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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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language. that would be helpful. it is an idea that might help. >>president olague: many people were raising health concerns. is itdph that does the readings after a day are installed? if someone could translate that for them, they might already be aware of that, but i don't know. >> we are required to test the site after we get it up and running and every two years thereafter. those reports go into the department of public health. we will test facilities of people are concerned they're getting our radio emissions at a higher level than what is on a report, just to know what the
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level was in their own unit. we can come out and do that as well. i do want to remind people the emissions that, off of a cellular antenna, the least amount of emissions are going down to the ground, out to the horizon. if they are living below so it might be worth noting, maybe not. but we're offering to test anybody who would like to test. [speaking foreign language]
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president olague: commissioner ãthe number of people who testified that said they had no problems with their cell phone coverage. [speaking foreign language] commissioner sugaya: one of the reason that various comes are building new antennas is not so much for voice, but for data.
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[interpreter speaking foreign language] commissioner sugaya: and i think -- doesn't at&t have their -- what do you guys call that? not quite l.t.e., but hspa-plus? >> our high-speed internet? commissioner sugaya: yes. is it running in san francisco? >> we are moving forward with our plans to deploy that. yes, we are. commissioner sugaya: but l.t.e. is a little further away. >> that's right. different technology. commissioner sugaya: correct. but i'm just observing that the demand for at&t's interim high speed is going to go up even
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faster, because the new iphone 4-s will accommodate that frequency, but it will not accommodate the verizon l.t.e. system, to there's a lull windfall here for at&t in the interim period. so you may want to build some more antennas, not here, but somewhere else. [laughter] my neighborhood. >> thank you. >> commissioners, there's a motion and a second to approve as proposed, with conditions. [roll taken] >> so moved, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously. we are now on item 15, case number 2008.1395 x at 15th street, request for large
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project authorization. president olague: just so the public knows, we will be hearing the broderick street item next, so we will be taking it out of order. we're hearing this one now, though. >> good afternoon, president olague and members of the commission. i'm kimberly from the planning department staff. you have before you a request for large project authorization with exceptions, pursuant to planning codes 329. the subject property is located on the southwest corner of south van ness avenue and 15th street in the urban mixed-use zoning district. and a height district. the proposed project would replace a vacant lot, formerly a gas station, with a mixed-use
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building consisting of 40 residential units, five ground-floor commercial units, and would provide 39 off-street parking spaces at the basement level, with access to the garage on 15th street. pursuant to planning section 329, the planning request large project authorization with only two exceptions, one for rear yard and two for exposure. on january 27, 2011, the planning department issued a community plan exemption certificate, as the project is consistent with the adopted zoning controls in the eastern neighborhood area plan and was encompassed within the analysis contained in the eastern neighborhood's final e.i.r.
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previous history, it was before the planning commission in 2008 for a car wash at this location and was disapproved by the planning commission at that time. . it was found to be inconsistent with the area mission plan and the commission recommended that due to the project site and close proximity to the 16th street bart station, a missioned-use project offering both commercial and residential uses would be strongly encouraged at this location. that is the project that is before you now is a mixed-use project. the historic preservation commgs reviewed the proposed project in january of 2010 and concluded that the project would not have a significant effect on the adjacent potential historic resource of
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1531 15th street. this project was originally scheduled to be heard on july 14. commissioners received a draft motion, with findings from the 2004 residential element. since then the 2009 residential element is applicable, and i have some revised findings for you to replace that. on july 14, the project was continued to september 22, which was also subsequently continued to today. part of the reason the project was originally continued was so the project sponsor could continue to work with the department and the neighbors in terms of the design and other issues that we had regarding
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the location of the garage, etc. since then, the following modifications have been made -- the revised drawings show an addition of a light well matching the property at 15th street to the west, beginning at the first floor of occupancy. windows were also added to the eastern facade. residential and garage entries were further defined on the north facade and closest to the residential building on 15th street was reduced through the introduction of a setback. issues and considerations are the project sponsor held two separate meetings, one on july 6, the other on august 24. a third meeting was held at the request of supervisor kim's
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office on september 28. planning department staff attended the latter two meetings. the main concerns expressed by the members of the public is the location of the ingress and egress on 15th street due to the proximity to the marshall elementary school, which is located west at capp and 15th. they are seeking to have the garage entrance located on two south van ness avenue, citing concerns that automobiles crossing the sidewalk on a street that has been identified as a safe route to school street. the department would like to note that both van ness and 16th street are designated recommended walking routes and that traffic-calming bulb-outs have been constructed. further traffic-calming measures are proposed in the area with the m.t.a. there is a home zone project for the region.
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m.t.a. has also recently i will plemented a 15-mile-per-hour school zone and they provide three crossing guards on dutey -- duty before and after school. therefore, the department is not recommending the change to the egress or ingress on south van ness because the general plan does not support curb cuts along major arterial streets, and south van ness is designated one. furthermore, the department recommends continuing commercial ground-floor uses along south van ness. therefore, the department recommends approval of the project, and the basis for this recommendation is that the project sponsor has amended the project to match the light well, to better relate the design to the adjacent property
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. traffic-calming measures are currently underway by m.t.a. the site is underutilized currently and it is also close to transit to downtown. it is an opportunity site which currently, as a vacant automobile service station, significantly degrades the existing environment. and this development would be an improvement. this area was recently rezoned from c.m. to the urban mixed use, offering a higher ratio of family and affordable housing, which this project meets the goals. 60% of the units are two-bedroom units, which is 50% greater than the minimum required.
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18% are affordable units. the ground floor character of the building is active and commercially oriented along south van ness avenue. curb cuts are minimized to one parking access point for the entire project. and the project exceeds the minimum open-space requirement. thank you very much. that is my presentation. and i am available if you have questions. president olague: thank you. project sponsor? >> good afternoon, president olague and commissioners. dade silverman on behalf of the sponsor. -- david silverman on behalf of the sponsor. as kimberly mentioned we were before you on april 10, 2008, with a proposal to construct a car wash at this site. many of the current planning commissioners were in attendance for that 2008
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hearing and may recall it. at that time the commission rejected the car wash and requested that the sponsor return with a residential project for that site. the site has been vacant for more than seven years and is now under a new ownership. the project is 40 units and has been well received in the neighborhood. it offers numerous significant benefits for the city, including more than 50 construction jobs, over $900,000 in eastern neighborhood fees for the mayor's office of housing and m.t.a., and most importantly, 18% v.m.r.'s, which are all being provided on site. that's seven affordable units for the city. the project is focused on family units and will include 60% two-bedroom units, which is 24 two-bedroom units. the sponsors held a number of neighborhood outreach meetings, and you'll find included in
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your pact multiple letters of support as well as 63 supporters on petitions requesting your approval of this project. just this morning i was -- excuse me -- i was happy to receive an additional endorsement from the housing action coalition, from tim, and we thank him for that. the project is in the u.m.u. district, urban mixed use, where residential is principally permitted and is encouraged. at a community meeting held on marshall elementary on capp street recently, a number of the p.t.a. members raised a concern about speeding traffic on 15th street. even though the school entrance is on capp street, they were concerned about children walking to school. some of them -- many of them suggested that the entrance and exit should be moved around the
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corner to south van ness. we want to be certain that the parents' concerns are addressed and, therefore, support them in their request to move the entrance to south van ness. the residential units proposed to be built will contribute to more pedestrianses in the neighborhood and increase street light, which hopefully will contribute to making the neighborhood a safer place. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank the planning staff, the marshall elementary p.t.a., and in particular, demetri ya page and others who worked with us develop the project for the benefit of the neighborhoods and the school. i'd like to now turn it over to the project architect.
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thank you. >> i'm the architect, and although the project has been pretty well described, i'd like to show some pictures, just to amplify some of the things that have been spoken about. does this one work? ok. basically you can see the site marked out on the corner of south van ness and 15th, and an aerial view of the location and a view of the site as it looks at present. the context of this project is one of great diversity of architectural styles. and i think the characteristic of this neighborhood is really a result of this diversity. and a range of eras and scales and types of building that
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really are representative of the fabric of this transitional part of the city. in terms of the mapping strategy, because there isn't a prevalent rail yard situation adjacent to our building, we decided to think about the rail yard in a different type of way, where we allocated it around the building, instead of in a single block. and through that, we gain a series of benefits that i'll explain to you. but you see here the allocation of this rail yard throughout the project. this is the allowable mass that would be possible to build. president olague: we can go to the -- you could probably use another five. is that ok? >> that would be great. president olague: is that sufficient? >> i'll be as quick as
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possible. president olague: no, that's fine, we'll put another five minutes on the clock. >> there you see the insertion of these rear yards, which start to then cut up the mass into a series of elements that are scaled to the existing fabric. and here you see the building in its context, and this repetition of these scaled elements and the sort of blending of the two scales at this moment of the intersection, where we've cut back in working with the department, the facade of that fragment of the building. and our strategy at the street level is to take the sort of existing girth that you see outlined in red, and to maximize it by making storefronts which continues into these courtyards, so we can increase the sort of active edge of this building in this
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pedestrians area to really add a whole new set of possibilities to the existing sidewalks through these courtyards. so here you see the existing sidewalk, and then the condition -- and here you see an interest in also expanding the sidewalk in the other direction with this park lift, which also helps to calm the traffic on 15th, which is a condition that we need to talk a little more about. so this is the sort of interaction of these tsunami public courtyards, which will be fenced off and protected, but also open and part of the streetscape. the courtyards we intend to treat with landscapes, and these are some of the elements,
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grasscrete and green material so they become the tree line sort of character of that street. at the residential scale, these courtyards are also beneficial tests, because considering the prominence of two-bedroom units and the attempt to give good light conditions to all of the bedrooms, we found that using this massing strategy makes it possible. so these courtyards allow light to go deep into the plan and actually give every bedroom its own protected win do in this recessed zone of the building. this is the lightwell, which responds to the adjacent building that kimberly mentioned, and our rooftop, which is basically our common area and a landscaped public space that will be open for all the residents of the building. so the main kind of issue that
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i wanted to describe are these two possibilities. option a, the entry to the parking off south van ness, and option b, the entry to the parking off 15th street. and we've, plord both of them. and both of them work in terms of the broad sort of conditions of the project. but i think there's some issues at a neighborhood and city scale that we need help determining the right direction on. so in terms of the garage on south van ness, the result is basically that most of our commercial space then gets pushed around the corner on to 15th street. next to the garage we want to potentially have the lobby in, and those two things go together and consume a lot of
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the frontage on van ness -- on south van ness, and then most of our commercial is along 15th. when the garage entrance is on 15th, there's a different thing at play, where we can wrap the commercial around the corner. i think in terms of a kind of urban suggestion, in some ways may be preferable. in terms of the way this relates in the neighborhood, you get the existing residential scale with awful the garage entries and then our garage entry and entry to our residential building. and then the rest of the site is wrapped by exergs space. so that's just the two sort of design elements of these two different conditions. this is an overview of the sort of elements of the site. and the kind of situation of 15th, which isn't a
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heavily-trafficed street, and quite sensley the schools have used capp street for their entry. president olague: since we're going to be asking you this question anyway, if you could just finish. >> ok. so the one point i wanted to make is that in terms of m.t.a., they are planning on having further traffic-calming speed bumps in front of our building on 15th, which i think will help a lot with the traffic on 15th. and i just wanted to show some statistics. these are the trips that currently occur between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. on 15th street. our building adds another 15 trips between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. in the morning traffic hours it's considered to be 82% of this addition. so the total change is fairly modest by our building, which doesn't mean that there isn't a problem on 15th street. all it means is that our
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building is not going to change that problem very significantly. so, again, these are the two sort of options for the traffic study. and the last thing, the historic commission approval, which basically stated that the building had no significant effect on the potential historic structures that are adjacent. thank you. president olague: thank you. we have no speaker cards. i'd like to open it up for public comment at this time. is there any public comment on this item? >> good afternoon, commissioners. president olague: if you can speak into the mic, ma'am, we -- >> i've got to turn it back on. president olague: oh, ok. >> i am here on behalf of marshall elementary school.
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i'm also a parent. i have a second-grader there and i'm a member of the p.t.a. executive board. just yesterday we had mayor ed lee and supervisor james kim join marshall school in a citywide walk to school event. the school was presented with a certificate, a walk to school proclamation from the mayor. marshall has one of the highest percentage of kids that walk to the school. that brings me to the school's main concern. basically that there has been very little communication between the developer and the planning commission with the community, as well as the school. that's about a half a block away from the project. with the help of supervisor james kim's aid, we were able to set up a meeting. within the last week we met twice. as frustrating as this was, we were able to address our concerns, the most important being the safety of our
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children and marshall school. and also its surrounding neighbors. marshall are the first to implement this sfmta traffic-calming project, which is to reduce auto traffic and make it safer to walk for pedestrians. the school has also implemented the safe routes to school plan and has been working with all of san francisco government departments. with all that said, marshall elementary school's main request is that the garage be relocated to south van ness avenue as not to add more traffic to the school. and keeping the garage off of 15th street -- keeping it on 15th street, i'm sorry, would be counteractive to the home zone project and the safe routes to school plans. finally, in our last meeting just yesterday, we found out that the developer is in agreement with us to a have the garage relocated to south van
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ness. so as a voice of marshall elementary school and as a resident of the neighborhood myself, we ask that you consider this request to improve the safety for our children and for our neighborhood, because the whole plan is to make this neighborhood more walker friendly, so any traffic that you add on to the neighborhood is going to just make it worse and not better. and considering that it used to be a gas station and it was always an exit to south van ness, and they're claiming that there's only going to be 15 cars, i don't think it's going to make such a drastic difference to south van ness, but it will make a difference in safety to the school. thank you. president olague: thank you. is there any additional public comment on this item? seeing known -- none -- >> good afternoon,
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commissioners. mark solomon again. the neighbors want changes to this project to integrate something that really doesn't fit, to make it fit better. i don't think we want the project to begin with, but the zoning is the zoning and that's what it is. planning staff did not involve our neighborhood in the process. planning staff didn't -- we didn't have representation of the board because the supervisor was not at the table for this and we were uncalled by the planning department staff to be advised of this at any point over the past nine months. we're planning on the citizen planning commission to consider our interests here and represent them. the rear yard exception hasn't been mentioned. the plan calls for and the code requires a rear yard. hopefully at ground level. in the staff report you'll notice that building at the corner of 15th and mission on the southeast side was cited as justification for the heights. that building has a year yard. but in this one they're building to the full lot line. our interior courtyard is a beautiful interior courtyard with plenty of gardens


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