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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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district staff. when i think of her, i think of compassion to empowerment and dignity. those are the words that come to my mind when i think of ms. bishop. she began working in the san francisco unified school district, and i know that supervisors campos and kim and a number of other colleagues know karen well, but ms. bishop was a library technical assistant when she began in the school district in 1968, and she was a co-founder of the technical association in the district and served as its president for several years. she became the vice president of the san francisco unified school district chapter of local 791 local 400 merged with local 390 in 1982, and that was quite a while ago, karen. she has also been the chair of a civil rights committee and a number of other positions, too. she was on the working committee
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that gave workers pay equity and served on the local city-wide negotiations in 1988 and continuously through 2006. she also became president of the s&p nine you local in 1992 -- of the seiu local in 1992, and they went through the merger and transition in 2007. that has been four years now. karen was awarded an award and officially retired. congratulations from the san francisco city and county, 2011, concluding her term as the chapter president and as a member of the seiu executive board on august 27, 2011. we're going to be voting on the comparative agenda in a few minutes, declaring september 27, 2011, karen bishop stay in san
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francisco. it has been a pleasure to work with you. i have learned so much from you. thank you for letting us honor you today, and i just want to ask if the other supervisors would like to say some words, as well? president chiu: supervisor camera? supervisor kim: it is a good to see you today. i remember you explaining to me when you first came to the library years ago that the books were put in order by color, and you came in, and i think just by yourself, you had to order all of your book -- all of the books, and our school district had for many of our important elements in our schools, it is really because we defunded our schools since we passed
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proposition 13 in california. i have incredible respect and admiration for you. you have been a thoughtful mentors, patiently educating me on a variety of labor and public education issues, a dedicated leader, someone who truly cares about your team and everyone that you serve and represent an just a compassionate individual, and one thing i always respect about your leadership as the president was really the independence, that you have always never been scared to display, and i have always respected the endorsements you have made. i have never been endorsed by the school chapter or the s e iou, but when the endorsements would come out, i knew they had based their endorsements not on who they thought would -- who would win or on politics. i always had a tremendous amount of respect for your leadership and your team because of that, and over the years, i have stood
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with seiu on all of my votes because i respect to prospective so much, not just as someone who cares about labor but someone who deeply cares about our children, and you work with my former news program and several others. going back to the days where we used to cook meals for our students on school site, something i would love to see come back again when we're able to fully fund our public schools, as well, so thank you, ms. bishop, for all of the work you have done. i am one of your admirers, and i hope we keep in touch. thank you. [applause] president chiu: supervisor campos? supervisor campos: it is hard to imagine us with at you and all that you have done. one of the toughest jobs you can have in government, and because
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a supervisor kim was saying, funding for that system has been going down since proposition 13, and i've always appreciated the way in which, and a very fair minded way, you always advocated to make sure that that system always did right by the children, by kids, and also by its workers, and i do not know that you're going to find a stronger advocate for making sure that kids and workers were protected by that system, and like i said, it is going to be really hard to see how sentences for unified is going to function going forward, but your legacy remains, and i want to thank you for everything you have done to advance the education of so many children here in san francisco and for your commitment to protecting and for serving the
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dignity of every worker who was working at san francisco unified, not just because they are well paid. they could be making a lot more money somewhere else, but because they believe in public education. thank you very much. it has been an honor for me to work with you. >> thank you. [applause] president chiu: ms. bishop? >> yes. i would like to thank you for this acknowledgment. i really appreciate it. i actually started working for this city and county when i was 16, and i am now 63, so i have been working for the city my whole life, and i was very much satisfied and taking pleasure in being able to provide the services for the citizens of san francisco and the students of san francisco school districts, and i appreciate very much your
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acknowledgments today. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> thinking. president chiu: that concludes our accommodations for today. i want to thank all of our awardees, and with that, why do we not move to general public comment? clerk calvillo: the next item is
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the ability of the public to address the board for up to two minutes, including those not on the reference portion of the agenda and excluding items which have been considered by the board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. if there is a document to be displayed on the projector, please remain it when it should return to live coverage of the meeting. president chiu: please proceed. >> [speaking foreign language] david chiu. [speaking foreign language]
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hosni mubarak. [speaking foreign language] hosni mubarak. [speaking foreign language] mr. president, our supervisors, as you know, my name -- as a community activist, i would like to tell you i was, enjoyed it
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last sunday the program for the gentleman use a and the lady of the united states michelle obama. for mrs. barbara marshall. the woman he used to be -- and she made a service to her community to feed the homeless who are coming from the war and found themselves on the street. 15 years. our supervisor, guess what? i come with a good idea. great supervisor, if each one of you decided to build a house in your district to help the
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veteran, then we are never going to see homeless. supervisor, do not be scared. i do not like to be shared. i give you a chance to be sure of. but on one condition. prove it that you can do something before you leave. building a house for the people in your district to help the veteran people. we do not need to waste the money for the drug dealer, for the drug addict. you know that, and i know that, but i give you a chance, and you have a chance to do something else before you leave your office to go to the sheriff's office. i wish you good luck, and a promise to support you and be beside you.
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president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the rape of the public library. do not give money to the friends or accept money from them. i apologize for that, but it may be a blessing in disguise because i did not quite get to the point. when i get up and talk about the library, the point is it is not really about the library. it is about what happens to our institutions when they are run by our increasingly private ownership. the public library is interesting because it is presumed to be the most democratic of our institutions. the right of the public to be informed is essential to any exercise of democracy. for that reason, it is crucial but the public library has become the worst example of what happens to institutions when the purpose becomes to maintain class barriers and to promote
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the interest of private money. there is no accountability for the public money that is spent on the library. there is no accountability for the private money that is raised. there is no accountability of where that private money goes, even though little is used for the public benefit. a matter of record. most of all, there is no accountability for the sunshine and ethics violations that allow them to operate with impunity and in secret. the church is, we are being enslaved with private money. are you prepared for a city hall where the citizens cannot criticize corporations because corporations paid for the chairs? not only is that what they do in san francisco public library, but they will tell it to your face. it is all about their fund- raising, and it is an open secret that there is the influence it buys in city hall. if you do not care about the
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library, the point is still what they have done to the library is something they can do to whatever else do care about. the lies cost more than the money. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. overhead please. tom, south beach marina apartments. let's see what we have got here. we are stepping out of my neighborhood. i do not get around to much -- too much, as much as i would like. that looks more like san francisco and south beach.
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victorians and what we have got here is it could be the haze, could be west portal. what we have got here are three fans. these are industrial fans. there is a yellow bar up top. it is to a garage. the driveway goes south. here is a better idea of it. those industrial fans, if you want to hear what an aircraft carrier sounds like or if you know of a punk band that once music for their crashing guitars to go in and out of, those fans do a wonderful job. they work during operating hours
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during the daytime. this is mission street, where the driveway comes out of. this is across the street. that is what it bounces into. it must come up to near 70 decibels. it goes up the block to lexington. it is at 18th in the mission. it takes the noise of the mission and makes more noise, throwing it up to san carlos. then it goes up to lexington. who is making the noise, who is spreading the noise, who gets to digest it? president chiu: excuse me. thank you for your time. thank you.
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next speaker. >> thank you. i am from the fillmore neighborhood. i came here to check in with supervisor mirkarimi about the 2011 sra enforceable operation payment schedule. this is the document and it is really hard to see. basically, over september, october, november, december, there will be $1.8 million into the fillmore neighborhood
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totaling $7.5 million. this ordinance is 3106a that was put out by ross. what i want to do is, according to this ordinance, the redevelopment has continued in this neighborhood around housing and to existing covenants, contrast, obligations. also, to redress the demolition of a substantial number of residential dwelling units for moderate to low income. to the greatest extent possible. i wanted to check in with supervisor mirkarimi -- we have a unique situation where the redevelopment in this city is both in the neighborhoods -- i do not see the impact in terms
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of african american people, people with certificate holders. i do not see the impact. i want to make sure that these funds are being utilized to the very maximum they can. they are being doled out as we speak. i think this is the perfect opportunity. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good day, supervisors. i am going to put this on the overhead. today is a case on the sunshine organists task force. i saw -- i hope some of the supervisors who are on this list are involved in this issue. supervisor:, supervisor wiener, supervisor chu, i hope they will speak on this. in the key is the 14 amendments the were added on to the agreement that should not have been allowed. they should have notified the tenants properly. this is critical when you are talking about housing and issues
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of housing in the city. we have not seen significant action by this board on the issue of creating rental housing throughout the city. when you see news houses -- when you see news articles about schools not discussing where they are going to be located and how they will be assigned to a district. i think this is the redlining occurring again. a process of eliminating diversity in the city is creeping up again. if we are going to be a city of only millionaires, that is going to be a problem. if we have to have housing for the working class. we have yet to see something in its scope or of the same scale that would help to develop housing for working class is in the city. i think that is part of the key issue here and why this tenant filed her complaint. four tenants have filed formal
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complaints. something is wrong with this board, over half of which approved. this is a deeply concerning issue that you should take to heart in terms of the election, the lack of discussion in terms of people running for mayor. that is the key issue. transit-oriented development is not the only issue. you have got to connect the dots and be able to develop housing. you need rental housing in westport, nothing else. >> my interests in the city are personal, direct from my experience. i think change has to be made. people have to take seriously that we have thugs running and harming people. not sufficient education and protection for our future and
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for the children of the city. when i have come over and over to mayors or supervisors or people running for mayor, i said it is a good idea to give me some protection. instead, i cannot even get so much as a respite. i get 10 hours of sleep in five days after a broken arm, concussion, anything else. when i came to you, i was promised health and respite. i have been asking -- i sing happy songs for kids. i have no convictions. yet 75 times, i have been illegally tortured, i have come to you with torture. i have come to you to protect women new respect. i want change that is sufficient and helpful and i want to be able to be a part, maybe even a
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paid participant. i had a genius iq. i care and see whats wrong. no one will protect my campaign. i do not have a campaign now. i have nothing. zero. a life preserver. a bone was good. i at least got a pay your fair share that was on the buses. how about stop the graffiti that is dragged into our brains on a regular basis on these buses. we do not need that. if i were here, the people who have the filth of the automobiles would be refunded. it would be getting free bus service that works. i cannot get a platform together. president chiu: thank you very much. the next speaker.
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>> my name is larry. i have a little experience. i did run for mayor in 1999. i did get eight votes. i am here today to say welcome to this new room you are all in. today is the anniversary, 48 years ago they had a rebellion. i want to invite the supervisors and the community to come out this friday to city hall from 5:00-9:00. they are going to have president barack obama rolled to a national a top. they need you to come and give out information. some people will not be able to be here because it is payday. but san francisco will be the first city in the 15 -- in the 50 states to develop a national policy for president obama in 2012.
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i have been using medical marijuana and it has promoted racism. another thing i found out, in bayview, on the 29th, this chicken is so good it can help you get over racism, homophobia. it was so good i started crying. i thought i was at a funeral. if we need more people to eat some of this. j &j fish is good. i am telling you. i want to ask the brothers at bca. we need you to come to city hall this friday and give out what you know about aids and how it is affecting us. we need a national policy on this. i want you to supervise our loved.
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the fish, good fish that makes you feel godly. president chiu: thank you for that. the next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. and the circus we call the board of supervisors. we do things a little different in the bay area than the rest of the nation, don't we? yes, they rip you off constitutionally. for 165 years, we have horse boarding in the county of san francisco. at its epicenter, it is ground zero where william hammond hall, the designer of golden gate park, built the stables. there were tragically closed
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september of 2001 by resolution from this board of supervisors stating that they would reopen it in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. here we are 10 years later and not one shovel of dirt has been lifted to bring those stables and the community of people that were as historic as any community in this city, like i said, 165 years. we had public horse boarding in the city. it brings me to the subject of sleeper politicians. we know what sleeper cells are, but what is a sleeper politician? it is someone who says or does anything to get into office. once they get to office -- he shoots the public in the back of
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the head, just like major nadal malick hassan did at fort hood. except we are dealing with politicians aren't legislation instead of bullets. it is the same effect. president chiu: thank you very much. thank you very much. next speaker. >> i am here for a third time. i have some handwritten notes that i wanted to give to your clerk. perhaps you can hand them over to the supervisors, each a copy for them. today i want to speak about what i call the ark.
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in memory of a doctor who practiced here in san francisco. i would like to recommend that the city of san francisco engraved the stone sculpture that sits on polk st. on the far left by mcalester and with the following words, "let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for your love is more beautiful than mine." i have a few words i would like to share. "i believe in justice and mercy. i believe in the bible and the charter of the united nations. i believe in the oath of office. therefore, the people of the state of california are hereby accuse, the 44th president


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