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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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projects where public land is involved, that we keep moderate income housing in mind. it is a key to our economy. i will be supporting this, thank you. supervisor kim: i left out a very important office involved in this prior to our office working it. supervisor david campos' office has been working with it and convening meetings along with our office. thank you. supervisor chiu: supervisor campos? supervisor campos: thank you, mr. president. i don't want to belabor the point and repeat what has been said. i want to thank supervisor kim and her staff and all the community members who have been working on this for quite some time. it has been a long time coming, and i know there's a lot of excitement around this, and i think this really shows how a community working closely with government can really move something very positive forward. i also want to thank my staff for their work in making this
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happen and look forward to continuing to work with supervisor kim, supervisor wiener and his office. again, thank you to the community for coming together around this very important project. supervisor chiu: supervisor avalos? supervisor avalos: thank you. i would just like to echo the comments of all of our colleagues who have spoken. i want to reiterate a congratulations to the community for the work they have done on this. this is actually the second park that was established in the mission district. there was another on 23rd and folsom, which is a great addition. it gets well utilized because there are so many families there. there is also a garpped -- a garden there. congratulations. we are going to see wonderful things coming out of this public space and i am very grateful, and i would like to co-sponsor. supervisor chiu: we will add
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supervisor avalos is added as a co-sponsor. and supervisor mirkarimi, and others. colleagues, any further discussion? if we could take this item without objection, same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. let's now move to item 23. >> item 23 is from the land use and economic develop committee. an ordinance to establish the city district. supervisor chiu: supervisor farrell? supervisor farrell: thank you. a reminder, on its last reading today, this is the legislation that will allow target to come into the old city center district. it is the site of the old toys r us, sears row buck and
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mervyns. supervisor chiu: without objection this ordinance is passed. ilet 24? >> item 24, ordinance amending the administrative code, decreasing film fees for smaller budget productions pertaining to the film rebate program. supervisor chiu: supervisor farrell? supervisor farrell: thank you. colleagues, this legislation is going to bolster our current film rebate program by including documentaries and reality programs to the program. in the past, reality shows used to be fairly low budget productions. now we are seeing many more of these shows with more substantial budgets to work with,, and we would like to attract them here to have them spend their production dollars here in san francisco and hire local crews. this is going to apply to documentary films as well. since introducing this legislation over a month ago, my office, the film office and the staff of the film
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commission has received numerous inquiries from different reality shows and documentaries that want to take advantage of this coming into san francisco. secondly, this legislation will also decrease the fees for low budget productions of under $500,000 from $300 a day to $100 a day here in san francisco. currently many small independent film makers bypass the permitting process here in san francisco because it is cost prohibitive for their low income productions. right now all feature films and stwnch series pay thrsh 300 a day for their permits, and that is higher than anywhere else in the country. new york city has a permit fee of $300 for a whole production no matter how many days they film for all budgets. in vancouver, permits cost $100 per day. new mexico, $25 per day. in louisiana they are free. these are states already
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offering incentives we can't compete with. this legislation well make our permits more affordable and continue to make it as attractive as possible. this has always been and continues to be about jobs here in san francisco. our film rebate program has been successful, bringing in series such as milk and trauma. we have talked about a committee commanding this and looking at the stats of the film rebate program over the past few years. later in role call we will be introducing a request to make sure we analyze all competing jurisdictions throughout the country and in canada in terms of what they offer film production crews to come into town not just in the form of rebates, but other incentives that we will be able to provide here in san francisco to have a competitive environment. i would like to mention that if anyone has any questions, suzanna robbins is here to answer any questions you might have, and i would thank you for your support.
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supervisor chiu: supervisor avalos? supervisor avalos: thank you, president chiu. i am actually curious about the extension of the rebate program to reality shows in san francisco. i think we have a pretty good reality show going on right now. it is the mayor's race with the voting. it is like a game of survivor. i am actually going to be supportive of this legislation, and i want to differentiate my vote on this compared to the vote against the twitter tax break. the twitter tax break, there wasn't actually a fund that we covered the rebate program in. it was more like deficit spending we did in providing that tax break. but with the rebate program having a fund we are tapping into to reimburse expenses for film productions gives me the ok to approve this legislation. so i will be voting in favor of it and want to congratulate you on your effort. supervisor chiu: supervisor farrell? supervisor farrell: and just to be clear, this is not increasing the amount of money that we have already allocated
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for the rebate program. this is not going to cost a cent more for the city of san francisco, just attract additional productions that could avail themselves of the existing rebate programs and the dollars we have left from the original inactment a number of years ago. we are going to be asking for a study to be done in advance of the rebate program expiring in june of next year, whether it makes sense in terms of investment dollars from san francisco and city hall to continue this program, expand it, drop it or what have you. that is what we will be doing. supervisor chiu: can we take this item same house symptom saug? pass on the first reading. >> item 25, ordinance amending environment code to update the green building requirement of design, construction and operation of city buildings. supervisor chiu: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: thank you, president chiu. colleagues on your desks are a minor amendment to the green building requirements for city
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buildings ordinance. i want to thank joe anna from the mayor's office and others for bringing this ordinance forward with my office. the minor amendment i believe is non-substantive. at page 16, line 21, the legislation provide that the new lead gold certification projects will apply to projects where the initial appropriation request is submitted to the board of supervisors after september 1st, 2011. i am nearly changing the date to november 1st, 2011 so that the ordinance is not retroactive. thank you, and i encourage your support of this important measure. supervisor chiu: supervisor mar has made a motion as he has suggested. seconded. it passes. colleagues, can we do this same house. >> as amended mr. president. supervisor chiu: this is passed
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on first reading as amended. >> item 26. ordinance aed mending the administrative company regarding the adult probations department and their post release supervision program. supervisor chiu: supermirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, mr. president. colleagues, for months we have been hearing about state prisoner realignment. the committee from the board of supervisors and this body has advanced pieces of legislation in installments that presents france for what will be an unprecedented event october 1. every county in california will be severing back state prisoners to its jurisdiction. 42,000 prisoners are being returned from the state. san francisco's allotment per-capita will be one of the smallest. the number we are receiving is approximately 650. it starts october 1st. san francisco is in a better
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position than most counties because of the realignment plans and steps for preparation that have been underway. we are one of the few counties in the state that is experiencing under crowding. so that gives us a leg up compared to many counsel. we are in a position that we must advocate vociferously and vigorously for more funding because the money coming with the prisoners is about half of what we need. it is the point of this legislation that we assign the adult probation department to take lead with the sheriff's department taking second in the receiving and process of those prisoners that are returning. the criteria for the prisoners that are returning are those that are low-level offenders, felons, non-violent and non-several offenders. there has to be a case by case risk assessment for every prisoner that takes place. also what is accompanied in this ordinance is greater
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discretion approved because of prisoner realignment in allowing the sheriff's department and adult probation to exercise versions of home monitoring, discretions they have not had before. there is a pecking order of cost. incarceration is the highest of that cost, versus diversion or home electronic monitoring or a hybrid there of. many months have gone into the preparation for this. i don't think many counties are quite prepared or braced in the way we are trying to. but since october 1 is just a few days away, the first installment of prisoners coming for san francisco is approximately 30 for october. then they will be staggered in different amounts, and there will be a significant ebb and flow. while we seem to have our ducks in order for the coming year, it is undetermined what it will look like in years after. we have to stay vigilant. if our rehabilitation or
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realignment is not on top of its game, that will create blow-back in a public safety kind of way, forcing more of a police response instead of the kind of response we hope is satisfied through adult probation through the sheriff's department and the fleet of non-profits, who are assigned for re-entry and rehabilitation. many of these factors are intertwined, and they all campos down to economics. while we are hoping that everything goes according to plan on the front end, we must be prepared for what could go wrong on the back. thsrtant, especially to any one of us who represent areas that have been highly distressed in public safety. in typical, those populations in our neighborhoods are the host to the greatest amount of probationers and parolees. this some -- something we need to be on stand by and work together with juvenile adult probation, police department,
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board of supervisors, sheriff and others involved as well. this is the final piece of legislation in five astatements of ordinances that officiate san francisco beginning of realignment. we are not sure when it ends, but we know this is now the way things are going to be with the state. that puts city government and our county jail system in a place where it has never been before. this is a task that has yet to have been challenged. with that, your support is appreciated and thanks to supervisor cohen for her co-sponsorship. supervisor chiu: without objection this ordinance is passed on the first reading. item 27. >> ordinance amending the police code requiring a handgun to be kept in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock and prohibiting the sale of enhanced am nation. supervisor chiu: supermirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: this is timely because yesterday the federal court heard san francisco and dismissed us in our attempt to fortify our gun
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safety laws. the city had made a motion to dismiss the case based on gun advocates related to the n.r.a. and others. the purpose of this legislation is to add support in the way of findings by two spra existing city laws, one which the most common of which are hollow point bullets. these laws have become all the more important because we have seen escalating gun violence in san francisco especial of this past summer. just recently a 5-year-old girl in the bay view was shot in the leg. i visited the young girl who was shot by a word bullet from the western edition. a man was wounded at the 49ers game.
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we saw the chief talking about how they were insufficiently staffed to contend with the tailgate parties. some maystadt in the back in north beach. the gun-control laws are under attack from the gun lobby which is usually -- using the supreme court ruling. since then, gun advocates have been challenging local gun laws across the nation. san francisco is in the bull's- eye. i have invited the deputy city attorney, if the deputy city is here who has been working with us. it is based on the federal court weighing in on this. if deputy city attorney kaiser could speak to what occurred through the chair.
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>> there are two lawsuits against the city brought by advocates. both lawsuits challenge the ordinances that are being amended to include legislative findings. the reason this is necessary is because in light of the court's ruling and how supervisor mirkarimi explained, these are more likely to be subject to judicial scrutiny and constitutional review. in this case the court took into consideration the board of supervisors considered and adopted in support of continuing these ordinances. it gives the court something to look at. supervisor mirkarimi: the influence of events especially with our public safety challenge and the gun advocate lobby going after modest gun safety laws,
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the dreadlocks and the ban on lethal ammunition, enhancing lethality like hollow point bullets, the conclusions of those events weighing in yesterday only justifies that much more wide this legislation and these findings are deemed that much more necessary. thank you. president chiu: any further discussion? i would like to be added as a co-sponsor. can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed on the first reading. item 28. >> from the rules committee. an ordinance authorizing settlement of lawsuits involving mitchell engineering and authorizing bonds and the preparation of funds not to exceed 15.7 $5 million. -- $15.7 5 million. president chiu: without
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objection this ordinances passed in the first reading. let's skip over the 3:00 special order. and our four-o'clock special order which will be continued. why don't we move to roll call for introductions. >> supervisor campos, you are first on roll-call for introductions. supervisor campos: i have a couple of items. this is the oversight committee for the general obligation bond. this is their annual report for 2010. i have requested that matter be sent to the government audit and oversight committee. the second is also a hearing request on the budget and legislative analyst's performance audit.
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again, we have asked this be sent to the government audit and oversight committee. the final item is i have requested the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would require that the meetings of the san francisco ethics commission be televised on sfgtv and that ordinances being drafted as we speak and will be introduced in hopefully by the next meeting. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor avalos? supervisor avalos: i had requested analysts to do an assessment before the summer break, looking at how we could leverage or local revenue and tax dollars and two financial institutions that could do
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community development type work and also to support our local economy and small businesses. they have drafted the report and is available. i am submitting a request to overview that. in requesting that be heard in the city operations and services committee. the rest i shall submit. >> thank you. supervisor mar? supervisor mar: i have a number of items. the first is regarding the negotiations with the california pacific medical center. recently i and many of our communities havexperienced a osparency and ua communications. i am requesting a hearing to provide the mayor's office with an opportunity to update the board of supervisors and also the workforce development to
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refresh and update us where the negotiations are around the community benefit and where they stand. secondly, i am joining, i am introducing an ordinance that amends the planning code to prohibit the use of customer operated checkout systems in stores where alcoholic beverages are sold. i would like to thank supervisor john avalos and david chiu for being co-sponsors as well. this is a common-sense measure that requires anyone to a new purchases alcohol to buy face- to-face. it is a simple step which is required of tobacco, spray paint, and some cold medicine. it will make it harder for miers' -- miners -- minors and intoxicated persons to get alcohol. this protects the public health. recent studies by ucla and san diego state show that self
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checkout machines make it easier for minors and intoxicated persons to get alcohol. a study showed machines used in stores that have self check out failed to stop one transaction in five. that is 20% failure rate. the machines are easily fooled by customers and i know young people can game the system. that is apparent. minors are sharing methods to beat checkout machines. scanning one item and bagging the alcohol or holding a non alcoholic item so the alcohol is not scan. people will cover the bar codes or replace it with something else as well from my understanding of how the system can be manipulated. one cashier can be forced to monitor up to a dozen machines allowing the machines to be easily been when the worker is nbusy.
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public safety groups are strongly supportive of our measure because they know the tragic consequences of alcohol ending up in the wrong hands. that is why our ordinance and others are supported by mothers against drunk driving. the california police chiefs association, california council on alcohol problems, and many others. also, i am calling for a hearing on an issue i have been working on with many senior and disabled people's organizations and housing access groups. i am calling for a special hearing on issues affecting some of our most vulnerable residents, seniors and people dities who live in sro hotels. the official policy is to support seniors to a giant place. san francisco has no comprehensive strategy for sows -- serving those who live in residential hotels. while it is relatively
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affordable and generally close to transit, presents its own sets of challenges to tenants. the city needs to develop creative strategies to reduce the isolation, make the building safer, and aging friendly and provide the elderly and disabled greater access to community resources. those are our recommendations from a number of organizations that have been working on the issue. i have been working with the senior action network, the mission, central city, and chinatown sro collaborative. the in home support services consortium and others. we will share the information at the meeting and from these problems and begin to provide solutions from the bottom up with grass-roots community based organizations centrally involved in policy development with the rest of us. i hope from this hearing there will emerge strategies for meeting the needs of residents who are aging in place in
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housing systems that may be inadequate or unsafe for them. i am also introducing an ordinance today that has to do with the richmond district's george washington high school which is 75 years old and celebrating its many accomplishments. i would like to also point out that george washington first opened on august 25, 1936 and is among the finest, prince of high schools in the nation. in addition for -- to a full range of classes for students, the school also offers many extracurricular and athletic opportunities. i am proud that -- for this coming year, we hold the crown not just for football, baseball, and basketball, but also for the wrestling.
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the principal and the staff and counselors and the teachers are proud of the accomplishments of washington high school. washington is open to families in san francisco panter of the city. it has been a model community for ethnic diversity. the schools illustrious alumni, we often hear from other schools but i would like to brag about the richmond district's high school. lee merriweather, gilman lui do looked -- developed tetris. one of my favorite actors, and betty ong are from washington
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high school. the ordinance will declare washington high school day. also i will be honoring along with supervisor jane kim one of our city labor and community leaders, karen bishop, the president of san francisco unified school district chapter of sci you -- seiu. president chiu: i will be introducing legislation to help our city small businesses comply with our americans with disabilities act. when i served on the small business commission i heard from hundreds of small businesses as we have around our districts in the city that have been sued allegedly for ada violations. since 2005, there have been five dozen lawsuits in california, and over 300 businesses in san francisco have been sued, some of the multiple times and some have closed their doors because
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of the suits. the proposal i am putting forth is about ensuring that we are encouraging full compliance with our accessibility laws in doing this in a way that is transparent, fair, and hopefully bring about more cooperation between small- business is and landlords and building owners. this proposal does four things. it prioritizes building permit applications that involve work on accessibility complaints -- compliance. it requires landlords to bring ground-floor entrances and exits into compliance with pre- existing access laws before a new lease or renewal is signed. we're not creating any new 80 obligations, only insuring the improvements that are required be done around our entrances and exits. thirdly, they legislation requires commercial landlords to inform small business tenants they have potential ada obligations and -- on other parts of the property and to
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include provisions that address these respective obligations. the fourth thing this proposal does is it allows small coffee shops and self-service restaurants to exclude square footage for disabled access from the calculation of the maximum allowable square footage. this will hopefully ensure that we move beyond a time when small business tenants and owners were pitted against disability activists. what we're trying to do is ensure that we're bringing in all stakeholders to use money on? the bill -- access ability -- accessibility improvements. i am pleased to be joining a number of colleagues to introduce a resolution to reform our support for the central subway project and for replacement housing for the tenants displaced by that project. we all know the benefits in terms of transit ridership, ts


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