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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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aquatics park used to be called black. cove -- blackpoint cove. it has been an historic area for the city of san francisco since it was settled and it remains a today. -- remains so today. i looked at the report in detail a few weeks ago and scanned it again today, and my feeling is the eir is incomplete at best. whether these items were skipped, i do not know, but they have to look at aquatic park and the activities. a lot of questions come to mind. how big is the super jumbotron?
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how big will it be? will the super jumbo yachts be going in and out of the code? will there be america's cup staff imposing restrictions on swimming or rowing or other uses of the cove? i would like to see those details addressed. i think we all would. thank you. >> my name is diane watson. i lived at 1410 taylor in san francisco. i have the privilege of serving as the boat captain at the dolphin club. the disparity between some of the sections that have been referred to and the lives that we lead on the bay are striking. i would say that you look at the respect that has been given to
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recreational use, and we can give you numbers and pictures and stories and all kinds of things, but really, just to take that into very serious consideration, because it has been given short shrift. the other piece that is -- and i would prefer to look at it as a point, the cultural aspects of the cove and the bay. there are structural aspects that allow swimmers and growers to be safe. me interact with commercial traffic. we have ways to do this. that is also not known from somebody to just read that report. thank you. president olague: if you heard your name, you can start coming up, in the order really. >> good afternoon, commissioners and staff.
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is executive director of san francisco bay keeper. i am here on behalf of approximately 15,000 members in san francisco. yes significant impact with the mission and the -- we have significant impact with the mission and the dolphin club. there may be other dolphin club members to, up, but i will segue into water quality issues. there are groups working together in close coordination with the city to support good environmental planning. to that end, we worked with the city to provide an early administrative draft of the document and cemented over 90 pages of impacts and
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recommended -- submitted over 90 pages of impact and recommended mitigation. we feel like we will make progress through the supporting plans for the city. i will say we were surprised to see so little of our comments in the actual draft. our main concern is a level of detail. if they are going to be brought in the ceqa process, they have to be finalized before the final eir. our legal team and science team is very concerned the eir will
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leave the city open to litigation. we are not interested in knowing their. we're working very hard in advance proactively with the city, but there are many to take that opportunity if the city does not get the final eir right. i thank the commission for its serious review of the document. we look forward to continuing to help staff. thank you. president olague: thank you. >> commissioners and staff, i am here to comment on the draft eir. thd is a member of the council and shares the concern the draft eir has inadequate mitigation measures. i will focus on one of the
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primary issues with the dir here. this dir is prospective in determining properties to be transferred to mr. ellison's organization after the america's cup, even though if it meant there is no information on these future projects. the strategy driving us eir is a program being cloaked as a project eir so any ceqa -- will tilt the playing field by disguising the true nature of the eir. it will limit or avoid ceqa review of future development projects resulting in the post- agreement.
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the draft eir concludes that it analyzes "long term" development issues at a conceptual level because there is no detailed information. because the long term development portions of the project are not knwn, -- known, review is not possible. even if this is considered a project-level eir, it is inadequate to define it as a project-level eir.
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thank you in advance for addressing these matters any final eir. -- in the final eir. >> hello. my name is brian gilbert. i will be honest with you. i have a serious personal interest in this thing. i am partially disabled by joint pain. one of the only things that is efficacious is it immersion in cold salt water. if you have never had this kind of pain, then congratulations. [laughter] it is a wonderful therapy. there are a lot of people in the
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dolphin club and who are themselves in the same therapy. it is mental therapy as well as physical therapy. the project that is proposed with impact -- would impact this really severly. you can not seriously put these things inthe cove and not seriously impact the swimmer's. it is a great comfort to me. i go down and i am hours myself in the water, and for some reason, in better. there are 1000 members of the dolphin club who will come to my assistance and help me out. this will not have been with the jumbotron kind of thing that is
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going into the cove. as george pointed out it will have to be supported by cables from the shore, for to be a source of noise and pollution. if the cables go from the shore, all it would take is a momentary short, and anyone in the water would be electrocuted. this is a serious consideration. been known, i am -- you know, i am distressed because everyone comes to san francisco gets some kind of compassion, but the residents seem to be overlooked. i had to drive around and have been prevented from driving by everything from parades, movies being shot, a sports car rally
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going past my house one saturday morning. a sports car rally from city hall. please, think a little bit about the residents and not so much about the taurus. thank you. president olague: thank you. good afternoon. i am peter straus. in years a member of the san francisco transit riders union. we have been working with the city's team for the past 6 months and very much appreciate the opportunity. appreciate the amount of work that has been conducted in a very compressed period. i hope there are lessons here, but that as a topic for another day.
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below forward to improving the city fell preparations for these events. in the meantime, i think you heard from other people today who feel there is some concern and frustration that they have not received feedback nor are the concerns we have expressed today and expressed in the d-eir document has released. i will not going to the detail today, of course, but a broad concern is the document, massive as it is, seems to understate the impact of the race on the city and the bay. also, last specificity in many regards. the impact is on the bay, understating the impact to
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areas such as inspiration point and the effect on the new system and its writers -- riders. we are concerned the funding will prove inadequate to address the city's needs. we will not be prepared for the increased cost to the city. to avoid that, good planning is necessary. thank you. president olague: thank you. if i have already called her name, please feel free to come up to the mic. >> good afternoon. i am donald harrison. i joined the dolphin club in 1
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980. i have conducted quite a numbers of swims. i would like to second what is said by the others. welcome, america's cup. i am excited. i hope mr. allison wins. i cannot understand anybody spending the money in preparation for this they plan to spend and not have an impact. no impact seems like a poor return on investment. think about that. there is an alternative. just at the high street pier,
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quite a large number of dollars were spent to house the facility for tying up fishing boats. that is not used all the time. that would be an excellent place to more a barge or two, up the power boats and the sailboats. -- tie up the powerboats and sailboats. that would likely have no impact or much less impact than aquatic park. there is a viewing area for the jumbo drawn -- jumbotron on the high street, probably equal in size to what there is from aquatic park. i would like that to be considered. thank you. president olague: thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i am at 10-year member of the south side boating club. thank you for the opportunity to address this eir. my colleagues have spoken eloquently about the culture of the bay. also, there is serious this may for this inexplicable omission of any discussion at all, complete a mission of the activity -- complete omission of the activity in aquatic park. we do it swam from golden gate bridge down to the bay bridge, but particularly -- we to swim from golden gate bridge down to
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the bay bridge, but particularly -- we do swim from golden gate bridge down to the bay bridge, but particularly in a quiet part. -- aquatic park. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am a life member of the san francisco dolphin club and i've been swimming in aquatic park since the old days of the old high-school. that goes back to the 1950's, late 1960's. i am a little embarrassed to bring this up, but this is going to be public record. is a great disappointment about the way of aquatic park restaurants are being handled. we are a world-class city.
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we have at our own people to be considerate of and those coming in from around the world for this affair. de gria -- the gria and up dissipating as they should be in sanitation and hygiene. we have people urinating and defecating on our beach. if you are going to have this event and the quality event, may i encourage you through the city and county government to address this to the national maritime museum to get those two restrooms working? they are now dysfunctional. they are now working. people do not know at times where to do their thing. in some cases, it is unhygienic to be on our beaches. user it also the coordinator for the presidio, and i think this
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is an issue of public safety for all those. get those restaurants open and this will contribute to the success of this event and it will also keep the water quality control up for the thousands of swimmers to participate in the dolphin club and the south end running clubs. i thank you out for addressing this important issue for all the people of san francisco. thank you. president olague: thank you. [reading names] >> hello. my name is robin rome, and i am also a life member of the
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dolphin club. in the report, a recreational and that does not really been specified. to think of us as being an aquatic life, there is a lot of an aquatic life to be concerned with. bottle nose dolphins. we are out there -- i added up over the winter, many people. they swam 5,700 miles, and that is just the people who wrote it down. so, we are taking care of our recreation. that is our main area to do it. the boats are out all the time. we build our own boats and their. we are in all of the americas got -- awe of >> we are participants and we would like to be participants.
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even though people talk about the big tv being in our course, the entire aquatic park is in our course. so i would like you to be able to think about and consider our needs and the needs of all of the citizens in san francisco and around the world that come to aquatic park. thank you. >> good afternoon. i live at 2979 van nest, three blocks from aquatic park. i am a recent member to the dolphin club. i don't want to get hit by a boat. i don't want to see the city that i love get its speedo suit off, which is not a low probability event if there are boats and swimmers in the same environment. i would like to disagree with the previous comment.
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i don't think we are an endangered species. i thought we were when i moved here. if you go down to aquatic park and count the number of swimmers that go in, it is not just the dolphin or south bend club, there are crazy triathletes, runners and swimmers. there are a lot of people that use that area to swim. you may have notice that people who swim in the bay are hard-headed. it would be difficult to keep them out. there will be swimmers in the bay. i think it is very important to consider the impact of having boat traffic in that area. and then the last thing that i would like to do is invite each of you down to the dolphin club to swim with us and see what it is like. it is a great experience. thank you very much.
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>> hello, my name is michael lyons. i wanted to speak specifically about the car concern and it is concerns of many members that live in san francisco and the bay area about impacts on wildlife and habitat. i think what we have heard a bit today from many members of the public is the deir feels incomplete. it feels like a plan that is still in the process of being made. we were struck when we read it about the inadequate description of impacts, inadequate description of the number of people that might go to different sites and as a member of public that made it different to assess whether the mitigation measures were quickly described in the deir and very difficult for us to provide meaningful comment. we have to assume the worst about the situation. i also want to reiterate what has already been said. many members of the community
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spent hundreds of hours work to help this project happen, to help it with good planning. most, if not all of those comments were ignored in the deir. that does not set a good precedent. so i think it is very important to keep in mind if we wanted to avoid trouble in the future the comments from the public need to be taken seriously. i want to identify certain biological impacts. the deir does not identify all of the species that will suffer impacts from the crowds, water from interactions with boats. it underestimates the impacts both on land and in the water, lights, noise, pollution, trash, collisions with power boats, helicopters and exceptionally large crowds. while it fails to estimate out all of these, it does not
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provide for adequate mitigation. i will tell you when i read it and many members read it and provided me with comments to provide you, it struck them that there is a sense they were trying to do it on the cheap. why would these people worth hundreds of millions try to cut corners on mitigation for impact to the environment. it seems unnecessary. on land they seem to rely primarily on signage and educational efforts. they will have to do more to protect the dunes and the wildlifes. the water relies entirely on a brochure. they don't provide any other means for mitigating what we know will be direct impacts. we already lost 40% of the open water bay habitat since we have been developing it. these birds deserve better from us.
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we are not against the project. we want to help plan it. but we encourage the city to take our comments seriously in order to avoid delay. >> thank you commissioners. i am the deputy director of the golden gate national park conserve eans. this is our strong conviction that the america's cup organizers must assure that the public use and benefits of this national park are treated with great care and stewardship. we urge the organizers to take responsibility for the added cost of hosting this event in the national park and for the expected wear and tear on park facilities and resores. it is among the most beloved open spaces in san francisco serving a diverse audience and
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contributing to our quality of life. 2011 marks the anniversary of the restoration and of the opening of the award winning urban environmental center on the site. led by the parks conserveancy, the restoration and the creation of the center were accomplished with $36 million in generous support from the community and thousands of volunteers. christy field is enjoyed by over a million visitors each year. america's cup has the prestige and appeal to draw hundreds of thousands more to this shoreline national park. record crowds, over 50 days or more two two peak visitor seasons have the potential to displace current park users, overwhelm daily operating systems and stress or damage valuable park resources.
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park use at this scale could jeopardize the center's ability to serve the young people who rely heavily on the park for their programs. we understand the importance to the america's cup. we understand that the deir does not define how the parks will be mitigated and what resources will be made available for that service. we ask to help assure public safety and access. protect christy field as a vital resource. preserve the vitality of the education and volunteer program. identify financial resources for event preparation and management crowd and traffic control. san francisco bay and the surrounding parklands will make the america's cup memorable and historic. we simply call for measures to protect the national park that our community worked so hard to create and care for. we can assure positive legacy
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while protecting the bay area's beloved national parks. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello. i am a san francisco resident. i just want to thank you very much for this opportunity for comment. i am a big ocean conservation advocate. there are insufficient protection for the marine wildlife and maximum mals in and around the bay and this includes the two-legged mammals. i k


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