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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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western addition fillmore community. i also want to be sensitive to that, acknowledging that the sfjazz center will be blocks away from the fillmore jazz district. so if we could -- if redevelopment could work with his office to ensure that the appropriate committee groups and schools and housing committees in the western addition maybe could be included as places of initial outrage for some of the matinees and the educational programs. i think that would be appropriate. i know in the meeting, i guess it is now six middle school programs that would be included. i believe that marina is on that list and francisco. the two schools. we can look back at that. we can look at zip codes of enrollment at each of the middle schools. i think it is important to
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ensure that the students coming from the western addition community, that those get priority. because there's not a middle school in the western addition. although gateway middle school, i believe, is opening this year. but that is a charter middle school. and i believe the change i asked about has been included, but i want to clarify. i know that it said up to 10%, but it has been changed to at least 10%. >> yes. supervisor kim: i appreciate that change as well. i know we're still waiting on a report from harvey rose, and that will be coming to us next week. so i do feel comfortable putting this out with no recommendation until that report comes to the full board next week. but i do appreciate your work on this, and i hope that during this time, we can work with supervisor mirkarimi's office. >> yes. supervisor kim: we do want to have a focus in that particular
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neighborhood. the way this is right now, the impact may be too disparate throughout the city. >> we will certainly contact the supervisor's office immediately to sit down and figure out how to make this community agreement a lot more solid. supervisor kim: thank you very much. supervisor chu: in terms of the pipeline that was allocated for college track, that was done through the redevelopment commission. >> yes. supervisor chu: and the $15 million is before us today in terms of the in dignity. and the remainder is about $11 million roughly. do we know what is in the pipeline if there will be additional ones that come before us? >> the next project submitted an application, a group for family housing in mission bay. and providing that this is resolved in january, we expect that our commission will go ahead and provide them the
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indemnification. the other thing we're looking at is the to look at other options. we have already started to have conversations with investors about not going down this path again and looking for alternative ways to do this, as opposed to going through the city of san francisco. supervisor chu: ok. i know there was a tight timeline, because there was another partner investor who would see their critics inspired him -- expire, so we need to move toward expeditiously. i appreciate this committee seeing this item, but i think it is absolutely important to see the budget analyst report before we make a determination i would like to send this item out without recommendation until we do see the report, which should come before our next board meeting. >> and we will work pretty handily with the office to make sure that gets to us. supervisor chu: great.
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finally, with regards to the risk, it sounds like, in terms of the risks that you have talked about in the case of a recapture, it is perceived as a fairly small risk, if anything, and they're mostly things we can control. >correct? >> yes. supervisor chu: and i think there was a statement in terms of the bad for a provision -- of the bad boy provision that is not so much the sfjazz organization, but it is really the nonprofit organization and redevelopment, correct? >> yes. it is community development entity that we created. obviously members of the city administration are on the board of directors. it is really that entity, in collusion with the nonprofit, sfjazz was accused of fraudulent activities, which is in our mind
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extremely remote. supervisor chu: and the folks on the body currently would be? >> currently, fred blackwell, executive director of the redevelopment agency, myself, nadia, brian from the capital planning program, and jennifer from the office of workforce development. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any members of the public who wish to speak on number 12? >> hello peter i am executive operating director at sfjazz. i want to respond to the comments regarding the outreach to the western addition, fillmore, and the jazz heritage area. we have been listening to and have been taking action on the request to reach out further and more closely to those areas. we held a community
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organization roundtable in may of this year. we invited members of community organizations in to talk about what they might want and what they might seek from the sfjazz and to see how we could benefit in partnerships. representation that that committee -- commended the session that we had, there were members of the jazz heritage center there in the jazz heritage district. and they all thank us for having that open forum, because they felt it was a good step to building the bridges across all the different organizations involved in jazz in music education. and we all promised together to continue that collaboration going forward. since then, we have established in committed to, with the jazz heritage center, a discover jazz series on women. that is going to be held in the spring. it is part of our spring catalog
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and part of the jazz heritage center's program activities for the spring. it will be held at the jazz and heritage center. we feel that is one good way to start bridging the connection between our two organizations and making sure that we're able to bring the artists, the educational and back, and the staff want to bring overall to san francisco to a tighter and closer collaboration. we think we're moving along in that path. that is becoming more of a part of what we're doing as an organization. and we're happy to work some of those specific activities and to specificcba to make it be part of this activity. supervisor chu: thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: can i ask a question, please? thank you. i appreciate your comments and presentation. the last sentence is more important to me. that is, working things into the cba. we have seen agreements that if they're not well spelled out, they're not necessarily always
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honored. so it is important to me that upfront that we have, i think, the full menu of what is possible between a relationship of those usyouth and the residents of the population, of the fillmore and western addition, who also proud of the jazz heritage and how that intersects with sfjazz and the center. whether that is delineated in a higher number of scholarships, other than 10% city-wide. because it does not give any preference. we do not know where those 10% would come from. that is not really speak to me as the advocate for my district. if it is more about hoping that san francisco would have wised up and put the jazz festival at the fillmore, which it does not do, that would be great, if there was some facilitation of
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that idea. if it was something that creates more of an enterprising relationship between sfjazz and businesses on lower fillmore, i think that would be a step in the right direction. i think that that warrants a little more throughput in sculpting what that may look like. but typically, and trust me, there are days in a redevelopment and other large and not so large projects, cba's are usually a lot bigger than this. when i am looking at a three- page community benefits agreement for a project of this size and this kind of investment in an area that borders a district that has been well- challenged for the last 40 years because of redevelopment and other reasons, i am just hoping something better can come out of this. we appreciate every effort. >> and i trust that our actions are moving along that direction. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you very much. supervisor chu: are there
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additional individuals who would like to speak on item number 12? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, this item is before us. if we can entertain a motion to send it out of committee with that recommendation at this time, pending a report. supervisor mirkarimi: will this go to next tuesday or the tuesday after? >> it will be next week on tuesday. supervisor mirkarimi: and the budget will be ready by then, ok. one more question, through the chair, please. what is the timeline on the cba? you said this is ancillary, but in this whole equation, does the cba have a role? in our decision making process and how we can influence that? >> it runs in tandem with the
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closing. the goal is that on the day of the closing, october 11, this agreement will be executed. until then, it is a working document. supervisor mirkarimi: but we do not have much time. if i am not mistaken, october 11 is a holiday. >> the day after. supervisor mirkarimi: we have no board meeting that week. i want to signal that that means the cba is considered firm by october 11, correct? >> yes. supervisor mirkarimi: i think my dad was right on this one by spotlighting the fact that we have something before us that needs more work and we do not really have the time line to support what i think that work is and where i think this work should go. i am more than happy to try to pay some attention to this, but who is going to take point on this? >> i am. supervisor mirkarimi: i just want to circle the wagons on this so we do not leave this amended or incomplete.
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so let's develop a plan after we talk here about how we sort of solidify some of these in detail so that they comport with all parties, including supervisor kim and others should they be -- should they be interested. >> we will do everything we can to comply. supervisor mirkarimi: and we can innovate if we can, maybe with some of the other cba's that have been developed, reflective of their projects and developments that have come before us. we might want to glean from those as they might be applied to this area as well, too. >> great, thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. supervisor chu: i want to be clear, this resolution is going to the full board on october 4? >> yes, the october 4 meeting. supervisor chu: and we expect to have a budget analyst report by october 3. colleagues, we have a motion on the floor. can we take that without
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objection? ok, thank you. do we have any other items before us? >> the complete the agenda. supervisor chu: thank you. we are adjourned.
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>> congratulations, chief. as you may well know, we were named the top in 2005. i thought that was wonderful. >> that is the top irish- americans in the country, not just san francisco. >> they knew they could fire chief when they saw one. we thought we would do a nice irish song for you. we will not take long, we promise. ♪ , over the hills my money-eyed irish lad come over the hills to your darling you choose the road love
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and i will make the balancvows and i will be your true love forever red is the rose that beyond the garden grows there is a lily of the valley here is the water that boasts from the spring but my love is [inaudible] ♪
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♪ down by killarney the moon and the stars they were shining the moon shone she was sure she would be my love forever red is the rose that beyond the
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garden grows there is delayed of our valley there is the water that flows from but my love is better than any ♪ [applause] >> over in the corner, and john's father. we are so thrilled that this long overdue that we hang your picture on our wall. you have supported our 1906 survivor dinners and luncheons over the years. i do not know what i always see you at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, but you are always there for us.
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1983, there was a fire at jon's grille. your guys came in. in those days, i think it was guys. they got the bar out, they got chief bill murray's picture off the wall. but mayor christopher's picture off the wall. we have been rebuilding ever since. but we are a little short on beautiful ladies. we are happy to have you on the wall. [applause] do you have something that you would like to -- >> lee and john, thank you for
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inviting me here. for all of you, fire commissioners, city family. i guess when joanne came, everyone said, first female. she has shown that she has joined the great chiefs of our city. it did not take long at all for her leadership to come out, for her personality, a french ship, but also for that wonderful leadership. our great city sometimes, a lot of people focus on who is in room 200, but there are very special moments for many periods of the city where the city is defined by its great chiefs. today we celebrate one of those already. who is this movie star? that is a great thing. i want to thank john's grill
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for putting up, under their 40- year tradition, someone that we believe very much in our city, who has really led a great leadership and our fire department and has been a great leader on many fronts, helping us so much on anything -- everything from the toy drives to community participation, to everything that reflects a modern fire department and all the men and women that served the department. really give them the pride for working for the great city. chief, congratulations for making it on the wall. lee, john, to have this tradition, welcome our great chief. [applause] >> since you are the last one that has been hung on the wall previously, you two work so closely together, could you say something? >> i am no where near as good
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looking as joanne. kind of down the line there. joanne and i have been friends forever. i played football with city college with her brother dan who was the coach. talk about a great person to be able to follow. she has been so supportive. i have learned so much in my short time on how to be a good chief. she is modest, gracious, everything that you would want to have. i just hope someday people will think of me the way that i think of her. [applause] we have a surprise hear from senator mark leno, who i believe has not made an endorsement yet. would you like to make an announcement? >> speaking of better looking -- >> it is my pleasure to join mr. mayer and our chief on this
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auspicious occasion. i think all the kind and generous words have been said. if you look on this wall, joanne, you can see the threshold to get on this wall is rather high. with some exceptions, we have got police chiefs, fire chiefs, mayors. i have been discriminated against because i am gay, jewish, but never for being estate center. i asked, how and why going to get on the wall? -- when am i going to get on the wall? he said soon. it is my pleasure to join in with the celebration and take a moment to recognize your unique accomplishments. chief hayes-white is the only chief to have served in all 42 different stations. i think that says something for
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your hands-on leadership style, that you have not only earned your stripes, made your way up the ladder in the department, but also have brought to us a motherly touch that is uncommon. congratulations to you on this wonderful distinction. i would also like to thank john and john crow for supporting this tradition, which i aspired to at some point. >> thank you. [applause] >> you will be well-hung. you are jewish? all of you who would like to, we hope that you stay and eat and sleep and -- share wonderful
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stories. thank you, everybody. >> thank you to lead to help steer values -- continue to buy a the city history. certainly, to mr. john and gus constant, owners of john's grill for four years. it is an honor to be here. to have my picture up there. . a lot of water under p.m. very under the bridge. the firefighter was behing me,
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and taking good of us. i feel good about it. thank you. i think the world of chief s uhr. thank you to my co-workers. is all about teamwork. thank you very much. i consider you part of my team.
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thank you so much. it is a wonderful surprise. a wonderful tribute. thank you for those songs. my younger brother dan is here. my younger sister is here. and my mom, who is 86 years old. 86 is just a number. i am sorry. of all the things i've participated in, this is the most exciting moments.
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is part of the history, and my mom has dined here many times and has seen the pictures on the wall. thank you, mom. thank you very much. again i appreciate this. thank you. thank you to mayor lee and to john. for anyone here who does not know me and is here for our regular lunch, i am sorry for the interruption. [laughter]
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>> about four years ago, [inaudible] look at how beautiful this was. there is our relationship to the planet. these regions are the wealthiest, the most powerful. that really has impacted the planet. it is almost impossible now to
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go anywhere and had it really be completely dark. there are very few locations that you can find. that means our relationship to the sky, there is a way where we dominate the sky. we cannot see anything really. we are blinding ourselves in a way. >> you can look at the images, they are beautiful.


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