sure. and then across the street, the building that is directly across the street from the project on the corner of presidio is how big? >> supervisor mirkarimi. that building on the corner of presidio and sutter is at 750 sutter and based on our mapping it's 45 feet tall. supervisor mirkarimi: and how many units are in that build something >> there are three multifamily buildings next to each other. that building has 22 -- one moment, please. the three buildings next to each other total 48 units and there are 22 units in one, 15 in another, and 12 units in the other. so those three multifamily buildings directly across have
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about 48 units in a combined area of about 15,000 or so square feet. supervisor mirkarimi: and what is the size of the muni barn? it's how many blocks? across the street? >> the whole facility takes up three blocks but the building itself is about -- yeah, it's a little over 1/3. supervisor mirkarimi: it's a third? right. but the expansion or extension of the muni car barn is three blocks, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> supervisor mirkarimi: and did i hear you say that a rebuild is kg being considered? >> they recognize that the building built in 1912 is extremely antiquated and has culled called for a rebuild. if that property were to be declared surplus or if they had
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the capacity to build on top of it we would like to see additional housing and affordable housing at that location. supervisor mirkarimi: ok. thank you. thank you. president chiu: colleagues, nip additional questions? why don't we go to the project sponsor, who shall have up to 10 minutes to present the case for the certification of the final e.i.r. and an additional 10 minutes to present the case for affirming the c.e.o. ms. barkley? >> president chiu, mexico of the board. i'm the attorney -- members of the board. i'm the attorney for booker t. washington. ly keep my notes short. i would also like to point out that i have submitted into the record extensive letters on both the e.i.r. as well as the c.u. let me just say to begin with very briefly on the preapproval
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process, this project went before the planning commission and the e.i.r., the environmental review applications was submitted first in 2006. the department published a notice of determination that an e.i.r. would be required in 2008. then they began the draft e.i.r. process and that was accomplished on june 23 -- published on june 23, 2010. so the appellant can hardly say that somehow this project was preapproved because the mayor's office of housing decided to make some grand money to do predevelopment activity. up cannot do an environmental impact report without any
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money. you cannot do an environmental impact report without an architectural plan or elevation for the department to analyze and that is the money that was loaned to booker t. by the mayors over housing so that they can make sure that the process can move forward. as i pointed out in my letter, the mayors of the housing has no responsibility or ant or legal authority to conduct an e.i.r. or to approve a project. those are within the power and responsibility of the planning commission, the planning department, and on appeal on a conditional use in an e.i.r. to this board. so i think that the approval --
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preapproval argument is really a sham. stars? the -- as far as the environmental study is concerned, the linchpin of that argument is one colored map that had a problem when they printed the final e.i.r. that has been corrected and that particular new figure is before you. this board is acting and conducting a hearing so that you can look at all the information before you, including the new one before you to make a judgment as to whether or not the e.i.r. is adequate. and as far as the environmental setting argument, that is also a sham. because he ignored the fact that there are pages and pages of written description of what
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is around the site. they also ignore the fact that they are photographs of the block, photo montage that tells this board, as well as the planning commission, exactly what is next to it. no one was fooled by the context. all they have to do is to read the documents. we ask this board to take also administrative notice of all the photographs and photo montage that is submitted by the planning department that is in your file. we subject that the -- submit nat final e.i.r. is legally sufficient and adequate and that the appellant's agreement with the conclusion does not
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render it first quarter. they do not agree with the conclusions of the commission, the department, and of this board, which i believe that, after you consider it, will affirm the e.i.r., and your decision, but that's not the basis for overturning an e.i.r. the e.i.r. is adequate. and i'd like to turn the rest of the time over to steve perry, who's the project architect, to go through a little bit more about the -- president chiu: tucked use the mike to your right. >> i'm going to use the computer, if possible. president chiu: you're on now. actually, that mike is working. >> good evening. my name is steve peppery. and i'd like to address some of the base data for the e.i.r. and talk about the neighborhood
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and some of the buildings around the neighborhood and then some of the acoustic issues that have been brought up. so these are photographs of the neighborhood, and you see we have booker t. washington here on the left and these are photographs of presidio av. to the north we have a larger building with larger units. a four-story building here and then a four-story building down at the other end of the block. then on our block, next to the project, we have smaller two-story buildings and then at the end of the second block you'll see here -- we have another four-story building. so these are looking down sutter. and directly across from our project, right here. if you can see this building here. this is a four-story building. another four-story building and
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another four-story building coming down the sidewalk and then we have a mix of other houses. one and two-story buildings and also three-story buildings. and you can see on the other side of the block, this is booker t. washington to the right. coming down we have three-story buildings on top of half-garage expressions. and then look down post street, this is where we have three-story buildings and smaller two-story buildings over garages with a three-story expression, and other one-and two-story buildings. once again, on lyon. and you can see the small map over here. hopefully it's clear enough. you see that we have smaller buildings with three stories and a garage, and two-story buildings with larger units and
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larger flora fluoride. so as we look down presidio ave, we have a smaller treat coming into a larger ave that's really as big as mission street and mayor son street. so it's a much larger street with residential blocks, larger, more horizontal expressions on one side of the street and then a transition to the uni yard on the other side, with more institutional uses. that's kind of supporting the baseline of some of the information that's been talked about today. i would like to talk about some of the acoustic issues that were brought up today. we'll be very detailed with those. we'll have to address those from a residential side as far as a code issue. the current ventilation
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strategy for booker t. washington are open windows that look out over the rear yard. this allows sound to broadcast over the rear yard. we will not have open windows on the jim nays yum. it will be closed off. then we start to look at the code sections. we'll have to address them for the california building code. 207 for sound transmission, which basically orders protecting residents from outside noise coming in. so that really doesn't apply to the gymnasium. then if you hook at the other codes, we have the 2909 san francisco police code, which addresses fixed noises and a fixed noise is basically a mechanical or eelectrical crypt that -- equipment that creates noise. this doesn't apply to our
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situation, but to be practical we're going to look at 209 d of the police code which states that no fixed source can cause noises inside a sleeping or dwelling room to extend beyond 25 b.a. with windows or 55 with the buddies closed. the 55 is actually very restrictive, because we can't use a window. president chiu: colleagues, any questions to counsel? ok. thank you very much for your presentation. >> the planning department have extensively addressed the conditional use and all the arguments that were advanced by the appellant and they really have little or no merit, so i
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won't go into that except that we already also committed -- submitted another extensive brie. i will now turn it back to the architect to finish his presentation. >> excuse me? president chiu: your mike wasn't work. now it is. >> so looking at the design for the massing of the project, we started with this baseline information, looking at these large horizontal elements coming down the street and picking this up with our residential maps and then starting to take the massing down and reduce the massing towards post street. this diagram here shows the city pattern for the streets in san francisco where there's a one-on-one relationship for street width to street heights. this came from the market
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octavia plan and it's recommended rule of thumb for height to street with ratios. so as we start to look at the presidio ave elevation, we have a 55-foot high building that comes up and is pushed towards presidio ave, which allows more of a height to widths ratio. then it drops down towards the bid block. and as we turn the corner, he break the building into two pieces and reduce it more than the buildings across the street. so give it ahill more vertical and slimmer profile. then at the back we break it down again with a 13-foot setback from sutter street and then a 15-foot setback from the
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rear yard. so you can see as we set back the fifth floor, this height at 45 feet is basically very close to what the compromise building has been talked about. so if we were to have a 45-foot building that came all the away across. if you follow the cursor, this would actually fill in this corner with. this 45 foot, we're setting back 10 feet and this actually lets more light into the rear yar. and as urs up the street, the fifth floor expression is set back 15.9. so actually this expression doesn't come out and the leading edge of the building because the 45-foot. so looking at a bird's-eye view. we have started to lighten up the colors through some of the
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neighbors' comments. this is just a just -- gesture right now. this could become a mural for booker t. washington. but we break down this massing and this fifth floor really can't be seen from the pink house here. and then addressing the rear yard, we have planners that surround the backyard and we're going to soften that with privacy screens, maybe bamboo and also, once again with the channel glass, this has an s.t.c. rating of 42. which, if off loud noise that starts at about 08. so coming through 42 wall. f.t.c. rating of 42, will end up with a rating of under 5 5.
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this will be a significant improvement from what's there right now. so -- any questions? president chiu: colleagues, any questions? any final part of the presentation? time is still ticking so -- >> good evening, supervisors. i know many of you have seen enough of me over the past few months, but booker t. is really trying to move into the 21th century by dealing with the need that are in san francisco right now and in our strategic planning session what we figured is that there was a real need for transitional age, youth, housing and support services and we have a unique opportunity to be able to provide the services and programs and housing in one spot. we have assembled a group of
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feel -- people, including youth radio, first place for youth. and this is just the award that first place for youth just got for the wonderful programs they do and the successes of those programs. i'd like toe introduce the board share and booed member at booker t. julian davis and larry griffin to go through some of what the planning has been for this and where we come from and what we're trying to do in moving into the 21st century. >> thank you. i'm julianne davis. i'm board chair for the community center. the effort? has been providing services since 1919. historically in response to jim crow seggregation focused on the black population but also in recent years, others.
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this has never really been a debate about one story ore about nine united states. it's about whether the booker t. washington service center could have a stainable development plan. the at nitch building reduced to four stories with 41 units, would cost an unsustainable housing unit that this city cannot afford. the opponentses the no seem to care that that would leave the commission strapped for 10 years. that's the kind of thinking that led the world into fast ball crisis and also the kind of thinking that has priced so
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many people out of the decade since redevelopment. booker t. washington center has been severing this exune community uncommunity's needs for at least 100 years. ironically some of those people have called this project manhattanization. it's the very definition of our fran values. a correctistic of misnaffings the opponents have provide you with is there's not a single supporter of the development who lives within a block and a half. hires a letter from one support irwho lives 68 feet away. i have here letters from supporters in the immediate and surrounding neighbors that i would also like to summit for the record. our opponents' assertion that
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our gym is just for preschool, that is also worse. it used for recreational activities and activities during our youth during the school well. the agrarningte we reached with drew scool for the use of the jim provided us with funding for amp school and team programs that. arrangement should be applauded, not tremendous rided. great great partnership also provide tutors. the winner of the peabody award this year in broadcasting will have a new study. the vast majority's of the foster youth are returned to places out of san francisco. youth services have also -- always been a big key. after extensive study and
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planning we were -- we are determined to add an on-site supportive housing component in partnership with first place for youth, which has offered a continued track record of success. we'll help them roster and grow into healthy and productive members of society. we urge you to deny the e.i.r. and to adopt the presidio special subject use direction. will you thank you. >> president chiu, members of the board of supervisors, i'm being left with 25 seconds. i'm a native san francisco can born and raised in the person decision and i first went to booker t. center as a small child in 1962. my father volunteered there and coached basketball. it's an integral part of this
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city. i have three second. i'm also -- >> thank you. president chiu: thank you very much. we'll hear now from members of the public that wish to support the project sponsor with regards to either firming the certificate certification of the final e.i.r. or the conditional use authorization. first speaker, please. >> supervisors, my name is steve suzuki. i'm the executive depror of asian neighborhood design. we're a non-profit drain organizations. we have been doing this for 30 years. the proposal that's before you, aztecal architects and planners, we believe that this development is to be supported and it's an excellent design for the you are man fabric of
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the times in the neighborhood and we feel that it would be -- again, what it is providing is necessary necessary for the neighbor. we serve emancipated foster youth and the need for permanent and affordable housing. it is cribble to provide this as a stable base for their lives. for our organization we speak in opposition or we have to be denied any appeals and to approve of the project as is. thank you. >> hi, supervisor chu. i don't recognize too many of you but i used to come before you representing the public health department. i'm not retired and i am an enthusiastic supporter of the booker t. washington community service center, i was born in san francisco, went to san francisco schools.
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i've lived almost in every neighborhood throughout my 61 years and i think this project really to continue to promote the values of san francisco if a -- san francisco, in-- em-- encompassing diversity and sever serving people where they really need it. and furthermore i just want to point out that booker t. washington has been a wonderful emblem and cymbal for all of clavement so i urge you to deny the appeal and support the prodge. thank you very much. >> president chiu, supervisors. rsjita davis. developer of affordable homes here in san francisco for both first time home buyers but also for families who need supportive services. i really urge you to support
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this project and deny the appeal. i was also on the community advisory board for the housing element, the part of the general plan, and through many months of very rank rows discussions about the future of housing in san francisco, it was clear that there were certain neighborhoods who felt that the affordable housing responsibility should only be in a very few neighborhoods. and they would love to talk about victorians, and as the owner of a victorian, i have to say that there is this wonderful part about that. but we also have to realize we live in are 21-century city. we're a phone callal point around the world and i urge you to provide opportunities for disadvantaged young people, who are in one of the most
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expensive cities in the world and take on that responsibility to provide services and support services that provide for them. if you -- thank you for your time. president chiu: next speaker. >> thank you, board. my name is alexander cotton. i present the league of young voters, also known as the league of pissed off voters. i'm here so that the league can lend our voice to advocates at booker t. and other youth advocates throughout the city to support the project in its 5-unit form. 5,700 youth in san francisco are at ric -- risk of homelessness every year. these are folks who are leaving the public education system or cycling out of the foster care system. i wanted to set their struggle tonight into the larger context of the state, california, the
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state in which public education is under attack and cuts are threatening to eviscerate certain services in our and i in other cities around the state. tonight the supervisors have an opportunity to win a small battle in that larger struggle. the neighbors in this project would like to ask you to compromise and move down to 41 instead of 50 units, but every unit of affordable housing -- every single unit of affordable housing that we can create in this si is a victory. every unit is a life turned around, perhaps saved. every unit represents money saved for the city in the long run. so though the neighbors would like to ask you to lower that number of units. each of those units is a fiber in a larger rope, which is woven whooo! into that larger safety net.
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though they'd like to ask you to sever nine of those strands, i would like you to ask them to keep them whole. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, mr. president, spoofers. my name is arnold townsend, and tonight i'm representing the san francisco e.o.c. where i serve as president, and the naacp of san francisco write serve as vice president. dr. amos brown, who just called, is out of town, fortunately. i'll try to be just as quick as i can. let me say that one of the things about living in san francisco that never seedses to amaze me is that dwrour -- ceases to amaze me is that you're always amazed. you're always surprised. when i finally think there's


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