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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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by minimizing the kinds of things that physically might take place under the plan, they could avoid having an environmental impact report. i am curious -- maybe there has been a change over the years with respect to how nea is looking at these community plans, with the level of changes seem to be on the same level of what is being discussed in japan town. >> i think the issue is thefta money we wanted to include in it impact environmental report. >> the issue here is that the eir is being driven by the plan improvements and not the development scale.
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if it were not for reconfiguring -- because of the congested nature of the area, we did some preliminary analysis and determined that is what is in -- that is what is triggering environmental. i'm not familiar with all of the street network changes in japan town, but it is conceivable and glenn parker for not doing it, we may not have needed to go the full environmental review route. -- commissioner antonini: i am pretty much on board and there are similar -- there are some similarities to west portal and i think what could be done at glen park and what you are talking about is there are some and the spaces underutilized and buildings that are basically
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grosz's that are falling down -- structures that are not even being used -- garages that are not even being used. it's important that it be contexture all and not out of the architectural character with the rest of the area. glen park has been fortunate is even more than west portal in that it survived architecturally most of the '60s when there are a few areas where things were torn down and single level surface level parking was provided. but not many. that's good and i think you have the opportunity and it would add to it and also keep the character, which is important. i understand the concerns about the creek. it's probably not year round door very little flow during the off months -- year round or very
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little flow during of months. but unless you had a source like a lake where you could control the flow and keep it coming at a regular pace, you will end up with stagnation and something that's not very attractive many months of the year. that is something we have to think about. rerouting san jose avenue and making the traffic coming is very important. what is important is to provide a station for people getting off the j line at glen park that is welcoming. so people will be able to get in and out or wait for the train with some shelter and not be caught in a sometimes when the area with cars whizzing by waiting for the trains to come. wherever we can make a connection to bart and make it as seamless as possible where
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people could walk the short distance to get to the bart station, that makes a lot of sense because there will be transit commuters who are going to get off and get to their next destination. those are my main things. i think you guys are doing a great job. president olague: i think it is great. i really like it. i like the rezoning and a lowering of heights. it all seems very well thought out and appropriate and i like where it is. >> thank you for your feedback, commissioners. just a quick point on the creek, which has caused -- particularly with neighbors who live along this right of way. we are not forcing a creek daylight into that area. the plan recognizes there's a convergence of a pathway
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opportunity here that exists in formally now. hydrilla -- hydrological, there's a creek running underneath that. we don't know whether daylighting even makes sense or not, but the plan does say as a matter of policy that we see there's an opportunity to look at this area, and let's investigated. if those problems exist, we don't want to proceed with a litter and bug festival out there. the idea is to keep it on the table because we don't want to lose the opportunity for longer- term policy decisions. we will that those issues out at that time. -- we will vet those issues out at another time. >> commissioners, you are now on item 12, amendments to the planning code to regulate alcoholic beverages in bowling alleys in the mission alcoholic
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beverage special use the district. >> good afternoon president and members of the commission. i'm from planning staff and i have a brief presentation to make. the legislative aide that introduced the organizers -- that introduced the ordinance is here. i will let her speak first. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am a legislative aide for supervisor kim. we have introduced for your consideration that has been co- sponsored by supervisor wiener that would change the existing alcohol special use district of clarify and update an allowance for bowling alleys to serve alcohol along side with a full- service restaurant. one of the other items we are looking forward to in terms of amending the legislation and we would ask you to consider as well that did not make it into
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the case report would be to make an exception for non-profit theaters that are single screen theaters. both of these cases, the bowling alley and single screen movie theater ads to the overall recreation of offerings in this area for the city, particularly in the neighborhood, and serving alcohol is a secondary use to these primary recreation activities. in bringing this change to the mission alcohol's vessel used district, it has contributed discussions that want to bring to light and be sensitive about. one of those is the mission alcohol specialties district. there has been discussions about the need to possibly change or make changes to the sud. we want to be sensitive to that this came at a community process during a time there was a lot of
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concern about alcohol usage and its impact to the local community and public health. we want to undertake a discussion like that with the full committee process and betting. this is a case where there was an active project that is consideration for this site in the special use district. we wanted to be able to support a recreational use in the area. in speaking with some of the project sponsors about their project, and i believe the proprietors of the business are here today, we emphasize the need to reach out to the community in terms of being able to address -- there is a lack of basis for use in the community and reaching out to the community how this potential bowling alley, which i spent a lot of time in a bowling alley myself could be possible for the use, so they might describe in
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their public comments some of the outreach they have done to the local community. some of the other things triggered in working with this business than the local community is the need to have a comprehensive discussion about jobs and economic development and local economic development and, echoing some of the concerns you heard last week, around the businesses on the valencia streets, we want to undertake a fuller discussion about how to promote small businesses and help small businesses that is definitely beyond the supervisor's office and would take the assistance and help of the planning department, the office of economic and work-force development, the office of small business development, which i believe supports our legislation, but we want to make sure that fuller discussion is on the screen and that is basically my introductory comments. i would like to thank the staff
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for preparing the report and being open to working with us to create this legislation. president olague: are you going to be here for a bit? i have some questions for you. i would like to recognize supervisor kim. i have been hearing from members of the community. >> the proposed ordinance would allow them to serve alcoholic beverages along with a full- service restaurant, fast-food restaurant or self-service restaurant integrated with the bowling alley. the mission alcoholic sud was established in 1986 and is one of the first in the planning code.
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this spread its new establishment -- a sublicense from selling or serving alcohol. this -- establishments like liquor stores and bars, prior to the establishment of sud may continue to operate. the planning code provides to exceptions from the prohibition -- bonafide restaurants and theaters with non-actors that sell or serve alcohol. the department believes the proposed amendment to the mission alcohol sud will facilitate businesses that provide recreation entertainment consistent with the neighborhood and will my contribute to -- the mission alcohol one was the most restrictive of the six established once and is the only alcohol sud that provides no means of transferring one to
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another or conditions of approval to existing establishments. the department would encourage an expanded effort in the future to consider a more broader view of the control to more effectively monitor the condition of existing businesses within the district. while the proposed ordinance is minor in scope, the department would encourage further out reach and broader changes in the future. the department's proposed modification is monitor -- is a modest and technical in nature. after the proposed ordinance was introduced by supervisor kim, the planning code section which used to define the mission alcohols pessaries district was moved from article 7 to article 2 of the planning code so our proposed modification is to refer to what is now the mission alcohol special use district. by way of public comment, staff did receive a level -- did receive a letter from an
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attorney representing the roxie movie theater requesting the additional amendment to add an additional exception for a single screen movie theaters to sell alcohol within the district. that letter -- i got it so late we did not attempt to consider it for a case report, but i did include a copy of the letter in your packet. this city small-business commission considered the same ordinance at an august 8th, 2011 meeting and unanimously passed the proposed amendment. i am here to answer any questions. president olague: let's open it up for public comment. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm the small business owner currently building out a six lane bowling alley and restaurant in the mission
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district. we are very excited to bring a business to this part of the city and will create jobs and a place for community building. we are taking a blighted, dark, empty warehouse that has been vacant for over three years and creating a well lit, safe and fun resources for the community. thank you very much for your consideration of this and i would be happy to answer any questions. president olague: thank you. >> i'm the executive and director at the roxy theater. we are here under the advisement of the planning department and supervisor camp. the roxy has served the mission districtwe've read about theates closing in san francisco every day. we were granted non-profit status two years ago to keep our doors open and keep our doors --
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to keep our doors open and provide an opportunity for a diverse local community to gather. we host different film festivals like the latino film festival and we are starting to provide family matinees at the theater. even though the nonprofit status has helped us, it has not solved all our problems. we feel being able to serve beer at the theater will help bring in some money and new attendants to our theater. is a business model that has proven successful in other cities. we understand the concern about bringing more alcohol to 16th street. crime there is something we deal with on a daily basis. but our demographic as well as the demographic we hope to attract by in the inner ear sales is not interested in abusing alcohol or creating and nuisance. we tried to verse and educated crowd and our patients -- our
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patrons are supportive of local business. they recognize we do this and we have letters of support from all of our neighbors. besides showing films, we see ourselves as a community center and resources and continually partner with local businesses and nonprofits to bring issues to light. we partner with the habeas project, the aclu, the partnership to end domestic violence, the vietnamese youth center and others. we help them with fund-raisers and just to have a public venue for their issues. we feel what we do creates an opportunity for gathering for the diverts local community of the mission. thank you very much for your time.
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>> i was the old executive director of the roxy theater and i transitioned it into a non- profit and wanted to add -- i'm not going to undo anything he said. when i was transitioning, one thing i heard from our patrons all the time to standing around was can you guys sell beer? as chris said, we have a very art-ford, very respectful and averse crowd of people who want to come to our theaters. let's face it, it's getting increasingly difficult to get people out of their homes. people want to see a film, but they also want to make a night of it. they want an experience so that we can complete -- we can compete with netflix and video on demand. we have vouchers and we have put
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on events like this in the past. we have never had a problem or complaint. we have never had a problem. thank you very much for your time. >> i am also working with summer on the six-lane bowling alley and restaurant. we are also, together with non profits and other local businesses trying to build support and offer a resource to this community. we are working on -- larkin
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street as well as the mission graduates providing opportunity for their young people to be a part of the business we're offering. >> i'm the attorney for the roxy theater. i believe this man is within the purpose -- -- this amendment is within the purpose. the roxy is the only single screen theater in the mission. it's open to families and has huge community support and is 100 years old. given the economic changes happening to the movie theater business, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make it a viable business. we want to be responsive to the
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younger audience, the foot traffic around a 16th street, and the rivers -- and be responsive to the amenities they're asking for. they get numerous day permits from abc and have never once had a complaint. people are there to see a movie and maybe have a drink. it definitely fits within the diverse activities and opportunities within the mission that this is something people who live in the mission could go see a movie, all ages, all groups, and it fits within the purpose of the sud, and i hope you pass this amendment. president olague: is there additional public comment? public, disclosed. commissioner borden: before i talk about the specifics, i
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agree with staff about their desire to look at the alcohol beverage sud's because it makes a lot of sense. i think it would be great because -- to let the crime and other issues to see how we're doing. when you're talking about expanding it or making new exceptions, the big issue is making sure you are not creating a nuisance. with more restaurants, etc., all that's not just impacting mission the adjacent areas. i am actually supportive of this legislation for a couple of different reasons. i have seen the bowling alley, we have lost a number of bowling alleys and another has been threatened with whatever the plans -- i used to go to that
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bowling alley a lot and they serve alcohol. that's one of the reasons it's always packed. you go on the weekend that you have to wait for a lane if you don't have a reservation. they can be great places for kids. i remember going on saturday mornings at 9:00 and the project sponsors are working with ways that use would be able to use the bowling alleys. making sure kids can access the bowling alley and they can also sell alcohol as well. it is a much-needed amenity in general. that kind of entertainment, clean entertainment, a fun thing people can do, going outside their house, it's a great opportunity because -- not that there will be food, but there are a lot of restaurants mostly and for kids, having a bowling alley, having something more aerobic to do in the evenings is
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really nice. i'm really supportive of that because we don't have enough bowling alleys and this is an opportunity to have a new bowling alley and working with the right partners it will make a lot of sense. in terms of movie theaters, i'm a huge supporter of adding them to the legislation. when i worked at the board of supervisors in the late nineties, this was an issue we worked on -- single screen theaters. i remember working with a bill banning with the roxy then, howard year -- working with how we could make a single screen theaters a viable. they ran second run movies and served your and wine. they were enormously popular. people love going to says. the reality we learned about movie theaters was licensing is expensive and can't afford to do first-run movies. you can do some of the more
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independent films, but even then, the recovery from licensing and what you get in concessions, it's hard to make ends meet. our city would be worse off without single screen theaters. there are not a lot of other theaters in the area that would meet that qualification. i don't feel like opening up the pandora's box and i'm having a hard time thinking of other movie theaters besides the roxy and little rock see. i can think of any others and i can see there being an issue in the immediate area with a single screen theater being added. i will support that am of my other commissioners talk and europe have to say. -- talk and listen to what they have to say. commissioner antonini: i don't know if bowling alleys are aerobic but there quintessentially american in nature. i hope we get another bowling alley because they are at risk.
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bowling is one of those sports that lends itself to having a beer or a cocktail and much like bocce ball or other sports, it will make it more feasible to be successful if we allow them to be alcoholic beverages served. a few weeks ago, there was a rock and ball that was very successful and there was a bar that was right next to the bowling alley. that was a great place to go, especially with the music. they have the same kind of thing. you will go to a movie and you feel like having a drink when you're watching. with the competition with netflix and on demand, you will have something to eat or drink while you're watching a movie. sometimes that is a factor on your decision whether to go out or stay at home.
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i would be fine with adding that. >commissioner moore: the idea is a great idea. i love commissioner borden's input. i would like to ask supervisor kim one question. i do not see your legislation including the theater. since it is coming to my attention, is this of the new had discussed already for some time or is this something sprung on in the last minute? supervisor kim: we did not have a report planned for today. our legislation was part of the impetus for this. they had been talking about this for a while. previous legislation coming
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forward but they have not been in discussion. there is confusion because they are nonprofit and there is an exception for that in the alcohol use district. film is not included as one of the exceptions for nonprofit theater. >> i want to make sure that it does not come across to the public -- this is something that was part of my fluency. it does not look like some discussion can piggyback on something else because we did not have anybody come and address the bowling alley. even the owner had 3 sentences and then everything switched into discussing the theater. i want to mention that. you are giving us the background and that makes it a more valid discussion. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. -- supervisor kim: thank you.
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vice president miguel: the concept is a good one for san francisco. the idea of finally having a new bowling alley in san francisco, -- is there anyone on the ground for yet? a dentist's office. as far as the theaters are concerned, having alcohol beverage service in a movie theater is not at all uncommon in europe and asia. much more common than in the
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united states. i always worry about how something is to find -- defined, how you define a single screen theater. it could be a monitor sitting someplace, whether it is by number of seats or area, however, i cautioned the definition. bowling alley is easier to define. i think a single screen theater all the sudden brings in my mind, maybe i am too devious about it. the fact that someone will try to game the system. in general, i am all for it. commissioner sugaya: i think that comment should be taken into consideration by staff. i think we all know what about -- a bowling alley is although there is some amusement park bowling establishments that were not quite a bowling alley.


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