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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2011 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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calculation for the kitchen. these are all very expansive spaces for the residents to use. the dining accommodate 17 seats, which is 71% of the population of the building. there is also a lounge, a property manager, and a resident manager accessible on the ground floor. when you go to the next plan on the second floor, this is where the elevator services are. when you calculate the total number of the accessible units, we have five including the resident manager. that total was 20% of the units. we are going way beyond that in terms of flexibility.
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we do substantial work on the first floor. those are all accessible completely. about half of the building is totally accessible. the third floor i will not go into too much detail. it does not have any accessible units on that floor. the tabulation sheet i gave you print -- breaks down in detail all of the units. they vary in detail from 100 detail fromto 209 square feet. in terms of seismic analysis, are seismic engineer is making are building more seismic resisting.
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i think that is about it. if you have any questions, i could answer. >> colleagues. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. i want to speak briefly about the need for housing and about the expectations and the work that the young people will be doing while they are housed. the note that was released came out of the san francisco mayoral task force. that was comprised of representatives and young people. that is one of the most primary needs for young people. it is estimated that there are 3700 young people in san francisco that are at risk for
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homelessness each year. we are able to house about 400 of those youths currently. that is why this particular project was selected for the neighborhood. the young people are expected to be engaged in education and employment. the development of life skills and self-sufficiency. we operate over 200 units of housing in san francisco. the young people that stay in our program the various about two to three years. youth move in and moved out. most of us do not live where we move -- where we lived when we were 22 years old.
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the common areas and bedrooms are designed to provide a nice comfortable place to live at is not so comfortable you are bored to want to stay there the rest of your life. young people are working on the skills that they need to exit. they will have a job. they will make doctor's appointments, in developing peer relationships. 75% of our young people go on to independence. are there any questions that i can answer? >> any questions, colleagues? madame clerk, is there still time on the roster? >> there is eight minutes and 57 seconds left. >> i would ask if there are any presentations left. if not, we can proceed to public comment. >> i want to thank the board for
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hearing this. i would like them to consider the need for this housing and dispersing affordable housing to all districts. >> thank you. why do we not move to public comment in support of the project? if folks could line up on the left side of the room. if there are folks in our overflow room, we will take folks two minutes at a time. we are going to have to take this line outside of this room. why do we not hear from our first speaker, please? >> thank you, supervisors. i am a passport member of the association. i am a current member of the youth services.
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i am uniquely familiar with the neighborhood and market street. it has 13 programs and sites throughout the city. i support the program in our neighborhood. i do wish that the project would cost less than it cost. if we cannot increase the density of the project to 24 units, that will only make the project cost more. i hope that you approve this project. until the project is completed, there will be youths not receiving these services. the youth are in desperate need of the housing and the services that market street can provide.
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>> thank you. >> good evening, supervisors. i lived and worked in san francisco. i testified in support of residential programs in support of disabled people since 1977. that was for a house designed for 16 years. despite its liberal reputation, the neighborhood opposition to the program was vicious. the board of supervisors supported the program and allowed it to open. that christmas, the angriest neighbors brought cookies to the house. that program is still open. during the 1990's, the same agency tried to open a residential treatment program in pacific heights for individuals that had banned in locked facilities.
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it has many pro bono lawyers. this board approved the program. a few neighbors know that the handsome building houses a program for mentally ill people, nor should they. the san francisco board of supervisors has voted for programs despite neighborhood opposition. they work for the individuals who live there. unlike other bay area cities, over several decades, you have to approve projects like the one before you today. projects operated by competent people. you cannot ask for better sponsors. there is no reason not to approve this project or to support it. you have been supporting excellent programs for over 40 years. why change now?
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>> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am a youth. i am on the board of theyouth advisory. i am here because this is something that directly affects me. i have been here for three months. i came here from oregon that with $20 in my pocket. within 30 days, they help me get into a housing option. they transferred me into a shelter. i was able to finish gathering my birth certificate, my license, getting into college, and finding a house outside of the shelter. i am on two waiting lists for housing options. i heard people before me say that my peers, the concerns
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would be that we would be rambunctious or we would take up space. those are valid concerns. every week i work with six dedicated homeless youths including myself to try to change those assumptions. every day i see dedicated youth that are tried to get off the streets and are trying to do better with their lives. we chose this location just like the neighbors did. this is a safe place where we can get on our feet. i felt that their concerns are valid. we are doing the best that we can. we as youth are doing the best we can to be productive citizens.
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we hope you will do this for us so that we will have more places to live. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am a nearby resident of the project. i've lived there for over 20 years. i think it is a great neighborhood for children. that is why i am excited about welcoming these kids into the neighborhood. i think it is a great place for these kids. there is an incredible need for this housing. we have been incredible opportunity to provide more of it where there will be safe and they can get on with their lives. i also happen to be a former board member of larkin street and a former board member at the research organization. i am also a developer. i see all this opposition as a
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completely normal part of this process. it makes these projects better in the long run. i think that the organizations have made modifications to the programs that will make it better for the community in the long run. i think that the process has worked great. i think now is the time to be done with it. i think the opposition was grasping a little bit. cancelling the project to say that this violates any aspect of ceqa is a little bit nonsensical. i am hoping that you will approve this project. we can get these kids off of the streets and into our neighborhood. thanks. >> president, supervisors, my name is joel lipsky.
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i am a member of the board. i am a former director at the mayor's office of housing. i was there until january. i helped to draft it when the project was rewarded funds. i need to emphasize that i'm not speaking on behalf of this. i am speaking as a citizen of the city. all i want to say is i'm extremely relieved to hear that the real reason that we have this appeal has to deal with process and transparency. those are things that the department can work on to prevent this kind of brouhaha in the future. they are in support of youth
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housing. that is not about keeping the kids out of the neighborhood, even banks are low in coming and coming from these different neighborhoods. even if they had not gotten used to the idea of living with rules. they are valid concerns about where the kids are going to fit into the neighborhood. they may not, at if bay field -- if they feel unwelcome. i want to appeal to the appellants. . they are going to feel that they are not welcome because they are expected to misbehave. they are going to hear a lot of stuff. some of it may not be true. >> thank you very much.
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>> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am here to represent the harvey milk democratic club. the club is in full support of the collaborative effort of the community housing and larkin street youth services. if we want to prevent our youth from slipping through the cracks, we must provide them the opportunity to succeed. shelters are full of domestic -- youth that are dumped on the street after the foster system runs out. those who have run away from trauma from coming out as
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queerer in hostile families. it is deeply saddening to hear it neighbors labeling potential tenants as criminals orthotics. 75% of the listeners admit that they have more concerns about the tenant population than design, planning, or financial costs. this is blatant discrimination and counterproductive to g theoal of establishing a safe communities city-wide. they are not battling violence or criminal records. the units are combined for 24 stable prescreened young adults ages 18-24 who are in desperate need of affordable housing. we believed larkin street and the community housing partnership have a stellar partnership as good neighbors to
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route the city. we want to give them an opportunity to thrive in a safe community with access to recreational resources. we urge you to support the housing development. >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, mr. president. my name is rev. arnold townsend. san francisco naacp and the opportunity council. unlike one of the other speakers, i would like to be as optimistic as he is. i have been around this process for a long time. this has everything to do with people who do not want those kind of people in their neighborhood. having bad not one of those type of people all of my life, i am
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very familiar with it. you cannot pull the oowool over my eyes. children who are not on parole or probation, they have not done anything wrong. wrong has been done to them. most of them from the day of their birth. we are losing our sense of compassion. we are losing the moral high ground when it comes to meeting the needs of the most challenge people in our society. these youths who are agaiing out of foster care. they might get a better response bank they were with the tea party. it is painful and disgusting when they say that there should be an oversight committees who determines what the children do in their house.
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who wants an oversight committee for the residents that are complaining about this to determine what they do in their house? you have got to be really thick skinned and mean-spirited. i bet all of these people have sat and looked and said that somebody needs to do something. i bet they never realized that they would have the opportunity to do something. >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you for your time, supervisors. i am the co-founder and executive director of at the crossroads. it is for home y>> i was a membe transitional youth task force and i am here to offer the strongest possible support. during the past 14 years, the need for housing for 18-24 year-
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old has grown dramatically. it is essential to the health of all san francisco. they can become not just productive members of society, but leaders of the city. this is why city departments, nonprofit organizations, young adults, and concerned citizens have identified housing as the number one priority for this age group. it is not their fault, it is not an indicator of some problem that they have. they're just young people that need a safe home. some of these kids are fantastic, some are challenging, some are motivated, and some are struggling to find their path. there are without homes because they have broken families or they grew up with no safety net. because they live in an expensive city where many people find it challenging to pay for their housing. they are not bad kids. they adapt to their
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surroundings and they are influenced by those around them. if they are in a neighborhood with violence or drug use, they have the potential to be turned to those avenues. if adults encourage them to be their best self, that is to they will become. they want safety, stability, and a positive community. i have seen the potential time and time again. we can leave these kids on the streets and say that the only neighborhoods they belong in are the most dangerous and vulnerable areas, or we can make the statement that all young people deserve the opportunity to build of standing lives. i am also submitting -- [inaudible] president chiu: you can give it to the clerk. thank you.
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>> i would like to address the residents. it seems to me like -- wow. ok. it seems to me like you guys are fine with having a place to live as long as it is not the community. i wanted to address the problems that you guys and brought up. none of you are footing the bill. when is the problem? it is a good thing you guys are concerned about where your tax dollars are going. but at the same time, the only people that are actually going to be putting forth money would be the use -- youth. ok. i think that the main reason that youth are at risk is
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because they don't have a safe or stable place to live. and talking about the committee's or a lack of misinformation from both parties. on the other hand, do i really need your permission to live somewhere? that is all i really have to say, thank you. >> good evening, members of the board. i am a senior program manager with the corporation for support of housing. it is a nonprofit organization
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that helps communities across the country create permanent housing with services to prevent homelessness. the support of housing model is a prudent approach for homelessness and reducing the costly and unproductive emergency services. we believe strongly in the research is promising that transition age youth are able to succeed when provided safe and affordable housing and access to relevant and responsive services. we are an enthusiastic supporter for the youth services effort to create 24 apartments for youth aged 18-244 at risk of homelessness including the aging out of foster care. they both have award winning reputations for their work weather is housing development, management, or support of services. i trust they will bring this
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work ethic and professionalism to the project. hall at all, it represents a small but meaningful contribution to the transitional aged youth housing plan. each one represents a significant investment in preventing homelessness right now and preventing the emergence of a new generation of homeless adults and families. please support the efforts. the '90s appeals for the conditional use permit. thank you. >> good evening, president chiu and members of the board. i am here in strong support of the project which takes a 29- unit hotel down to 24 units. the neighborhood outreach that
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we have conducted has been amazing. there is a website for community meetings, house parties, fires, the males, and door hangers. and it matches those of your political campaigns. sometimes you can't completely overcome through claims and fear that the opposition is putting out there. in this case, it has been the comparison to the bridge hotel. it is a private market rate building where the owners feel the best way to maximize their profits is to run eighth in the current way it is being run. all of you on the board no for a fact the community housing partnerships that professionally own and operate at were the second, it will not be another bridge hotel. if approved, i am confident that my neighbors will realize that as well. today, i have to wonder how many
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of my neighbors have signed petitions against that were the second because they are against the bridge hotel. and not because they are against quality projects. they truly lost to those buyers because of the were the second rather than the economy. it is due to the untrue rumors of edward the second being another bridge hotel that nobody would want to live next to. young adults easing out of foster care that have done no wrong to anyone should not be held responsible for these rumors and unsubstantiated fears. i urge you to support this product that will have no impact on my neighborhood that is already a vibrant part of san francisco. >> my name is barbara, i have been a resident since january of
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1985, and i am here to speak in support of the project. i have previously written to the board about my support and i am here today to reiterate my position and feelings that i expressed in those letters. we have an obligation to uphold our promise to the youth of california that find themselves in the foster care system. we tell them if you of pulled your end of the bargain, if you stay in school and are gainfully employed and immerse yourself in job training, we will continue to support you. we should be applauding the determination of these young adults to become self- sufficient. i urge all parents to remember the assistance they gave their children after high school graduation whether they're going to a two-year or four-year
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college. i think we should all remember the assistance we receive from our parents during that transitional time in two first jobs or careers. but what happens in california is that at the age of 18, children in the foster care system are left on their own. i am thankful that they are here to help with the transition through college and the first jobs. i think we should celebrate the determination and hard work, welcome them to our neighborhood. please remember the success that they have had with their projects. they are developed for young adults 18-24. i am proud to stand with these agencies and young adults that will live in these 24 units. i am proud to help them fight to have a, and i'll forward to welcoming them to the marina.


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